Publicly Calling Out Gary Vaynerchuk (You’re Going Down!)

Hello. My name is Clay Collins and welcome to today’s episode of the marketing show. And I’m here to tell you that today, Friday, May 13th, I am calling out Mr. Gary Vaynerchuk on a little competition here… I’m calling this dude out, okay? So, here’s the back story.

On, I believe it was April – no March 14th of this year, Gary, you know, the famed wine store salesman, I mean, Gary Vaynerchuk started a web show called the Daily Grape. Incidentally, that show has not come out every single day as the name implies.

Publicly Calling Out Gary Vaynerchuk And The Daily Grape

About a month after he started that show, I started the marketing show. I never said it would come out every single day. I’d put it out about two to three times per week. But given Gary’s kind of spotty record here, I have a little friendly competition. I am going to race him to 100 episodes and I’m going to beat him, okay? And here’s how I’m going to do it. I’m not going to do anything special. I’m just going to put out an episode every single day until I get to 100.

So, what’s the score right now, given that Gary started out a daily show, given that Gary started about a month before me? Well, Gary has 39 episodes posted. I have 14. And in the next few months, you’re going to see me clean his clock.

So, Gary Vaynerchuk, I am calling you out. I am the underdog here. And this is going to be like the Jets versus Colts in the ’69 Super Bowl. And guess what, I’m the Jets and you are going down. See you at the finish line.

  • Benjamin


    Smart idea.

    Although as I was checking out your video, it is loading really slow. Thought you’d want to know. 

    I like to keep up on Gary as he seems on top of it, and his video is loading much faster.

    Good luck,

    • Hi Benjamin . . . you’re the only one who’s ever mentioned slow video.  We’re running on amazon cloud front and we’ve heard nothing but good things about video speed.

    • Hi Benjamin . . . you’re the only one who’s ever mentioned slow video.  We’re running on Amazon cloud front and we’ve heard nothing but good things about video speed.

  •  Have fun on the challenge and I am sure some awesome content will come out of it from both teams if he accepts the challenge.

    • His show is called Daily Grape.  He’s already accepted the challenge :-). 

  • Adrienne Knight

     Running slow for me too just to let you know

    • Hey . . . thanks for letting me know. What is running slow? The page is loading slowly? Or the video is loading slowly? Thanks for helping out.

      • Video is loading super slow, slower than a YouTube vid =(
        I’m patient though! Funny, I was gonna ask which video service you used haha…

        • Thanks for the input, Will.  We’re going to work on this.

          • All good – I’ve heard good things about Amazon’s cloud front too, everyone has their bad days though!

  • Out of curiosity, if you win… how do the 1000 Wine library episodes factor in?

    Also I think it is a bit dangerous to claim that someone that is not Gary gets to be the Jets in a football analogy.

    Should be fun to watch! Good Luck!

    • Allen, it’s a race to the 100 episode mark (not 1000 episodes).  And the analogy was obviously on purpose.  Will you be in Vegas?  If so I hope to see you then.analogy was obviously on purpose.  Will you be in Vegas?  If so I hope to see you then.

      • I am just giving you a hard time Clay.  And yes that is the plan, cya in Vegas! 

        I have been following both you and Gary for a while, so I am excited to see what happens.  Of course Gary recently gave away over $30K in door prizes at my Alma Matter, so I might be a bit biased. lol.

        Have a safe flight!

  • Steve M

     I know right, kinda daily grape I think he did WLTV more and it was a better show. I do not tune in nearly as often. Need to bring the content too. Not just quantity but quality too. Good luck Clay.  

    •  Thanks Steve.  I’m just having fun with this whole thing.  This really isn’t a race . . . and episode quality will likely improve throughout all of this.  Anyway, glad you stopped by.

  •  Hi Clay, I’m a new fan of yours.  I am not however a fan of Vanerchuk.  I bought his book and was really disappointed.  Be careful who you pair yourself with.  ~Lisa

  • Hey Clay,

    me too with the slow video. In fact, your last two videos (not pages) have loaded ultra slow for me. I’ve checked this across 4 computers & they are all slow. Just thought you may want to know. Angela.

    • Tracy Simmons

      Hey Angela, we’re working on this. It seems to load really fast for some people and slow for others, so it’s a bit hard to pinpoint what the issue might me. We will get this resolved as quickly as we can!