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Hello, everyone. My name is Clay Collins and in this episode of the Marketing Show I’m going to be talking about the power of dress up. I’m going to show you how we dressed up one of our sales pages to increase sales to increase sales by 50% with no copywriting improvements whatsoever, but simply by dressing up our sales page, we were able to increase conversions by 50%. I’m also going to be giving you the “Almost Perfect” sales page and this is a template that you can download and put on your hard drive and then use in your business to increase sales conversions across your web properties. That’s what you have to look forward to in this episode of the Marketing Show.

Also, I’m going to be taking this off because this is kind of awkward and not me. So here’s the back story behind how I started doing dress up to our sale pages. Back in the day I heard this mantra repeated over and over by direct sales marketers and it went like this, “If it’s ugly as hell it will probably sell.” And what they were saying is that if your sales page is ugly as hell, you will probably get sales ‘cause that’s one way to standout.

So what you had was a lot of pages like this, you had lots of highlighted stuff, you had lots of blinking arrows, you had lots of obnoxious text and obnoxious buttons, everything was screaming for attention and admittedly while everyone hates this, this actually did work for a while. The problem is that at some indiscernible moment in history probably at some point in the last two years or so these ugly as hell pages stopped working. And here’s how I found out about this, I was talking to this guy, his name is Vishen Lakhiani he’s the founder of a company called Mindvalley that publishes self-help materials and he was telling me about an experiment that he ran.

He said that he hired a top notch high level copywriter, one of those people that charge like $20,000 to write a sales letter for you. He  hired that person  to write a sales letter for him and that he saw no difference in conversion rate and then he hired a pro-designer to redesign one of his sales pages and he had an 80% boost in conversion. So top like copywriter, no difference top like designer 80% improvement and that got me thinking, what would happen to us if we started increasing the visual integrity of our pages. So we hired a full time graphic designer and we started designing beautiful landing pages. And what we found was time and time again, beautiful landing pages in general outperformed the old fashioned ugly ones, right?

The squeeze page on the right generally outperforms the squeeze page on the left. Put differently, this sales page outperforms this sales page by 57% even though the copy is the same, right? The same features are pointed and the same types of things are included and yet this version of the sales page with design changes only drastically outperforms this version of the sales page which isn’t as visually compelling, so an over 50% improvement purely because of design.

So without further ado, here is the Almost Perfect sales page template that I’m giving to you today, you can download it immediately store it on your hard drive, there’s no opt-in required, it’s absolutely free. So why is this almost perfect? It’s almost perfect because there’s always things that can be improved about any sales page especially for your market, so markets differ in various ways on how they respond to different kinds of sales letters. But there are a number of elements in here that are absolutely crushing it for us right now.

The first element of this page that’s absolutely crushing it is this Click Here To Buy Now button. But check this out, when you click on this button a pop-up appears that ask you to opt-in to get pricing information. And here’s the deal on this, people are more likely in most cases to opt-in to find out how much something cost than they are to opt-in to get your free bribe no matter how good it is.

The vast majority of people in your market are addicted to collecting offers and collecting prices on things they will never buy. When someone is new to something, when they are starting a new hobby, what they do is they go around just collecting price information for products most of which they will never purchase. It’s human nature to want to go around collecting offers and finding out how much something cost, that’s why shopping cart abandon rates are so high because people are adding things to their shopping cart where they’re clicking Add To Cart merely to see how much something cost with no intention to buy because they just like knowing that information. It’s just human psychology.


So by requiring people to opt-in to get pricing information, you can dramatically build your list and you can increase your conversion rates simply because you can follow up with these people with successive e-mails. One of the quickest ways to double the conversion rate of your sales page is to require people to opt-in to see the price because then you can follow up and in the follow up, you can double the conversion rate. And we use this very successfully for this landing page where we were selling this wristband. Actually, there is only shipping and handling required, I think we were taking a slight loss on these, but in order to get the wristband you had to click here and you had to opt-in to get to the order form where you could see the shipping and handling charges. And this pop-up has absolutely crushed it for us in terms of conversion rate.

The next thing on this page that increases conversion rate is this like button here. This provides social proof around your brand, right? If you’re a scammer, if you’re a sketchy brand, you aren’t going to have very many likes on Facebook and this alone can boost your conversion rate. A third beneficial element to this page is that we listed right below the buy button that there is a money back guarantee and that there is secure check out. Both of these elements with their proximity to the buy now button being a yellow color increases conversion rate.

If you swipe nothing else from this page that you’re about to download, swipe this button area and the graphics we’ve used here. This has been proven time and time again to increase conversion rate. Again, a yellow button with a money back guarantee and secured check out information in close proximity with credit card logos has been shown to increase conversion rates and we’ve tested this on a number of occasions.

