[Huge Update] Introducing the All-New LeadPages Landing Page Builder

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One of the most important pieces of LeadPages is the landing page builder that you use to create and customize landing page templates for your business inside of LeadPages. We refer to this as “The LeadPages Builder” or more simply just “the builder”. Because the way the original builder was written it made hard to add new feature updates to the most important mechanism of LeadPages the LeadPages builder. So we’re glad to announce that we’ve completely rebuilt the LeadPages builder to give our users the much requested features they’ve been asking for in our builder. Almost nothing about LeadPages itself has changed. All of the updates that we’re going to cover have been made to the builder itself to give you more flexibility for editing your LeadPages templates. We’ll take a look at what the new features are and then we’ll look at how to use the new features in the builder. The new updates to the builder include number 1 the ability to turn almost any element on or off. Number 2, the ability for buttons to trigger a link or an opt-in box, number 3, the ability to make any text button or hyperlinkable image trigger LeadBox, number 4 the ability to edit right on the LeadPage template, number 5 a more intuitive user experience, number 6 easier editing of colors and styles, number 7 a more extensive font collection, number 8 the ability to immediately see how your page will look on a mobile device and number 9 an updated templating system.

So let’s jump in and check each of the new features out. Number 1 you can hide virtually any element on the page. In the past, some template elements could be turned off and some couldn’t. In the new version of LeadPages nearly all elements of the page can be turned on or off. As you can see here on this page, I turned off every element so there’s nothing showing. Of course we don’t recommend this but I just wanted to show you that you can turn it all off. Then to turn things back on it’s as easy as clicking the I icon here on the left. So let’s say you wanted to make this blog home page your new blog opt-in page because it matches the design of your website, you could simply turn off the read my blog section, hide one of the testimonials as an example and now this page is set up to be an opt-in page only.

Number 2 one of the things many users really wanted to do in the past is take one of our sales page templates and make it an opt-in page or take one of our opt-in page templates and make it go to a specific URL. For example if someone was a LeadPages affiliate and they wanted to take this basic squeeze page and use it as an affiliate pre-salespage and link directly to a website with their affiliate link, it’s easy to do that by simply clicking this button then selecting edit. Now in the drop-down I’ll just select go to a URL, enter in the affiliate link the button will use and finally if I’d like to change the button text, I’ll just add the new text into this box right here.

Now when someone clicks the button instead of an opt-in, they’ll be directed to the URL. Another example would be if someone wanted to take a sales page like this and trigger a LeadBox with this button. Previously you’d have to download the file and custom code that feature into the page then re-upload the page to your server. Now you can do this from scratch right inside the new builder, just click the button to edit. From the drop down, select show opt-in form then click here to edit the opt-in form. Now you just add your headline, add which email service provider you’d like to integrate the page with and which list you’d like to add people to. You’re also able to add any form fields that you’ve set up in your email service provider like full name, address, zip code, phone number and so on.

Number three one of the cool things that you can do on template is you can make any text, button or hyperlinkable image trigger a LeadBox. This adds to the immense flexibility of your landing pages. Previously if you wanted to for example make this text trigger a LeadBox, you’d have to download the template file and custom code this feature into the page. Now you can easily add a LeadBox to any page from scratch right inside the new builder. Let’s say we were using this homepage template by Ryan Dyson, here at the bottom in the author’s section, we wanted to link this text to a LeadBox in order to add another opportunity for someone to op into our list. So we just highlight the text, click the link icon, select show opt-in form then edit the opt-in form. Go to the integration settings, select the integration and which list you’d like to add people to and voila this text now triggers a LeadBox.

Number 4, the editing is done right on the page. In the previous editor you had to click on something and then go over to the box in the left to edit it and it was just not very intuitive. With the new builder, there’s no front end versus back end. Everything is done right on the page right in front of your eyes. So as an example, I can edit the text right on the page, I can change the color of the text, underline it, bold it and it all happens right on the page and not in a separate edit window. This allows you to see the results immediately.

Number 5, we’ve increased the intuitive field of the builder. When you move over an element on the right, it will highlight the corresponding section on the left and vice versa. If you move over a section on the left it highlights it on the right. This way it’s easy to find and change whatever section you’re customizing without having to spend five minutes searching for what section each element is in.

Number 6, again to make editing easier it’s very easy to access the style settings for any page. Just click the style tab and you can immediately change the colors for all the available elements on the page. This allows you to fully customize any page template to achieve consistent branding across all your pages.

