[Free Download] 4-In-1 Landing Page Template For (1) Google Plus Hangouts, (2) Webinar Replays, (3) Video Sales Pages, & (4) Video Squeeze Pages

[Free Download] Snag This All-In-One Landing Page Template For Running Google+ Hangouts, Hosting Webinar Replays, Creating Video Sales Pages, and Building Video Squeeze Pages

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If you have LeadPages™, you don’t need to download this template – it’s already available to you inside your LeadPages account. Just log in and you’ll see how super easy it is to customize this page in seconds with no technical knowledge or skills, make it mobile responsive, integrate it with your email service provider or CRM, run A/B split tests, and publish it to Facebook, WordPress, or your own server.

We’ve created what we think is our most versatile landing page yet.

Yeah it’s awesome.

It’s called the Google+ Hangout page but it’s actually four pages in one. It can be used around Google+ Hangouts, it can be used to host webinar replays, it can be used as a video sales page and it can be used as a video opt-in page. It’s a super versatile page that can be customized in a lot of different ways. Now is this page over responsive?

Why yes, it is.

So if you have somebody accessing this page from a smart phone, it’ll display 100% correct. This is a great page with a ton of different uses and we’re really excited to release it. Now this page takes no time at all to set up so let’s go ahead and customize this page inside of LeadPages. We’ll take a look at how you can this page to run Google+ Hangouts in a way that will increase your sales. Now, we can customize this page really quickly but because we’re customizing this for Google+ Hangouts, we’ll turn off the webinar replay box. This box says webinar replay, this replay will be removed on Friday at midnight. Now you’d use this if you were using this page to host a webinar replay but since this language sounds awkward in the context of the Google+ Hangout, we’re going to turn it off.

Now with like all of our pages, you just click on something to edit it. So I’ll click on this and then select hidden to turn it off. Now here’s how to embed an on-air your video. Once you have your Hangout setup and you’re ready to broadcast, click embed right here at the top of the screen and then copy this on-air embed code. Now I will come back to my LeadPage and then I’ll click on the video and paste in my Google+ on-air embed code. Now the recommended size is 900 pixels x 506 pixels so I’ll adjust these numbers here to correspond to that. Okay. Now the video is done.

See this call-to-action button? You may want to use this on a Google+ Hangout or a webinar when you’re selling something and you’re encouraging people to purchase or urging people to take a specific action. For example, I might want to do a Google+ Hangout on how to play guitar because I’m selling a course on how to play guitar so I’ll type in here, click here to get my course on how to play guitar. Now to link it to your shopping cart or wherever you want someone to be directed once they click on the button, enter in the link to your shopping cart here. If you’re not going to use a call-to-action button, simply turn it off here.

Now in the chat box, you can put any kind of chat comments here. We have Chatroll but other suggested comment areas for Google+ Hangouts include Chatango, DiscussComments, or Facebook comments. Services like Chatroll and Chatango allow you to moderate the comments so you can control what’s being said by people that are chatting here. I’m going to use Chatroll. So if you have an account, create a Chatroll and then grab the HTML embed code. I’ll go back to my lead page and paste the code in this box right here. Okay. Now the comments are all set up. Finally, I’m going to turn off the opt-in bar here at the bottom. This opt-in bar allows you to collect email opt-ins. Now we wouldn’t want this on during a Hangout because usually the purpose of a Hangout isn’t to get people to opt-in to our list. It’s to get people that are already on our list to purchase our products or services. So since we’re not using this option, I’ll click on it and then I’ll turn it off. From there, I’ll name the page then click save.

Now we have a few publishing options here. You can publish this page through our servers, publish it to WordPress, publish it to Facebook as a Facebook tab or finally you can download the file and put it on your own server.

Now let’s quickly review how to set this page up to run Google+ Hangouts. First, turn off the webinar replay box, get your Google+ on-air video embed code and paste it in your LeadPage. Add a call-to-action button if you’re using one. Get your Chatroll or similar embed code and paste it into your LeadPage, turn off the opt-in bar and then you’re ready to publish the page.

Now if you’re not a LeadPages customer, you will need to be a coder or hire a coder to make the downloadable template below work. For non-LeadPages customers, it’s a bit more difficult to set up. So here’s what you’ll need to do if you’re not a LeadPages customer. If you’re a developer, click on the link below and opt in to get this versatile template and our lead magnet delivery system will deliver it to you. You modify the HTML and CSS using your coding skills or the coder you’ve hired. You integrate it with your autoresponder and WordPress, etc., you get your landing page code that you’ve generated and publish the page. So these are all the steps you’ll need to take if you’re not a LeadPages customer. If you are a LeadPages customer, you don’t need to download the template because it’s already in the member’s area. If you’re not a LeadPages customer and you’d like to be, head to www.LeadPages.net to get LeadPages.

I’m Jeff Wenberg. Take care.


  • Thanks for this! I do all of my interviews with Hangouts so I might check this out If I decide to do future webinars.

  • Rolando

    Clay, you are killing it dude. I love what you’re doing with LeadPages. This 4-In-1 Landing Page Template is awesome.

    • Rolando! Awesome. I’m so glad that you like this.

  • Clay, great job. Loving these templates and am getting ready to sign up an LP account for myself (currently helping 3 clients use your service at my referral). But did you change the pricing? I feel like just a couple of weeks ago there was a monthly and a one time fee??

    • Hi Drew! Thank you so much for your very kind words. In terms of the pricing, nothing has changed. We still have monthly and yearly pricing: http://screencast.com/t/hY7DGuEENBtI

      • Clay, ok I didn’t see the annual option. Did the prices just raise considerably or something? I feel like it was $37 / month or $197 for the year?? OR is the “pro” a new option?

