Landing Page Roundup: Our Top 10 Favorite Pages from February – March 2015

A tough call — that’s the phrase I would use to describe the process of selecting our top 10 favorite customer-created landing pages from the past month.

So instead of simply choosing the pages we thought looked the best, we narrowed it down to pages that provide actionable takeaways for you to implement in your own business (in addition to looking great, of course).

With that in mind, be prepared to walk away from this post with a few ideas for improving (or creating) your own high-converting landing pages.

Let’s take a look.

1. MonoShot: Smart Product Sales Page

Landing Page Roundup
A smart phone camera stand that doubles as a selfie stick? Sign me up.

What Stands Out: MonoShot used one of our latest templates (the Smart Product Sales Page) to create a beautiful, comprehensive opt-in page to build a waiting list for their soon-to-be-released product.

The page does an excellent job showcasing the MonoShot’s best features through the use of impressive product photography (which makes sense, given that they’re selling a photography product).

Additionally, the photo at the top of the page subtly communicates one of the benefits of using the MonoShot — the ability to capture memories of you create with friends. Contextual imagery like that can help prospects imagine the product within the context of their own lives.

You can see the page in action here.

2. Review Miner: Vibrant Sales Page

Landing Page Roundup
The Vibrant Sales Page template used to create this opt-in page is one of the highest converting templates in the LeadPages™ Marketplace for a reason.

What Stands Out: Crisp. Clean. Powerful. Those are the words that come to mind when looking at this page from Review Miner.

The use of images and contrasting colors makes every section easy to digest, while the copy points out the product’s key features and what they can help you accomplish (that second part is key). They also included a powerful testimonial that builds trust, making the decision to book a demo much easier.

See this beautiful page for yourself here.

3. Shultz Photo School: Call-to-Action Page

Landing Page Roundup
Kyle Shultz built this page with the Call-to-Action Page template inside LeadPages™.

What Stands Out: Sometimes, the right photograph can do much more for your conversion rate than great copy can. But when you combine the two? That’s when something special happens. And that’s exactly what stood out on this page from Kyle Shultz.

Any parent would love to capture the photograph featured at the top of the page with their own children. So when Kyle paired it with, “Your Kids Grow Up Fast. Capture Them Beautifully. Build a Treasure,” he created something that packs a real, emotional punch.

The rest of the page does a great job clearly communicating the offer, presenting social proof (“Join over 20,000 happy snackers”), and providing multiple places to conveniently opt-in. You’ll want to see this one for yourself.

4. Real. Simple. Solutions: Small Business Home Page / Minisite 

Landing Page Roundup
Real Simple Solutions created an entire home page with the Small Business Home Page / Minisite template.

What Stands Out: Here we have another example of a page that successfully pairs an emotional image with effective copy. Right away, visitors are greeted with a headline assuring them they can help their child achieve success in college, paired with a happy image of family members congratulating a new graduate.

Using this combination on your pages is a sure way to create an emotional connection right from the start.

The rest of the page establishes the business’s credibility with testimonials, descriptions of their services, and an introduction to Jeff and Stacy, the owners of Real Simple Solutions.

This page also has a nice parallax scrolling effect on the banner image, so be sure to check it out.

5. Pat Flynn: Minimalist Opt-in Page

Landing Page Roundup
Pat Flynn created this simple but effective page with the Minimalist Opt-in Page template from the LeadPages™ Marketplace.

What Stands Out: If you’re trying to build an audience around your personal brand, you’d be wise to study Pat Flynn. Few people have built as high quality of a relationship with their followers as he has, and this page is yet another example of why.

Pat created this page to give his audience an easy way to remember to vote for his Smart Passive Income podcast in the 2015 Podcast Awards. Notice how almost every line of copy reinforces the relationship he’s built with the page’s visitors:

  • The headline starts with “Help Pat Flynn Win.” — He’s not asking for votes; he’s asking for help.
  • “Your support means the world to me, thank you!” — Pat connects emotionally in a way that’s genuine and unforced.
  • Last, but not least, the button copy: “I Support You, Pat! Good Luck!” — A click isn’t just an opt-in; it’s a sign of support.

To see this perfectly executed page in action, click here.

6. Recurletter: Smart Product Sales Page

Landing Page Roundup
Recurletter created a beautiful book sales page with the Smart Product Sales Page template.