Number 7, there’s now an extensive list of fonts available as well. This enables endless customization of your LeadPages all with just a few clicks. We’ll be adding to this font list regularly to give you as many font options as we can. This is super handy if you’re trying to match your landing page look and feel with your website look and feel to create a cohesive user experience.

Number 8, do you have a lot of traffic coming from mobile sources? It might be in your best interest to build pages that are supremely optimized for mobile. In the builder, you can now see how the page are creating a look on a smartphone, how it will look on a tablet and how it will look as a regular webpage. That way you’re able to see if the images, colors, fonts and general page layout will look good or not without having to publish the page and then visit the URL on a smart phone or tablet. You can do it right in the builder to make sure everything looks great.

Number 9 we updated our templating system which means it’s now super easy for our pro and enterprise users to write and upload their custom templates that people within their organization can use or that they could then sell in the LeadPages marketplace.

So let’s recap the features of the new builder. Number 1 is the ability to turn almost any element on or off. Number 2 is the ability for buttons to trigger a link or an opt-in box. Number three is the ability to make any text button or hyperlinkable image trigger a LeadBox. Number 4 is the ability to edit right on the landing page template. Number 5 is a more intuitive user experience. Number 6 is easier editing of colors and styles. Number 7 is a more extensive font collection. Number 8 is the ability to immediately see how your page will look on a mobile device. Number 9 is an updated templating system. Now that we’ve rewritten our builder from scratch, we’ll be able to add updates to the builder much faster and you should see us making a lot more innovations in our builder technology in the coming months. We expect the speed of innovation here to go through the roof. We encourage you to get into the new builder and customize pages in new ways and then share URLs with us in the comments below this video. If you’re not a LeadPages customer, head to www.LeadPages.net click on the button below the video to get LeadPages. If you’re unsure which plan to go with, we recommend the pro annual plan as it comes with the majority of the features we have and it’s 40% cheaper than paying monthly. So join us at the pro level and let’s go build some pages.

  • 1 single word: AMAZING

    • That’s a nice way to sum it up, Herbert!

      • Casie Lane Millhouse-Singh

        completely agree!

  • Dan Gejay

    Love the new changes! Can’t wait to dive in and start messing with the new options. Triggering a link or opt in box opens up tons of new opportunities, and the ability to get a mobile preview is HUGE considering over half of my traffic comes from mobile devices. Nice work Leadpages!

    • Glad you’re digging it, Dan! Would love a URL for any new pages you create with it. 🙂

  • Thomas

    We still can’t add image to non “image zones” 🙁

    • Thanks for the feedback, Thomas. If you’d like to add more images, one option is to export the html if you’re a Pro or Enterprise customer and edit the code as you see fit.

  • Video voice over grates. Too many words squeezed in before taking a breath, too fast to listen to and enjoy. I gave up, sorry but it’s true.

    • Jim B

      Agree – it’s like drinking from a fire hose. S L O W D O W N

      • Jeff’s voice works fine for me, but I understand what you mean. You may not know have seen this yet: there’s a new feature of YouTube players, a little gear in the bottom right corner of the player. You can click that, choose adjust speed, and then choose a slower speed (.5 in this case). For those videos that take too long to get to the point, you can speed those up! Pretty handy hidden feature!

        • It’s all about effective marketing and shouldn’t be necessary to do Bob. Lead Pages is looking successful, but I wonder just how much more success could be enjoyed with even the landing page overview video being improved… that’s even faster and harder to listen to.

  • Are all the texts on the page fully customizable?

    I’m asking because I sometimes need to create landing pages in Spanish, and I remember this being a problem with some texts on the editor because I was unable to fully translate the landing page.

    • Hi Alan, there isn’t a feature for automatically translating text to another language, but you can certainly enter text in any language you prefer, which many of our customers in non-English speaking markets do.

      • Sorry if there was an misunderstanding, I was not asking for automatic translation, instead I meant to say that in the past, I have tried to change some labels in the landing page (like a placeholder in the input field) and I was unable to change “Full Name” to its equivalent in Spanish.

        Does that make sense? Is that possible to do with the new editor?

        • No worries, Alan! I just tried changing placeholder text in an input field to Spanish and it worked, so you should be set. If you encounter any issues, I’d definitely contact our support team at support.leadpages.net. They’re extremely knowledgable and helpful!

  • katansey

    Where do I send pictures of my Before and After Landing Page — this new release has pretty much destroyed the typeface since there is no option for adjusting the type size. Tell me where to send the pics. Thanks.

