Landing Page Roundup: This Week’s Top Landing Pages (March 25th, 2013)

Top Landing Page Templates 03/09
Ryan Deiss (Authority ROI) Using The “Video Squeeze Page (Co-Created With Charles Kirkland)” Template Inside LeadPages

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(Almost) Every Week I list my top 10 favorite landing pages of the previous 7 days.  Sometimes these pages were created with LeadPages and other weeks the pages are pulled from a variety of sources.  Anyway, congrats to all amazing entrepreneurs who took solid steps to improve their business in the last 7 days.

Here are my favorite pages of the last week (in no particular order):

1 – Ryan Deiss (Digital Marketer) – Authority ROI

LeadPages Template Name: “Video Squeeze Page (Co-Created With Charles Kirkland)”

2 – Melanie Richards – Tutorial Girl

LeadPages Template Name: “Basic Squeeze Page (Aligned To The Right)”

3 – Todd Brown – Marketing Funnel Automation

LeadPages Template Name: “Launch Page”

4 – Jim Shields and Joe Polish – Board Meetings International

LeadPages Template Name: “Giveaway (2-Step) Squeeze Page”

5 – integral CALC – Calculus I Survival Guide

LeadPages Template Name: “Basic Squeeze Page (Aligned To The Right)”

6 – Trevor Lund – Bucket List Coaching

LeadPages Template Name: “Giveaway (2-Step) Squeeze Page”

7 – Bob The Teacher – Webinar Replay

LeadPages Template Name: “Webinar 2.0 Page (Two-Hosts & High CTA Button)”

8 – Halina Goldstein – From Greif To Growth

LeadPages Template Name: “Giveaway (2-Step) Squeeze Page”

9 – Ralph Quintero – Great Business Project Video Sales Letter (VSL)

LeadPages Template Name: “Video Sales Page 3”

10 – John Lee Dumas – How To Launch A Podcast

LeadPages Template Name: “Basic Squeeze Page (Aligned To The Right)”

11 (Bonus) – David Siteman Garland (The Rise To The Top) – Create Awesome Interviews

LeadPages Template Name: “Video Lesson Page For Autoresponder Followup”

Please let me know in the comments which is your favorite. The owner of the landing page with the most votes will be entered into our monthly landing page contest.

P.S. Finally, these pages were created using the LeadPages™ Landing Page Software.

  • I Love John Lee Dumas’ EntrepreneurOnFire! 🙂

    • Dude, you know it’s not cool to vote for yourself, right? Let me do it instead 🙂

  • Maria Camille

    I liked Tutorial Girl – – very nice! Is the picture and below the picture all one graphic?

  • Gerhard Pe Winter

    I °Like° – – ( )

  • toddbrown

    My own page is up there… and I’d vote for Tutorial Girl. Great looking page!

  • Lynda

    Todd Brown

  • John Dumas’!

  • Integral Calc! A fun, fresh image! And she’s looking towards the sign-up form, which I understand increases opt-ins. Nice!

  • Chris Angell

    Lovin’ the CALC page.

  • vik

    These get better every week.
    Hard to decide.
    My choice is 2, 5, 9.
    Overall, 2.

  • integral CALC – Calculus I Survival Guide

  • Thank you for including mine, Clay 🙂 – and I vote for #1 – Ryan Deiss

  • Clay, thanks for adding responsive pages. Amazing. Here is my new welcome gate for next weeks competition:

  • I love all of them, but my favorite was #2 from Tutorial Girl.

  • I love the design of Melanie’s Tutorial Girl page but hands down for quality of content for me was the Joe Polish & Jim Sheills landing page (after the opt in of course 😉

  • Marcos

    Clay! Oh Man, you are making my life harder and harder, they are all good… but since I have to choose only one, let’s make a vote for Tutorial Girl. The design is different, the left copy is clear, and the picture of the good looking smiling girl is engaging and generate reciprocity (we feel like smiling too and someone smile to us).

  • Tutorial Girl fo’sho. Hands down.

  • #2 Tutorial Girl

  • Oli Coombs

    Tutorial Girl (#2) stands out for me. Great use of photo image, contrast and limited color.

  • +1 Tutorial Girl

  • renovation guy

    tutorial girl nice glasses

  • Tutorialgirl=hands down the best…how do we enter into this competition? Pickup up leadpages this week and planning on using for a bunch of our sites, kicked off with this page at the start of the week:

  • Barbara

    My pick is #2 Tutorial Girl. The graphic points you to the opt-in box immediately.

  • Carol Green

    Tutorial Girl for sure. I’m signed up…

  • #2 was good. I also like #5, Calculus girl looking straight at the opt-in box.

    Here is one of mine for consideration in next weeks contest..

  • #2 and #5 are best – for me it’s kind of a tie! Love the direct looks. Kudos to you both!

  • Rich

    I thought LeadPage templates were totally responsive? How come the samples above do not adjust on Android 3G smartphones?

  • I finally used LeadPages!! I created a webinar registration page and a thank you page. I am in LOVE with this software! Please consider this one for your round up next week, thanks!