Landing Page Roundup: Some of My Favorite Landing Pages From Last Month (i.e. for June 2013)

FrankKern Landing Page
Frank Kern Webinar Registration Page Using The “Webinar 2.0 Page (Single-Host)” Template Inside LeadPages

Every so often I list my top 10 favorite landing pages of the last week or month.  Sometimes these pages were created with LeadPages and other weeks the pages are pulled from a variety of sources.  Anyway, congrats to all amazing entrepreneurs who took solid steps to improve their business in June.

Here are my favorite pages of the last week (in no particular order):

1 – Frank Kern – Advanced Sales And Persuasion Tactics

LeadPages Template Name: “Webinar 2.0 Page (Single-Host)”

2 – Jeff Walker – The Seed Lauch

LeadPages Template Name: “Video Squeeze Page”

3 – MindValley Hispano – Metodo Silve De Vida

LeadPages Template Name: “AdWords/PPC Ready Squeeze Page (from Juan Martitegui)”

4 – Ezra Firestone – Smart Marketer

LeadPages Template Name: “Video Lesson Page For Autoresponder Followup”

5 – Dr. Tobias – Free Omega 3 Fish Oil Capsules

LeadPages Template Name: “Basic Squeeze Page (Aligned To The Right)”

6 – HWIC Filmworks, LLC – Swing Lowe Movie

LeadPages Template Name: “Basic Video Squeeze Page”

7 – Brian Moran – Facebook Marketing 101

LeadPages Template Name: “SEO Blog Category Page”

8 – Young Dope – Gangster Rap Video (NSFW)

LeadPages Template Name: “Video Lesson Page For Autoresponder Followup”

9 – Kate Galli – Eliminate Self-Sabotage and Negative Thoughts

LeadPages Template Name: “Sales Page”

10 – Ryan Deiss – Free Book Writing Series

LeadPages Template Name: “Video Lesson Page For Autoresponder Followup”
(Yes, this was posted last week but I’m including it here anyway).

Please let me know in the comments which is your favorite. The owner of the landing page with the most votes will be entered into our annual landing page contest.

P.S. Finally, these pages were created using the LeadPages™ Landing Page Software.

  • Jeff Walker and HWIC Filmworks really stand out for me. I picked up some good tips from Jeff on presentation (love the pine cone thing) so maybe that has the slight edge. Clean and simple. Nice 🙂

  • Oh, and I should have mentioned – here’s our first go for a webinar happening 7 July. Lots more to follow 🙂

    • Can’t wait to hear more about what you’re up to!

  • Devin Stubblefield

    Hello Clay, I like #3 MindValley Hispano the best! I noticed he has Nav Bar links on his pages, is this custom coded or part of WordPress pages? Also, what template did he use for under the fold where there are multiple Nav Bar links as you scroll down the page?

    • Devin, MindValley did this with a standard “out of the box” template. The name of the template as stated above is “AdWords/PPC Ready Squeeze Page (from Juan Martitegui)”

  • Ronald Robinson

    I like Jeff Walker, beautiful spot & simple pages.

  • Deborah

    Loved the Ryan Deiss landing page. so much so, i clicked for the free report and was ready, with my credit card, to purchase the program. But it’s been more than 15 minutes and I haven’t received the report. I’m not buying until I get the report. Makes me think something could be fishy…..

    • Deborah, I agree about his page. It’s great.

      BTW not getting a report isn’t causing for thinking something is fishy. Maybe you entered the wrong email, or it went into your spam folder? Also, some autoresponders have a bug where you aren’t sent the bribe if you’re already on the list. I’d start by checking your spam folder, however.

      Warm regards,

  • Dean Mignola

    I’m with Devin. How did #3 MindValley Hispano do that? What an interesting layout.

    • Jovana Sumar

      With the annual payment you can download advanced HTML versions of your leadpages and make changes within the code 🙂

      My dev took roughly a few hours to make the changes you can see in the above link. He kept the CSS , clean look from LP – which is why we all use it.

      I know their templates are “tried and tested” BUT … sometimes for different industries you need “more”.

      • Jovana, MindValley did this with a standard “out of the box” template. The name of the template as stated above is “AdWords/PPC Ready Squeeze Page (from Juan Martitegui)”

        • Jovana Sumar

          Ah whoops – sorry, my bad!

          • No worries! I appreciate you. Thanks for bringing it up.

    • Dean, MindValley did this with a standard “out of the box” template. The name of the template as stated above is “AdWords/PPC Ready Squeeze Page (from Juan Martitegui)”

      • Dean Mignola

        Beautiful! In your tutorial on the page it said don’t use this template except in an adwords campaign. I’m a marketing coach for tradtional small businesses (ie carpet cleaners, termite inspectors, coffee roasters, caterers, movers, etc.)… and some have small budgets. What would be the downside of using this template as a mini site? It has an opt-in, about us, benefits area, contact info. If it is SEO friendly it seems like it would be better than 90% of the small business websites out there. BTW – sorry if this is a stupid question. I hire specialists for my web stuff… I’m more of a strategy guy.

