[Feature Update] Lead Gen Just Got Easier with Automatic Pre-Population

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When we started LeadPages, one of the things we wanted to do is create an environment where every single landing page in every LeadBox on LeadPages increased the value of every other LeadPage. As LeadPages user base has grown, something really interesting has happened. Network effects have become really powerful for LeadPages users. Network effects is a phenomenon that happens when a product or service becomes more valuable when more people use it. So this means that as more and more users come on board and start using LeadPages, all LeadPages users benefit. How do they benefit? Well, let me show you.

One of the ways we’ve made this happen is by allowing you to sort by average conversion rate. So here, if we go into webinar registration pages and sort by average conversion rate, we can see which landing page templates across the entire network are converting the best. So we’re anonymously pooling everyone’s data together to find out which pages work the best. Drilling down further into this, you could see here when you create a page, we ask which industry you’re creating that page for. So in the future, we can show you analytics on which landing pages convert best in which industries. But we feel like we’ve really taken this to the next level with LeadPages and now with LeadBoxes.

If someone fills in details, LeadPages remembers it across the network. So let’s say Jane goes to one of our customer sites, in this case, it’s a software company that’s doing a webinar and she fills out these form fields to register for the webinar, LeadPages remembers these details across the network. So let’s say later that week Jane is cruising around the internet and finds another opt-in form that’s also created with LeadPages. Because of our pre-population feature, and the power of the LeadPages network, when Jane goes to opt-in these form fields are prepopulated. So before Jane entered her email, first and last name, city and zip code. Now, this opt-in form is asking for the same info. As you see, she doesn’t have to fill them out again because LeadPages remembers them and prepopulates them. We’ve seen prepopulating landing pages increase response rates by 30% or more because people don’t have to re-enter their information and it makes it easy for them to sign up.

Recently our clients at Entreport tested this theory by prepopulating the forms on their webinar registration page. This prepopulating page crushed it with a 58.6% conversion rate and that’s not an anomaly. Our clients at Antaris Enterprises also tested prepopulating forms versus not prepopulating forms on their opt-in pages. Antaris Enterprises saw an 80% jump in opt-ins over the nonpopulated page and these are just a few of many examples. Now please note here, we aren’t sharing this prepopulated data across the network. We’re merely prepopulating the fields so Jane gets to decide whether or not she wants to submit the values. So we’re absolutely protecting privacy as well.

Prepopulation is also really useful in mobile devices where it takes a lot of time to enter the information and also people really don’t want to re-enter that information anyway. With LeadPages, we’re not allowing you to create pages in LeadBoxes but we’re building a network that increases the value of LeadPages for everyone else using it. LeadPages is a rising tide that lifts all ships and we’re all in this together increasing conversion rates across our entire network.

If you’re a LeadPages customer, feel free to test this out on your own. If you’re not, come to join us by going to LeadPages.net to get LeadPages.

I’m Jeff Wenberg and here’s to your conversions.