[Marketplace] Author Spotlight Series #8: Eric Lingbeek

“Answer these three questions before you create a template: What’s your subject, what’s the need, and what keep them interested?”

Those are wise words that every template author should live by, and the subject of this week’s Author Spotlight is full of wisdom nuggets like this.

We sat down with template author Eric Lingbeek (click here to see a listing of all his templates) — creator of the Flat UI Minisite (Countdown Timer) template, Build Your List Opt-In Page, the Big Background Product Launch template and more — to talk about the significance of “Flat” in his templates, what it’s like to be a rare coder/designer and the three most important questions you can ask when designing a template.

Enjoy this new edition of the Author Spotlight!

1) Why did you decide to create a template for the LeadPages Marketplace?

I had the great opportunity to contract as a Frontend Engineer for Leadpages for a few months in 2014. I was on the forefront of the Marketplace being opened up to Author accounts and with my working knowledge from within the company I thought, “Hey, why not?”

It’s been a lot of fun being able to have my creative freedom as a developer and make some serious passive income on the side. But I also saw this as an opportunity to explore more about the different types of templates and coding styles out there. In my opinion, learning is always done best by diving in to real projects.

Plus, the LeadPages Marketplace is an ever-growing and developing ecosystem of ideas. It’s so awesome when you see a new template created in there with an original feature or concept. Nothing beats that feeling.

2) Why did you create the Flat UI Product Page series of templates?

The “Flat UI Product Page” was actually my first marketplace creation. I wanted to create a straight to the point template that used the ever popular “Flat” feel. This gives a clean and sharp look with the focus directed to the product’s call to action button. The main reason for this template was to give a solid responsive design that would be clear on any device. The simplicity and generous white space gives the visitor clear direction to the call to action.

“Flat UI Product Page (With Video)” was simply to supply the request of an embed video by many of my clients. Videos add so much to a landing page. You can visually demonstrate product advantages in an engaging, flowing story-esque way.

The last (but certainly not least) template in this series happens to be my favorite: the “Flat UI Advanced Minisite (Countdown Timer).” I wanted to expand on my top-seller, so I’ve packed many great additional features to this ever-growing template:

  • A huge countdown timer across the top
  • Animated buttons
  • A sponsor logo section
  • Spinning gear icons
  • Social sharing buttons
  • A large array of payment icons
  • A Facebook comment feed.

This has been an overall favorite of my templates. And the good news is, I’m going to add more to it 🙂

3) How did you create your templates? Did you collaborate with any designers or coders?

I have been the sole creator of my templates so far. My extensive design and development background has not limited my creations. All of my templates are responsive using Bootstrap, one of the most popular frameworks. That’s cool because, whenever you buy one of my templates, the template will adjust to any device.

I truly enjoy the entire process of taking an idea, creating a design, and digging into the development. I find that, as an author, I have the freedom to use the latest front end tools and build my knowledge with each new project adventure.

4) What are some ways marketers can use your templates? Any “special features” first time users should be sure to take advantage of?

Their flexibility to be customized and molded into whatever you need is probably the thing I’m most proud of. The key when I create my templates is to make everything changeable. Swapping in new content, changing colors, dropping in your logo. If there’s a part of the page you don’t want, you can hide it. How fun is that to be able to do that kind of customization in your browser without touching a single line of code?

5) What are the best pieces of advice you could give to someone thinking about creating a template?

Start simple and see what you can do. Start with the basics on the LeadPages Docs and reach out to the awesome support team at LeadPages.

After that, do what I do and ask yourself these simple questions before making a template. What’s your subject, what’s the need, and what keep them interested? If you can answer those simple questions with practical responses, then you’ve got a winner.

6) What’s one kind of template you’re dying to see added to the Marketplace?

Templates that are different and push the limits. I’d specifically love to see the use of JavaScript powered charts, newer CSS3 techniques, or maybe a layout that hasn’t been done before.

7) Do you have any other Marketplace template ideas in the works?

Yes, my big list of ideas has grown out control. The hard part is deciding which to do next… seriously! I’ve been exploring different subjects and breaking them down into which one I like the best. Be on the lookout for a whole new series of templates 🙂

And that wraps up this edition of the Author Spotlight! Don’t forget to check out Eric’s Marketplace templates:


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