Now Closed: We’re Raising Prices… Get In Now and Lock In the Lowest Rate Forever (Ends: Midnight Friday)

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Note: Before you purchase, we highly encourage you to watch the video above in its entirety, so you can get all the details about your five new sub-accounts and how to lock in our lowest rate for your Advanced Annual membership.


Frequently Asked Questions About This Offer

What’s the Deadline to Join LeadPages® to Take Advantage of This Offer?

This offer ends Friday, July 31st at Midnight Eastern.

To lock in our current rate for your Advanced Annual membership and get five free sub-accounts, you must either purchase or upgrade to a Advanced Annual membership of LeadPages® between now and Friday at midnight Eastern.

Tell Me Again: Which Membership Do I Need to Purchase to Get In On This?

There are four ways to get in on this exclusive offer…

  1. If you’re NOT a LeadPages® member yet: Purchase a Advanced Annual membership of LeadPages® before Friday, July 31st at midnight Eastern.
  1. If you’re already a Standard or Pro LeadPages® member: Upgrade your LeadPages® membership to a Advanced Annual membership before Friday, July 31st at midnight Eastern.
  1. If you’re already a Advanced Monthly member: Upgrade your Advanced Monthly membership to an Advanced Annual membership before Friday, July 31st at midnight Eastern, to lock in this annual rate and get up to five free sub-accounts.
  1. If you’re already an Advanced Annual or Advanced 2-Year Member: You’re in! No need to do anything. You will get up to five free sub-accounts in your account. Also, you locked in your current subscription price when you first purchased. You’ll never pay more than your current rate for as long as you remain a member.

How Can I Upgrade If I’m Already a LeadPages® Member?

There are two ways to upgrade. First, as a LeadPages® member, click on the account settings inside your LeadPages® membership portal.

Then, click on “Upgrade My Account” to upgrade your membership level. Finally, choose “Advanced Annual” and confirm you want to upgrade.

Enterprise Sub-Accounts Promo Image 2 (2)Second, if you don’t see “Upgrade My Account” inside your account (or you’re uncertain of your current membership level), reach out to our support team and they’ll upgrade you.

Otherwise, if you’re not already a LeadPages® member, you can purchase a LeadPages® Advanced Annual membership and claim your five free sub-accounts and lock in the current rate before the price goes up.


I’m In! When Will I Get My Five Sub-Accounts?

Great! We’re excited to have you onboard!

You can expect your five free sub-accounts to appear in your account next week (starting on August 3rd).

You will see your new free sub-accounts at the top of your LeadPages® account where it says “Manage Your Sub Accounts.”

Enterprise Sub-Account Promo Image 1Until then, please enjoy the rest of your Advanced LeadPages® features. You can start using LeadDigits™, get phone support, and sign up for implementation coaching with one of our implementation coaches immediately.

What Does “Locking in the Lowest Rate” Mean?

Once you purchase any LeadPages® membership, you will never pay more for your subscription level than your initial price as long as you remain a LeadPages® member.

It doesn’t matter how we may raise prices in the future, you lock in your current rate as soon as you purchase. That’s why our current Advanced Annual members and 2-Year Advanced members will continue to pay their existing rate for as long as they remain members, even after the price is raised on August 1st.

If you purchase or upgrade to an Advanced Annual membership this week, you will never pay more for this membership level—for as long as you remain a member.

Tell Me More About These Five Sub-Accounts: What Can I Use Them For?

This feature allows you to have one master LeadPages® account, plus five additional Pro LeadPages® accounts that you can manage from inside your master account.

Sub-accounts come in handy if…

  • You have multiple integrations from the same email service provider that you’d like to use with LeadPages®. (This means you could use multiple AWeber accounts at the same time, for example.)
  • You have clients who would like to use LeadPages®.
  • You have multiple businesses you’d like to use LeadPages® with.
  • You have multiple members on your team who all use LeadPages®, and you would like to create separate logins and sub-accounts for your team members.

If you purchase or upgrade to an Advanced Annual or 2-Year membership this week, you’ll get access to five sub-accounts and lock in the current price for an Advanced Annual membership for as long as you remain a member.

