[TUTORIAL] Run Split Tests Without Paying Additional Fees

Transcript: Hey, Jeff Wenberg from LeadPages here. We really wanted to do something huge and we wanted to bring something new and powerful to LeadPages, something that people have been asking for forever that would have a huge impact, and we’re super happy to unveil for the first time ever LeadPages Built-in Split Testing. We’ve added the most simplest split testing experience we’ve ever seen before. Over the course of our videos, we’ve told you about a lot of different people that have had amazing results with their LeadPages. They got those results out of the box with our pages because we do internal split testing on our end to make sure that our landing pages are the highest-converting landing pages out there. In fact, if you’d like to see which pages are currently converting the best, you can easily sort the pages by opt-in rate to find an up-to-date ranking of our landing pages by conversion rate. LeadPages pages are all designed based on extensive internal split testing that we do. Now, we want to give the ability to run split test to you.

Split testing has always been a necessity, but a pain to set up. Typically, you’d have to find some external split testing software to use, create your pages, set up the software for all your pages, install the tracking code on each page you want to split test, plus other possible steps depending on the split testing service you’re using. It can be a total nightmare to set up. Instead of having to use one tool to create landing pages and a separate tool for split testing and having different log ins for both, what’s different about LeadPages is we’ve actually integrated the landing page builder with the split testing tool in order to make things as easy as possible for you. Now, there’s one log in and everything is under one roof. This allows you to split test any page you currently have against any new pages, or if you’re making any small tweaks to your pages, you can easily split test that as well to see what impact those changes may make on your conversions.

Let me show you how to set up split testing inside of LeadPages in five simple steps. Before we get started, I do want to point out that you can create either a brand new split test by clicking the ‘Create test’ button here, or on an existing page that you want to test, click ‘Create test here.’ Okay, let’s do this in five simple steps. Step one, fine the page that you want to run a split test on; step two, enable split testing on the page; step three, add a variation of this page by selecting ‘Add variation;’ step four, select which page you want to make a variation of. I’m going to test different button texts so I’ll text free instant access against the previous text download now; then step five, save the page. Now the split test is set up and ready to go. Then of course, you’d review your results in step six. Now, when I go into my browser and I refresh the page a couple times, you’ll see that it’s showing me both variations. This split testing feature is something that every LeadPages user should be utilizing in their business as split testing helps you find out where your biggest money pages are in your business and where you should be spending your time versus just taking a chance and leaving things up to faith.

If you have any questions, as usual, we’d be answering those in the comment section below this video. I’m Jeff Wenberg, have a great day.

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  • Is this live for current users?

    • Yes!

      • Thank you Clay. I wonder if you guys could do a REVEAL thing so where we can have a video and then after a certain time have drop down text with buttons and such 🙂

        • I’m not sure what you mean. Can you send me to a URL of a page that has the functionality that you’re requesting.

          • Sure i think it is just basic javascript. This page has a video on it. when you get to the end, a big order form pops up but it can as easily be a text-based version of the VSL. https://www.hangoutdomination.com/index3.php?affiliate=297

          • that’s not my link but it pops up at the end of the video. sort of like the Magic Buy button but for an entire section of content that drops down at a certain time.

  • Don Richards

    This was a quick overview, so what other features do you offer compared to other platforms? For instance, can you set the test to automatically pick the winner of the split test and stop using the losing page, like you can with other split testing platforms?

  • penelope

    Great feature! Can we use this for pages that were not built with Leadpages?

    • Steven Mathis

      Can’t answer for the LP folks but my guess is no…only 1 leadpage vs another leadpage now and I’m assuming it will stay that way…

      • It might not always stay this way, but otherwise you’ve absolutely nailed it.

    • Hi Penelope… we’ve created an integrated solution that works with landing pages created with LeadPages.

  • Nick

    Does this only work if your pages our hosted on the Leadpages server or will this work for pages I have on my site using the Leadpages WordPress plugin.

    • Gonzalo Paternoster

      I also want to know which upload option this works with. Thanks Nick for asking!

    • Steven Mathis

      Could be wrong but it seems that it would work for any upload/hosting option where the leadpages javascript is loaded…i.e. direct on their hosting, facebook tab, or uploaded to your own server with the standard version. Only one I would think it might not work with is if you download the full html.

    • Looks like @mathissteven:disqus is correct again. Steven: sounds like you really understand the product. Would love to talk more at some point. Just emailed you.

  • Chris

    I don’t see the “Create Test” button anywhere on any of my LeadPages… Help?

    • Try logging out and logging back in.

    • Should be there. Just try logging out then logging in as Lawton suggested.

  • Normally, a split test does not rotate with page refreshes. It should be cookied to the user so they always see the same variation if they return later. It also helps keep sales pages “honest” if you’re testing pricing. Will this be implemented later, maybe?

    Edit: this is epic, by the way. Having this functionality in one place is impressive.

