Which Of These Logos Do You Like Best? (I Stink At Graphic Design)

The LeadBrite team has decided to start something new, and embark on something that we haven’t talked about yet. (LeadPlayer, however, is still going strong: we’re more dedicated to it than ever before).

You might have noticed that we quietly hired three new team members for a new project.

You see…

LeadPlayer™ Was Just The Beginning

We might as well tell you.

In about three weeks, we’ll be launching a cloud-based (and next-generation) app…

…that we believe will disrupt digital marketing as we know it.

This brings me to:

My Genius Idea

I had the genius idea to redo our look and feel before everything goes live.

You see, I can never get my stuff together when it comes to a logo: I always end up second guessing my choices. (I’m decisive when it comes to just about everything except graphics.)

Since I have the artistic taste of a colorblind caveman (and that’s being generous), I wanted your opinion on the following 4 logos for our new thing.

I’d Be Super Grateful For Your Help Ranking These Logos

Would you mind ranking these logos in the comments?

(If it were up to me I’d probably choose an ugly font and write “LeadPages” with it and be done with it.)

I’m less concerned about “graphic integrity,” “aesthetic consistency” and that nonsense.

Mostly I want to know what excites YOU the most.

So here they are (thanks to Tracy for helping me select these 4 logos from the original batch).

Logo A

Logo B

Logo C

Logo D

Oh yeah, I and want to be clear about the fact that I did NOT make these.

The graphically incompetent part of my brain needs your help.

Thanks a ton,

P.S. Don’t over-analyze this. Just go with your gut reaction.