That’s only if you purchase or upgrade to an Advanced Annual or Advanced 2-Year member before Friday at midnight Eastern. Click below to get started now.


I’m an Advanced Member. I Already Have Two Sub-Accounts Included in My LeadPages® Account. Will I Still Get Five More?

If you already have one or two free sub-accounts, then we will simply give you additional sub-accounts until you have a total of five.

So for example, if you already have one sub-account included in your LeadPages account, we will give you four more. If you have two sub-accounts, we will give you three more, to bring your total sub-accounts to five.

If I’m Currently Paying for Additional Sub-Accounts, Will I Get These Five Sub-Accounts?

If you’re already an Advanced Annual or Advanced 2-Year member, then yes, you will get an additional five sub-accounts added to your LeadPages® membership.

If you’re a Pro member or Advanced monthly member (and you’re paying for sub-accounts), then you must upgrade to an Advanced Annual or Advanced 2-Year membership to get access to these five extra sub-accounts.

Sub-Accounts Sound Great, But I’m Also Interested in LeadDigits™. What Can I Use LeadDigits™ for Again?

Once you have access to LeadDigits™, people can opt into your email lists and register for your upcoming webinars—all with a single SMS text conversation.

Here’s how it works…

Once your LeadDigit™ is set up, simply ask your potential customers to text your unique identifier word to your LeadDigit™ number. (We give you up to 10 identifiers that you can use for your individual marketing campaigns.)

When a person sends a text [containing that unique identifier] to your LeadDigit™ number, they will receive an immediate response back asking for their email address. Once this person responds with their email address, they will be instantly added to your email list. You can also simultaneously register this person for your next webinar if you choose.

In this way, you can use LeadDigits™ to capture leads and grow your customer base from almost anywhere.

Do All Five Sub-Accounts Come with Their Own LeadDigits™?

Yes! If you have an Advanced LeadPages membership, we’ll be adding LeadDigits™ to all your individual sub-accounts starting in August.

If you purchase an Advanced Annual membership this week, you’ll get one Advanced master account with 10 LeadDigit™ unique identifiers that you can use to create 10 unique LeadDigit™ campaigns. Plus, you’ll also get five additional sub-accounts, each with their own 10 LeadDigit™ identifiers.

This means you’ll get 10 LeadDigits™ for your master account + 50 LeadDigits total for your 5 individual sub-accounts, for a total of 60 possible LeadDigits™ unique identifiers.

(That alone is well worth the cost of your Advanced Annual membership this week.)

Tell Me More About Implementation Coaching: What Can I Expect?

As an Advanced member, you can schedule a 1-on-1 implementation coaching session with one of our implementation experts.

Your highly-trained LeadPages implementation expert will work with you to help you set up your first LeadPage®, your first LeadBox™, your first lead magnet, and even your first split test.

They will not let you off of this 1-on-1 call until they have done everything they possibly can to ensure that you can start using your new LeadPages® membership to its fullest potential from day #1. By the time this call is over, you’ll have your first landing page, first LeadBox™, first LeadLink™, and first split test up and running on the LeadPages® platform. Plus, you’ll have the beginnings of a high-converting lead-generation funnel up and running.

These 1-on-1 sessions last about 30 minutes. On most days, you can schedule same-day appointments. In fact, you can likely get an appointment today! (We offer same-day appointments from 9 a.m. to 5 pm Central time, five days a week.)

As soon as you take us up on this offer, you can schedule one of these 1-on-1 sessions immediately.

What Other Features Will I Get with My Advanced Annual Membership?

As an Advanced member, you get every feature at LeadPages®. That includes:

All Our Favorite Pro Features:

  • Unlimited split testing
  • Unlimited LeadLinks™
  • 1st priority email support
  • Advanced HTML export for your templates
  • Access to our affiliate program
  • Ability to upload your own custom templates
  • Chat support with our support team
  • Plus, all Pro features we release from now on

All Our Favorite Standard Features:

  • Unlimited landing page templates on unlimited domains
  • Unlimited LeadBoxes®
  • WordPress integration
  • Facebook integration
  • Ability to embed your pages on any site
  • Plus, all Standard features we release from now on

Plus, you get elite features for Advanced members only, including:

  • LeadDigits™, which allows you to grow your list with SMS text messaging
  • The Template Importer, which lets you turn landing pages you own into customizable LeadPages® templates
  • 1-on-1 Implementation Coaching Call with an implementation expert
  • Unlimited phone support to answer your support questions
  • Advanced-level integrations including Salesforce, HubSpot, and Marketo
  • Plus, all other Advanced-level features we release from now on

Also, if you join LeadPages® at the Advanced level by Friday at midnight Eastern, you’ll get five free sub-accounts, and lock in our current rate for as long as you remain a member.

