This “Hush Hush” Fling We’ve Been Having With Foundry Group And Arthur Ventures Is Now Legal … And What This Means For You (i.e. We Have $5 Million To Make LeadPages More Awesome For You)

Yesterday, we announced our Series A round of venture capital financing from The Foundry Group (other investments include FitBit, Moz, SendGrid, Trada, and Urban Airship) and Arthur Ventures (awesome Midwestern investment group: other investments include InfusionSoft).

Note: Our investors are officially cooler than us (i.e. they not only make nerdy music videos, but they make trailers for their nerdy music videos 🙂 ).

Here’s a recap:

What This Mean For You

Here’s what this means for you . . .

  • More people will be participating in our collective obsession with making LeadPages better for you
  • Your product requests will be built sooner, and you’ll have more moral authority to complain about that pet feature that we haven’t built yet 🙂
  • We can build “cooler stuff faster”
  • More people will be kicking my arse to ensure that you’re thrilled with LeadPages (ha!)
  • We’ll be joining forces with more “mad (conversion) scientists” and “evil (conversion) geniuses” to take your marketing stats through the roof
  • Forces are aligning to make your life (or at least your conversions) better

First, Thanks To You (Our Clients)

Thank you for being the first followers in this humble semblance of a minor movement (or at least the marketing analytics nerd version of a movement).  It feels nice to not be alone anymore, and to have some real help along the way.

Second, Thanks To The Foundry Group & Arthur Ventures

Thanks to Seth Levine & Brad Feld (and everyone else at Foundry) for having the guts to bet big on a product obsessed scrappy bootstrapped company in Minneapolis that didn’t even have business cards or a one-pager.  And thanks to Patrick Meenan and James Burgum at Arthur Ventures for daring to disrupt the rather stagnant and entrenched world of venture capital in the Midwest.  Your work on our behalf means the world to us.


P.S. We believe in Minneapolis, we’re staying here, and we’re hiring.

P.P.S. This whole Series A thing doesn’t mean that we think we’re trendy, cool, or too good for anything.  If you’re in Minneapolis, please visit.  If you want to interview someone from our team for your podcast or blog or whatever, please let us know.  If you want to chat, hit us up.