[Marketplace Roundup] Top “Editor’s Choice” Templates of July 6-12

Every now and then, a new innovation pops up in the Marketplace and completely redefines how we use landing pages.

First, it was the evergreen countdown timer. Then, it was drag and drop capabilities. THEN, it was two pages in one template.

Now, the bar has been raised yet again. These templates are all innovators in their own rights, and one in particular takes template creation to a whole new level.

And, just like in the last Marketplace Roundup, we’re giving you the chance to win one of these spectacular templates. All you have to do is:

  1. Read the post (of course)
  2. Pick out your favorite template
  3. Head down to the comments section and tell us which template you’d like and how you’d use it in your business.

That’s all it takes, and you could walk away with one of the best and newest templates in the LeadPages Marketplace. We’ll select a winner on Friday (7/10) at 12pm Central time, so check back here to see if you’ve won!

As always, our editor has selected his new favorite templates so far based off design, features and a host of other criteria.

Let’s start off with a template we’ve never seen the likes of in the Marketplace…

1) Opt-In Page with Media Library by TemplateLauncher.com ($10)

Simple opt-in pages — conversion-wise — can feel like a labyrinth.

Think about it. There aren’t many elements on the page, so you tinker around with everything from the words in your headline to the specific background images you use.

But what images convert? How do you find those images? And do you really need seconds in a countdown timer?

Guess what? Now you can easily test all this. The Opt-In Page with Media Library template comes equipped with 100+ free background images, spanning scenic landscapes and textures to solid colors and even full-page videos!

It really is incredible. The control panel on the right side of the page is where the magic happens. With a simple click, you can instantly change out your background image:

Background opacity is also something that is overlooked (but definitely shouldn’t be). Many templates insert a layer over your background image in order to dull the photo and bring focus to the content in that area. The problem is some people want to make that layer either A) Lighter to show off the background image or B) Darker to the point of barely being there.

With this template, the ability to lighten or darken that layer is built in to the main control panel. Check it out:

Now you can adjust that layer to your preferences, which is another cool thing to split test.

But let’s not forget about the countdown timer, either. This is the most beautiful timer in the entire Marketplace, and it is highly customizeable. By default, the days, hours, minutes and seconds are turned on, but you can easily turn any of those off in the control panel:

As far as simple opt-in pages go, you’re looking at the new king of the Marketplace. With the amount of pre-populated background images/videos and the ease of extreme customization, this is a template you’ve GOT to try out.


2) Lite and Clean Template by Jen Gordon ($23)

Click here to see the entire template.

If you don’t know Jen Gordon by now, allow us to sing some praise: of the top ten highest-converting templates in the Marketplace, she’s created two. She knows what converts, and the Lite and Clean Template looks to be her newest creation to crack that top ten list.

The first thing you notice about this template is just how clean it is. Yes, the word “clean” is in the template title, but this really is one of the most crisp and beautiful templates in the Marketplace. Design trumps all on this page, and there are a couple elements we think stand out here.

First, the transition from the opening section to the first content area is striking. The bright, triangular orange and yellow pattern gives way to the pure white canvas below, visually signifying a stark change in content offerings. It’s a bold and appealing way to keep a visitor moving through the page.

Second, the content and graphics intermingle well with the simplistic backdrop. Colors are used sparingly, placing focus emphasis on key anchor points throughout the template. The fonts and lines are thin and neat, lending to the overall sharpness of the template.

This is a gorgeous template with the pedigree of high-converting templates preceding it, making this one of the best sales pages this year in the Marketplace.


3) Real Estate Landing Page with Competition with Quiz by Cyril Gaillard ($12)

Quizzes. Back in middle school they inspired a deep, DEEP fear in most of us. Now, no one has a problem spending five minutes seeing what Simpsons character matches their cat’s personality.

The cool thing is, you can use these quizzes to capture leads and build your contact list. We’ve written about this very subject before, but there hasn’t been a template in the Marketplace that fully embraces this new method of lead gen.

Until now. Cyril Gaillard’s Real Estate Landing Page with Competition with Quiz template is built with a focus on generating leads through a quiz you build through Fyrebox.

The first fold in this template is where the magic happens. The quiz is right in the middle of the page, and various design elements draw the eye back to the quiz (man pointing to the quiz, blurry background image, etc.). It’s easy to embed a quiz in this page, too. After you create the quiz, you take the embed code and simply place it into the form field within the builder.

We highly encourage you to try out this quiz method in your marketing efforts. It’s quite effective, and this template is the easiest way we’ve seen to create and implement a quiz without touching a line of code.


4) Upsell, Downsell, OTO, TripWire All-In-One Sales Page by Irving Rivera ($9)

A good upsell page is hard to come by. You don’t see many of them in marketplaces, and there just aren’t that many upsell pages in the marketing funnels we’ve seen.

And that’s a shame. An upsell page can be one of the most powerful tools in your conversion bag. What better time to ask someone to buy/upgrade than after they just said “yes” to something?

Irving Rivera knows the importance of an upsell page, and he’s created the absolutely electric Upsell, Downsell, OTO, TripWire, All-In-One Sales Page for you to use.

This first fold is the best we’ve seen in a long time when it comes to upsell templates. The first thing your eye is drawn to is a progress bar indicating how far along in the sales process you are. There are two bars that depict different progressions depending on if you’re using this for upsell or downsell purposes. It’s a nice touch that we use in our own LeadBoxes.

Below these progress bars is a content section flush with urgency appeals. There’s a red yield sign, both the color and symbol universally recognized as cues to pay attention or stop what you’re doing. Additionally, there’s a content box that includes a countdown timer (more urgency) and a headline that stresses the discount or time sensitivity of the upsell/downsell. The combination of all these appeals creates a very strong overall sense of urgency and need to take action.

If you don’t already have an upsell page in your current marketing funnel, this is a strong template to use for creating more sales in your business.


5) Sortable Drag N Drop Modern Fast Food Restaurant Website by Maestrooo ($27)

Click here to see the entire template.

It’s been awhile since we’ve had a restaurant template in the Marketplace, so imagine our joy when we saw Maestrooo’s new template cross our desks.

It contains all the best elements of a restaurant template combined with the drag and drop capabilities of newer templates. This opens up a whole new set of possibilities for restaurant owners that want to prioritize certain messages over another.

Say you want visitors to see your menu right after the first fold. You can do that:

Or perhaps you want to get more newsletter subscriptions, so you move the newsletter call to action section up higher:

There’s a lot of content to play with on this template, no matter what you’re looking to accomplish. Video sections, “About Us” areas, menus and multiple calls to action are at your disposal. You can rearrange the template, turn off certain sections and ensure that the page looks exactly how you want it to.


Win One Of These Templates

Sweet templates, right? Well, now you can win one of them. All you have to do is comment below with what template you’d like to win and how you’d use it in your business. We’ll announce the winner on Friday, June 5 at 12pm Central time. Good luck!