There’s also an area here to include testimonials, there is a money back guarantee area. There’s an area where you can address people’s frequently ask questions and this is an area where you can address people’s objections about the product. And again, this is incredibly successful and also, there are Facebook comments at the bottom of this page where people can ask questions about what you’re doing. Now, obviously you want to moderate these comments.

Anyway, just to wrap this up, I really do think the biggest element here is that you have to opt- in to get pricing information. Humans again are hoarders of offers and they do it for absolutely no reason sometimes other than that they want to just hoard another offer and put in their little collection of offers and if you can get someone to opt-in, then you can follow up with them overtime and substantially increase the likelihood that they will purchase your product.

Anyway, to wrap this up, I want to say go ahead and download the template below if you’re interested and I want to just implant in you this idea, that you can get dramatic increases  in conversion rates without any difference in the copy itself if you practice solid design principles in your landing pages and your sales pages. That’s the message for today.

Anyway, my name is Clay Collins. I hope you’ve enjoyed this episode of the Marketing Show and I’ll talk to you later. Take care.

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  • Hi Clay, this is interesting. I love what they are doing at Mindvalley too – their design is really outstanding.

    Is there any reason you’re currently not using this technique on the Leadplayer page right now?

    • Russell, I’m really glad that you enjoyed this.

      Re; your question . . . honestly, we’re just slammed and haven’t had time to add it to that particular sales letter yet. Give us a few weeks 🙂


      • Cool 🙂 Is there anywhere we can see it in action?

  • Great info! Thanks Clay

  • Great video Clay! Love all the content you give!

    Question for you- Have you guys tested the conversions of having the actual order form on your sales page (with the sales video or copy), versus having the order form on a separate page and having people click an “add to cart” button like you showed in the video?

    I’ve always had my order form directly on my sales page and have always been curious as to if I’ll get higher conversions if I’d put the order form on a separate page. I’d assume having the order from directly on the page would give you higher conversions, but you never know!

    Thanks buddy!

  • Definitely Interesting. As a matter of interest why does the Lead Player sales page linked to from this page not have an email optin requirement for pricing?

    Is that a test?

    • Honestly, we’re just slammed and haven’t had time to add it to that particular sales letter yet. Give us a few weeks 🙂

  • Irene

    Where is the download?

    • Directly beneath the video

      • I just asked the same thing but it says sales page in the header, and thank you page beneath the video.

        • Sorry about that. I just changed the text to say “Sales Page” instead of “Thank You Page” . . . sorry about the confusion.

      • Exactly.

  • Timothy Reeves

    Excellent! Thanks for your insights.I am incorporating this into my marketing today.

  • Guest

    where’s the download?

  • Thanks for sharing your results Clay! Another great video! Cheers!

  • Andry

    Thanks Clay for the great video and the free sales page templates..

  • Paul Daugs

    I guess I just learned I am a horder of information…lol. I do enjoy the information Clay I will be back to hear about new information you have to share soon.

    • I’m also a hoarder of info. Most people are. Glad you enjoyed this 🙂

  • Sweet! I am writing a sales page today, so this is very timely. This template will be in LeadPages, right? I’m been making landing pages, thank-you pages, and sales pages all week and wishing it were here already ;-). Just a few more days to go…

  • Very interesting and informative Clay, Thanks a million

    • You’re welcome, Ursula. Thanks for watching.


  • Dean

    Hey clay

    In lead pages will there be a good landing page for giving away an autoresponder series?

    What pages do you already have set up in lead pages?

    Thanks man

  • MarieEve

    Thanks a lot for this gift! I am launching my own product and really needed it! I am proud to be different from other website and this template is perfect for that!

    your marketing show is great by the way, keep going!

  • Gerry

    Damn, it doesn’t work with IE.9, any work arounds available Clay?

    • It does work with IE9. We tested it. Not sure what you mean by “not working.” Do you mean that the page doesn’t load? The formatting falls apart? Can you be a little more specific?


  • Very helpful information Clay. I’ve seen a lot of information about the “new” look squeeze pages but no conversion stats so I appreciate your sharing them. The psychology behind this makes a lot of sense & I know that I frequently click the buy now button just for pricing information.

  • Lois Ridley

    Can’t get video to work???

  • James

    Been enjoying your stuff the past few months and cant wait to use this with my sites. Just wondering why you’re not using the pop up thing. Also I will be getting leadplayer in the next week or so cant wait!!

  • James

    Been enjoying your stuff the past few months and cant wait to use this with my sites. Just wondering why you’re not using the pop up thing. Also I will be getting leadplayer in the next week or so cant wait!!

  • Nancy Smeltzer

    When I download the templates that you’ve been offering lately, I get a lot of files of the little pieces of the page. How/which file lets you see the whole page?

  • great video clay. thanks for the shoutout to mindvalley