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Hello everyone, my name is Clay Collins, and in this episode of the Marketing Show, I’m going to be giving you a tested and proven cut and paste video landing page template that you can use in your business to generate more leads and more traffic. That’s what you have to look forward to in this episode of the Marketing Show.

So what we’ve been doing recently is in addition to giving you information, information about how to do marketing correctly, we’ve been giving you tools that embed best marketing practices and tested marketing tactics embedded into the tools. So I don’t have to sit here and give you marketing theory or go on and on about what’s been working recently. I can merely give you a tool that incorporates best practices into the tool. And so I want to give you today one of those tools that has embedded into it something that’s been working incredibly well for us. So as a background, let me show you here a landing page that we’ve created for the interactive offered that’s been working incredibly well for us. So let me show you what happens.

At a certain point in this video, I tell people that they should opt in to the list, right, and that is about – Let’s see. It looks like it’s about 3 minutes and 5 seconds into the video. I tell people that they’ll get some things when they opt in. And right then, right when I tell people that they should opt in that’s when the opt-in box displays. At the beginning of the video, nothing is displayed in terms of an opt-in box. It’s only after I’ve made the call to action to opt in that the box actually displays. As you can see, it displays here. It doesn’t display here. So the call-to-action in the video is timed with the display of the opt-in box, and I want to give you the ability to do this as well.

Now if you own a LeadPlayer, you don’t have to build a page like this because you can do it in a few seconds with LeadPlayer, but if you aren’t a user of LeadPlayer, then you can kind of hack together a solution that’s going to work for you in some cases if you know HTML and want to poke around a little bit and are okay doing something outside of Word Press. So if you have LeadPlayer, you don’t need this. If you don’t have LeadPlayer, this is a work around that can help in some situations.

And before I get ahead of myself, I should tell you why this works and why this works so well. It’s because when people go to a page, say they’re going to a page like this, and they immediately see an opt-in box, they are a little on the defensive. They can tell that you’re trying to get, right, but if they come to a page and there’s no opt-in box at all, and they’re watching your content, right, they get to know you, they get to like you a little bit, they hear a little bit about what you have to offer, and then when you tell them what they get if they opt in and you ask them to opt in if they are presented with an opt-in box at that point, then you are much more likely to get an opt-in. In fact, in some cases, we’ve seen 200 or 300% increases in opt-in rates. It’s like of like if you’re dating then you’re talking to someone at the bar, if you just ask them for their phone number immediately, chances of that working are not very high, but if you have a good conversation with them, you establish rapport, maybe there’s some flirting in there, some chemistry, and then you ask for the phone number, the call-to-action if you will, they’re much more likely to give it to you so a little dating analogy there. In both marketing and dating, timing is absolutely and fundamentally key.

So here’s what I’m going to give you or rather I should say here’s what we player is giving you since is in a very real way funding the creation of this giveaway that we’re giving away. So you’re going to get this page right here, and as you can see, 5 seconds into the page, this opt-in box appears. So you can hook this up to your AWeber form. You got to do a little pocking around with the code, but this text is customizable. The button text is customizable, and this is customizable. So we actually made this as generic as possible while making everything editable on the page. We also incorporated best practice; the colors of the button, the design on the page.

Basically, everything that’s on here was designed from the ground up around what’s been working with us on all our other sites. So somewhere on this page or somehow in this experience that you’re having right now, you’re going to be able to download this again sponsored by LeadPlayer. Go check out LeadPlayer at Just a few things I’m customizing. Before we go, see what’s a site name right here. That’s right here to site name. The code is very simple, very well done. It wasn’t done by me. We have a team of people that do this, but this code is editable where it says enter your e-mail address. That’s this text right here. That can be changed. In addition, where it says ‘Insert your e-mail here,’ you can change that text. That’s the text. That’s the text that goes right here where it says ‘Get access now.’ That is – Let’s see where it’s at. That’s this text right here. So you can easily edit this.

