Which Of These Logos Do You Like Best? (I Stink At Graphic Design)

The LeadBrite team has decided to start something new, and embark on something that we haven’t talked about yet. (LeadPlayer, however, is still going strong: we’re more dedicated to it than ever before).

You might have noticed that we quietly hired three new team members for a new project.

You see…

LeadPlayer™ Was Just The Beginning

We might as well tell you.

In about three weeks, we’ll be launching a cloud-based (and next-generation) app…

…that we believe will disrupt digital marketing as we know it.

This brings me to:

My Genius Idea

I had the genius idea to redo our look and feel before everything goes live.

You see, I can never get my stuff together when it comes to a logo: I always end up second guessing my choices. (I’m decisive when it comes to just about everything except graphics.)

Since I have the artistic taste of a colorblind caveman (and that’s being generous), I wanted your opinion on the following 4 logos for our new thing.

I’d Be Super Grateful For Your Help Ranking These Logos

Would you mind ranking these logos in the comments?

(If it were up to me I’d probably choose an ugly font and write “LeadPages” with it and be done with it.)

I’m less concerned about “graphic integrity,” “aesthetic consistency” and that nonsense.

Mostly I want to know what excites YOU the most.

So here they are (thanks to Tracy for helping me select these 4 logos from the original batch).

Logo A

Logo B

Logo C

Logo D

Oh yeah, I and want to be clear about the fact that I did NOT make these.

The graphically incompetent part of my brain needs your help.

Thanks a ton,

P.S. Don’t over-analyze this. Just go with your gut reaction.

  • I like C and A pretty much equally.

  • Deb S

    I like logo B

  • Logo A and then C

  • B!

  • Alison Hodd

    I like A

  • I like C. The circle makes me think of “complete, whole”. But none of them makes me go “oooooohhhh”

  • I’m with Ian — I like C and A… and if I had to pick one, my gut says C.

  • A.

  • I agree with Ian, C and A

  • RahulKuntala

    All are good.. but A looks more elegant, bright and better.

  • A and C, in that order was my first reaction, but now could switch them; perhaps try one with some color inbetween the blue and the white for the middle page. For sure not D, B is third place. Skol Vikings.

  • A and C

  • I like C better

  • for the C/A camp, i think A is best because of the higher contrast between the colors from blue to white.

  • Sarah Hutchison Nicotra

    Option B

  • Jacob

    I agree with Ian, with a slight bias toward A

  • Piers | Kickstarters’HQ.com

    Ditto with what Ian said, although C just edges out A for me. I like that it gives the feeling of rising, pointing up at the sky, almost like it’s saying “The only way is up!” 🙂

  • I like logo C, and to a certain extent, logo A (not as much). I don’t like B or D.

  • jewels

    C-A B-D inthat order!

  • I like A. My eye went to it immediately. It is clean and relates to the name.

  • I like A. The white page seems to fit better than the light blue page IMO. Definitely like the pages better than the heart and circle though .

    Hope this helps!

  • My gut says B.

  • I like C.

  • Daisy

    I like C

  • mario

    I think that C is the best one.

  • Scott

    Logo C

  • Helen

    Logo 3 because of the visual “movement” and colors.

  • Piers | Kickstarters’HQ.com

    D, by the way is horrid. It kind of looks like it’s trying to be some kitsch heart and not quite making it. There are definite issues seeing the middle part of A as well, given that it’s white on white.

  • Frank Daley

    C, b/c the pretend arrows suggest going someplace (getting leads) and C instead of A b/c the light blue is more integrated than the white with the rest of the design.

    We just flow; we don’t ask ourselves(unconsciously) why the white? or what is the white doing there–it breaks the flow. IT blends toot much with the surrounding color, whereas the light blue seems more integrated.

  • Holger

    Non of THEM!

  • Logo C is my choice. What was up with logo D? All I see is a heart and it makes me think of some little girl’s favorite tv show that includes a pricness, rainbows and ponies.

