The Marketer’s Cyber Monday Workshop (Without the Elves)

Cyber Monday is coming. Is your business prepared?

Anything tech-based is a huge driver of Cyber Monday profits—think TVs, gaming systems, smartphones, and computers. And if you don’t sell the hottest robotic gizmo, you might be thinking this isn’t going to be a big day for your business. Think again.

Even if you aren’t selling steeply discounted 4K flat-screens or the Furby of today, you can still make a big impact to your bottom line with the right Cyber Monday campaign.

The truth is, shoppers are looking for deals on a wide variety of goods and services. They are hungry for deals around every corner, and with every passing holiday season, their pockets are only getting deeper.

black friday spending

Moral of the story? If you aren’t serving up a juicy offer, you might just get passed by for a competitor that is. And that would be a shame. It’s time to drop any Cyber Monday hesitations you might have and get on board with the shopping madness no matter what the size of your company is.

We want to help you set up shop online and get a piece of the profit pie this season. So, roast some chestnuts, make some hot cocoa, and let’s come up with a clever offer, cheery landing page, and high-converting campaign that will stuff your bottom line with holiday cheer.

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HO HO How to Make a Great Campaign

Think Outside the Box with Your Offer

Let’s begin with arguably the most critical element of a successful Cyber Monday: The offer.

Your offer is what’s going to ultimately drive conversions on Cyber Monday. If it isn’t compelling, prospective leads will be clicking on by to. A great offer, however, doesn’t always mean “free” or even steeply discounted.

While the standard Cyber Monday offer can still be effective, get creative with your offer—especially if a free or discounted deal would actually make you lose money. Here are some ideas to kickstart your planning this season:

  • Coupon Code Coupons are a huge draw for deal-hunters, especially if your company rarely offers them. If you stick to offering discounts or coupons only around the holidays, you’ll develop a reputation that people start lining up around the virtual block for as they whisper, “I’ve been waiting all year for this!” to their buddies.

    coupon code

    Not into a discount on what you’re selling? Consider offering free shipping on all orders or orders that meet a specified threshold. People are looking to save on Cyber Monday, so wherever you decide to offer savings, make sure to scream it from the rooftops.

  • A “Freebie” If your business is able to offer a free add-on to any purchase, go for it. Like street candy at a parade or T-shirts shot out of a cannon, everyone loves the thrill of getting something for nothing. The best part about a free purchase tagalong is that it can be anything you want.

    Have surplus or outdated company shirts? Add one onto each Cyber Monday order.
    Ordered too many ballpoint pens for your last conference? Toss them in.

    Or are you able to create something specific to your Cyber Monday audience? If yes, then go for it. MailChimp found success with this tactic when they gave away small plastic likenesses of their mascot, or as they call them, Freddies. Consider following suit with limited-run keychains, bottle openers, or, yes, action figures.

  • BOGO BOGO—or buy one, get one—is a popular way to phrase an offer. You can always stretch the “BO” part of this deal to ensure your Cyber Monday is profitable. Consider an offer like “buy two, get one” or “buy three, get one.”
  • Make a Donation Want to help contribute to the greater good? Bypass deals and discounts, and instead offer up a percentage of proceeds toward a charity or organization of your choice.

    October through December is referred to as the “Giving Season.” Maybe it’s the caroling, maybe it’s the hot toddies, maybe it’s the feeling of peace on earth. Whatever it is, 34% of all charitable giving is done during this time. Now’s the perfect time to also hop onto the giving train.

    Remember: Choose an organization that will also resonate with your target audience. If you sell dog sweaters, consider putting proceeds toward the ASPCA or Humane Society.
  • Urgency Want to offer a supplementary coupon or gift with each order but only have a limited supply or budget allotment? Want your deal to run for a limited time? Add urgency to your campaign by telling customers there’s a limited supply or small window of opportunity for your offer.

    black friday countdown timer
  • Partner Offer Not ready to handle a holiday offer on your own? No problem. Team up with a complementary company in your industry. This way you can both offer a piece of the Cyber Monday deal as well as extend your reach to each other’s audiences.