Does This Advanced Membership Come with a Guarantee?

Yes, absolutely! Like all new LeadPages® memberships, Advanced Annual memberships come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

If you join before Friday at midnight and find for whatever reason that this new Advanced Annual membership is not for you, just let us know within 30 days and we’ll issue you a refund ASAP.


  • Amina

    Hi jeff, I’m just concerned that if I upgrade now I will no longer be able to upgrade when you guys roll out amazing free bonuses in future that require an upgrade, and then I miss out on those bonuses which are often worth more to me than going from pro to advanced… Could I still be eligible for those bonuses once I upgrade all the way to the top?

    • Jeff Wenberg

      Hi Amina, we’d love to have you as an Advanced user so you get EVERY feature we roll out in the future. That is what’s going to be most valuable in the long haul. However, if you want to wait to upgrade to another promotion you’re more than welcome to. You never know what might come up. 🙂

    • Jeff Wenberg

      Great question. Whenever we do a promotion, we give everyone the opportunity to get in on it, so you don’t have to worry about missing out. Also, it’s worth noting that we’re raising the prices permanently this week. Advanced Annual memberships won’t ever be the current price of $799 a year again. So if you are interested in upgrading to an Advanced membership, this is the week to do it.

  • Michael Konowalski

    Will I be able to keep $799 price after one Year with 5 separate accounts ? also are the LeadDigits working in Poland ? Thanks

    • Jeff Wenberg

      Hi Michael, great questions. 1. You are correct in your calculations. It is a fantastic deal, so we definitely urge you to take advantage of it. 2. Currently the closest LeadDigit to Poland would be the UK. However if you’re able to text internationally you can still use LeadDigits. We’re working on adding more countries. The approval process for short codes is a long and slow one. 3. You can use LeadNotifications to have email addresses sent to your inbox. From there you could add them to direct mail. It’s more manual, but you wouldn’t have to use an ESP. Hope that helps.

      • Michael Konowalski

        Thank You Can Leadpages integrate with Direct-Mail 2 ( mac) ? if not can just direct them to my excel list so I don’t have o use email service provider ?

  • Hi Jeff, if I have leadpages in a separate account, and I open a new account with you on this deal, can they be easily copied across from where they are now to this new account? And do you have a help page or video on the Template Importer? Thanks!

    • Jeff Wenberg

      Hey David, you could share the pages between your accounts if you’d like to move to another account. Here is a video on how to use the template importer:

      • Great! Thanks Jeff.

      • Jeff, help please.

        I reactivated my old account. Which option do I need for the new offer to re-subscribe? Is it
        LeadPages Advanced Annual Subscription

        Or is it better to create a new account?


        • Jeff Wenberg

          Hey David, I responded to this yesterday but I’m not sure why it didn’t post. I would reach out to our amazing support staff at and they can sort this all out for you. Thanks!

          • Hey Jeff, no problem, I just went ahead and created a new account so I’m good to go – thanks!

  • Hey Jeff, If I sign up for Advanced M-t-M would I get the 5 sub accounts and get locked in at $97, or would I just have the regular 2 sub accounts after the change?

    • Jeff Wenberg

      C.J. to get this deal with the 5 free sub-accounts you would need to be an Advanced Annual member to get the 5 free sub-accounts. If you decide to go with the $97/mo option that would lock you in at that price, but you would not receive free sub-accounts. Thanks!

  • jeffrhawkins

    Hi Jeff, If I already have a paid sub-account in my Pro Annual account what happens if I do the upgrade? Does my current sub-account become free and I get 4 more, or does it stay paid and I get 5 more? Also, I f I set up the sub-accounts for clients, can I delete their account and add a new account if a client stops working with my agency, or will I be stuck with the subdomain that I set up for the client as long as I have my account?

