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Ladies and gentlemen, that is me, your host, Clay Collins, achieving my lifelong dream of seeing in person the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile.

Hello everyone. My name is Clay Collins, and in this episode of The Marketing Show, I’m going to show you why and when you should disguise your squeeze page as an order form. I’m also going to give you the order form squeeze page template for free for you to cut, paste and use in your business. I’m also going to show you our favorite squeeze page that’s disguised as an order form, and I’m going to show you the psychology behind why the order form squeeze page template that we’re giving away today to you, I’m going to show you why this works, and we’re going to delve into the deep psychology behind why it works. That’s what you have to look forward to in this episode of The Marketing Show.

So this is the sales page for one of the highest value things that we’ve given away here. And as you can see, this looks like a normal sales page, but when you click on free instant access, it takes you to an order form. Now what a lot of people don’t know is that this is not connected to our cart in any way. This order form is, in fact, a squeeze page. So initially, I just want to show you this order form so you have a sense of what we’re talking about. But now that you’ve seen this, I want to show you why the order form is, in many cases, the best squeeze page you can possibly have for your business. So the first reason why the order form can be the best squeeze page for your business is that it reinforces the value of what you’re giving away. Let me show you this order form again. It looks like a normal order form, and it shows that the Welcome Gate plug-in is $7, but because we pre-populate this with a coupon code, it says zero. Actually, if you got rid of this, it will still say zero. This entire page is actually not an order form in any way she performs. It just looks like an order form. It’s not tied to our cart. These variables aren’t linked to our database. The only thing that we are getting from this is the first name, the last name, and the email. So this is actually a squeeze page with a bunch of extra fields, and it’s designed to lead people through the ordering process which implies value. Again, it’s very clear that this is something we could charge for in part because we’re displaying this on a page that is traditionally used to collect money.

The second reason why the order form is such a great squeeze page is that it gets rid of the tired tickers. A lot of times, people download something, and they don’t use it, and I’ll actually tell you, on this page, we got a lot of people complaining that they had to fill out all this information for a free plug-in. And here’s the deal. People who complain about having to fill out all these forms for a free product will never buy from you. They’re just looking to get something from you for free, and frankly, I don’t want most of those people on my mailing list. So this separates sort of the real leads for our business from people who are just looking to get something for free and just put something on their hard drive and forget about it.

The third reason why the order form is an amazing squeeze page is that it trains people to fill out your order form. So when someone fills this out, it gets them in the habit. It gets them familiar with your order forms. So if someone who fills this out for a free product is much more likely to fill out an order form for a paid process because they’re familiar with that process. One of the reasons why people buy from Amazon is that they’re used to ordering from Amazon. They’re familiar with the process of ordering from Amazon. And so when you train people and get them in the habit of filling out your order forms, they’re much more likely to repeat that habit in the future. It’s something that they’re comfortable with. And if they fill this out, and had a great experience with you and with your free product, then the likelihood that they’ll buy from you again, filling out the same order form that looks the same, right? They’re much more likely to do that in the future.

All of this brings me to my fourth point. The order form is a great page to use as a squeeze page for giving away pre-launched content. When you’re doing a launch, it’s usually a good idea to use this kind of form to give away something for free. And it’s great to use during the launch because that launch usually ends with you selling something, and so you want to use an order form for the thing you’re giving away for free. You want to use an order form that looks very similar to the order form for the products you’re eventually going to sell at the end of that launch.


So again, you’re training people to use the thing, your demonstrating value, which is more likely to create a sense of reciprocity and the people going through your launch? So again, short term, let’s say you released something 2 weeks before you launched, and you’re using an order form during your launch that looks much like the free order form that’s actually the squeeze page that you used to give away your free product or free report or free whatever during your launch.

So anyway, without further ado, here is the order form that we’re giving to you. This is all CSS3 HTML 5. Amazing, amazing code. You can download this and put this on your hard drive immediately and you can put it on your website. After only a few changes, you just need to swap out your logo with your logo. You need to replace yes, I want the product with yes, I want the, and then whatever the name of the thing is that you’re using. You can put in some kind of terms of service here for what you’re giving away. There’s lots of free terms of service arrangements that you can get on the internet. You need to again replace the language to speak to what you’re giving away and you can alter the price. So we price Welcome Gate at $7 even though we believe it’s worth much more than that. But you can pre- populate this coupon code here with whatever the coupon code is of what you’re giving away, and then it zeros out, and then just hook this up to your AWeber account or your iContact account or your MailChimp account or your SalesForce account or whatever you’re using, and add it to your website. So again, this is something that you can download and put on your hard drive immediately to use in your business.

So anyway, go ahead and download this template. If you want to do some coding yourself, and put it on your own servers yourself, and hook it up to your auto responder yourself, you’re welcome to do that with the template available for free right below this video.

Anyway, my name is Clay Collins. Thank you so much for watching The Marketing Show, and I’ll talk to you next time. Goodbye.

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  • Andrew

    Clay, I love the concept of this, especially the idea of having people be used to, and comfortable with filling in your order forms. I’ve also been loving the templates you’ve been giving away for free. In this case though, isn’t the idea to have the squeeze page match the order page? Given that, and that most people are going to have different styles of checkouts / order forms on their sites, how does a single squeeze template work?

    • I’m not sure that I understand this question: “how does a single squeeze template work?” do you mean technically? Psychologically? If you can be more specific I’ll try and help out.

