How To Drive Traffic and Create Sales Without Using An Email List

Hello everyone, my name is Clay Collins, and in this episode of the Marketing Show, we’re going to talk about how to get people to attend your webinars, to participate in your launches, and to visit your sales pages even when you don’t have them on the mailing list. Let’s say you’ve got a webinar happening in two days, but you don’t have a list that’s big enough to really fill that webinar. How do you get them to attend? Or let’s say you have a list that’s big enough to get people on a webinar or to send people to some launch content so your list is big enough, but you don’t want to email your list again. Maybe you’ve emailed them a number of times that week. How do you get them to take the action that you want them to take? That’s what we’re going to talk about in this episode of the Marketing Show.

So with regards to all of this, there are two problems that marketers are having with email. The first problem is that as a trend, response rate to emails are going down. Open rates are going down and click through rates on those emails are going down, and the reason is that it’s really gone from a world of you’ve got mail where that became an exciting event to you’ve got spam. People are very overwhelmed with email. They’re getting too much email. Most people either they get too much email from marketers and from companies that are soliciting things. So a lot of people are creating second inboxes or second email addresses that are just for list that they’re subscribing too. A lot of people using priority inboxes, and a lot of people are creating different filters to make sure that only personal email is coming to them. The second issue going on here is that marketers are wanting to email their lists less and less. So marketers who used to email their list every single day are now emailing their list about once or twice a week at the most because they’re finding that that’s really what their audiences want. They don’t want to be emailed every single day. They just want to be emailed the highlight reel.

So in this world where response rates are going down and where you have fewer opportunities to mail your list, what do you do? For example, I’m doing a webinar today on list building and audience building, and frankly, I just don’t want to mail just for this event. I’ve emailed my list a little bit recently, and I don’t want to amp that up at all. So how do I let people know about this webinar? Well, the solution to these types of problems is something called traffic funneling, and here’s what traffic funneling is about. Traffic funneling is the process of taking people from across your websites or maybe just one website, but taking people from the vast breath of pages, individual pages they might be going to on your website and sending them to your webinar registration page or your launch page or your survey page, or let’s say you’re doing a 24-hour discount on a product, right? You want to get people to go to that specific page where they’re going to do something that matters immediately, right? Matters within the next 24 hours. So you’ve got the wide mouth of this funnel here, which represents all the sites across all your pages, and the purpose of traffic funneling is really to take people across this wide breath of pages and send them to the targeted page that you want them to go to.

So for example with the webinar that I’m doing today, I’ve got all the Marketing Show episodes, which people are going to, and there’s a very, very, very long tail, and I want to send as many of the people from these pages as possible to my webinar registration page. So how can I do that? Well, there are a number of ways that you can do this kind of traffic funneling. Let me give you four examples. So the first example we’re going to talk about is the welcome gate, and for this example, I’m going to show you Jim Kukral’s website. Now, Jim isn’t using our welcome gate plug-in, but it’s the same concept. Let’s take a look at the site. So the way this works is that when someone goes to Jim Kukral’s site, they see this little note from Jim about new projects that he’s doing. He’s doing a kick starter like fundraising campaign on IndieGoGo, and when you come to this website, there’s a little video, and you have the option to learn a little bit more about this campaign that Jim is doing, or you can continue on to his site. So he’s taking traffic that was there for one reason, and he’s gently funneling them to a specific page that accomplishes a specific purpose for him in his business.

The second method for traffic funneling that we’re going to talk about is a notification bar. An example of this kind of notification bar is the fool bar. Let me show that to you. So here’s an example of a notification bar, and as you can see, it just dropped down here, and there’s a very specific message that is being shown to everyone on this website. And so you can encourage people to, for example, visit your webinar registration page, or visit a special promotion, or free trial that you’re running. On the Marketing Show, you can see that I have a notification bar going as well. It says I’m doing a webinar today, Thursday, on list building in 2012. Click here to join us. So this is another good way of taking people across a wide array of pages across your entire site, and funneling them to a specific page for a specific action that you want them to take.

A third way of doing traffic funneling is thank you pages, and what I love so much about thank you pages and having calls-to-action on thank you pages is that it takes people who’ve already done something for you and hopefully for themselves and invites them to do something else that you want them to do. So for example, on, I have this free report that shows people all the tools that I use to shoot my videos. For example, this video camera that you’re watching this on is a little $80 video camera that I have mounted on a tripod, and it records right into my computer. So I don’t have to take something from an SD card and move it over. I don’t have to take something from a hard drive and move it over, and it costs only $80, and it saved me so much time, and the quality is as good if not better than my digital SLR that was $2500.

