LeadPages™ Get’s A Sexification Update: Our Massive Upgrade

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Hi, I’m Jeff Wenberg from LeadPages and I’m very excited to announce we’ve just released a huge update of LeadPages, and in this video, I want to take you through a tour of some of the changes. First, you’ll notice the visual look and feel had been upgraded starting on the Log-in page. When I log in, you’ll see that a number of things have happened. A huge update we mentioned last week, but it’s worth mentioning again, is the fact that you can now sort the templates by conversion rate. This allows you to see which templates are converting the best across our entire system.

Now let’s take a look at a few things that have been upgraded in the My Pages section. I’m just going to pull back the curtains and show you a few things in my personal account and not the company account here. Again, there’s a different visual look and feel and we’ve added an Edit button here where you’ll have the options to duplicate a page, redirect the page, rename the page, regenerate the page, or delete the page, not to mention the option to go in and edit the page itself. When you click on one of the page links, you’ll see that we’ve replaced the publishing page with simply a publishing pop-up where you’ll be able to get a LeadPages-hosted URL. You can publish a WordPress, you can publish a Facebook, or you can download the file and put it on your own server.

Now there’s also a lot of changes from within the editor so let’s go edit a page so I can show you that. We’ll just select a template at random. We’ll go ahead and use this one. You’ll see here to name a file, you just click here to name it. To change a URL, you can do that right here. Also, we’ve added a Save button. Previously, to save something, you had to publish the page to save it. The save option tracks any changes and lets you know if you have unsafe changes while you’re working so you can go ahead and save them. Also, there’s now a handy preview mode, and this preview mode allows you to see how your page is coming together without having to save and publish everything before you’re actually done. It renders it in the editor for you to view and then you could easily switch back and forth between the preview mode and edit mode. When you’re done previewing, you just click Continue Editing and it takes you back to the editor so you can continue making customizations, and then of course, when you’re done customizing, you click the Publish button and you’re brought to the publishing pop-up. We’ve also made a ton of under-the-hood upgrades to LeadPages that you won’t actually see in things like speed, analytics, and optimizations we’ve made to make your pages run faster, to make our platform run platform, and to basically make things function at an even higher level to create an amazing experience for you. We’re releasing features on a weekly basis, and this is another weekly feature update.

We hope that you enjoyed the new look and feel and the speed improvements as well as everything else this update includes. If you do have any questions or comments or any kind of words to give to our development team, please go ahead and leave them in the comment section below. We’ll all be reading them. This is Jeff Wenberg, thanks for watching. Take care.

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  • Ben

    Great job guys

  • Robert Mares

    Looks great and indeed more sexy 😉 ! I saw the changes already yesterday while i was working! Go on!

    • Awesome. Glad you’re enjoying this new update.

  • Joseph Burch

    Still waiting on the ability to have multiple fields in the opt-in form.

    • Sure thing. It’s coming. What are the top 3 most important fields you’re looking for?

      • Joseph Burch

        Here’s what I currently have:
        ~ First Name
        ~ Last Name
        ~ Email
        ~ Phone
        ~ Organization

        These all dump into SalesForce using a Gravity Forms to SalesForce WP plugin.

        • David Corbaley


          You guys are rocking man! Much appreciated!

  • now you got me used to a high level of mind-blowing features, I look forward to the next one…

    • So glad to hear this. We want to keep on upgrading your expectations.

  • Krsnendu Knight

    Can you add a no thanks just take me to the website link on the video squeeze page?
    I use it as my WelcomeGate and I want to give people the option to bypass the optin form.

    • Jeff Wenberg

      Krsnendu, which page are you using? You can add a no thanks link to any of the editable links on the page you may be using.

  • David Hutcherson

    Just purchased leadpages and I love it already, Does the product already come with a library of background images or do I have to provide my own?

    • Jeff Wenberg

      David, all of the pages use images that perform well and you’ll see good results with those. If you’d like to customize the pages further you can easily add your own images.

    • Rocky Tapscott

      Hey David, You can get very good quality background images pretty inexpensively at fotolia.com

      Here’s a sneaky trick – grab a free account, but don’t do anything else. In a couple of days, you’ll be offered a free 30 day trial where you can download a bunch of images. The monthly fee after the trial is $40 I think.

      Each image in the size best suited for LeadPages (you have to change the size slightly but that’s easy) costs just .5 credits, so you can get 20 beautiful images for free during your 30 day trial.

