Landing Page Roundup: Some of My Favorite Landing Pages From September & October

Jeff Walker Landing Page round up
Jeff Walker Landing Page round up
Jeff Walker ‘No Fail’ Launch Using The “Launch Funnel Page” Template Inside LeadPages

Sometimes these pages were created with LeadPages and other months the pages are pulled from a variety of sources.  Anyway, congrats to all amazing entrepreneurs who took solid steps to improve their business in September.

Here are my favorite pages of the last month (in no particular order):

1 – Donna & Tora – I Want What She’s Having, Now!

September Landing Page Review
View Donna & Tora’s Landing Page Here

LeadPages Template Name: “AdWords/PPC Ready Squeeze Page (from Juan Martitegui)”

2 – Old Compose – Restore Your Gmail!

Old Compose Landing Page
View Old Compose’s Landing Page Here

LeadPages Template Name: “AdWords/PPC Ready Squeeze Page (from Juan Martitegui)”

3 – Big Vision Business – Your Next Chapter

September Landing Page Round Up
View Big Vision Business’ Landing Page Here

LeadPages Template Name: “Web 3.0 Webinar Registration Page”

4 – Jeff Walker – Core Elements Of The ‘No Fail’ Launch

Jeff Walker Landing Page round up
View Jeff Walker’s Landing Page Here

LeadPages Template Name: “Launch Funnel Page”

5 – The Foundation – Carl Quit His Six Figure Job (Interview)

Foundation Landing Page2
View The Foundation’s Landing Page Here

LeadPages Template Name: “Giveaway (2-Step) Squeeze Page, #2”

6 – Funnel Experts – ‘Average Joe’ Survey

Funnel Experts Landing Page
View The Funnel Experts Landing Page Here

LeadPages Template Name: “Survey Squeeze Page”

7 – David Garland – How To Create An Awesome Online Course

David Garland Landing Page
View David Garland’s Landing Page Here

LeadPages Template Name: “Web 3.0 Webinar Registration Page (with countdown timer)”

8 – Altitude Communications – 50 Marketing Tips

altitude landing page
View Altitude’s Landing Page Here

LeadPages Template Name: “Giveaway (2-Step) Squeeze Page, #2”

9 – Affiliate Training – I Admit, I Found A Glitch

Affiliate Training Landing Page
View Affiliate Training’s Landing Page Here

LeadPages Template Name: “Survey Squeeze Page”

10 – Ryan Deiss – How To Build An E-Commerce Site

Ryan Deiss Landing Page
View Ryan Deiss’ Landing Page Here

LeadPages Template Name: “Basic Centered Squeeze Page”

Please let me know in the comments which is your favorite.

P.S. Finally, these pages were created using the LeadPages™ Landing Page Software.

  • Samantha

    love the inspiration! I’d love for you to consider mine for next month’s round up: I’m all about fitting more fun and adventure into your everyday life!

    • Awesome. It’s on the list for consideration. Thanks for sharing.

  • Great job! Congrats everyone!

  • PregnancyChat

    Love these examples, really good inspiration!

  • Faith Watson

    Okay. I bought Lead Pages during the Pat Flynn webinar…when was that, a month ago? More? I have saved all the emails and not done one thing. Sure, I’ve been busy, but mostly I have resistance. I’m afraid I won’t get how and will get stuck on the technical. I should just do one thing to prove I can get it done. Where should I start? I have my new offer, I’m read to go. What’s the simplest way to get myself going? I need and love these!

    • Sean Smith

      Faith – you just have to do what you said, get in there and start. The platform is super easy and intuitive – click and edit. Anything that’s not intuitive has a tutorial in the help section. And d you still can’t figure it out, ask the help desk. But the more you wait the harder it will be to get started.

      • Excellent points, Sean. It’s nice to have a real deal coach giving solid advice in the comments.

        • Faith Watson

          Okay. This is the week. I’ll report back.

      • Faith Watson

        I know this is true. I’m doing it this week. Thank you. Clay is right, I’ve been waiting to have the right “magnet” and creating other delays. I’ll just have to trust and try!

    • Faith! I would just choose one of the basic templates and get started. You don’t even need a “lead magnet” … just offer people the opportunity to join your mailing list. Do it tonight 🙂

  • Todd

    We loved the template used for #10 above. It’s a real bummer you guys don’t have it anymore.

    • It’s still 100% there. We haven’t removed any templates since starting.

  • Julie Ann Turner

    Hey, Clay! Would love for you to check out my GENESIS OF GENIUS Book Launch mini-site, created with Leadpages – at (embedded at – if it inspires, would love to be featured in your Top 10!

  • Brian

    Thanks Clay it is great to see lead pages in action… The post gave me some great ideas.

  • Great share, Clay. Thanks!

  • Love LP

  • Misha Wilson

    Great Post Man. I actually REALLY like Ryan Deiss’s E-commerce template… But thats mostly due to an amazing background. Also, I now have found which template to use for my interview series coming up… The Foundation. Good Stuff man.

  • Juan Martitegui

    Awesome examples… Thanks for sharing them

  • These are great template ideas. Thanks for the big time inspiration! I need to log into my Leadpages account and create something new.

  • Chris Von Wilpert

    Love the old compose template! But how do you replace the top image with a video like they did? I really wanted to do that with the Pat Flynn template I created here: Would love to be considered next time and any tips to swap out the image for a video would be awesome.

  • Carl E Chapman

    Clay, I love the visual impact of Donna&Tora’s landing page, which seems pretty far afield from the original template. How did they get it from what is shown in your templates to that beautiful page. Also, is the template responsive?

    • Gary

      I would like to know as well.