How to Get a 98% Conversion Rate with LeadDigits™ (Hint: It’s Almost Too Easy)

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Back in April we launched LeadDigits™, which allows our users to add people to their email lists via text messages.

LeadDigits™ has been gaining massive traction with our customers. In fact, it’s generated over 78,000 leads in just a few months. And people are using it in a huge variety of industries and settings—click below to download our free guide, 50 Ways to Use LeadDigits™, and see just how flexible this tool is:


Why is this important? Well, for everyone that texted a LeadDigit™, 98% of them replied back with their email address.

That’s right: 98% of everyone who texted a LeadDigit™ across our entire user base opted into an email list.

That’s a pretty good conversion rate, right?

So, how does LeadDigits™ work? As I mentioned: LeadDigits™ allows you to collect leads through text messages. That means you can grow your email list from absolutely anywhere—even when your target audience is nowhere near a computer or a web browser.

For example, if you happen to own a store, you could display a sign that says “Text the word freecoffee to 33444 for a free cup of joe.” Customers will be prompted to reply with an email address, which will be automatically added to whichever email list you choose.

Or, for instance, if you’re a realtor, you could display a sign that says “text 221Elm to 33444 for information about this property.”

You could use LeadDigits™ at speaking engagements, on billboards, during podcasts, at events, and more. And with a 98% conversion rate for everyone who texts your number, you’ll be growing your list in no time. For more ideas—50 of them, to be exact!—on using LeadDigits™, download our free guide above.

Scott Stratten from the UnPodcast used LeadDigits™ at a recent keynote he gave for over 2,000 auto executives. This is what Scott said:

“As a keynote speaker and old-school email marketer, I’ve always had trouble getting my live audience to opt into my list. Sending an email didn’t work, sign-up sheets don’t work.

As soon as I saw the announcement for LeadDigits™ from LeadPages, I knew I had found my answer. I bought it immediately and got to test it out last week.

I put the short code up on my slide near the end of my talk and my email was flooded with sign-up notifications. 278 to be exact. I do 50+ keynotes a year, and LeadDigits™ will be in every one of them.” – Scott Stratten

This is just one of the many ways to harness the power of LeadDigits™. To get even more ideas on how you could be using LeadDigits™ with your business, you can download our beautiful infographic, which lays out 50 other amazing ways to build your list with LeadDigits™.

If you’re ready to try out LeadDigits™, click the button below the video and purchase or upgrade to a LeadPages® Advanced plan. You’ll also get access to every feature inside of LeadPages, including LeadDigits™, LeadPages® landing pages, LeadBoxes®, A/B split testing, and LeadLinks™. Not to mention access to our affiliate program, and phone support with our customer happiness team.

Oh, and there’s a 30 day money back guarantee. So join us at the Advanced level today…then text me!

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