So just a few things before we wrap up for the day. First thing is that I cannot provide support for this. So there’s no support in any way, shape, or form. It’s not supported in our user form. It’s just simply something that we’re giving it away. If this helps you, awesome. If it doesn’t, I would encourage you to hire some sort of consultant to help you out with your web pages. The second thing, sort of the silver lining on this is that this is 100% uncopyrighted. We are giving this away. If you want to make some modifications and charge for it, you absolutely can. If you want to turn this into a Word Press plug in and charge for it, you can do it. So this is completely and utterly uncopyrighted. I would like a link to this. However, from your blog or Facebook or somehow, if you use this, we would love to have attribution for this. The next thing, if you don’t know HTML and you don’t want to hire someone to do this or you don’t know how to hook this form up to your e-mail service provider then I would consider getting LeadPlayer. We love LeadPlayer. We created it in-house for the Marketing Show and are now making that available to the world. The final thing is that we’re giving this away without requiring on opt-in, right. You don’t have to opt in to our list to get this. It’s just available on this page.

So if you would like to say thank you or if you benefited from this in any way, please do us the favor and like this on Facebook. This would be tremendously helpful for us. This took us hours to create, hours to code, hours to implement, and if you could give us a Facebook like in return, I would be incredibly grateful.

Anyway, my name is Clay Collins. I hope you’ve enjoyed this episode. Thank you so much for watching and I’ll talk to you next time. Take care.

  • So. Freaking. Hot.

    And surprise, surprise, you and the Lead Player team keep putting out awesome, insanely valuable content — For Free (Welcome Gate, anyone?)

    So like… are you the Google of Marketing? 😉

    • Thanks for the props, Jason. I’m looking forward to seeing what you do with this page.

  • Joe Miller

    Great landing page, tight code, Belcher button, cool shirt, AND dating advice! I’m off to post in Facebook.

    • Thanks Joe! And thanks for sharing. BTW, glad you noticed the code. It’s not a Belcher buttons, however. Know what that shirt is from?

      Talk soon,

  • BAYO

    Great stuff as always Clay…I’m still trying to figure out who I can compare you to among the ‘old school’ greats.

    Either way, you’re the current generation of expert who’ll continue to make an impact well into the future.



  • Sweet thank you for giving this optin / video page away.

  • Thank you, Clay. What a totally cool idea. So what should we link to when we give you attribution?

  • So….are we supposed to see something on the player? It’s just “buffering” for a very long time. What am I exactly downloading since it’s not showing me anything? Thanks!

    • Hi Deni! I’m so sorry that you’re having this problem. You’re the only one who’s reported a problem watching the video. Please try watching it in another browser and/or watching it on your smartphone.

    • dave

      I’m having this problem too. The last several videos were not viewable within Safari 5.1.6, but when I switched to Firefox v9.0.1, they’ve played (including this one).

      • Hum . . . yeah, Safari has been having problems with YouTube videos. I recommend upgrading to 5.1.7

  • Thanks Clay you have been most helpful. Really cool that you are giving free template.

  • Great stuff Clay, slickest implementation I have seen of this (except leadplayer itself). I’m setting up the leadplayer-welcome gate integration, and I’m wondering if it would be beneficial to disable the opt-in on the welcome gate page and have it appear in the lead player video instead. You could also build this delayed optin technology into the welcome gate. Just saying’.. 🙂

    • Hum . . . I’d have both opt-in boxes. There’s nothing wrong, in this case, with having two places for folks to opt-in.

  • Good stuff Clay! I downloaded the template and played with the Delayed Call to Action Button.

    One thing to note is that your Lead Player software actually delays the button with respect to a specific time of your video. Using this template as standalone delays the button with respect to the time of the page loading.

    Small detail but definitely a reason to implement this with LeadPlayer (for optimal results).

    Thanks anyway though! Always wondered how to use JavaScript to Delay a CTA.

    • With regards to this . . .
      >>>>Small detail but definitely a reason to implement this with
      >>>>LeadPlayer (for optimal results).
      I’m not going to disagree with you. Great observation!

  • Thanks Clay! I just saw a video that uses this technology prior to opening your announcement about it. Word is getting out!

  • Very cool Clay and thanks for your generosity. You are very generous. Regards Geoff

    • Geoff . . . thank you. This is actually a team effort, I just get to be the face of the team right now.

  • Love the intro! What is that track? This is truly awesome i will be trying this out and will give you attribution.

    • Thanks, Justin. The intro is from Dr. Dre 🙂

  • Thank you Clay! Best regards!
    Liz London Artist

  • Clay, you are the man! That’s is OVERDELIVERING… like you always do! I will absolutely share this!

  • Will

    Thanks for this. Just one question: I get that the timing is important – people need to get to know you a little before signing up. But with your Welcome Gate, you’re asking people to sign up before they’ve seen any of your content, so what is it that makes the Welcome Gate a success?