  • Hey Clay, I prefer
    D – not at all 🙂

    But what I would suggest as an alternate to try is take A or C and turn them on their sides so it becomes an arrow pointing towards LeadPages

    • Liz

      I agree. Either turn them to the right at 45 degree angle (diagonal lines add movement) or 90 degrees so it points to Lead Pages.

      Many readers seem to dislike D but I kind of like the little seagull effect at the top (freedom).


  • Rasheed

    B is my choice

  • paul

    I like a, c b, then d.

  • Lindsay

    C caught my attention first.

  • Patrick

    These are all pretty BAD.

  • Steve


  • Dave Newgass

    I am keen on A. It has a nice colour contrast. Logo B reminds me of an Obama polictical sign (not that I am for or against him) and Logo D looks like a heart with a seagull flying over it. Unless your new product has to do with hearts and seagulls, that one can be canned.

  • I like A – its got a bit of a 3D feel to make it a little more ‘modern’ that being said I’d stick with the current logo or go for something that is reflective of what the product actually is 😉

  • Alain


  • Personally I think they all are pretty bad too.

  • Kim Ades

    C is the most appealing

  • B caught my eye – A and C look like pages but dont quite tell me much and D is very romantic 🙂

  • Tracy Lay

    I agree, A and C. For use on the web I’d probably go with C, but it’s good to have a solid 2-color version depending on what your print needs are.

  • C is my choice…..

  • October

    My votes are in this order: B, C, A. I don’t care for D (too cute). Love the colors!

  • Lee

    A-C I would make the colors lite-medium & dark to show increasing power.

  • Ryan

    A for me Clay. D is the worst by a long way.

  • Rusty

    B or C (by the way I think your site has always had crisp graphics and fonts)

  • Chris

    In order of Preference, B, C, D, A (P.S I can wait to see Lead Pages) I hope its a WP plugin (or theme) with all your recommended Landing and Squeeze page designs!!!

  • Logo C

  • “C” really caught my eye right away… Can’t wait to see what you guys have up your sleeves!

  • A… it’s simple and implies what it does.

  • Agree with @dannyiny:disqus . C and A have more of a “canonical perspective” which people prefer. I like the color scheme of C more though…I think probably because the color differences are less drastic…easier on the eye perhaps.

  • Sarah

    Logo C

  • Joan

    Toss up between A and C

  • Clay, I like “B” with the blue sphere because it looks like it belongs in the same “family” as Lead Player with its yellow sphere. Cheers!

  • Deb Cinkus, Polished Geek

    Logo A or C with a different middle tier color. I like that it looks like pages but also points to the sky, the peak, the best.

    Although it would be interesting to consider flipping it upside down to convey a lead funnel.

  • Bill

    C ….but I think you can do better

  • Second one is the better one but I agree the icon part could be better. None of them really represent lead pages

  • Mr. Best Work

    C is the least negative, but none of the presentations generate a positive feeling for “Lead Pages”

  • I’m going to go with D. I like the App feel to it 🙂

  • I prefer C.

  • dave

    not digging any of them… all are very amateurish looking

  • Nick

    Depends on your demographic. C if mostly male D if mostly female

  • A but all pretty weak

  • Josh

    I don’t like any of them, but C is the one I dislike the least. None of them make me think Pages.

  • Chris

    B,C,A,D from coolest to, err, cool 🙂

  • Hi Clay,

    hmmmm.. its anightmare isnt it? lol as a fellow design moron I have the same issue’s ( check out the logo im using. lol Well I prefer simple, an like your existing brand and logo. Maybe im the only one?

    Add your existing logo to the mix and see who chooses it over the new ideas…

    Just a thought!


  • Sandra

    I like C only. Good luck

  • Irene

    I am commenting without reading the reactions so I will not be influenced—for whatever that is worth. D,NO! too girly. B, I can’t find any connection with lead pages, and it looks a little feminine. C is my top choice unless it was on a colored background, then A. But the white disappears on white so I like C best. Gender neutral, crisp and professional.

