The Highest Converting Landing Page I’ve Seen . . . (For Giving Away A Free Report)

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This episode of the Marketing Show is brought to you by the Letter C. So in this episode of the Marketing Show we are going to: A give you the highest converting landing page we’ve ever seen for giving away a free report. B we’re going to show how we’re using that in our own business to give you as specific example.

And C we’re going to explain the marketing fundamentals behind why this landing page works. That’s what you have to look for to in this episode of the Marketing Show.

So before I give you this template and tell you why it works, I want you to show you how we’re using this in our business right now. So here’s our implementation of this template and it’s for Leadplayer. And what we’re doing is we’re giving away a free report that reveals the five dirt cheap tools that I used to create all my videos. And this includes the $80 video camera that I’m filming this episode of the Marketing Show on.

So I list all those tools in this report. And we have never seen opt in rates like folks are getting with this template for a free report. And there’s a number of reasons why opt in rates on pages like this are so high. In fact, highest I’ve seen in the industry in a long, long, long time. So let’s get into why pages like this are doing so well.

The first reason is that it’s very clear what people are getting. I’m not using a lot of lofty language about finding purpose or doing something that’s vague and nebulous. I’m giving a list of five tools that I use to accomplish a very specific aim. So it’s very clear what folks are going to get out of this. Super clear. They’re going to get a list of resources. But I don’t even call them resources because even the term resource is too vague. I called them tools.

In fact, here’s a glimpse of what people get when they opt in. Very simple. It’s one page. In fact, this is probably the easiest opt in bribe or lead magnet I’ve ever created, yet opt in rates are so high for this. So again reason #1 is that it’s very clear what’s being given away. And I promise you in your market, in your niche, in your arena, you can create a resource list and perhaps you can list your resource whatever you’re selling is one of the items on the resource list and people go nuts over this list.

Even people who have no intention of looking at it will log in just so they can download this and get the shopping guide for their market. For example, with Golf Magazines, one of the bestselling issues is the 2012 golf buyer’s guide or Cigar Magazine, you know, the top 20 cigars of 2012. These kind of things are very attractive. People know that when they download this, they’re not going to have to wave through tons of reading material in order to benefit from it. They’re going to get instant gratification. So that’s reason #1 why this works.

The second reason why this works so well is that it forces to focus on their copy. When you have a large landing page that requires either a video or lots of copy people have the tendency to over think it. But when you literally have a few lines of text it forces you to get crystal clear about the benefit that people are going to have when they download your free report.

And when you over communicate people all you’re doing is providing the reader more and more opportunities to find fault with what you’re giving away and leave the page. Or, when you provide a lot of text, all you’re doing is requiring the reader to do more work in order to opt in and much of the time this is a bad idea.

Reason #3 why this landing page works. It doesn’t give you room to talk prospect out of opting in. And I have a dating example. Back when I was in college, I remember having a conversation with someone and I wanted their phone number. And I asked them for their phone number and I could tell that they were about to give it to me. But before they gave it to me I ended up talking more because I was nervous. I was talking about when I called them and what kind of activity we could do together and I just went on and on and on.

And I could see their excitement level plummet as I talk more and more. And that’s what most people do with their landing pages. They over communicate. Really when you’re making offers, when you’re doing marketing, your job is to make the offer and then shut up and wait for whoever you’re making the offer to act in one way or another. And this page again requires you to make your offer and then shut up. There’s not a lot of room on this page for you to over explain and create a bunch of excuses for your potential prospect to not opt in.

Reason #4 that this work is that there’s an attractive woman staring at the opt in box. Here’s what I mean. On this page, see where her eyes are pointing. They’re pointing directly at this opt in and you may think this is inconsequential or not effective. But it is absolutely effective. This is a famous eye tracking study where they look at what people saw on a page and what people paid attention to on a page. And this is a heat maps. So red areas are where people are looking predominantly.

And when this baby was facing the reader, the number place that readers look at was the face of the baby, the face of the child. However, when they did a split test and they had this baby looking at the headline and the text people were much more likely to read this text. Same with this attractive woman. She isn’t looking at the viewer. She’s looking at this opt in bribe. And so she is directing people’s attention to the opt in box.