    • Jeff Wenberg

      Hi Jeff, great name! 🙂 To answer your 1st question, yes your 1 sub account would stay paid and you’d get 5 more. 2nd question, you can delete your account and the sub-account will sit empty until you decide to use it again. Hope that helps!

  • TimBost

    Wow, Jeff – it looks like LeadPages is going over the top once again! I’ve truly been amazed at the incredible value of the Advanced membership program ever since joining almost a year ago – and now you’re giving me even MORE?!!? Having those extra sub accounts certainly opens up a world of possibilities, and needless to say I’m actively spreading the word about LeadPages in general – anybody who’s trying to do business online needs to connect with LeadPages – and with the deal you’ve got going on right now, there’s no time like the present!

    • Jeff Wenberg

      Tim that’s awesome and couldn’t have said it better myself! Thanks for being a valued LeadPages user!

  • Ryan

    So the month to month price is going up to $197 for advanced, is that correct?

    • Hi Ryan, the current members who lock in $97/monthly remain at that price (but do not receive 5 free sub-accounts). As of Saturday, Advanced will only be available for purchase at Annual and Two-Year plans (no monthly option). The new Advanced Annual will be $199/month, paid one year at a time (and include 6 total accounts) ~ $2400 instead of the $400/month or $4800 that 6 accounts cost today.

  • photographersteve

    In the video it mentioned the sub accounts must have the same email service provider. Is this correct?

    • Jeff Wenberg

      Hi there, sorry for the misunderstanding. No they do not need the same ESP. One of the ways they’re useful is for example if you have 2 clients that each use Aweber. You could use your main account for one client, and a sub-account for the other client. That way each Aweber account could be used with LeadPages. Hope that helps!

      • Peter

        Can you please clarify this issue. If I have 2 clients that each use Aweber can I just use 1 sub-account for for one client and another sub-account for the other client??

        • Kat Von Rohr

          Hi Peter, Yes you can! You can easily use two sub-accounts for two clients who both use AWeber. Hope that helps.

  • Oops! You mean midnight Saturday. Midnight starts a day, so saying, “midnight Friday” is the 12:00 am between Thursday and Friday.

    • Yes, Daniel, technically you are correct. Colloquially, Friday midnight is how most understand the cusp between Friday and Saturday. It ends when July 31 ends, to be precise. 🙂

  • Matt Ticzkus

    When I upgraded to Pro Annual, I received Lead Digits as a bonus. If I don’t upgrade my account, do I still keep Lead Digits, or will I lose access to it over time?

    • Shane Johnston

      I’m in that boat too.

      • Kat Von Rohr

        Great question! Yes, you will still keep LeadDigits for as long as remain a Pro member. However, if you’d like to upgrade to Advanced Annual, you will also get LeadDigits with each of your 5 extra sub-accounts. That means 5 extra LeadPages accounts with a potential of 10 LeadDigit campaigns per sub-account (or 50 LeadDigit campaigns in total). So that’s something to consider if you’re interested in upgrading. But if not, you will still keep LeadDigits regardless. 🙂

  • Alex Pasieka

    Hi, I just upgraded to the 2-year Advanced account but it only shows 2 sub accounts. You mentioned I would get 5 sub accounts. Will this change?

    • Kat Von Rohr

      Very cool! Thanks for upgrading! We’ll fulfill these sub-accounts first thing in August. Please watch for your free sub-accounts to appear in your account by Monday, August 3rd at the latest.

  • Dianne Flemington

    Does the LeadDigits product work in Canada? And are their any other limitations on any of these products for a business established in Canada?

    • Kat Von Rohr

      Great question! Yes, LeadDigits does work in Canada! We have a Canadian phone number that you can use locally with LeadDigits. There are no limitations to using LeadPages in Canada. We have many Canadians who use our landing pages, LeadBoxes and other tools to grow their businesses. Hope that helps!

  • Subaccounts on the Pro level are $40 / month. Are subaccounts at the Advanced level (beyond the free ones) also just $40 / month? And do they get access to the Advanced level features at that price point?