        • Great question. The pro is a new option.

          • 🙂 but bummed because that has the A/B testing feature :(((( is there somewhere that I can see how that feature works

          • Sure thing, here’s a video that demonstrates how split testing works: http://blog.leadpages.net/leadpages-split-testing/

          • thanks. have you thought about sharing the conversion rate for the pages? we can search by the best converting pages, but have no idea what rates we could expect

          • Great question, Drew.

            For now we don’t want conversion rate data to be publicly available. Only the order. In part because conversion rate varies so much based on a number of factors, and whatever conversion rate you’ll see for a template isn’t what you could expect … since it all depends on the quality of your copy, the quality of your traffic source, your industry, etc.

            Thanks for sopping by.

            Warm regards,

          • got it – makes sense. one more quick question please. I don’t see that it is possible to make my leadpages the default page on my WP, am I missing something? I was hoping they would be in the dropdown menu here: http://screencast.com/t/FA4HDuOOm

          • Getting a LeadPages to be your home page inside of LeadPages is super easy to do. If you’re a customer and haven’t figured out how to do this, our customer support team will be more than happy to help. Please hit them up after purchasing and they’ll help you out. I try to draw a line between talk about features and ideas (on the blog) … while our support team addresses support tickets via our support system (so we can track everything and make sure that nothing slips through the cracks).

  • Do y’all plan to update the LIVE on Air Template to fix the Video sizing so it’s mobile responsive? I have a few already setup, so I guess I need to reset up in this new template? Thanks for all the great resources you guys provide!

    • Hi Libby. Great question. The template currently is mobile responsive as shown in the video above.

      Warm regards,

      • Hey Clay, the current pages I have set up using the existing template don’t resize the video which is why I was asking. Example: http://www.libbywebb.com/livewithlibbyep1 Love LeadPages!!

        • Hi Libby… unfortunately our page can’t influence whether or not your video player responds. If you’re using a mobile responsible video player (like LeadPlayer) then the video area will respond. Otherwise it will not. Our page can’t make your player resize. That’s really up to the player itself, and we can’t force a behavior in the player that you’re using. We suggest using a mobile responsive player.

        • P.S. Thanks a ton for the kind words about LeadPages.

  • Scott

    Looks like a good template. I am a little confused though. I came here from an email I was sent because I opted in. So you need me to opt-in again to download it? Either you’re segmenting your lists and have a funnel for each or there’s an oversight somewhere.

    Also, I’m leaning pretty heavily on the $37 option. But I don’t see anyway to differentiate which templates I have access too in the normal VS Pro account?

    • Hi Scott!

      Thanks for your question. We are segmenting.

      Regarding availability of templates, ALL templates are available with ALL versions of LeadPages.

      Thanks for considering using us.

      Warm regards,

  • Clay…
    I think I’ll love this for some of my clients but my big question for you is this:
    Can I HIDE the COMMENTS Area?

    I really don’t like your commenting options and my clients that would use this are not techy people… so setting up the comments, etc. is not a good option for them. Is there a way to hide them? The last template I used here (Live Webinar?) would not easily let me hide them from what I remember. Thanks in advance for your reply.

    • Hi Ronnie!

      Thanks for your question.

      Yes, you can hide the comments area. As a LeadPages customer I’d encourage you to play around the with template so you can this. On almost all of our templates you can hide the comments area.

      Warm regards,

  • Ryan Nagy

    I am trying to figure out how I can use this template (or any leadpages template) to sell and deliver a webinar series using GoogleHangout. Would be nice to not pay the $99 per month for GoToWebinar. I will dig around until I figure out, though comments are welcome! (I am a customer).

  • Johnn Four

    How could I set things up in advance to have ready for when the hangout starts? I don’t think you get your Hangout Embed code until you start the Hangout, do you?

    So if that’s the case, can I make the LeadPages page days in advance and just paste in the embed code once I start the Hangout?

    • JP

      Wish somebody would answer this one!

  • JP

    Can somebody answer Johnn’s question? I have the same one…

    “How could I set things up in advance to have ready for when the hangout starts? I don’t think you get your Hangout Embed code until you start the Hangout, do you?”

    Can you get the embed code in advanced?

    • Johnn Four

      Google’d around and am 99.93% sure you can’t get the embed code in advance. So this is a Hangouts limitation, not a LeadPages limitation.

      So I’m going to try this instead. Make a 30 second teaser video via Hangouts and create the LeadPages page with that. Have the chat open to capture questions in advance from people who can’t make it for the live show. Promote this page as an upcoming event announcement to my list.

      Just before the event starts I’ll start the Hangout and switch codes out on the LeadPages page. If I need a new chat, I’ll get that running too. Should take a minute.

      I’ll do this right at the end of the 15 minute pre-show warmup I do as I make the guest comfortable and as we both do equipment testing.

      Then I’ll hit update on the LeadPages page and start the show.

      One thing I’m not sure of is, can I add an Aweber signup box to this template? Then I can email people who’ve opted in, just before the show starts, as a reminder.

      I’ve only been doing my interview series straight through Hangouts and YouTube. I’m really excited to try out this template to get the show appearing on my site too!

      • Making a teaser/promo video that is visible days ahead and pasting in the HOA video info is the only way to make this work. YES you only get the HOA video code after you start out the HOA process, what we call the “Green Room” time… gather it, and use it before you press the “Start Broadcast” button… find plenty o’ tips/tricks on my profile stream http://www.google.com/+RonnieBincer