How to Use LeadPages® with Your Clients

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Transcript: For anyone looking to use LeadPages® with clients and better organize their LeadPages® and LeadBoxes® sub-accounts are a fantastic option.

So if you have one account you could publish LeadPages® on any of your clients websites and host them all in the same LeadPages® account.

However if you’d like to keep each client’s pages separate, you could use sub-accounts.

Sub-accounts are fully functional Pro accounts that are connected to your main LeadPages® account. Just as with your main LeadPages® account, you’ll be able to publish to Facebook, WordPress, LeadPages’ servers, or your own servers with any of your sub-accounts.

Sub-accounts are handy if you want to provide clients with log-in information for their account, or if you have multiple clients using the same email service provider. For example, imagine you had 2 clients using MailChimp accounts. You could connect 1 instance of MailChimp to your main account, and connect the other instance to a sub-account. This way you can integrate with multiple email lists with ease.

Sub-accounts are also effective for businesses that have multiple locations, such as retail franchises. A marketing team could manage the main account and give sub-accounts to every store location so they can use LeadPages® in a way specific to their market.

Billy Gene of Billy Gene Is Marketing Inc. utilizes more than 100 sub-accounts on behalf of his clients. Billy says:

“We are a white-label agency, so it helps us stay organized by keeping our client accounts in one place that’s easily accessible from our main LeadPages® account.”

Marketing professionals, agencies, and people with only a few clients can all utilize sub-accounts.

If you’re ready to add sub-accounts, you can purchase them by clicking on the sub-accounts bar at the top of your LeadPages® member portal.

If you’re not a LeadPages® customer, you can sign up today. You’ll have access to hundreds of professionally designed templates that you can customize in minutes without ever having to touch a line of code. All of our plans come with a 30 day guarantee, so join us today!