    • Kat Von Rohr

      Great question. Yes, if you would like to purchase extra sub-accounts at the Advanced level (beyond the five free ones), then each sub-account is $40/month.

      For the moment, each of these sub-accounts comes with all the features of a Pro Annual account, but we’re in the process of adding Advanced features to sub-accounts (like LeadDigits), so sub-accounts will soon come with the majority of Advanced features as well. Each of these sub-accounts also comes with its own login so you can give your clients, business partners, or colleagues their own login information so they can check on their landing pages if they choose.

      Just FYI: As of tomorrow, August 1st, individual sub-accounts will no longer be available for new Pro customers—only Advanced members. So if you’re interested in sub-accounts, I’d encourage you to purchase an Advanced account today before the price increase, so you can lock in the current rate of $799 a year for as long as you remain a member. Hope that helps.

      • Done! Thanks! Quick follow-up (not time sensitive): Do you have a feature list of exactly what will be and won’t be available in sub accounts? I don’t want to misrepresent features to clients :).

        • Kat Von Rohr

          VERY good question. While this list doesn’t exist publicly anywhere (yet), I can tell you that sub-accounts as of August will include:

          *Unlimited landing pages
          *Unlimited LeadBoxes
          *Unlimited split testing
          *Unlimited LeadLinks
          *All integrations at LeadPages
          *Embed on any site
          *Advanced HTML export
          *Separate Login

          Hope that helps!

  • David Hecht


    1) The “Upgrade My Account” page says “We will automatically credit the remaining balance of your current subscription to your new upgraded subscription as soon as you order.” Could you please clarify what that means? We have about 4.5 months remaining on our Pro Annual subscription. Can we credit ~$180 toward our purchase, just extend our subscription for 2 years, or something else?

    2) If we upgrade to the Advanced Annual plan and lock-in the current pricing, does that mean that we’ve also locked in the 2-year Advanced Annual plan pricing if we want to go that route in the future (@$1008)–or would it cost $799/year but $4800/2-years?


    • Kat Von Rohr

      1) Great question! When you upgrade to an Advanced Annual membership, LeadPages creates a new subscription for you. So it’s not an extension, but an entirely new subscription that begins the day you upgrade (that of course includes all your existing landing pages, LeadBoxes etc).

      When we say “we credit the remaining balance of your current subscription to your new subscription,” this means that your new Advanced membership will be discounted based on the amount of money you have left for your subscription. So in this case, it would mean a discount for you of approximately $180 when you upgrade to Advanced Annual.

      2) Very important question. Thank you for asking it! It’s important to note that prices are rising for both Advanced Annual and Advanced 2-year memberships as of midnight tonight. So if you purchase an Advanced Annual plan today, you will lock in the $799 rate. If you purchase a 2-year plan before midnight, you will lock in the current rate for 2-year ($1000 a year).

      However, today is the VERY last day that you can get either of these prices. If you choose to upgrade to a 2-Year Advanced plan in the future, you will not be able to get this current rate. So if you’re thinking you would like to upgrade eventually, today would be the day to upgrade to this 2-year Advanced Membership while you can still get this existing rate. Hope that helps!

      • David Hecht

        Thanks Kat, very helpful indeed. Two more items :)…

        1) You wrote “($1000 a year)” but I want to verify that you meant $500/year or $1000/two, which would make sense based on your reply.

        2) “As an Advanced member, you get every feature at LeadPages®.” Sorry to be skeptical but will the Advanced membership subscription level (whether annual or two-year) ALWAYS get every feature? I can’t help but thinking that there’s going to be a “higher” subscription level somewhere down the road.

        • Kat Von Rohr

          No problem! 🙂

          1) Thanks for asking for the clarification! My apologies for the confusion. It’s $1,000 paid upfront for two years, not one. So if you upgrade to a 2-year Advanced membership today, you’ll lock in this 2-year rate of $1,000, and not be charged again until July 2017.

          2) Good question. If you purchase an Advanced Annual membership, you will always get the features that we introduce for Standard, Pro and Advanced members. Now, it’s certainly possible that we could create a higher level sometime in the future, but you would still lock in your current rate and continue to get all the features we offer for Standard, Pro and Advanced members for as long as you remain a member. Hope that helps a bit.

