[Template Marketplace] Author Spotlight Series #1: Jeff Wenberg

Note: This is a series of spotlights on authors in our LeadPages™ Marketplace.

Process isn’t predictable.

You can talk about process all you want. But process, inherently, is different for everyone.

That’s why we wanted to give you an inside look into the minds of our prolific Marketplace authors. We wanted them to share insights, advice and inspiration from their template creation process so you can gather your own insights to create a new template for the LeadPages™ Marketplace.

Thus, the Author Spotlight was born.

This week, we sat down with Jeff Wenberg (click here to see a listing of all of his templates) — creator of the Real Estate Landing Page and the Business Landing Page (Mini Site) templates — to talk about why his templates are so uniquely versatile, his sage-like two word piece of advice to aspiring authors and three marketers he thinks need to make a template.

Enjoy this inaugural edition of the Author Spotlight!

1) Why did you decide to create a template for the LeadPages™ Marketplace?

Because I knew it’d be an amazing opportunity to not only serve an underserved subset of LeadPages™ customers (real estate agents and small business owners), but to also generate some passive income.

2) What benefits have you seen from publishing on our Marketplace?

I have to say, the benefits have been pretty overwhelming! We’ve had both our templates up for a little under two months (as of December 2014), and we’ve seen:

  • $1,565 in total revenue (thanks to LeadPages™’ unique 100% commissions on every sale)
  • 138 total template sales

Me and my team don’t have massive email lists, but we promoted our templates via social media and some word-of-mouth marketing. The LeadPages™ Marketplace Marketing Kit was super useful when it came time to let the world know about our templates.

3) Why did you create the Real Estate Page template?

I realized LeadPages™ could be utilized for a lot of things and people. For example, real estate agents (for whom one of my templates is catered to) might not be able to directly visualize how to customize a standard LeadPages™ template for their properties. I thought it’d be easier to just give them a template already geared toward their specific market than try and show them how to customize one of the many templates inside of LeadPages™.

4) How did you create your template? Did you collaborate with any designers or coders?

I worked with my template teammates Sarah Chaussee (Design) and Kayla Sawtelle (Coding) to create our templates. We brainstormed ideas, copy, design, etc., then created our two templates.

The whole idea for creating templates specifically for real estate and for businesses needing a basic website came from being very familiar with both industries through friends and other business projects I’ve been involved in. In these instances I could see LeadPages™ being super useful however there wasn’t an exact template I could go to in order to show them the power of LeadPages™.

For example I have several friends who are real estate agents, and I would talk to them about whether this type of page would be useful to generate leads, and they all gave a resounding “Yes!” Because generally real estate agents websites are notoriously bad at generating leads.

For the business mini site, I had a brief stint in local marketing where I was selling mobile websites to bars and restaurants, so I knew from experience this template would be EASY for any sort of local business to implement since it only takes a few clicks to customize the template.

5) What are some ways marketers can use your templates? Any “special features” first time users should be sure to take advantage of?

The cool thing about our templates is even though they’re geared towards specific markets like real estate listings or small businesses, they actually function quite nicely for opt-in pages, webinar pages, general mini sites, sales pages, and so on. They’re easily customizable for any circumstance.

6) Have you seen any cool uses of your template out in the wild?

Just to demonstrate my point about how truly customizable our templates are, check out this example:

That’s our Real Estate Landing Page, but it’s being used for a health and fitness business. The template is versatile enough to

Here’s an example of our Real Estate Landing Page being used specifically as a property listing. That’s what we designed it for, and you can see how well it shows off the listing.

And here’s a portion of our Business Landing Page (Mini Site) being used for a small business promotion. We originally designed it for food and beverage establishments, but you can see with this template that it has far more uses than just that industry.

Our templates can be used for so many products and business, so check them out and see why they’re Marketplace best-sellers!

7) What are the best pieces of advice you could give to someone thinking about creating a template?

Do it! Seriously, it’s phenomenal.

8) What’s one kind of template you’re dying to see added to the Marketplace?

I could tell you, but I’d have to kill you.

9) Are you using LeadPages™ in your business right now?

Yes, I’m actually helping real estate friends use our template for their listings. I’m also using it for various personal projects.

10) Are there any marketers out there whom you would absolutely love to see create a Marketplace template?

Neil Patel would be cool. Derek Halpern would also be an awesome candidate. Same with the guys from Internet Business Mastery. I think it’d be interesting to see what they all come up with.

11) Do you have any other Marketplace template ideas in the works?

Yep! We’ve got a big list of them. Finding the time to get them done is the challenge! Stay tuned, though…they’ll be big!

And that wraps up this edition of the Author Spotlight! Don’t forget to check out Jeff Wenberg and his team’s two Marketplace templates:



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