What Stands Out: Ben Adkins and the Recurletter team show off this template’s versatility with the sales page they created for their Recurring Revenue Machines course. Rather than using the template to create an opt-in page like MonoShot did, they built a sales page that links up to their shopping cart.

Their copy clearly presents what each section of the course will teach you, before presenting two enticing bonus offers in sections further down the page.

If you’re tired of the same old ugly sales pages, you’ll want to check this one out.

7. FBA Expert: “Resourceful” Lead Magnet / Resource Page (Markeazy) 

Landing Page Roundup
FBA Expert built this page with the “Resourceful” Lead Magnet / Resource Page created by Travis Moore from the LeadPages™ Marketplace.

What Stands Out: If you’re building or have built a successful platform, there’s one thing your audience is going to want to know — the tools you’re using within your field of expertise.

FBA Expert used this page to give his audience an extremely easy way to do just that. Here, they can quickly browse through a list of his favorite tools and read about how he uses each one. This is a great way to drive sales for products you recommend or promote as an affiliate.

8. Simple Roots Wellness: Jeff Walker Video Fakeout Page 

Landing Page Roundup
Simple Roots Wellness is converting Facebook followers into email subscribers by using the Jeff Walker Video Fakeout Page as a Facebook tab.

What Stands Out: This is an outstanding example of publishing a landing page as a Facebook tab (which you can do inside LeadPages™ in just four clicks). Doing this allows you to collect leads directly from your Facebook page. You can also lower your CPC by directing Facebook ad traffic to pages published as Facebook tabs.

The page is simple, clean, and matches Simple Roots Wellness’s brand. The headline speaks to the results Alexa Schirm’s audience is looking for, and the professional-quality photo she’s used as a video placeholder will drive clicks.

If you’re curious about publishing a landing page to Facebook, I’d recommend using this example as a model.

9. Suzanne Doyle-Ingram: Affiliate Minisite Page

Landing Page Roundup
Suzanne Doyle-Ingram created this comprehensive sales page with the Affiliate Minisite template from the LeadPages™ Marketplace.

What Stands Out: Suzanne Doyle-Ingram masterfully transformed the Affiliate Minisite template from the LeadPages™ Marketplace into a comprehensive sales page for a $1 trial of her Monthly Book Writing Coaching Program.

What really stands out is how she addresses potential customer objections in the frequently asked questions section, utilizing sections that expand and contract when visitors click on them.

She tops it all off with a personal note and headshot in the bottom section of the page, ending things with a nice dash of personality to connect with her prospects.


10. Jason Swenk: AdWords/PPC 2.0 Landing Page 

Landing Page Roundup
Jason Swenk created this home page using the AdWords/PPC 2.0 Landing Page template inside LeadPages™.

What Stands Out: “Can I use LeadPages™ to build a website?” is a question we hear from time to time. While our templates are primarily designed to be used as landing pages, it certainly is possible to create a home page or even an entire website with them, as you can see in this example from Jason Swenk.

Jason used this page to drive all of the things he wanted to get out of a homepage — opt-ins, consultation requests, and traffic to his podcast. The page also does a great job establishing Jason’s personality (“Hi, I’m Jason, and I’m your bridge to a successful agency”), track record (“I have 12+ years running a successful agency until I sold mine in 2011 for millions”) and building trust (with testimonials).

Check the page out here and see how Jason linked it up to his other web pages.

[Bonus] The LeadPages™ Fantasy Baseball League: Flat UI Advanced Minisite

Landing Page Roundup
LeadPages™ copywriter and self-appointed fantasy baseball commissioner Sean Bestor created this fantasy baseball league signup page using the Flat UI Advanced Minisite template from the LeadPages™ Marketplace.

What Stands Out: At LeadPages™, we’re proud to say that we aspire to be the heaviest users of our own product. We use it so heavily, in fact, that one of our copywriters, Sean Bestor, recently created a signup page for our office fantasy baseball league.

Sean is happy to report that the page worked so well that he is actually having to create two leagues to meet demand.

While the countdown timer, beautiful page design, and compelling copy may have played a role in the page’s high conversion rate, I like to think that it was the testimonial from yours truly that ultimately secured the opt-ins.

What Have You Created Lately? 

Thanks to all the marketers (and fantasy sports enthusiasts) featured in this month’s roundup! Before you go, I’d love to sneak a peek at your favorite landing page you’ve recently created.

If you’ve got one to share, just drop a link in the comments section below and let us know why you’re excited about it.