  • yasmike

    Honestly these all are bad. I wouldn’t want my business represented by any of these. In my opinion you need to get a logo design through http://logotournament.com/ From my experience this tournament process churns out the best results for logo design.

  • Michael Ippersiel

    I’d go with B. The stacked pages also give the impression of water running into a funnel, and I’m sure that LeadPages is going to have *something* to do with a marketing funnel, right?

  • Out of the 4 logos C is the one that caught my attention.

  • Kay

    C would be my choice

  • Jmg

    Have you tried 99 designs? ‘A’ is ‘ok.’

  • Logo A or C is the best, although, not too keen on them

    Also, use a font like OpenSans (like you use on the site, This Helvetica just looks old and OpenSans would match better everything you do.

  • David Taylor

    like most of the people ,bad

  • Andrea

    I like the C only….but yes, I agree with below comments….you should have someone design a killer one 🙂

  • – Carol Amato

    Not impressed with any of them, but C would be my choice if I HAD to pick…

  • Bill

    Logo C is the best in my opinion.

  • Halina Goldstein

    I have no idea what LeadPages is about, but I like the “horrid” D! Besides that: A

  • I really do not like any of them. They all have the look of a quick 99Designs logo contest. LeadPages deserves better. That being said, if I was forced to pick one of these it would be C.

  • C or B. Maybe it’s my age but the squarer ones & especially D remind me of the yellow pages which is never a good connection to make.

  • B,C,A,D

  • Yvonne Root

    Logo B caught my attention. D — with the heart is my least favorite. And, yes I’m a girl. Just not fond of hearts.

  • C gets my vote

  • B or C

  • Teddi Deppner

    C is strongest, but A could be best if the middle “page” (the white one) had a darker border to outline it clearly.

    Despite all the comments saying they’re all bad, I disagree. Logos can be a huge time-waster, and my professional recommendation for online business of the type you’re doing (I’m a web/graphic designer and consultant) is to get something that works and run with it. Don’t spend a lot of time and money. Just make sure you’re not too close to your competition and that it fits with your brand.

    Matching the font of your other product(s) like LeadPlayer is a good strategy. Making the symbol/image part of the logo different enough to stand out from your other products at a glance is also good. Have fun!

  • C, but it’s hard to judge without knowing what it will be used for.

  • Vincent Polisi

    The font is good. Iconography, not so good. Time for a reboot. Having said that, if you had to pick one, A is the best do to the contrasting page colors. The challenge is that the desire to make something look like pages has resulted in icons that look more like pillows, hearts and seagulls, not pages.

  • Paul

    A, or C

  • Tom Gray

    I’m with the group that says none of them but if I had to choose, A. None of these are very dynamic.

  • Dail

    Given what you’ve said, C would be my choice of these. D looks too much like the yellow pages, “Leading” makes me think more along the lines of leading edge so you don’t want a circle as in B. A is too boring, the turquoise in C makes it pop more.

  • Sue

    If LeadPages has to do with creating sales or landing pages for your site, then maybe A as the image part kinda looks like pages. But my gut didn’t really jump at any of them.

  • Neels

    I like B.

  • Kate Falkner

    D, A, C, B in that order 🙂

  • I like A the most

  • Hashim Warren

    Go with logo A

  • None of them – sorry.

  • I don’t like any of them but, if I had to choose one, I would pick Logo A then Logo C, Logo B and Logo D. I also am artistically challenged but, consider what you are trying to convey with the logo and if you want any consistent feeling between your other brands. I would consider an arrow made up of pages pointing right, which is similar to your lead player logo. Just my 2 cents.

  • Nick Laborde

    I would say B… Even though I’m not really a fan of either of them.

  • Chuck Davis

    I go with none but if forced to choose “C”

  • beth compton

    Of the choices, A (color contrast makes it sharper to me than C). I agree with others though – the logo looks like little pillows.

  • thomas

    I would go for A

  • bizzer

    I vote ‘A’ , but outline the middle/white portion.

