Deliver Lead Magnets (i.e. Opt-in Bribes) Directly from Leadpages

Note: This video shows an older version of the Leadpages interface. Lead Magnet Delivery has only gotten better since this was originally posted in 2013—click here for a detailed, up-to-date guide on sending lead magnets from Leadpages.


Hey, this is Jeff Wenberg from Leadpages. It’s been said that content is king and we found this to definitely be true. What’s often unsaid is that giving away free content is the fastest and easiest way to grow your audience, email list, and newsletter subscribers; however, this is often a pain in the butt. For example, let’s say on one landing page, you’re giving away a free MP3; on one landing page, you’re giving free report; and on another landing page, you’re giving away a video. For each of these pages, typically, you’d have to create a new list, create a new form for the list, and then create a follow-up email that delivers the MP3, free report, or the video. So for each of these pages I just mentioned, you have to go through these process individually for each page. It can easily cause confusion and make for a lot of extra things to keep track of, but what if each of these pages sent every one of the email list and you didn’t have to set this up for every page where you wanted to give something different away like in our previous example?

Now you can do this in Leadpages. You create a page, select what people should be added to, and tell Leadpages what bribe should be given away when someone opts in on that page. Let me show you how to easily set this up inside a Leadpages. Go to the landing page you’re using and select the Opt-In Form Integration section. Select a list you’d like to add people to, then turn on Digital Asset Delivery, then select the thing that you want to give away when someone opts in on this page. For example, I’ve uploaded a free report, a free video, and a free MP3 interview to my Leadpages account that I can assign to be given away when someone opts in on this page. Once this is set up, when someone opts in on this page, they’ll get an email from Leadpages giving them the bribe that you’ve just selected as well as any other emails that you’ve set up with your email service provider to send out when someone signs up for your list such as double opt-in confirmation emails or welcome emails.

To add a file to give away with your landing page, under the My Account tab, go to the Digital Asset Delivery section and then just upload the file that you want to give away and you can give away virtually any type of bribe like zip files, PDFs, free reports, entire courses, videos, MP3s, and so on. Again, that means that when people opt in to this page, they’re added to the house list that you’ve created, but they’re sent the bribe you’ve just selected. It makes it super easy to send your consumer base all kinds of great things. Our cofounder Clay thinks that this is probably the biggest feature we’ve released in the last 6 months. We’re really excited about this new feature and can’t wait for you to start using it.

If you have any questions, please type them into the comment section below. Thanks for watching, I’m Jeff Wenberg. Take care.

  • Aha. I’d seen that option appear and wondered what it did!

  • James

    excellent feature, we are getting more usage out of our leadpages now this feature has been added.thank you.

  • Cynthia

    This looks like a great feature but I’m wondering – since LeadPages is sending the email – does LeadPages have the same delivery rate as say Infusionsoft or Aweber? How do we know it didn’t go to spam?

    • Hi Cynthia… AWeber doesn’t publicly release their delivery rate data, so I can’t tell you how ours compares to theirs. I can say that our rate is very very high. To test it out, opt-in via a number of different email addresses and you’ll see the email show up. Obviously, however, you need to avoid using wording in the email that’s going to trigger spam filters (words like Porn, etc.)

  • IMZedShah

    Excellent feature, two questions, firstly whats the size limit of the free giveaway that can be uploaded?

    Secondly is the person sent a download link or can the free giveaway be embedded onto a page?

    Many thanks in advance

    • Great questions. I’m not sure what the size limit is, but I think we’ve set it at around 500MB. Please file a support ticket at for specifics on size limitations. Is a good question but not something I know off the top of my head.

      Regards to you second question, I don’t know how a leadmagnet can be embeded on a page. YouTube gives you embed codes, and so dies scribed, but not sure how to “embed” any random file on a page.

      Thanks for your questions, Zed!

      Warm regards,

      • song

        i think what Zed Shah mean is.Can we send people a page url link which has a embed leadplayer video or pdf, instead of send them a download url link to download a mp4 video or pdf file.

