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So two of the main factors that go into whether or not a podcast ranks in their category and also for various search terms is the number of reviews and the number of subscribers that that podcast has. As you can see here – These are some of the podcasts I listened to – but as you can see here – Oh, let’s go to Entrepreneur on Fire. This podcast is ranking incredibly well and there’s a lot of reviews here, there’s a lot of ratings, and also, there’s a lot of comments same with all of the podcasts that I like because, surprise, I found them because they ranked well inside of the iTunes store in the business and marketing category. I also listened to Pat Flynn’s podcast a lot, but I usually listened to that from the website.

So you might recall that back in the day, we created this YouTube responsive landing page. This page was created from the ground up to help your YouTube SEO. We worked with noted YouTube expert, James Wedmore. Well, we checked in with Entrepreneur on Fire podcaster, John Dumas, and we ended up creating the same type of page for podcast. So here’s the YouTube one and here’s the podcast one. It encourages people to: one, subscribe to your podcast on iTunes and also review the podcast, and you can modify this so that it conforms look and feel of your podcast, and so that people are subscribing to your podcast, and also reviewing your podcast. As you can see, there’s room to have a video here. You can have any kind of video; [0:01:34] Wistia video, LeadPlayer video, whatever you want to use, Vimeo, YouTube, it doesn’t matter. And step one, as you can see, is to subscribe to your podcast on iTunes or whoever the owner of these pages, also to review it, and if they do step one and step two, they can click here to download whatever you’re giving away to people who review and subscribe to you your podcast. One twist on this is that you can require a first name, and here it says, ‘Type in the name you use to leave us a review.’ So you can actually have someone enter the name that they listed under the review that they left, so you can go in and verify that they actually did leave a review before you send them the freebie just to enforce that people did actually do what they said they do before you give away the free thing.

If you are a coder or developer, this template is available for free for you to download right below this video on the Marketing Show website. Again, for coders, here’s how to use this landing page. It does require a little modification. You need to modify the template using the HTML and the CSS to make it look and feel how you want it to look. You need to integrate your landing page with your email service provider, whether that be AWeber, MailChimp, OfficeAutoPilot, Salesforce, whatever you’re doing, again, that does require some coding, then grab the landing page code and integrate it with WordPress, Facebook, or whatever server you’re going to publish it on, and then, go ahead and publish the page.

If you are a LeadPages customer or if you want to be a LeadPages customer and use this out of our tool, just go ahead and find the template. It is located here and listed as podcast landing page. Just click on ‘Use This Template.’ Go ahead and click on the video. You can replace it with your video, kind of like that. Click on the ‘Subscribe with iTunes’ option and just replace it with a link to your podcast page, same with customer reviews, link to your podcast page, and then to integrate this with AWeber, Infusionsoft, MailChimp, OfficeAutoPilot, GetResponse, like a whole bunch of them – We support all the main ones – just go to opt-in form integration, click there, choose the auto responder you want to use, select the lists you want to integrate with, and if you want to click the first name fields that you can verify that they did, in fact, leave a review before you send them something, just click right here and you can publish it immediately using our platform or you can also publish it to WordPress, to Facebook, or you can download the file and put it on your server, but please know that this page is immediately available after you create it. Also inside of LeadPages, you can modify fonts, colors, logos, and all that stuff with the click of a button. So for example, to change out this book, you can just click here and select another image to use. To change the headline, just click here, and you can modify the headline so that’s all available out of the box with LeadPages.

Anyway, Clay Collins here, co-founder of LeadPages. I hope you enjoy this template. For all you coders out there, for everyone who’s a LeadPages customer, this template is available as of now inside of LeadPages. Take care.

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  • Oh my frickin god I’m so excited – this is AWESOME Clay. Can’t wait to put it into action

  • Awesome!

  • Jimbob

    Boom! Another cracker Clay. Quick Q – Did you test the ‘Step’ Ribbons? I’d have thought having them pointing in the direction of the other arrows and reinforcing the intention would have tweak actions upwards slightly

    • Hi Jimbob…

      1.) Have I tested the ribbons against what?

      2.) I’m not sure what you mean by “tweak actions upwards slightly”

      Thanks for your comment.

      Warm regards,

  • Great idea. However I thought this was against the iTunes TOS. Hope I’m wrong though.

    • Hi Ileane… what specifically do you think is against the TOS?


      • Clay I don’t want to jump the gun so I asked the question in the Podcasters Resource and Technology Group over on Google +. But I do remember hearing that you can’t offer people anything for posting reviews. Hopefully I got it wrong though. As soon as I hear back I’ll let you know for sure.

      • Hey Clay, looks like I was wrong about any TOS violation and after chatting with some other podcasters I stirred up some interest. I just purchased LeadPages myself through Schramko’s BuywithBonus and I can’t wait to get things set up. Thanks!!

  • Salim

    Question: Are podcasts still popular? Has that culture died with the rise of APPS over subscribing to a podcast?

    • They’re more popular than ever. In part because you can download podcasts directly from your iPhone without ever having to connect it to a computer. Lots of friends say they get 50% or more of their emails subscribers from podcast traffic.

    • i have some shows that stream from an app…but it’s cumbersome, i prefer to use my podcast manager app for Android doggcatcher

  • That’s awesome. Big fan of EOFire and will try this when we launch our show. By the way, our site went from 1.8% to 8.9% conversion rate thanks to lead pages. SICKNESS! thanks for this great tool.


  • Clay,

    This is great! Podcasting success is all about subscriber #s…then getting those subscribers to rate and review your podcast. So many would happily rate and review if they understood the importance, and what better way to let them know than this? LeadBrite Rocks!

    ~ John Lee Dumas

  • This is a completely differen approach (And I can’t figure out if its good). While “the money is in the list” the influence is in the podcast. I”m not sure I want to put any hurdle in front of my voice/video potential audience. I would rather give them great content, and inspire them to review me, then hold my content hostage and force them .