So I have a report on this, and when someone opts in here, they are brought immediately to this webinar registration page. So the note here says “Thanks for signing up. Everything we promised to you will be sent to your inbox shortly. While you wait for your materials to arrive via email, we recommend that you read the page below to help you get the most out of your free program.” And when you click on this, the video starts playing and everything is available on this page. And I think so many people squander their thank you pages. Thank you pages are being shown to people who have taken an action that expresses interest in doing something, and maybe you have their email address, but isn’t it better to ask someone to take an action while they’re already in a pattern of taking action than to wait until they’re in their inbox, distracted by a bunch of email, and then ask them to come back to your website? They’re already here. The thank you page, in my opinion, is the most squandered piece of real estate in marketing hands down, and if you’re doing anything on your thank you page other than asking people to for example join your Facebook group, or register for a webinar, or take a survey on how you can better help them, if you’re doing anything on your thank you page other than engaging that person more, you are absolutely and fundamentally wasting that page, and I’ve been guilty of this on a number of occasions, but a thank you page is a great venue for doing this kind of traffic funneling.

A fourth method of doing this is the video call-to-action. So for example, in the latest version of our video player LeadPlayer™, you can globally set a call-to-action across all the videos on a given website. So we made it so that by entering this one line of text, all the videos on say at the very end of the Marketing Show, it says “The Marketing Show is powered by LeadPlayer™. Click here to learn more about this revolutionary video player for marketers and small businesses,” and then if they click on that link, they’re taken to the LeadPlayer™ website. Let me show you what that looks like.

So as you can see, at the very end of this video, it says, “The Marketing Show is powered by LeadPlayer™. Click here to learn more about this revolutionary new video player,” and by entering this one line of text, I set it across all the videos on the Marketing Show, this shows at the very end. Now, I can go in and customize different videos to say different things, but when I want to, I can override all that on a global basis and say, “Show this at the very end of the video.” Well, today, I want to promote a webinar. So I don’t want this to show on all the videos on at the end of the video. What I wanted to say at the end of each video is something else. At the end of each video, I wanted to say, “I’m doing a webinar today, Thursday, on audience building. Click here then opt in to join us at 3 PM Eastern,” and then I’m going to put in the URL right there, and I’m going to click Save Settings, and what this means is that across all the videos on, what’s shown is this. “My name is Clay Collins, and thank you so much for watching this episode of the Marketing Show. Take care.” So at the end of this video, it says, “I’m doing a webinar today, Thursday, on audience building. Click here then opt in to join us at 3 PM Eastern,” and every single video across the entire site shows that, and it took me just a few seconds to set all of this up.

I want to wrap up here by saying that traffic funneling is so important because it’s about taking people who are already engaged in your content, who are already on your website, and nudging them down a certain path. Email marketing is great, but email marketing is about taking people who are in their inbox, doing something else, and trying to get them on to your website, and not enough focus and attention is given to getting people who are already on your website to do something, and I would like to see more attention focused on directing people who are already on your website to take the action that you would most like them to take.

Anyway, my name is Clay Collins. Thank you so much for watching this episode of the Marketing Show, and if you’re on the webinar, I’ll talk to you tonight. Otherwise, I’ll talk to you next week. Take care.

  • Hi Clay,
    The thank you page tip is huge. Can’t believe I’m not doing that better!
    Would you be willing to show us how to code that popup that says “Thanks for Signing up”?

    • Cool. Just this tip alone should make a huge difference for your bottom line.

      • Good call Clay. To me everyone should use their real name and an image is a must as well.

    • Credit Repair Doctor . . . in the future, can I ask you to use your real name? I’d be grateful. I enjoy talking to people rather than brands.

      • Good call. I logged in with Twitter and it showed the company logo. Sorry about that, thanks for the tip 🙂

  • Ryan

    Clay, I do love that audio bed, but I dont think it adds anything to the video under your voice. If anything it distract from your wise words. Loving your marketing show. Thanks for sharing your wisdom. Compulsory viewing.

  • Nick Rogue

    do you know what pluginJim Kukral is using for his site…out of curiosity?

    • I have no idea if he’s using a plugin or not. Could be custom coded.

  • Taki Moore

    Awesome video Clay. Ahead of the game (by a long way)

    • Thanks, Taki. That means a ton coming from you. Thanks for all that you do.