    A good example of effective partner marketing is a local pottery company teaming up with a local coffee roaster. Together, they offer a Cyber Monday package like this:

    Get a 12 oz. bag of beans and a hand-thrown sugar bowl with the purchase of two mugs and a 24 oz. bag of coffee.

    Each partner offers a little. Each partner is getting their company name in front of a wider audience. Each partner will see a boost in sales this Cyber Monday.

Whatever you Cyber Monday offer ends up being, make sure it aligns with your company mantra, your audience, and your budget.

Make the Customer Journey Seamless

Now that you’ve come up with a short list of clever and desireable offers for your Cyber Monday shoppers, you need to make sure they can find your offer and grab it while they can.

You need to create a seamless campaign that get people clicking through from ad to checkout. Here’s an easy outline for how to reduce friction and craft a complete campaign.

Create a Facebook Ad

More than 2 billion people have accounts on Facebook right now, each one having their interests, behaviors, and demographics tracked and stored by the social media behemoth. This gorge of insight means that despite your niche, your product, or your company size, odds are good that your ideal audience can be found and targeted with an ad.

Leadpages has made it easier than ever to create a Facebook ad with the addition of a simplified builder right inside the app.

In order to put your Cyber Monday offer in front of people who are most interested, running a Facebook ad is the best way to direct people right to your landing page.

Simply write a few lines of copy highlighting your deal, add an image or video highlighting all you have to offer, pick the audience(s) you want to see your ad, set a budget, and start advertising.

facebook ad builder

The whole process can be done in as few as four clicks inside Leadpages and with whatever budget you have—even if it’s as little as $1 per day.

Build a Designated Landing Page

Driving traffic to your website isn’t the best idea in this instance. Websites can be full of friction—tough navigation, lots of distractions, lost leads. For offers as specific as a Cyber Monday deal, the best tactic here is to build a designated landing page.

When leads click through your ad directly to one page focused on what they saw in the ad, the conversion process is easy and seamless.

Plus, with the Checkout widget inside of the drag-and-drop builder, you can make any landing page a checkout. This makes it easy for leads to get in on your Cyber Monday offer on the spot—no navigating to yet another page just to pay.

Here’s Your Opportunity for an Upsell

Someone just buy your recipe book of infamous bundt cake recipes using your Cyber Monday coupon?


Now’s your time to throw in an upsell for your best-selling Bundt pan.

checkout landing page

Say Thank You

After someone has scooped up your Cyber Monday deal, make sure to say thanks with a thank you page. While you can send your new customers to a generic thank you page provided by Leadpages, it would be best to customize this page a bit.

Add images, colors, or fonts that align with the rest of your campaign for the sake of continuity.

Most importantly, though, go beyond a simple “thanks.” Just confirming what a customer did is nice, but it probably won’t have them coming back to you anytime soon.

This final stage of your Cyber Monday campaign is a great place to ask customers to opt into your newsletter, sign up for a webinar, or even sign up for another deal they can take advantage of in the months ahead.

A well-thought out and humble thank you page can be the beginning of many long-lasting relationships with your customers.

Feel the Holiday Spirit

No matter where you go this time of year, there’s no escaping the holiday spirit. Storefronts and displays in the physical world are smothered in golds, glitters, fake snow, and every shade of green and red. When it comes to your campaign, make sure it has a splash of the spirit, too.

The right look and feel will sweep shoppers up in a wave of holiday cheer, so embrace the season and let it shine through.

On the landing page below, there’s no denying the festive intentions behind a bold holiday color scheme. Circular countdown timers are reminiscent of ornaments, the CTA is delightful, and the whole enchilada is undeniably cheery.

bold cyber monday page

Or you can create landing pages that are a subdued nod to the holidays. Use colors associated with this time of year, but turn down the opacity or go for a more pastel holiday.

However you choose to design your landing page, though, make sure your offer is being presented loud and clear.

Still hankering for more? Remember to check out how you can drive traffic and sales without slashing your prices this Black Friday.

HO HO How to Make a Great Campaign

Have a Cyber Monday online marketing plan in place? Tell us all about it.