  • Ryan Arnold

    Love it. I recommend LeadPages to all my marketing mentorship clients at Comeback Academy. Truly I love this product. Great example of creating a core differentiation in the market not only by great features, testing conversion but quality educational content. Lots to learn from Clay and Co as to how they market besides providing a great product.

    • This is one of the nicest things someone has written to us in the comments. Thanks, Ryan!

      • Ryan Arnold

        Easy to say nice things when they are true. I was explaining to them options for squeeze pages. I used LeadPages vs Optimize Press as example of creating a core difference in your market (the education, the design, easy of implementation, conversion testing, user submitted templates). OP is a good product. LeadPages is a lifesaver product. Keep up the good work.

  • My goodness you guys think of everything!! Thanks for being so awesome.

    • Thanks for thinking that we’re awesome, Ileane!

  • Johnny Vasquez

    This is killer. Solves a problem I’ve been having with Mailchimp for a looooong time. Thanks!

    • Awesome, Johhny V! Hows business?


      • Johnny Vasquez

        We’re at 23,000 email subscribers which is 9,000 more than what we started the year with.

        Summer is pretty slow for the knitting world but we’ve got a lot of big stuff planned for the fall.

  • Dori Etter

    For us LP affiliates, will the LP links in the emails that go to my opt-ins be coded with my affiliate link, or can I configure it to do so?

    If not, I’m doing a ton of free advertising for LP.

    And, it’s a great feature for low tech users, for sure, or anyone still on MailChimp (new interface is nice, but still difficult to do what you’ve put into this feature).

    • Hi Dori…

      MailChimp, OfficeAutopilot, etc. all have links at the bottom of their emails indicating that (Office Autopilot, for example) is sending out the email. What we’re doing is consistent with that. The links aren’t coded with your affiliate link (this isn’t on purpose, we’re just juggling a lot of development priorities right now, and this wasn’t one of them).

      This is a bonus LeadPages feature that’s 100% optional, and of course anyone is welcome to send out their lead magnets with whatever email service provider they’re using. Or they can do this with LeadPages and speed things up a bit. We think the branding is pretty modest: it’s just one line of text at the very bottom of the email.

      People seem to be OK that their iPhone has an Apple Logo on it (even though they don’t get affiliate commissions on resulting sales). And we feel that what we’re doing is consistent with this; it’s also consistent with the very modest branding that email service providers send out in some of their emails.

      Thanks for the question, and for the opportunity to explain.

      Warm regards,

      • Rocky Tapscott

        Totally agree Clay. I’ve sent out hundreds of thousands (maybe millions) of messages using Aweber and never even though about the link they put at the bottom of each message.

        Not an issue. If you get a few free sales from my messages I have no problems with that 🙂

        You deserve them for creating such a freaken killer product!


        • jack

          the link at bottom of Aweber email is not’s just unsubscribe link.

          • Rocky Tapscott

            Doh, yes you’re right Jack. sorry I was thinking of my Infusionsoft lists – my bad lol

      • Dori Etter

        Yes, I agree it is modest for sure, and both links are affiliate links, and I can remove them if I choose.

        And we do LOVE to promote our Apple products – and that’s just one of the key differences in industries. Even still, many smaller companies outside of IM use referral fees as well, and have for years, to grow their businesses – IM just re-named it and used it in a very specific way. I think, the spirit of it has gotten lost a long the way, as it was never (before IM) meant to be the sole source of a “company’s” revenues.

        Not intending to be offensive, either Clay. Just bringing up an obvious element for someone in a position like mine – I basically TEACH people simple ways to move into using the internet for their business, and that’s part of the reason I LOVE LP. So easy for people! And so easy for me to teach!

        I’m stoked that I can offer this great service and support the growth of my business too – the true intention behind affiliate programs in the first place – and I’m aware the this “disconnected” link out there on my pages will, most likely, have an impact.

        I look forward to when you all are able to add in the affiliate linking feature like OAP and IS, and truly understand the real limitations of development staffing as well. 🙂

  • Tony

    Does the person know which bribe they are getting before they opt-in or do you have to tell them on your page?