    • Katansey, our customer support team can help you out with that. Go to support.leadpages.net to submit a ticket. Thanks!

      • Jagan Krishnan

        Hi Will,

        Unfortunately the Leadpages Support isn’t working. Inside my account when I click support and click the “Continue” button, nothing happens (tried it out with both Chrome and Firefox). When I went to support.leadpages.net and submitted a ticket, I get this message “You may have mistyped the address or the page may have moved.”

        A few days back when support WAS working, I sent in a ticket which was not acknowledged or replied to for several days now.

        I LOVE Leadpages and I know you guys have awesome support and I am absolutely not able to reach your support no matter how many times I try.

        What’s going on?

        • Hi Jagan, I just spoke with Support and you should now have a response from them. Sorry for the difficulty! They’ll get this sorted out for you.

          • Jagan Krishnan

            Thanks a ton Will. I got a response. Can’t thank you enough.

  • Two questions:

    First, will Leadpages ever introduce the ability to change the font size?

    Second, and unrelated, what software do you guys use to create these awesome videos? More specifically, how do you create the video graphics (e.g. the spinning gears.)


  • Will you the man! Don’t let zach tell you what to do! Is there a way to CENTER the headlines and such? And the subheads?

    • Ha! Thanks, Lawton. Zach’s the man. Regarding your question, everyone on our support team basically earned a PhD in this new builder and would have a quick answer for you. Hit them up at support.leadpages.net (also, if you’re a Pro or Enterprise customer you can use the new live chat support feature).

  • Sharon Hunt Broughton

    Oh my gosh, I love the new features! Thank you so much!

    • Thanks, Sharon! Would love to see what you create with the new builder.

  • Setting up my first one now for a client, but it’s still taking too long to load aweber lists. Can’t just use cut & paste HTML for aweber since that breaks GTW integration, and reloading their aweber lists takes 30+ minutes (at 27 minutes now, 59% complete.) Have to do this every time we setup a new leadpage ever since the GTW integration with cut & paste aweber html broke.

    • Hey Blaine, I’d definitely go to our support team about this. You can submit a ticket at support.leadpages.net.

  • rvalin

    Would love for Lead Pages to be able to fully integrate with SquareSpace without having to personally do code. Any chance you guys are working on this?

  • I have taken some time to utilize the new builder – And I love it! I am very excited to see what you come up with next. At the same time, I am also super excited about #9 – Because this will spark innovation and allow marketers from all verticals to share the best of the best. Please continue to keep up the awesome work!

    • Thanks, Jason! I agree, the new templating system is awesome. It’s going to be a huge part of making the Marketplace great.

  • Mark Coccio

    How do we get back the function of just a single page opt in page and not the Mutli Part Form………

    • Hi Mark, we learned from extensive testing that the 2-step opt-in process with LeadBoxes consistently outperformed 1-step opt-in forms in both our business and tons of our customers’ businesses. That’s why we’ve built LeadBoxes into all of our pages. We talk more about that in this video: http://blog.leadpages.net/announcing-leadboxes/

      However, if you’re a Pro or Enterprise customer an option is to export the HTML and code in a one-step opt-in form.

      • Mark Coccio

        Will, is there instruction on how to do that somewhere?

        I understand that the 2 step process is a good one and it is, I use it as well, but there are some formats that I want and quite honestly require a 1 part process. I am disappointed that you took away that option for users and hope that you put it back, it is a valuable option and should not be lost

  • Tanja Diamond

    awesome Thanks!!

    • Would love to see anything you create with the new builder, Tanja!

  • These changes sound great – I am excited to dig in. The one change I WISH you would implement is more flexibility with the background images and placement of the opt in boxes. Rather than anchoring image to top left corner – it would be more efficient if the user could anchor according to the image and template being used (or crop the image within LeadPages). Many times due to the placement of an opt in box and critical things on my chosen image – I have to crop, recrop and recrop my images over and over and upload to view where the opt in box falls on the image.

    More flexibility with EITHER the image OR the opt in box placement (or preferably both) would be a HUGE improvement. Thanks for listening.

  • Pablo

    Guys this is great!! I hope you soon add the posibility of adding html coding into the landing pages, like paypal buttons.

    • Hi Pablo, glad you’re excited about it! If you’re a Pro and Enterprise customer, you have the option to export any page’s HTML and edit it however you like.