      I’m not advising you to cancel the subscription after downloading their images but before paying anything, which wouldn’t be cool. I was very happy to pay the monthly fee at the end of my trial for the quality of the images they have.

      It’s just a great way to get some very good images fast and upload them into LP to get started.

      Hope this helps.

  • Bruce Brodeen

    Awesome, righteous, cool! I was in there creating a page yesterday(converting very nicely today) and noticed some of these, happily.

    One BIG Request: with sales pages, in particular. One, more options, please. (of course) Two, is there going to be any way to two-or-three tiered pricing options for product offerings? (this is a drag, must say)

    I had a special product(well, two in fact – more on that in just second) I was selling yesterday and needed to get it done fast and I wanted to have two different offerings. (and, also wanted an option for my Non-US customers to order off of because 1. they have different shipping and 2. 30% of my business is international).

    I had to just dump the second offering because there was no way to add another sales/CTA button or another box for product info w/ either of the two sales page templates…and, get this, it’s kinda weird: I just used one of the boxes in the templates to call-out my international folks to just email me direct to get details on ordering.

    Not optimal, obviously.

    I would imagine many, many others users are using these templates, who also have many products they’d like to offer, find this frustrating.

    Still, this is not a bitch session, I got the page done SUPER fast ‘n on the fly(which is exactly what I wanted to do w/ this offering). I adore LP. Just a request. 🙂

  • I think for further sexafication you should have a great big booble head popup of Clays face to add to the SEXY! 🙂 LOL hmmmmm Clay…. bobblehead…sexy! lmao

  • Great work guys – I was producing a page yesterday and the new features were easy to navigate – love the way you keep looking for improvements. Long live LP!

    • Jeff Wenberg

      Thanks Peter. I’m glad you like the new updates. We always strive to push the envelope in order to exceed our customers’ expectations.

  • CatalystMLM

    Yup, you just fixed every single thing we had gripes about. You guys rock and we’re proud to be both users and affiliates. Also, you get major bonus points for using the word “sexification” in an email … actually the notification pop-up prompted an awkward laugh in the middle of a recorded interview.

    • Jeff Wenberg

      I’m glad we got those gripes out. We are super proud to have you as both users and affiliates! Awkward laughs are priceless. 🙂

  • Hi guys,
    I’ll keep it short: the new updates look great. Keep it up. I noticed these before I saw the blog post – it’s much easier to use and looks very sleek.

    • Jeff Wenberg

      Thanks Tristan, I agree. Things were updated for an even smoother & faster user experience. 🙂

  • John

    Wow STELLAR tweaks man. This is now enterprise level!! Great work Clay you and the team deserve every success.

    • Jeff Wenberg

      Thanks a ton John, glad you’re enjoying the update.

  • HS

    I like it but have some frustrations in not being able (or maybe not knowing how?) to add to the template. I have the squeeze they use on the video but wanted to experiment with conversion changes if I added the phone number. Imalsomused one of the other templates and switched to another system because I can’t add elements. again, I don’t know if I am just not seeing how, or if it isn’t possible.

    • Jeff Wenberg

      That is currently in the works for a future update to LeadPages.

  • Kathy

    DUDES!! Really? Where do you find the time. Nice stuff.

    • Jeff Wenberg

      Kathy?! We drink a lot of coffee. 😉

  • Cathy

    The changes look great, well done. But what about something as simple and common as being able to enlarge your videos to full screen? Some of us aren’t spring chickens any more and the old eyesight is not what it used to be! I have to regularly hold my laptop up to my nose to see the details in your demo videos!

  • Great video update!! Thanks guys!!

    • Jeff Wenberg

      Awesome! Glad you are digging it!

  • Tristram

    When are you going to integrate GVO with your system?

  • Vish

    Excellent. Happy to be a member

    • Jeff Wenberg

      Vish, we are glad you’re enjoying LeadPages.

  • lisaleague

    These updates look great!

    What I’d really like to have a bigger selection of Google fonts so that I can match the rest of the site, or have a way to use @import so I can customize for my LeadPages.

  • I saw a template that I don’t have in my options. Front Page for Number 1 Book System. When will this be available?

  • ResolutionMan

    Hey great changes. Just out of curiosity…how do you guys compare to http://www.optimizepress.com/? Do you have a comparison chart and can you tell us when it’s best to go with you, at what stage kind of thing?