          • David Hecht

            Thanks Kat, and we did upgrade about 2 hours ago to the 2-year Advanced from the 1-year Pro and it went quite smoothly.

            Phone support keeps being mentioned as a benefit to upgrading and I was surprised to see it indicated as for urgent, emergency only use. I don’t plan to abuse it but sometimes things are easier and/or quicker to handle verbally that may not be considered urgent or emergency. We’ll see how it goes.

            So far I’m happy with our decision to upgrade but I will say that part of that decision is an interest in being able to “get every feature,” so I found your reply a tad disappointing. I guess I would have preferred an answer that said something like “Of course. We say the Advanced level gets every feature so, yes, your decision to spend $1,000 today means you’ll get every feature we ever deliver.”

            I know LeadPages is growing and poised for expansion, and I think that’s great. I like using marketing tools by people who clearly market well, which you do. So, thanks to all of you for a great product that will only get better, and which helps us do what we do even better.

          • David Hecht

            Hi again :). I thought I was done with this but I was cleaning up my email and happened across this statement in Jeff’s message, which somehow appeared in the reading pane and caught my eye:
            “You’ll also lock in our lowest rate for every feature here at LeadPages for as long as you remain a LeadPages member.”
            That seems pretty clear to me.

          • Kat Von Rohr

            Fair enough. 🙂 To be clear: You will always get every feature that comes with an Advanced membership. I only mentioned a higher level in case that may become a reality sometime in the future. That said, I’m excited to have you as an Advanced Annual customer. I look forward to hearing about your success going forward!

          • David Hecht

            Thanks. We look forward to sharing about it.

            It’s interesting to me that we’re batting this around. I’m going to let it go but “every feature here at LeadPages” isn’t the same thing as “every feature that comes with an Advanced membership.” The way you’re wording things has me believing there’s already plans to deviate. But, that’s just how I’m interpreting it.

            Have a great weekend! And congratulations on your promotion. It seems like it was very successful.

  • KathleenZ

    Hi There: I have been hanging back for a few months since I discovered LeadPages – I have a consulting business that I am transitioning to a more online platform. I love all you have to offer, and even though it is made to look easy – my hesitancy is when I use technology- well not so pretty or easy. With that said, I do use a couple of different VA’s which means not using my email server. You might have already addressed this – can I hand LeadPages off to an assistant/s until I feel I can build pages on the fly on my own. (my goal)

    Is advanced annual best package for me?

    Also just to confirm I lock in $799 rate advanced annual.

    Thanks for your help!

    • Kat Von Rohr

      Hi Kathleen, Great questions! First you should know we have many clients who are consultants who use LeadPages in just about every industry. So you’re in good company!

      1) As far as the technology goes, we have created some of the simplest-to-use software in the industry. But we also make sure you know how to use it. For Advanced customers, we give you a 1-on-1 implementation coaching call. During this 1-on-1 call, one of our Technical support specialists walks you through how to use all the major features inside LeadPages, so you can start using all the technology from day #1. Also, we give all Advanced users phone, chat, and email tech support so you can reach our amazing support team if you have any questions any time after that. Beyond that, we also have “getting started” live webinars twice a week, so you can jump on this live training if you just want to see a quick demo of how everything works inside LeadPages.

      2) About your VA: We don’t recommend giving your LeadPages login information to another, but if you do, you’re responsible for what happens to your own account.

      3) Is the Advanced Annual package best for you? That’s 100% up to you. But I can tell you that Advanced Annual comes with our top support, which you may appreciate if you have technology concerns. Also, Advanced Annual comes with LeadDigits, which could be perfect for a consultant. LeadDigits allows you to grow your list through SMS text messaging. But what that really means is you can grow your list when you’re speaking to someone. So if you’re at a conference, or airport, or anywhere else and you meet a potential client, you can always say “Want to check out what I have to offer? Just go ahead and text CONSULTANT (or whatever word you choose) to 33444 to join my email list.” That way, you can always follow-up.

      4) YES! If you purchase an Advanced Annual plan before tonight at midnight, you will lock in this lower rate for as long as you remain a member of LeadPages.