  • eduleadership

    Great changes! I have to say re: fonts, I’d much rather have TypeKit integration than more random fonts. Most websites using custom fonts are using TypeKit, and this would let us truly match our branding. Not sure if that’s an option licensing-wise, but it’d be awesome.

  • Peter

    It would be great to have a feature where we can add a testimonial if we needed, we can add a video on the page if we needed.

    It would be AWESOME.

    So you guys can kick megaphone butt and all those copycats.

    * One page missing is the Article style with another colum on the right to add call to actions. Like a blog page sale letter.

    Thank you.

    Keep up the great work.

    Love the new page builder.

  • Michael Hall

    Anybody else having trouble passing variables now? I have 2 pages…1 was pre update, and 2 are post. The 2 post update pages wont send a variable through on a form.

    • Hi @disqus_1xWZtj1QZ4:disqus please file a support ticket. We have developers standing by to fix support tickets if you file one with data and screenshots and examples that we’ve seen.

      Warm regards,

      • Michael Hall

        Done and Done. Thanks!

  • James

    Great updates!
    Is the new LeadPages support RTL languages (Right to left) ? Arabic or Hebrew (and many more languages RTL?)

  • Awesome guys, this is a perfect solution for a membership optin I’ve been working in for a client

  • Ryan Nichols

    These look like fantastic improvements. Thank you, and well done!

  • owen

    Great change updates, but I wish the videos and images were interchangeable. It would immediately increase the number of templates that we can use.

  • The #1 fix in this list was a HUGE pet-peeve of mine: being able to turn things off. Thanks, LeadPages! Looking forward to working with the new changes!

    • That’s awesome to hear, Michael! Can’t wait to see what you create with the new builder.

  • Rogerio Job

    Great work! Now create pages is more easy than ever! Thank you guys!

    • Would love to see any of the pages you create, Rogerio. Thanks!

  • Beautiful work you guys. All of the new flexibility looks wonderful. We are benefiting from your growing team behind the scenes.

    • Thanks, Amy! It’s an awesome team to be a part of.

  • VeloNomad

    Can we see a run down without video. Some of us aren’t on ADSL2+. (I’m on 3G, only way to get internet in many areas of Oz).

    The new builder is really, really, slow. (Support ticket raised.).

  • Wes F Kennedy

    Wow, I’m rarely impressed with online companies. You guys have outdone yourselves. Can’t wait to use the new functions! Great work guys

    • Awesome, thanks Wes! Would love to hear your thoughts once you take the new builder for a spin.

  • Ann K

    Hi Will, Hard to say anything about the changes since this is all VERY NEW to me but I am all for anything to make this easier. After checking out your video, it was amazingly easy to do, I hope it actually works correctly. Check out my creation with your new program: https://itbeginsnow.leadpages.net/graduate-debt-free/
    Open to all suggestions 🙂 -Ann K

    • Great page, Ann! My one suggestion would be to link your “Show Me the Video Now” button to a LeadBox instead of another opt-in page. We’ve seen this dramatically increase conversion rates again and again. With the new builder, you can do this really easily.

  • Seth Overly

    Although I’m fairly new to LeadPages, what I love so far is the effort you guys put into implementing user feedback to continually improve your site and features. Thanks so much – now I’m heading over to listen to Clay on the SPI podcast!

    • Thanks, Seth! Enjoy the podcast episode. I listened to it this morning…great stuff!

  • Once again, the LeadPages crew are way ahead of the curve! This makes life a lot simpler for updating/creating pages. I would like to see the Save button permanently visible at the top of the page, though, instead of only being shown when LeadPages options are selected. Unless there’s autosaving going on (which I doubt at this time).

    One of my new pages I’ve revised today with the new builder is here https://bobtheteacher.leadpages.net/gaps-live/ Being able to set up a split test and more quickly turn off elements (like the bullets in my case) is cutting down the time to publish tremendously!

    • Great webinar page, Bob! So cool to hear how much time the new builder is saving you.

  • Michelle Nightengale

    I like this, but one thing I’d like to do easily is add a Google Analytics code or Facebook tracking pixel to any page. As far as I know, I can only do it by downloading the page and editing the code myself, correct?

    Can you all please give us the option to add either a Google Analytics code or Facebook tracking pixel to any page from within the builder, so we don’t have to download and edit the code ourselves?

    I’d REALLY appreciate this!

    (I’m also a Webinar Jam user and have been waiting since February for Webinar Jam to integrate with LeadPages. Webinar Jam tells us they’ve given all of the info to LeadPages and now we’re just waiting on LeadPages to integrate it.)