  • Gail

    If I had to pick, it would be C (but I also don’t really like any of them)

  • Webpaws

    What Patrick said… good eye! But if these are your only choices, A.

  • Eric

    I like A most.

  • B is the first one I looked at

  • B, I suppose.

  • Carlos Vazquez

    When you say cloud based, do you mean hosted by marketingshow?

  • i choose B

  • Karen

    None of them

  • Lenny

    Can’t wait for this to be out! I’d like C flat as D . the squares placed from the top let corner from smaller to bigger.

  • Well, A’s best and what are all those round elements in B and D doing as a logo for something *pages*? Just plain bad. But A isn’t all that great and I think you should do another round…These are all weak at their strongest.

  • I like A. I would just make the middle page yellow to connect with the LeadPlayer logo, since they’re in the same family of products. You’ll probably be displaying them next to each other from time to time, so this would provide balance between them. (Yellow is a show-stealer.)

    I wouldn’t say any of these are “bad,” though, and I was a professional designer for a long time. I think a select few are always going to say that, no matter what you put in front of them. Best of luck!

  • I like B. Reminds me of old-skool business directories…

  • Matthew Needham

    Sorry Clay, none of them. A is least bad.

  • I don’t think you are going to get a concensus on this. I like the clean look of B.

  • Tim Thompson

    Sorry but they are pretty bad. None for me.

  • Guest

    I liked your old logo…and I’m in the branding business

  • Bsav

    I like D by far

  • A… But I’m still not sold on it…

  • Jim Long

    Not drawn to any one of them, but my comments: In A the middle figure washes out — not good. Blooks like it was stolen from Mazda — not good. C is the best of these — still not great. D looks like a “blue” valentine — not good.

  • Aaron

    The skeumorphic element of the pages to represent webpages is what I don’t like. And making Lead bold makes it look heavy so I think of Lead, the heavy element used in bullets.

    Perhaps look to create a logo that represents the idea of sales leads rather than web pages.

  • A and C look like you ripped off the bufferapp logo. So given a choice between B and D, I vote text only.

  • Kazi

    I’ll go with C.

  • logo c

  • peter

    Hey Clay, none of them bring out your energy, none of them feels like Its a Lead Page. Sometimes You gotta stick to your strengths and logo creating is really not your thing. Do you really need a logo? What’s your intentions behind having a logo? Anyway these are the questions That I asked myself before briefing the graphic designer

    a) What’s the feeling you want people to feel when they see Lead Pages?
    b) Whats ‘s the Outcome you want for people who uses Lead Pages?
    c) What’s song would best describe Lead Pages?
    d) What character would best describe Lead Pages?
    e) What you want Lead Pages to be known for and as?
    f) What the only adjective that can clearly describe Lead Pages?

    Good luck and stick to your strength!

  • DrGeorge

    Letter B

  • Rob

    logo A

  • Mark

    They are pretty bad, but if I had to choose Logo c.

  • Leon Noone

    G’Day Clay,

    I’m with the others. Dislike all. They’re dull, forced and hard to read because you’re combining bold with nonbold. And the little blue figures look like afterthoughts.

    You still have a problem because you use the word “‘Lead.” The prospect still has to decide whether you mean ‘Lead” as in pencil, or leadership or the myriad of other things that lead’s used for

    Truly Clay, the problem starts with “Leadbrite.” It sounds like something you use to put a sparkle on metalwork.

    Sorry mate. But you did ask. Names and logos aren’t about what you think. They’re about what your prospects think you think. Lead’s the stuff used to repair roofs of old churches.

    Best Wishes


    • Leon, I agree about the name. It is not intuitive, and does not indicate the results you get with the product. Leadplayer is an excellent product, but until I heard Clay explain what it is, I had no clue whatsoever what it was.

  • Logo C

  • Jonathan Smith

    Logo A and C look best to me but maybe hire a professional? haha

  • Tommy

    For the love of God, please stop starting so many of your sentences with, “Anyway,…”. It is completely superfluous and unnecessary. Every time you write an email or blog post, you use it over and over again. I can’t take it any longer!

