[Marketplace Roundup] Top “Editor’s Choice” Templates of the Week (June 1-7)

We’re doing something a bit different with this week’s roundup. And trust me…you’re going to love it.

This is still the same awesome roundup where we show you the five best templates to hit the Marketplace in the past week (and there are some REALLY good ones this week).

But now, you’ll have the opportunity to actually win one of these templates. All you have to do is:

  1. Read the post (of course)
  2. Pick out your favorite template
  3. Head down to the comments section and tell us which template you’d like and how you’d use it in your business.

That’s all it takes, and you could walk away with one of the best and newest templates in the LeadPages Marketplace. We’ll select a winner on Friday (6/5) at 12pm Central time, so check back here to see if you’ve won!

As always, our editor has selected his new favorite templates so far based off design, features and a host of other criteria.

Let’s get you a new template, shall we?

1) “Delicious” Restaurant/Bar Minisite by Travis Moore ($24)

Click here to see the entire template.

In the last few weeks, we’ve seen a real uptick in restaurant-themed templates in the Marketplace.

And that’s great! If you own a bar or restaurant, your focus (understandably) is to provide a great menu and excellent atmosphere. Creating a killer website might not be at the forefront of your mind, but it’s absolutely vital if you want to forge a strong online presence.

Reigning best-selling template author Travis Moore helps you accomplish that with his new “Delicious” Restaurant/Bar Minisite page, and it’s an interesting template for a few reasons.

First, the design surprises you (in a good way). The first fold is a muted grey layer that covers the background image, which could feel weird on the surface. If you have a stunning hero image, you wouldn’t want to hide it in any way. Right?

Not necessarily. By quieting this image with a grey overlay, it allows the white text and red call-to-action button to take center stage. It’s nice when a template is pre-built to include design for direction, allowing you to worry about content instead of placement.

When you scroll down the first fold, a burst of color explodes off the page. Everything is so bright and vivid, which definitively marks a transition from one fold to another — specifically, a change from a straight opt-in section to an information-distributing area.

In these following sections you can display upcoming events, show off popular dishes and list your entire menu in a well-designed and expansive menu grid. It’s a versatile template that will help you accomplish much more than simply putting your menu in an online space. No, with this template, you can have a complete minisite ready to go without paying a single developer.


2) Test, Validate, Presell and Launch (Mobile App MVP 2-in-1) by Irving Rivera ($9)

Irving Rivera has been on a template tear lately. And that’s good news for you.

He’s one of our best-selling authors, and he created another cool 2-in-1 page to give you an insane amount of value per dollar with the Test, Validate, Presell and Launch (Mobile App Mvp 2-in-1) template.

Like the title says, this is two templates bundled together. In order to use one or the other, you simply hide the section of the template you don’t want to use, then publish the section that you intend to promote.

The first template in this bundle is a standard presell page, meaning it is structured to help sell a product or service that doesn’t exist yet. All the social proof triggers are there to achieve this — a countdown timer indicating how long a visitor has to opt-in, a video area to provide a product overview and a few testimonial sections to drive the point home. These are all powerful conversion triggers to help persuade a visitor to opt-in, and Irving does a brilliant job of weaving them into his template.

The second part of this template actually gives an opportunity for those that opted-in to see a minimum viable product (MVP). This template is geared more towards those with an app or device-based service, and visitors can interact with each area by swiping left or right within each image container (iPhone, Apple Watch, video square, etc). This gives those customers a sort of instant gratification, enabling them to at least get a sneak peek of what’s to come.

Preselling is the key to success for many entrepreneurs, and if you’ve got an app or mobile product, you need to seriously consider this ready-to-implement 2-in-1 solution.


3) Sortable Special Offer by Scott Silvi ($35)

Click here to see the entire template.

When Scott Silvi created his first Drag n’ Drop template, people thought it was pure magic. The ability to move elements around in a template was a first in the Marketplace, and people have wildly been buying that template and using it in inspiring and successful ways.

Guess what? He just created a new Drag n’ Drop template called Sortable Special Offer. It’s a sales/product template hybrid that can almost act as a minisite due to the sheer number of content options available.

With templates like this, it’s important to note that your final template won’t look nearly like the one in the Marketplace. Scott includes so many elements in different places, allowing you to include and exclude whichever ones you desire.

The advantage this template has over every other template is the ability to drag any content section wherever you want. In other template, you have to craft your messaging to fit the template’s pre-designed sales flow. With this template, you’re in charge of how you want to lay out the look and feel.

Since you have this ability, it’s important to know what elements you have to work with. In this extraordinary template, you get:

  • A hero section complete with video and countdown timer
  • Six left and right-aligned image/content sections
  • A product high-points icon and paragraph area
  • Testimonials
  • FAQ area
  • Three column pricing table

And remember, these are all flexible. The page you create with this template will truly be different than anyone else’s, and that’s all due to the genius and exclusive Drag n’ Drop function Scott has created.


4) Lead Magnet/Bribe (Opt-In and Social Thank You 2-in-1 Page) by Irving Rivera ($9)

Click here to see the entire template.

We said Irving Rivera was cranking out templates, and we weren’t kidding. Here’s yet another 2-in-1 page, this time in the form of an opt-in and social thank you page combo.

The first page in this template is a straightforward simple opt-in page — one fold, right-aligned content box, image on the left, bold opt-in button. This is the format that some of our highest-converting opt-in pages use, and Irving included it as the first part of this template.

For the second page, Irving puts a new twist on the usual thank you page by making it a cool social sharing page. Once you’ve opted-in via the first page in this template, you can use this second page as a follow up to generate followers on your social media platforms. There’s space for Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram callouts, and each section’s image uses the header you created for those specific channels.

It’s the fact that you get both these templates together for a low price ($9) that makes this package so appealing. You get a strong opt-in page and a new way to build on yes momentum with the social thank you page.


5) Startup Landing Page by Jen Gordon ($19)

Click here to see the entire template.

If you need to know something about Jen Gordon, it’s this: she’s a split-test master. Her whole work is dedicated to maximizing conversions through rigorous testing. So when she creates a template, like this Startup Landing Page, you can bet on it crushing conversions for you.

Granted, some might believe this template is only for startups — the title literally says “Startup” in it. However, that doesn’t mean it’s exclusively for the startup-inclined. Anyone can use this template, and we highly recommend that because this template is tooled for conversions.

It’s the way the sections are laid out that lend to this template’s success. Each element is center-aligned, making it easier to scale on mobile devices and control how everything looks from top to bottom. The logo social proof section looks slick with a colored background that works well with any logo you can think of.

And if you have testimonials, this might be the best layout for those we’ve seen in any recent template. We really like the staggered, alternating interplay of the two testimonials, along with the simplistic graphic touches like a separating bar and colored words for emphasis.

Add to that the benefits section and strong three-tier pricing section and you’re looking at a beautiful, high-converting template that can be your new minisite right now.


Win One Of These Templates

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