This Evergreen Marketing Funnel Generated $211,000 in 20 Weeks for David Siteman Garland

On this episode of ConversionCast, the official LeadPages podcast, David Siteman Garland (creator of The Rise To The Top) shares exactly how he built an evergreen marketing funnel that generated $211,000 in just 20 weeks.

This episode will show you:

  • How to create an evergreen marketing funnel that works for you all year round
  • Why you should stop sending people directly to your sales page
  • The #1 most critical tool you need to use in your marketing funnel sequence

Listen Below to Learn How David Siteman Garland Created a Marketing Funnel That Generated $211,000 in 20 Weeks

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  • Maciek

    Very interesting. I am most curious about the part when David says there is only one email sent within first week. It’s contrary to popular belief that lead that has just opted-in is warm, curious about us etc. I wonder if this rule of one email within first week is based on tests performed by David or it is a gut feeling.

    • M – It has 0% to do with tests and 100% based on simply how the funnel works especially since everyone who opted in in Week 1 starts the next week with a video on the same day.

      • Maciek

        Thanks a lot David, now it makes perfect sense!

  • Waqar Rasheed

    Nice Post. Thanks for sharing..