    Michelle Nightengale

  • Volker Hartzsch

    I’ve said this before but I am going to repeat it: You guys are the best I’ve seen in this industry for the last 10 years! Awesome changes.

  • Stefano

    Nice! I’ve never used LP because it wasn’t flexible enough, but I subscribed to your newletter anyways. With this new builder, I may give your software a try. 🙂

    • That’s great to hear, Stefano! As a reminder, we do offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you’d have a solid month to experiment risk free. 🙂

  • Good, better, Leadpages 🙂
    Thank you!

  • Rick Fueyo

    You just cemented your position as the leader in this space – not sure if there are any complaints left to make! Awesome update.

  • You guys are awesome!

  • Sondra

    Thank you thank you thank you!

  • The best and easiest landing page builder just got better and easier!

    • I agree, David! Love the functionality and intuitiveness of the new builder.

  • A.J Koto

    where is the email service integration boxes with the new builder? I cannot find integration boxes

    • Hi Sondra, as a LeadPages customer you have access to our awesome customer support team. Submit a ticket at support.leadpages.net and they can walk you through setting up your integration.

  • Patricia Stahl

    Absolutely 100% awful. Didn’t like whatsoever the changes, specially that I do not have the option to keep what I had built.
    Changed all my templates, added things that I didn’t need it, added new words, new buttos, and didn’t give me the freedom to keep the functionalities that I so enjoyed.
    The interface is not user friendly (I’m not a newbie I’m a developer), I can not even find mailchimp integration. Already clicked in every single button and can not find it. Also I still didn’t figure it out how to take my prospect to my website.
    I’m in the third day talking back and fourth with the support which is not fast at all to rebuild every single page that was already ready to go. Talk about frustration, if I didn’t have spent so much time creating these pages I’d have cancelled my membership. I’m not happy and think that you guys should’t be messing with pages that were built already. Time is money and because of this update I’m 3 days behind and who knows when the support will reply…..

    • Hi Patricia, the builder release should not have affected your existing templates. That is definitely not a typical result, so support will ensure that issue gets resolved for you. Regarding integration settings, that menu option should appear on the left when you click to edit your opt-in button within the builder.

      Our apologies for the difficulties you’re encountering. Please know support is working to resolve them for you.

      • Patricia Stahl

        It affected every single one of my templates Will. 🙁

        The info that I got from the support team is that a can’t have a single opt in anymore because all the templates upgraded to the two step opt-in and you guys no longer have any one-step templates.

        If I can keep the templates the way that I had originally would be fabulous because this unnecessary two steps may work to other types of industry and strategies but it does not make sense to what I’m working on and just add more difficulty for the prospect leave their email. Would be great if you guys leave us with this option and we get to choose what is best. Does not make sense to wipe out all the one step templates and only have a two step instead, in my humble opinion, because leave us with no flexibility and take us back to code creation which is a LOT of work and time consuming….

        I appreciate the reply, looking forward to your answer.

  • Where is the option for a 1-step optin page? All I can find is 2-step pages. 2-step makes sense for certain applications, but not across the board. Did you remove this feature?

    • Hi Dan, based on the higher conversion rates we’ve seen in using 2-step opt-ins instead of 1-step opt-ins, we’ve put an emphasis on 2-step opt-ins in our templates. That said, if this is a feature you’d like to see, I’d love for you to submit a feature request here: https://docs.google.com/a/ave81.com/forms/d/1FKUMockIoYwV68ZDzoHKG9Yf9PDf0YefoCKfOB54ouk/viewform

      Also, if you’re a Pro or Enterprise customer you also have the option to export your page’s HTML and code in a 1-step opt-in.

      Thanks for your feedback!

      • I understand the effectiveness of the 2-step optin. But the 1-step also works well and makes more sense in certain situations. The irony of this is that the update is meant to add flexibility and customization. But you’ve removed a key feature that was working quite well. Please remedy this. I’ve submitted the idea at the link you provided above.

        • Hugo Landolfi

          I agree, but now appears that LeadPages dont care what your need. They think they know better than you what you need.

  • Hugo Landolfi

    Hi, nice changes but… where is the option for a 1-step optin page? I use that kind of optin option.

    • Hi Hugo, we learned from extensive testing that the 2-step opt-in process with LeadBoxes consistently outperformed 1-step opt-in forms in both our business and tons of our customers’ businesses. That’s why we’ve built LeadBoxes into all of our pages. We talk more about that in this video:http://blog.leadpages.net/anno

      However, if you’re a Pro or Enterprise customer an option is to export the HTML and code in a one-step opt-in form.

