[Download] Best Landing Page (For Giving Away A Free Course)

I promise you this.

You’ve never seen anyone else implement this kind of landing page before. (We’re revealing this for the very first time).

In the past . . .

AND today we’re giving you the best-performing landing page for giving away a free video course.


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The hype is real folks, this is brand new, brand new material. You’re going to see
a landing page that you probably haven’t seen before anywhere else. I’ve never
seen anyone using this tactic before. I’m going to show you why it works, I’m
going to show you how you can implement this in your business, I’m going to be
showing you how we’ve implemented this in our business. I’m going to burst
into the deep psychology behind this tactic and why it’s so effective and I’m
going to be giving you a copy of this that you can download so you can
implement this in your business. That’s what you have to look forward to in
today’s show.

So without further ado, here the value bomb landing page. So it looks pretty
normal, it looks like a normal blog page. And in fact, it is and it was originally a
normal blog page. This is something that we actually discovered by accident
when we got insane opting rates that we had not anticipated. As you can see, it’s
been shared a number of times, it’s been twitted a number of times, not typical
for a normal squeeze page.

Let’s scroll down here. What you will see is a story about why I created this free
video course that I was giving away and you can see that there are 10 videos
here. And the way this is engineered and why this is called the Value Bomb
Landing Page is because there is obviously a large demonstration of value.
There’re 10 entire videos here and if you listen to just one of them you’ll see
how much great information is contained in this course. This is actually a course
that I’ve seen people charge $200, $300 for and we’re giving it away for free.

One thing to note is that even though the opt-in rate for this page was so
ridiculously high, there wasn’t a huge call to action. It just said, “Enter your email
address below and I’ll email you; (1), all the text, templates and learning
materials for this course, (2), downloads of all the videos and (3), PDF versions of
all the slides.

Now, it’s important to note that I placed this opt-in box both above and below
the set of videos. So the question is, why did this get the highest conversation
rate we’ve ever seen for this type of page where a free course if given away?
Well, that’s actually a great question that I wondered about for a long time given
that we didn’t not expect the kind of results that we got from this page.

So after analyzing this for a while, after talking with other people and after just
sort of looking at the data that we had in front of this, this is what I came up
with. So here is the value bomb squeeze page formula. It is DOV+O+VAO= the
highest opt-in rates I’ve seen. So DOV stands for Demonstration of Value.

And what that means is that basically when someone is looking through this page,
there is very clear evidence that the value is in this course. Not only does it come
with these 10 videos that give scripts and plans, but we also make available all
the texts, the transcripts, the templates, all the learning materials, the slides,
everything is here. When you watch one of these videos you’ll see that it’s well
edited, that it’s well put together, that it’s well thought out. It’s not just me
talking over some material. So there is a demonstration of value with these 10

What’s important with demonstration of value is not only that the value is there,
but that the value is readily apparent when someone scans through the page. If I
had buried an hour’s worth of video in one video rather than splitting it up
amongst 10 videos, it would be harder to perceive the value. 10 videos even if
they’re shorter seem more valuable than just one video. So visually as people
scroll through, I wanted them to see all that was available in the 10 videos.

So the next piece of this is overwhelm from cognitive dissidence. When someone
goes to a page and sees an anonymous amount of value there, it create tension
if they cannot posses that value. The brain does not like seeing a lot of value that
it cannot posses. So what happens is when someone sees all that value there in
those videos, they want to posses that value somehow because they don’t have
time to watch all those videos right then. So what we do is we create the value
added opt-in to relieve tension.

Here’s what I mean. The experience of the typical viewer on this page is that
they see all these videos that are here, they read the titles of the videos and they
see that what I’m giving them is a cut and paste marketing campaign. Maybe
they watch one of the videos and they see the value of the content there. At
some point during all of this, they realize that they don’t have time to go
through all of this material. And that creates tensions because there is a lot of
value here that the person cannot immediately posses.

And to break that tension, we create this opt-in form. And what the opt-in form
does is it allows the person who’s feeling this tension between all these value
that they cannot posses just yet because they don’t have time to watch all the
videos, it gives them the opportunity to relieve that tension by possessing that
value in a way where they can access it later. So this allows them to not only
download all the videos, but to get audio versions of all the videos. To get all the
text from the marketing campaign. To get all the slides if they want to view it
later. So it gives them a greater amount of possession again to relieve the
tension between the larger amount of value that’s there that cannot be
immediately possessed. Ultimately, that’s what produces the highest opt-in rate
we’ve ever seen for this kind of course.

So because I want you to get insane opt-in rates like we’ve been getting with this
page, I created a template that you can use. Cut paste, insert your own stuff and
you can use this in your business. It’s got a generic logo here so you can replace
this with your logo. It’ got a like button so that this material can go viral as I
showed you on our own page. This is the kind of page that people like to share
because they know when they share with their friends that their friends will be
able to receive value from it without opting in.

However, when people come to this page and they see all that’s there, the
videos that you’re providing, the downloadable PDF, the swipe copy, the MP3
downloads and transcripts of all the videos, when they see all of this and they
see this link that’s under each video that says, “Click here to download this
entire course,” they will download it. In fact you’ll probably see the highest opt-
in rate that you’ve ever seen on any of your pages before on a page that on the
surface does not look at all like a squeeze page incidentally.

So we’ve actually made a number of improvements on this page that have
increased opt-in rate. The first thing that we’ve done is we’ve added a two step
opt-in process where there is not an opt-in box on this page. This means that
people are more likely to share this page because it doesn’t look like a page
that’s trying to take. However, opt-in rates increase when you have a two step
opt-in process because when someone clicks on that download link, the chances
of them opting in once they see this opt-in box is so much higher.

We also improved the previous page by adding again Facebook likes and
Facebook commenting. So whenever someone compliments you on your course
materials or says something good that gets published to their Facebook page
and this content can be shared. So I’ll give this to you below this page. Anyway,
my name is Clay Collins. I hope you’ve enjoyed this episode and I’ll talk to you
next time.

Take care.