      Warm regards,

      • Andrew

        By this, I mean that the template is going to look the same for everyone, while everyone’s checkout pages are going to look different (as we use different solutions). Doesn’t this negate a lot of the value in having people feel familiar with your checkout, by being accustomed to it through your squeeze page?

        • Andrew

          Ugh. Still not the best description. I guess what I’m trying to say is that, because it’s a template, your squeeze page, isn’t going to look like my checkout page. So, doesn’t this undo a lot of the effect of people feeling more comfortable on my checkout, that’s mentioned in the video?

  • a good friend of mine was one of the DRIVERs of the weenie mobile! she loved it and its quite a bullet point on a resume!

  • Jonas

    Awesome again!

    Love your updates

  • Clay This is F…ing Brilliant… I love this… will implement that for my next launch soon…
    I cannot see it in Leadpages yet, though…

    I noticed what I consider a couple of bugs in the wp plugin, is there an email address where I can send my technical feedback to ?


    • Nino

      Same issue here!..

      I realy love your products and just ordered leadpages a couple of days ago.. i cannot see this template yet! and i am also having some bugs with the wp plugin, somehow the plugin conflicts with my wp install.. after i disconnect the plugin, the errors go away..

      But i will definitely want to use more of your products, im was waiting for a lead pages/leadplayer bundle but i just decided to buy leadpages first

      Wil consider to try leadplayer this week, but i want to know if leadplayer doesn’t cause the same bug as leadpages when using it on WP


      • Hi Nino . . . sorry, we published this episode a tad early. The template will be there by tomorrow morning. For any other concerns, please contact customer support and we’ll get it fixed ASAP.

        Warm regards,

    • Hi Vincent . . . sorry, we published this episode a tad early. The template will be there by tomorrow morning. For any other concerns, please contact customer support and we’ll get it fixed ASAP.

      Warm regards,

    • The template is now there 🙂

  • Do the order forms work on https secure paged on WordPress?

  • Marcos

    That’s an awesome idea Clay, I love it, and will try it this year. Out of curiosity, have you try to add some scarcity like “Hurry, this offer ends January 21st ? If yes, did you get better results?

    • Haven’t tried that yet, but it’s worth split testing.


  • Mark

    Hi Clay, I have lead pages but I can’t see this as one of the templates?

  • good point on the psychology behind using this. would never of thought of all this. is this converting as well as the landing pages you have in leadpages? – i am presuming yes, as you don’t share things with us that don’t, was just wondering if there is a higher % or not.

    • There’s a number of ways to approach this template: one way is to send folks on your existing list to this order form, to reinforce the value of what you’re giving away, and also to engrain the ordering behavior. Opt-in conversions might be lower with this template, but one of the functions of this template is to filter tire kickers from real leads.

  • Love the Dr. Dre soundtrack!

  • Jed

    Any chance of having this template pass on the address and other info to infusionsoft or office autopilot in the future if we’re using leadpages?

    Would be a shame to collect all that extra information and not use it for behavioural marketing later.

    • Narayanan

      I am sure you can do it on this HTML Version. But, I am not sure if we can do it on Leadpages or not , because This specific template is not even live on Leadpages. But, it shouldn’t be hard to integrate.

      BTW, I just checked the original live page for welcome gate’s order page, which is using this template and he is collecting and storing all the data on his Infusion account.

      • Yes, this template is presently on LeadPages.

    • Yes. We’ll do that.

  • Awesome! Thank you for sharing!

  • Narayanan

    I don’t see this template on Leadpages ! Am I missing something or is it not live yet ?

    • It’s 100% live. Check again 🙂 It was added shortly after this episode went live. Thanks for stopping by, Narayanan.

  • I came here through David Siteman Garland’s site, I bought your lead player… just wanted to say that you’re doing a great job, keep it up!

    • Thanks so much, Elliott! I really appreciate it.


  • Dean Phillips

    Will Leadpages be able to have a split test feature in the future?

    That would be amazing.

  • optionsizzle


    Thank you for the information and the idea. I love this concept as I think it takes a more cooperate approach to marketing and a seriousness. This still makes you in control of the process and getting the person to think instead of the typical habit that most prospects are in with entering for free gifts.

    I would like to let you know how I am going to take this a step further. Instead of just sending them the product download page. I am letting them know that they are getting access to the product with a user name and password in a members only area.

    This again is making the prospect go through one of the micro commitments to have them actually log in and also demonstrate the value of the information being received.

    In the members area I have control of marketing to them again and again instead of having some kind up up sale right after the purchase.

  • Have you tried combining this with the “Giveaway (2-Step) page? I’m thinking this would make sure you get people’s email addresses? Or is it super obnoxious to make people enter their email address twice?

    • Dean Phillips

      I was thinking that too!

  • funeralfuturist

    Clay, this looks great (and great with LeadPlayer – I Love It).

    Question: Is there a reason why you don’t collect the balance of the input fields on the form? In the video you stated that you don’t even record them.

    I am in a B2B market so I would like to qualify prospects and I see that this is a great way to keep out the tire kickers and undesirables.

    If they are filling out the info, if they are filling it in, why not keep it?


  • This is the Best Idea Ever!!!!!! Love It!! Nice work Clay and Friends! P.S. Lead Pages is beyond awesome! I just got in the other day and lot’s of new ideas and inspiration has come in regards to strategies that can be implemented using the templates provided by Lead Pages. Absolutely EPIC! Have an Outstanding Weekend! Aloha