  • Great video, Clay! My favorite of the ones I’ve watched so far.

    I’m definitely going to implement a CTA on my thank you pages. Also plan to do my own little spin on the “foobar” for something I was just going to promote with a big banner in my sidebar. Thanks for the ideas!

    • You’re welcome for these ideas :-). Glad you like them. Thanks for stopping by. BTW your site looks great.

  • Thanks Clay, this was a great episode!

  • Super helpful video. I love that you made it simple and took elements/strategies that you have told us about before on various episodes, but showed us a cohesive strategy for use.

    • Nothing in marketing is really new . . . it’s just all about how you put it together. I’m glad that this assemblage of ideas made sense and was helpful.

  • Great video Clay. I didn’t realise that you could change all custom CTAs on Leadplayer in one go. How do you change them back once the event you’re promoting is over though? Just delete and save?

    • You just go in an change one line of text and hit save. It’s really easy.

  • Insiya Hussain

    Awesome – helpful reminder about placing additional call-to-actions on thank you pages. Am just creating one so it comes at a good time – thanks!

  • Just looked at my Thank You page….grrrr….terrible CTA, redoing now! Thanks for an awesome tip!

  • Hi Clay. I’m interested in getting LeadPlayer and was wondering if it works with self-hosted videos like AmazonS3. The sales page shows YouTube Videos but I didn’t see something about self hosted. Thanks

    • Hi Jeremy! Right now, LeadPlayer works with YouTube videos only. Thanks for the question about LeadPlayer. Since there’s such a huge benefit to having videos on LeadPlayer with YouTube (we now use it for all of our sales videos and landing pages) . . . and since YouTube has lived it’s 15 minute limit on videos (you can now post videos of unlimited length), and since YouTube hosts videos 100% free of charge, we’ve found that YouTube is a good decision in most cases.

      • Thanks Clay. Makes sense and it’s nice to get the free hosting. 🙂 Do you and the team have plans to allow self hosting in a future build? Thanks

  • Hi Clay. That’s a great report showing your technical setup. Quick question about your mic. What connection do you use between the mic and your macbook? Do you use the line-in port on the mac or do you have a separate audio converter?

    • Hi Nic . . . it’s a USB mic, so I use the USB port 🙂

      • Ah! In that case I think you’re linking to the wrong version of the mic in your doc. The USB version is diff.

  • Hi Clay, do you use the cam you recommended in your report on a Mac? I’m reading online that there aren’t any Mac drivers provided by Logitech for that model. I do see others saying that they are using it fine without the Logitech drivers. If you use it on your Mac without the drivers are your recording your videos in the screen capture software you recommended or in QuickTime? I’m seeing something saying you need to use QT to get 1080 and that other software will only be able to use 720 with this cam on a mac. Any feedback would be awesome. Thanks!

    • Hi Eric! I use that cam with Screenflow and it works just fine. Technically the camera doesn’t work on a mac, but it works just fine for me.

      • Thanks Clay! That seems to be what I was seeing online. Just wanted to confirm with you that it worked with Screenflow. I’ll be sure to come back and let you know how it goes.

        • Sounds great. P.S. Check out the video quality in the HD video above. LeadPlayer not is HD enabled.

  • Hi Clay,

    Love the function of LeadPlayer, both email subscription and call to actions are awesome!!! We can even build a list with a bunch of other people’s videos, crazy, lol!!!

    I just get the welcome gate and love to test out the opt in rate comparing to my pop up!


    • Awesome, Ming! Can’t wait to hear how it works out for you. Thanks for stopping by!

      • Hi Clay,

        I have tested with my browser and on 2 other PC. So far the welcome page displayed well. However, one thing puzzled me is the stats from Aweber because it only shows 1 impression for the web form, which does not seem right…

        Do you know if there is anything I can do? I’ve reinstalled the plugin but web form impression still the same…I have installed on my main blog

  • Hi Clay!

    Great video! I was curious to know which camera you use, the video quality is wonderful.

    • Chrissie

      Just found your report with the info 🙂 Thanks again for sharing such great content!

  • What I like about this methodology Clay is that it’s 1. informing the client quickly
    2. it gives clear concise choice 3. you feel empowered/more informed – to follow ones own agenda 4. you don’t feel emotionally manipulated and dragged into the marketer’s agenda….Proves yet again you are after the ‘win-win’ as opposed to the win–lose..very cool..