  • None of them…

  • if I absolutely had to pick one of them, I’d say A or C. But otherwise, I’d say go back to the drawing board. How was D even chosen as a possibility? Clay, start over!

  • Lisa

    If I had to choose, I’d go with A.

    But my main concern with all of these is the very bold, san serif word “Lead,” especially when followed with the very light font of “pages.” As I looked at it, I read it as “lead,” as in “these heavy weights are made of lead” not as “the one at the front is in the lead.”

    At the very least, italics might help as a quick fix.

    But as many have said, I’m not happy with any of them.

  • Cheryl Hill

    Wow, what a batch of comments…

    A – how about making it into a man – eyes and nose – kind of a conductor……Lead Pages!

  • Lynn

    C. Three pages are clearly visible.

  • Steven C

    C is the only I like.

  • I would say “D” is best at first glance its most pleasing on the eyes.

  • Um. They’re not great, which must mean I agree with Patrick. Even at best, the graphic in “C” looks like 3 pillows…am assuming you were going for “pages?”

  • John

    D…because it shows strong emotion!

  • The second one works for me.


    A then C

  • Option A

  • Tracy Foote

    D is awful. It conveys ‘love’ and the image should convey business. Unfortunately the other three come in for a close tie to being bad. If I must pick, I pick C because it would look well in black&white print also. Maybe try 99Designs.com for some creative ideas.

  • Justin

    C is strongest, but always watch the color separation.

    A is hard to see.
    B is an Obama logo derivative.
    D is a visual cliche, (is it a heart or a diving butt?) that I have seen on a Save the Children-type logo.

    Consider a long vowel line over the “e” in “Lead,” sonpeople don’t call it Lead as in lead weight.


  • Warren

    I also am not enamored with any of the logos. They all look like an afterthought stuck on before the lettering.

    Sorry can’t let this go without analysis.

    There are three aspects that make this impression worse:
    1) The space between the “logo” and the text
    2) The lack of color blending between the “logo” and the text
    3) The sharp 90 degree angle of the L that clashes with the round shapes in the “logo”

    I went through this process 7 years ago for a product. One of the things I learned is that the newer style of logo is not just a shape, but The name, colors and some meaningful shape integrated into the name or used as a background.

    I would start over. Select an image that says something about either the product or the use of the product. In fact you shouldn’t make the selection. Use 99Designs or some other competitive design site make you some options. It’s pretty darn cheap and the results can look like you spent thousands.

    Good luck

  • Danner

    Logo B out of the four. It looks the most professional in my opinion.

  • Dave

    I like C. B is OK, but c is different and eye catching

  • Will

    i like a the best

  • Freedom1

    Respectfully, but honestly, none of the logos in my opinion are effective in representing your company, which is your face to the public.

  • Trey

    B – Looks good, you have to put more contrast to the image that would make it stand out more. The bottom blue is to lite, make it a little darker, and make the white portion a clean white, not that muddy color. Oh yeah outline the entire thing with a dark blue that would help.

  • Herb

    Logo C

  • I like C – but none are strong enough with the typeface used

  • Tim

    Definitely A Tim

  • They all SUCK.nuff said

  • Chris

    D, but maybe make it look more like pages of a book

  • Cole

    Gut reaction is A

  • Lisa

    I like C

  • Wendy

    Logo B- why? because it lookes like pages, A & C look like cusions for my sofa. D doesn’t make me think of pages.

  • Kristi

    A and D look like Christmas trees. D is too feminine……not in love (or like, actually) with any of them.

  • I’ll go with C

  • Hi Clay, I don’t like any of them. But if I had to choose, then B. I am not a graphic designer, but both of my parents are professional graphic designers and I have helped them on many projects. So I can say that I at least know what looks professional and these do not. I think you deserve a logo that is more impressive than these. These are like beginner’s logos, or perhaps at best, a cheap hotel. Please, please, consider sending these back to the designer or getting a new designer. It would be tragic to see you settle for any of these.