      • Hugo Landolfi

        It would be nice to let us decide what options to use us and not you decide for us. On some pages I have better performance with 1step optin, but from now, not anymore. You have made ​​a very bad decision that harms me.

  • Stacy Stvens

    I hate to be a pest… I can’t find where to change or set up a Thank You page now!

    • No worries, Stacy. If you click your page’s opt-in button in the builder, you should see a “Thank you page” option in the lefthand menu. If you have more trouble, please submit a ticket at support.leadpages.net.

  • Do not like the new builder. I am having issues upon issues. Can you change me back….please. It was so easy and simple before, why change when it was working.

    • Hi Ronnie, thanks for your feedback. Would you mind outlining the issues you’re encountering for our support team at support.leadpages.net ? That would be a huge help for us, and it should give support the information they need to help you with any problems you’ve experienced. Thanks!

      • just created my videos of issues and submitted a ticket. We shall see.

      • I have since submitted about 3 more issues…..one where I have to go back and edit everyone of my optin boxes because the image is not showing and the text and color was changed. I have about 20+ squeeze pages for my ebooks and that part is all messed up. I don’t have time for this.

  • thanks guys.

  • Russell Lundstrom

    Now that’s an update!

  • Monika Mundell

    Awesome changes Leadpages team. Many of the functions you’ve added were something I’ve secretly grumbled over in private. I’ve always loved your software, but this update takes Leadpages to another level – unmatched in the industry. Thanks so much.

  • Aaqib

    The changes have messed up my old squeeze page and are really hard to use on my iPAD.
    For the first time I’m not happy with leadpages 🙁

    Aaqib Ahmed

    • Guest

      So you’d prefer they didn’t improve the product and innovate? Seriously, fix the page and get over it! These are awesome changes and makes the product better!

  • Monique

    Thank you, these new upgrades make it simpler for New Lead page users.

  • Sandy Tashi Hounsell

    Brilliant ..can’t wait to use al the new updates

  • sky

    Well Done! I’m excited to give it a try! Keep up the good work, hope to get more and more flexibility in leadpage building!

  • Nice work guys! I did have to fix my single opt-in but otherwise I like the changes. Super quick and easy to make changes. Here’s a squeeze page I created with the new builder: https://lisocorp.leadpages.net/shiftebook/

    • Jeff Wenberg

      Carlos! That’s awesome. Thanks for sharing. Great job! I have a couple ideas that might help. Would love to give you a landing page review. Hit me up on Twitter @jeffwenberg and I’ll send it to you!

  • Michael Cheney

    Dudes – love the updates BUT….

    Since these changes I’ve noticed the following critical errors (have submitted tickets but no response yet);

    1. When I choose a template but say “No Thanks” to selecting an organization category the screen that loads is blank (in IE and FF)

    2. When I edit an existing template from my list the screen is blank (again in IE and FF)

    3. I’m no longer able to upload images – it seems to work but images aren’t displayed

    4. I can’t edit the Privacy/Legal footer links in my templates

    I’m almost exclusively using the Schramko template – don’t know if this is affected??

    Please help – at a standstill with my leadpages until these major issues are resolved and not have anything back from support yet.


    Michael Cheney

  • I don’t see where to setup mail list integration with the new template builder, where it is?

    • Jeff Wenberg

      For all support questions please go to support.leadpages.net in the future. However if you click your opt-in button they will come up.

  • Congrats!! Guys… I was thinking to cancel my subscription… but now I am totally happy again! =) This is just a lot better, great service because you constant make evolutions!!

  • Maggie Percy

    OMG!!!!!!! Love these changes! You guys rock!

  • Sean Agnew

    This is absolute lunacy that you would remove single optin completely and not have it as an option. I don’t know what kind of testing you do but I have 70-80% conversion on my pages and in one fell swoop you have taken single optin away. You need to bring that back as an option IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hugo Landolfi

      I agree. LeadPages seems that is happens the same thing happens to any company that grows: forget what customers need. Remove that option was a serious error and disrespectful to those of us who used it.

  • Using the new builder is making it fun to be more creative with my pages. Thank you LeadPages for these amazing updates. It also shows how committed you are to being a top page creator product!

    • Jeff Wenberg

      That’s awesome to hear Lynn! Care to share any of your pages? Would love to see what you’ve come up with!