    • Hi Tony!

      Thanks for stopping by.

      Honestly, I have no idea what someone knows or doesn’t know. They’ll know whatever you tell them (hopefully) :-). I don’t really understand this question. Could you please be a bit more specific?

      Warm regards,

  • Awesome! I cannot wait to get going on this.

    • And we can’t wait to see what you do with this!

  • ahmedronaldo

    I’d like to ask a couple of questions:

    1- Will they send 2 emails to the users? first about the bribe and the other to confirm?

    2- What happens if they are already subscribed to my main list but they want the new bribe?

    Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.

    • Hi Ahmed,

      You said “1- Will they send 2 emails to the users? first about the bribe and the other to confirm?” … but who do you mean by “they”? LeadPages will send the lead magnet, and your email service provider will send out whatever you tell it to send out.

      2.) If someone’s on your list and they want what you’re giving away, just email the file directly to the people on your list as a brodcast.

      Thanks for the excellent questions.

      Warm regards,

      • Rocky Tapscott

        Hi Ahmed and Clay,

        I’m guessing if you are using Aweber (not sure about the others) you can set the form up to allow people who are already on the list to go straight through by entering the thank you page URL you are using in the ‘Already Subscribed’ field in List Settings.

        That should let people subscribe again even if they are already on the list, and Lead Pages will send the new download link to them for you. Nothing else for you to do then.

        Haven’t tested this, but it should work fine.



  • Holy moly, that’s great…lol. I can’t wait to play with this and share with my folks. Thanks for making all of this SO simple.


    • Thanks so much, Tom. Our development team did a killer job with this).

      • Consistent with everything else you guys are putting out. My webinar today had a 76% conversion overall (opt-ins : clicks). Best ever and the first time out with LP. Thanks!

        • Justin Livingsotn

          Get used to those numbers, Tom… I’ve filled many webinars and I have yet to see an optin rate below 73% to our own list… LeadPages out-convert any designs I spent years testing 🙂

          Justin Livingston

  • Helle Buttrup

    I said at least 3 bad words very fast. I just love leadpages. You guys are so great.

  • Uri Lederman

    I mean, this was pretty damn easy with lead pages before.. 🙂 but now… wooohaaaa

  • Confusion giving away different info….oh yes! This is going to make life so much easier.

  • Paul Marz

    Awesome, are their analytics that let you know which lead format performed the best?

    • Yes, LeadPages provides full opt-in analytics on a page by-page basis.

  • Happy, happy, happy!

  • ishan

    Hey. This is a great feature however I would like you guys to add a phone number field into Leadpages. That is a lot more important obvious benefit then this “feature” which is advanced. Thanks

    • Eric Bobrow

      I agree 100%. I want to get First Name and Last Name in my opt-in forms, and LeadPages only allows “Name”.

      This isn’t rocket science – why not give all of us the options to make the opt-in forms have whatever fields we decide are best for our needs (such as getting a phone number like you mentioned). This is my one big frustration with LeadPages at the moment. Easily solved – hoping that it is added soon!

    • Gary

      +1 for a phone number field.

  • Han

    Is the opt-in bribe delivered before the double opt-in?

    • Yes… this system works in parallel with whatever you’re using. LeadPages emails the lead magnet to entered emails address . . . but that email address is also passed along to your email service provider (like AWeber, MailChimp, etc.), and that systems does whatever it would normally do.

      • Hanna Hasl-Kelchner

        Interesting feature, but would appreciate clarification — are you saying someone could get their deliverable BEFORE they confirmed on a double opt-in? If so, why would they confirm their opt-in?

  • Jan Messersmith

    This looks Awesome! So say I want to give away a free video where is it stored on youtube? on your surver?

    • It’s impossible to store a YouTube video on our server :-). Because it will be on the YouTube server :-).

      • Jan Messersmith

        You miss understood me Clay. where does a video that I want to send as a bribe get stored? on your server?