      Hope that helps a bit. Please let us know if you have other questions!

      • Kat – you’re amazing and thank you for the quick response! This is exactly what I need a bit of hand holding and encouragement. I really do have a fabulous offering and I am constantly at networking, airports and live events. I am ready to take my LeadPages leap…thank you for your help!
        Best regards,


        • Kat Von Rohr

          Fantastic! Glad I could help. 🙂

  • Nicole

    I am wondering if we sign up for the service and we decide to cancel after the 30 day guarantee period will we be eligible for a prorated refund of the $799?

    • Kat Von Rohr

      Great question. Thank you for asking it. Our full money-back guarantee only applies to the first 30 days after you subscribe. So if you decide to cancel after that, you would not get a pro-rated refund. That said, you can sign up today and try it for a few weeks. If you find LeadPages doesn’t work for you, just let us know in the first 30 days, and you’ll get a full refund. Hope that helps!

  • Tina Yeager

    I will be unable to attend either webinar date due to a scheduled trip. Can I sign up and watch a replay, or sign up for the following week?

    • Kat Von Rohr

      Hi Tina! No problem. You can sign up to see this live training next week either on Wednesday or Thursday. (We host this webinar live both days.) Go here to register:

  • Shawn Stroup

    I’m a realtor and I email out mainly links to homes on MLS I assume this is something that can be emailed out when people opt in?

    • Kat Von Rohr

      Hi Shawn! Great question. Yes, this absolutely can be emailed out when people opt-in. We have a LeadPages feature called the “lead magnet delivery system” that you can set up to automatically send an email from inside LeadPages when someone opts-in for your list. You could easily insert these links to homes into this email and automatically send them when someone joins your list. Hope that helps!

  • YourIgnorance is NOT an Excuse

    With the 5 sub accounts- can I change a sub account to different clients as long as I only have 5 clients at a time (plus the main account)?

    • Kat Von Rohr

      Great question! Yes you can! You can always change your sub-accounts for different clients if you wish. You have control over these five sub-accounts, so you can add or delete pages as you see fit. 🙂

      • YourIgnorance is NOT an Excuse

        One more benefit to LeadPages. Just to make sure I understand, if I am using my 5 sub accounts for clients A,B,C,D, and E and client B closes or stops paying his bill, I can drop client B and add a new client F. Correct? (Hopefully that makes sense.)

        • Kat Von Rohr

          Yes, you definitely could. From a technical standpoint, you would just go into that sub-account and delete client B’s landing pages, and then start using that sub-account for client F. You also would want to change the login information for this sub-account so client B could not access it. Hope that helps!

          • YourIgnorance is NOT an Excuse

            That helps a lot. I’m going to buy the advanced annual membership right now. Thanks again.

          • Kat Von Rohr

            Fantastic! Glad I could help. 🙂

          • YourIgnorance is NOT an Excuse

            The Advanced Annual Membership is the one with the 5 sub-accounts and the is before the price increase right? I want to make sure I signed up for the right one. It was $799. Thanks- you’ve been great.

          • Kat Von Rohr

            Yes, that’s correct! 🙂 Thanks.

  • Rock Smith

    LOL.. only noobs will fall for this overpriced junk.

    • Michael Konowalski

      I am sure it is better to pay You for that service ? Maybe You have some Genius idea ? Can You please tell us Master

  • Nathan Brammeier

    Ugh – Just noticed this. Looks like I missed out? Any chance of a reprieve? (fingers crossed…)

    • Kat Von Rohr

      Hi Nathan, My apologies, but this price has already been raised permanently. That said, you can still get access to many of the features offered at LeadPages with our Pro Annual membership. You can get the details on our pricing here:

  • Peter

    Can you please clarify this issue. If I have 2 clients that each use
    Aweber can I just use 1 sub-account for for one client and another
    sub-account for the other client??

    • Kat Von Rohr

      Hi Peter, Yes you can! You can easily use two sub-accounts for two clients who both use AWeber. Hope that helps.

      • Peter

        Thank you!

  • Jason Stogsdill

    Ouch….just now discovered this. Was actually in the process of coordinating with a client to purchase a two year advanced plan in order to get lead digits. Didn’t see the $2800 price increase coming