LeadBoxes® Roundup: Our Top 10 Favorite LeadBoxes® from February 2015

As the LeadPages™ customer base continues to grow, we see more and more valuable ways our users are implementing LeadBoxes®.

This month, we want to showcase a few examples that illustrate not only sharp design but also a few of the many different use cases for LeadBoxes® in your own business.

So take a look below, and have a notepad ready — I’m confident you’ll want to jot down some of these ideas so you can use them in your own marketing.

1. KangoMedia: Free Quote LeadBox™

LeadBoxes Roundup
A beautiful contact form LeadBox™ with multiple form fields created by KangoMedia.

What Stands Out: Although LeadBoxes® are great for building your email list, they’re also effective at generating customer inquiries. That’s exactly how Freddy and Ada Rodriguez are using this LeadBox™ on their home page. Prospects can describe their project and KangoMedia can quickly follow up with a quote.

Additionally, Freddy and Ada customized the LeadBox™ to perfectly match the KangoMedia brand. They also added a photo of themselves to build trust and add a touch of warmth and personality to the process. Nicely done!

2. Videofruit: Home Page LeadBox™

LeadBoxes Roundup
This homepage LeadBox™ attracts immediate opt-ins for Videofruit.

What Stands Out: Want to make your home page all about building your email list? Take a cue from Bryan Harris, LeadPages™ user, and founder of Videofruit.com. He has dedicated the entire page to driving opt-ins for his “Expanded Guest Post” formula.

When visitors click the “Show Me the Formula” button, they’re greeted with a LeadBox™ that includes a conceptualized image of the formula. If building your email list is your primary focus, this is a strategy you may want to borrow.

3. Markeazy: Waiting List LeadBox™

LeadBoxes Roundup
Travis Moore of Markeazy.com is building up a waiting list of eager clients with this home page LeadBox™.

What Stands Out: Travis Moore is already one of the most successful template authors in the LeadPages™ landing page template Marketplace, but this example shows that he’s just as good at marketing as he is at designing amazing templates.

On Markeazy.com, Travis offers custom LeadPages™ template design services. Since his schedule is full, however, he’s turned what would normally be a “Request a Quote” form into a waiting list form, so he’ll have a list of warm prospects waiting as soon as his calendar clears.

If you’re getting more queries than you can handle right now, you may want to try a similar approach.

4. The Accidental Creative: Podcast Notes LeadBox™

LeadBoxes Roundup
Todd Henry converts podcast listeners into email subscribers with this content upgrade LeadBox™.

What Stands Out: The Accidental Creative podcast from Todd Henry is consistently ranked in the Top 10 most popular Careers podcasts on iTunes. However, Todd is using his podcast to build more than an iTunes following — he’s also using it to build his email list.

As you can see in this example, Todd posts each podcast episode on his blog and offers a free “cheat sheet” to go along with it. To receive the bonus download, visitors opt-in on the LeadBox™. By capturing his listeners’ email addresses, Todd has a way to instantly contact his listeners whenever he needs to.

5. Matt Ackerson: Crazy Egg Guest Post LeadBox™

LeadBoxes Roundup
LeadBoxes® work on guest posts too.

What Stands Out: Getting a guest post on a blog like Crazy Egg takes a lot of work. And if you’re going to put in all that effort, doesn’t it only make sense to capture as many readers as possible?

Matt Ackerson certainly thought so, which is why he offered a package of bonus PDFs to readers via the LeadBox™ in the above example. If you’re posting your content on a platform where you can’t insert the LeadBox™ HTML code, you can link directly to the LeadBox™ and have it open in a new tab — which still proves to be highly effective.

Writing a guest post any time soon? Give this technique a shot!

6. Lynne Knowlton: Blog Sidebar LeadBox™

LeadBoxes Roundup
Lynne Knowlton created a truly unique LeadBox™ with the addition of a large header image.

What Stands Out: Although we’ve found that the default progress bar image built into LeadBoxes® increases conversion rates, you’re free to use any other image you’d like. This LeadBox™ from Lynne Knowlton is a perfect example.

Lynne injects tons of personality into her LeadBox™ with a big, striking image of herself and her brand tagline. If you want to make an impression on your visitors, this is one way to do it.

7. Easy Agent Pro: Free Consultation Sidebar LeadBox™

LeadBoxes Roundup
Tyler Zey uses a personal touch to attract new clients.

What Stands Out: It’s rare to see a call-to-action for a consultation in a blog sidebar, but Tyler Zey of EasyAgentPro.com makes a strong case for them in this example. Since Tyler’s target audience is made up primarily of real estate agents seeking marketing help, this call-to-action makes perfect sense.

Tyler is using this LeadBox™ to set up phone appointments, so he cultivated an inviting personality with the addition of a headshot and the use of conversational copy (“Let’s talk about getting YOU more leads”). Smart move!

8. Dad’s Guide to Walt Disney World: Timed Popup LeadBox™

LeadBoxes Roundup
Timed popup LeadBoxes® appear automatically after a predetermined number of seconds.

What Stands Out: Other than the most magical place on Earth, what really stands out here is the excellent use of LeadBoxes® timed popup functionality.

Dad’s Guide to Walt Disney World ensures their visitors will have an opportunity to opt-in for their email list by implementing a LeadBox™ that appears automatically after visitors spend several seconds on the page.

If you’re looking for more ways to put your email list-building efforts on autopilot, this is an effective method that requires almost no work.

9. Hourglass Consulting: Vibrant Email List LeadBox™

LeadBoxes Roundup
Visitors won’t miss this LeadBox™ from Hourglass Consulting.

What Stands Out: Although LeadBoxes® has a white background and blue button by default, they don’t have to stay that way. Here, the folks at Hourglass Consulting changed the default colors to create a vibrant opt-in form that pops right off the page.

Best of all? Changing the background and button colors is as easy as sliding the color picker to your desired shade. If you haven’t already, try experimenting with a splash of color on your next LeadBox™. Better yet, split test a new color against the standard white and tell us which version wins!

10. Bold and Determined: eBook Download LeadBox™

LeadBoxes Roundup
There’s more than one way to trigger a LeadBox™.

What Stands Out: One of the nice things about LeadBoxes® is that, in addition to images, you can have any line of text trigger them as well. That’s exactly what stands out in this example from Bold and Determined.

Not only did they include a well-designed call-to-action button visitors can click on to bring up the LeadBox™, they also included a linked line of text just a few lines down. Since images can occasionally fail to load, it can be a good idea to include a text link as a backup plan.

Share Your LeadBoxes® with Us!

Before you go, we’d love to see any LeadBoxes® you’ve recently implemented. Leave a comment below and let us know where we can find them. Or, if you don’t have a LeadBox™ to share, tell us which of the 10 examples above was your favorite.

Thanks to all the marketers featured in this month’s roundup!