        • Dean, I actually think that page would be an excellent mini-site. The reason why we said to use it only for PPC stuff is that a page where opting in (or not opt-in in) are the only options typically get a much higher opt-in rate. But if you’re looking to use this as a minisite, I think it would work very very well.

          Warm regards,

  • Jovana Sumar

    I’m a recent “convert” to LeadPages from OptimizePress. I got converted when I saw Frank Kern’s webinar layout and thought! Hey, I could use this for my next product launch.

    Due to the fact that LeadPages doesn’t do full customization, i.e allowing you to add elements – we did download the full HTML code – and changed it for our needs.

    We used all the basic code and layout styles from LeadPages, which gives us that gorgeous, clean, functional look.

    However, my only pet peeve with LP (I don’t mind getting my dev to change the layout pages from advanced HTML) is that the count down timer doesn’t work in FireFox.

    I tested it with around 10 or so pages – hosted by LP or downloaded with advanced HTML.. 🙁 Fix please!!! <3

    Otherwise you guys have a new fan and I'm telling everything ABOUT You guys! You rock!!!

    • Hi Jovana,

      Thanks for your very kind words. We appreciate you.

      The countdown timer notworking in Firefox isn’t a pet peeve, it’s a full-on bug and I’d be grateful if you reported it to customer support: . We’ve tested all out pages and a number of combinations of operating systems and browsers, and everything works fine. But please do file a support ticket so that if there is in fact a problem with your combination of browser/operating system/ or whatever we can fix. Please don’t write off a bug as a pet peeve. Please report it. This will not only help you out, but everyone else on the platform.

      Warm regards,

      • Jovana Sumar

        It IS on my to-do list – just haven’t had enough time – and only found out about it AFTER i got the page re-coded .. lol!

        Oh and the only reason I said it was a pet-peeve is because really, even despite that (obviously it should be fixed), I love LP so so so much 🙂

        Will send in a support ticket soon 🙂

        • Thanks a ton, Jovana! We really appreciate it. We haven’t been able replicate the problem, so we look forward to hearing from you so we can figure out what’s causing this.

  • Ron

    Clay…where can we see ALL the landing page options available with LeadPages before buying? The spotlighted ones are exceptional…but better to see all the options available with the tool. Thanks much….

    • Ron

      Also…did I understand you correctly that the page Mind Valley did is a standard template available in LeadPages…that can produce the same look as their Silva page…without additional customization or coding?

      • Hi Ron,

        Yes, you understood correctly that you can create the MindValley page with a standard template available inside of LeadPages. Totally. Out of the box.

        Warm regards,

        • Ron

          Very cool! ^^^^^^^^^

    • Hi Ron,

      We’re adding 2-3 new landing page templates to lead pages each week so the only way to see the complete list of templates is by being a LeadPages customer.

      Right now there are 46 templates. I’d encourage you to join LeadPages and see if we have what you’re looking for. If you don’t find what you want, simply tell us and we’ll refund your money ASAP.

      Warm regards,

  • nyssa

    Thanks Clay! Ezra’s is clean and quickly points to the 3 things (watch vid, download roadmap and leave comment) he wants the user to do! I used the countdown timer one here and in less than a month we have already gotten over 100 email subscribers from organic traffic hitting the site! LeadPages rocks!

  • Susan Kuhn

    Here’s my very first landing page ever. Copying Ryan Deiss’s model that converted ay 72% — at one point mine was converting at 62%, it ended up at 44%. I didn’t have a list either.

  • Mark Teirney

    These pages are great, I do like the video sales pages the most.
    Jeff Walker – The Seed Lauch (launch)
    Ezra Firestone – Smart Marketer
    Ryan Deiss – Free Book Writing Series

    It would be awesome if LeadPages could have extra fields for signup forms… still waiting for that feature. I know you’ve mentioned previously that signups are higher when having less fields – but our sales team need ph numbers.

  • Martin Bergmann

    Hi, this is great Software, i use it in English at and in German at and i have amazing results! THX Clay!

  • Coach Carter

    1. Franky baby!
    2. Hispano
    3. Mr Moran always in the mix. 🙂

  • Estefano d’Elano

    Hey! We are leadpage customers and we love it! However, we are at a point where we really need to start working with more customized pages. We still would love to host all we have with leadpages. We have enough programmers and are willing to pay to get our templates into leadpages – an option for this would be really amazing. We would love to be able to edit our custom templates wihtin leadpages – we could send it to you guys in a coded, mobile responsive format of course AND pay for it to get it into the system. Just as an idea, i think this is a huge opportunity for upsells which we would gladly take. Let me know your thoughts Clay! 🙂