  • Jan

    I did an experiment and it’s a fast, easy cycle for the user who wants to get the free download. For the person building an email list on AWeber, though, the timing is off with the double opt-in cycle. The essence of it is that the delivery occurs before the opt-in confirmation message goes out, so the prospect is very likely to be lost. Any plans to synch up the timing with the double opt-in cycle since many people do use AWeber?

    • The way this feature works is that it provides the opt-in bribe/lead magenet as soon as the email address is delivered (it emails the person who opted in). We plan on keeping the feature this way for the time being.

      Thanks for asking, however.

      Warm regards,

    • Reto Stuber

      I agree with Jan – how about adding a configurable delay when the bribe is sent out (e.g. a couple minutes later)? This way people are more likely to confirm the optin first. I used to send people directly to the “bribe” after they entered their email, and a huge percentage did NOT confirm their subscription because they got the bribe already.

  • Christophe Trevisani Chavey

    Interesting feature.

    But without syncing with email marketing provider in some way (I dont know if its possible however) to send the bribe after the double optin confirmation, we can’t use it 🙁

  • Mark

    Thank you for adding new features regularly… this looks awesome.

    I’m just waiting for extra form fields (phone# etc)… then LP will be complete.

  • Julie Musial

    Looking forward to trying this feature out. It should eliminate VA cost associated with landing pages and CRM set-up.

  • Fabulous! I currently have four different “gifts” going and thus have had to create four different lists. I love how leadpages just keeps getting better!

  • jrfent

    Very cool!

  • Janak

    Love it! Great Feature….will definitely save a me a lot of time.

  • Jame Bond

    I use as I am a fitness professional. Can lead pages be integrated with that?

  • Clay – this is very cool. I have over 30 reports and this will/has saved me a ton of time. Where do I send the HUGE box of chocolates and thank you card! 🙂

  • Lisa Marie

    This is BRILLIANT! Thank you guys! I just started using leadpages today and cannot tell you how impressed I already am!

  • This is fan-damn-tastic! Now if you could get it to integrate with membership sites like amember, Wishlist, and DAP it would be perfect.

    Just throwing the idea out there (haha please start with amember!) :p

  • I cannot wait to implement this into my sites.

  • builders2001

    Great addition and feature. Can’t wait to use it. This could have saved me hours of time in setting up different list etc.

    By the way, Jeff, what mic are you using? Sounds great!

  • Thanks guys!!

  • Alex

    Clay, I have to say that with leadpages I feel like some sort of marketing genius. It’s all thanks to you. In fact, I like it so much that I’m scared of promoting it to others because I’m scared it will be oversaturated. lol.

    Anyway, a question regarding this..

    Is it possible to edit the text that comes with the bribe? I’m not running this in english language so it would look more professional if I can offer it in my own language.

  • I’m seldom so excited about a new feature update as I am about this one. This solves a very real challenge that I face with my website. The only snag I see here has already been mentioned. I use a double opt-in with aWeber and I’m hesitant to provide my bribe before the user has confirmed by clicking the double opt-in link since they no longer have an incentive to click the link.

    Also I was wondering, do you have any landing pages from which I can simply provide a link to a PDF download without asking for the user to opt-in? On one of my sites I provide a content rich PDF for free (no opt-in necessary) and then within that content I provide a link to a complementary audio course that requires opt-in. My conversion rate has been pretty good because I am able to build trust by offering real value before asking for the email opt-in.

    I would like to test this in Facebook. Since users are unfamililar with my business I would like to provide them with immediate value by giving away a PDF without requiring opt-in and then link to a regular landing page (requiring opt-in) from within that free (no strings attached) report.

    Do you have a simple “click the big yellow button to download this free report” type of template that I can use for this?

    Thanks for an awesome product!

  • Clay, am I understanding this right? You said above that there were no plans to change the “bribe” delivery to arrive after the person had confirmed. I’m sorry, but how does that make sense? You want feedback so please consider changing this. If I get someone’s email and they get the free gift/bribe but never confirm their email, then they do not go on my list and I have wasted my efforts to some degree. How does this make sense?