  • Sterling

    D – I’m going completely against the grain here. It’s the one that stood apart at first glance (the others seemed a bit generic).

    It’s obviously memorable based on all of the comments here.

    A heart is not necessarily a bad thing as customers will probably love the plugin. And with the name, it’s clear that the image is a stack of books with open pages (kind of like those illusions where you can see two different images depending how you look at it).

    The blue tones and simple sans-serif font help tone down the cuteness.

    Would be interesting to see what it looks like with all rounded corners so heart is not so prominent, but I think this logo is the most striking out of the bunch.

  • Barbara

    Really don’t like B or D — too cutesy. Although I’m not fond of the blue in C, I think A and C convey the idea of “pages” and “cloud” cleverly. My choice is A and I think it looks fine as you’ve used it in your sidebar!

  • Nick

    A or C … Sorry, not D!

  • B,D,C,A

  • Mark Hallam

    C or D is also good but kinda makes me think of a dating site.

  • Logo A

  • Logo B

  • sestefi

    A for me.

  • Patti

    Actually, although B jumps out, none of these implies the dynamism that the word “Lead” implies.

  • B’s bolder.

  • Alexandre Venturin

    Logo C

  • Alexandre Venturin

    D is a heart! lol….

  • Rich

    B is my preference because it has no sharp edges and doesn’t leave me wondering what it has to do with “pages”. But I think all our guesses are blind unless we know something about your target audience.

  • joe v

    I pick logo B. It’s more reflective of what yestour product is, it’s clean, makes sense, and suits your product b

  • DigitalDave

    C – Here

  • IanFj

    Not knowing what the app is, I’d go for B, as it is most reminiscent if pages, if that’s what you’re going for.

  • A or C I suppose, but not really excited over any of them; especially if you’re going to need to use the element to make an icon.

  • Paul

    I like C becuase it ‘looks’ like pages stacked. Otherwise B cause it’s cute

  • Anne

    I have to go with B

  • I think B is the best from this group, but you might want to get a few more choices.

  • Simon


  • Richard

    A seemed the best of the bunch. But didn’t ‘WoW’ me.

  • Online Logo Design

    I like Logo D. nice

  • As a creative director for over 8 years, I honestly don’t think any of these are strong in representing the company name. However, my gut is telling me that all you need to do is tweak either Concept A or C by doing this.

    Remove the top curved page. I’m wondering if the middle page is curved with 2 pages (like an open book) rather than how the top page looks with one hump. I hope this makes sense. So, just remove the top. Tweak the middle to have 2 curved pages and you should be good to go.

    I hope this helps.

  • clwisehart

    None of them really captures my attention…but I suppose C is the best of the 4

  • Benjamin Atkinson

    D guides my eyes up and to the right. That’s a positive direction on most business charts.

  • ericbryant

    A wins. It makes me want to send you money. Pro, clean.

  • 1. B

    2. C

    3. A

    4. D

  • Ughhh…… Don’t like any of them, but A followed by C.

  • nyssa

    Sorry Clay, agree with some of the other comments – none are really all that great, but if I HAD to choose, I would choose A – seems like an inverted (sales) funnel which could be kool and perhaps where you are going with this new LeadPages concept!

  • Trevor

    B’s the one!

  • Cedric

    I like “C”

  • Ian Shannon

    None, but D is the worst

  • Sharky

    I choose logo A, followed closely by C

  • Digital Gypsy

    Option B

  • I would pick B only because the image reminded me of an open book’s pages. If that’s not in keeping with your idea, then don’t choose it. D is the worst, looks like a heart. A and C are confusing, because I have no idea what you’re trying to represent.

  • Clay, I choose C. Though I’m not a graphic person as well, I don’t see why you would want to use any of the lot. It doesn’t convey anything to me

  • C and definitely NOT B or D

  • I like B also