    • Steven Mathis

      Bigtime +1 for this. DEFINITELY should be cookied to show the same version to the same person. As far as I know pretty much all the major split testing tools are setup this way. Not a good experience if someone views the page, clicks to maybe (go to the pre-cart page), then clicks back and gets a different version.

      • So sorry . . . It is cookied. We just disabled cookies in the browser to show rotation for the sake of the demo.

        • Steven Mathis

          PERFECT! Should have known you would have it nailed. Super psyched about this addition….nice work!

    • It is cookied. We just disabled cookies in the browser to show rotation for the sake of the demo.

      • Wow. Then you’ve just put together an irresistable offer. Other services are charging $97/mth just just for that feature with no landing pages.

  • Kathy

    Love this idea, but none of those buttons are in my version of LeadPages. Do I need to upgrade to a newer version? If so, where do I do that, don’t see any links in the support section or under My Account?

    • Kathy

      BTW – I tried logging out and logging back in. Still not there.

      • Jeff Wenberg

        We were releasing the split testing feature gradually to all customers, so a few users were having issues seeing it in their accounts. It’s now available to everyone, so you should be seeing the option enabled in your account.

        • kathy

          I just got it! thanks. Can’t wait to get started.

    • This is now available to everyone.

  • nice. I can’t wait to start using this testing!

    • So glad, Joyce! Can’t wait to see your results.

  • NICE! I can see the case studies piling in! Great work guys 🙂

  • Adam Collins

    YES! This is Perfect! Thanks so much for adding this… ever so valuable feature! Huge! Aloha 🙂

  • Ben F

    This was the first feature I searched for in the support pages when I got leadpages. I was bummed you didn’t have it, but now I am very impressed. Gotta love mind readers 🙂

  • Jaxi West

    hi jeff and clay

    This is super helpful. i’ve shyed away from split testing b/c of the lengthly process to do it and all the extra tracking (i know this is stupid, and opposite of everything you taught, just admitting )

    This is truly your best ‘latest’ addition to lead pages!

    I really can’t believe how much you add something new to this platform every week! When i signed up, I knew you would be adding more as you indicated, but I never thought it would be this much – and this much soooo quick.
    You have absolutely overdelivered on this product!

    Thank you again, for leadpages and all you do to help make our online experience easier/more effective.
    Jaxi 🙂

  • Awesomesauce 🙂 Google’s Content Experiments is a pain in the ***.

    Curious… Is there a template in leadpages that allows us to create a
    full width sectioned sales page like the homepage of leadpages? (Not
    exactly the same of course, but that same style where there is different sections separated by lines or different colored background that is full width?

    It seems like a lot of companies are creating homepages like that and I need to redesign mine.

  • alex

    Hey Clay What is the “estimated” roll out date of a Lead Pages SMS Feature???

  • Scott Murdaugh

    Sweet! I was coming by to check out LeadPages for our next project. This is MAJOR icing on the cake. Loving it so far, 100x faster than dealing with WordPress and other LP solutions. The testing is huge. Just some things on my wishlist, a webinar thank you page, a live stream page like you’ve got but with an option to fade in an offer and a membership solution with your point and click interface. I’ll survive without them though, I had high expectations and I’m beyond satisfied so far. Excited to see what you guys come up next.

    • Scott Murdaugh

      And nevermind. I just realized that you have the first two suggestions covered. And the membership idea is just dreaming – although that would be sweet.

  • Bill Doyle

    Tried exactly the 6 steps uploading to word press and it sailed with a new message on page – Array – what the hell does this mean!

    • Hi Bill … we have amazing customer support. If you have a support question just go to our support desk at http://support.leadpages.net

      Warm regards,

      • Bill Doyle

        Hi Clay – no worries I have submitted a ticket thanks for your reply 🙂

  • Hey @claycollins:disqus it would be AWESOME to put a video into the BLUE webinar registration pages 🙂

  • Damien Elsing

    The variation is not getting any analytics data for us using a welcome gate. Only the control is getting views/conversions. The variation is showing zero views. Is there something we need to do to make it show? The page is listed as an A/B test – using the WP plugin to create welcome gate.

    • Hi @damienelsing:disqus … we have an amazing customer support team. If you have any customer support questions, please send them to our amazing customer support team at http://support.leadpages.net

      Warm regards,

      • Damien Elsing

        All sorted, thanks. Looks like it took a day or two for the stats to start showing on the variation.

  • So glad to see this! It was my #1 feature request :).

  • Justin Livingston

    It appears to only show results of testing optin pages… can I test my sales pages as well, without having to set up anything external? … I can’t find where I link a thankyou page to a sales page, post check-out, in your system… am i missing something?


    p.s. I’m a HUGE fan of your service… who can I talk to about hosting Clay for a webinar to my list?

  • “It’s the offer stupid!” ~ Dan Kennedy (or so they say)

    Quick questions though: is there a limit on the numbers of visitors I can test?

    2, which kind of goals can I set? Optin, visits a page, engament, etc..?

    3. Same as Justin: can I split test sales page, thank you pages, etc?