Reason #5 why this works is that it simply good design. People right now are sick of crappy design especially in the internet marketing space where you have people basically using a set of four or five different landing page templates that have blinking arrows and all kinds of just hammer over the head, beating you with the opt in offer. And beautiful design is one way to differentiate yourself from the others. If something looks professional, if something looks credible it is much more likely to be perceived as such and to increase your conversion rate.

So with all of that explained and without further ado here is the template that we’re giving you and somewhere on this page is a download link where you can download this template. We also linked to our own implantation of this template. Now unfortunately we can’t give you this image of this woman looking at this opt in box but you’re welcome to replace this background image with any background image that you choose to use. So you can see you can replace this with your logo. This text is very easily editable. In fact, all the text on this page is right here in this html document.

As you can see this code is html 5 compliant and CSS3 compliant. We’re giving you all the CSS, all the images, and all the html, all zip up in a nice little package. So for example, the heading is the top 20 things that are awesome about awesomeness. You can just replace this with your own text in an html editor. Please enter your email address to get this free report. That this text right here where it says enter a valid email here. That what goes here and download the report. That button. That is this text right here.

So there’s a bunch of stuff that you can modify. We do request that if you can it would really be awesome if you left in this thing that said that this is created by the Marketing Show since we do put a great deal of time and effort not only creating this, coding it, slicing it, doing all that stuff but also explaining this and making this available. It would be awesome if you’re feeling generous. But again we don’t require it. You don’t have to. This is completely un-copyrighted. We claim no responsibility for this.

So to wrap things up I encourage you to download this. Use it in your own business to skyrocket conversion. Use it in your client’s business. Do whatever you feel you need to do with this and I wish you all the best. My name is Clay Collins and thank you so much for watching this episode of the Marketing Show. Take care.

  • brothertom

    Howdy Clay: Good video, how do I get a copy of the promo you showed, where you show the $80.00 HD Camera you use. It is so nice to see a young caring man, give free training stuff away, without asking for big bucks, from a poor struggling audience.

    Lead On…Thank You, Tom Portland,OR.

    • Hi Tom, you can get that report by going here:

      Hope you enjoy it.

      • Drew

        Clay–the logitech C920 that you recommend says it is PC only? I use a mac. How are you using it? Can it be used stand alone and then download plug and play with your mac? or what?

  • Mahmoud Tantouri

    Clay, honestly, this is awesome! You da man Clay!

    • Thanks, Mahmoud! So glad that you enjoyed it.

  • Lauchlan

    Hi Clay,

    That’s awesome. Thanks for sharing! Very generous 🙂

    Two questions about using it …

    1. Could you talk a little about the choice of images? Say I go to iStockPhoto and want to get a suitable image. Apart from the eye position of the model, what considerations are there around dimensions, size of file, etc? Should I buy a file at a ‘sufficiently large’ dimension and then use photoshop to edit the DPI to bring the size down a little? I’m figuring a little thought needs to go in to how to select and prepare the image so it looks really good on a large screen but also loads quickly on a slow connection …

    2. This template looks like a static HTML page, not a WordPress plugin or theme … so we wouldn’t use it with a WordPress installation? Or can we unzip and upload this and make it the front page for a WordPress minisite, and use WordPress + some theme for the other pages on the minisite?

    Thanks again, this is a really useful template! 🙂


    • Lauchlan

      Oh, and how do I integrate this template with aWeber? 🙂

      • AWeber has AMAZING technical support . . . you can even pick up the phone and call them. They’ll do a much better job supporting their service than I will.

        As a side note: with services like LeadPlayer, we handle the integration for you, and fully support the integration (so you don’t have to do it) . . . but with this free template need to do the autoresponder integration yourself.

        The upside of free is that its, we’ll, free 🙂 . . . the downside is that we can’t support it in the same way. I hope this makes sense.

        Very warm regards,

        • Lauchlan

          Thanks Clay. I figured it out just after asking. I’d just take the aWeber form code, strip out the styling, and merge it in to your HTML form code. Got it!

          • Awesome. I’m glad that you found a solution, Lauchlan.

    • Regarding question #1: attractive people, or babies 🙂 . . . looking at your opt-in box are good. But not required. Just find an emotionally satisfying picture and split test.

      Regarding question #2: it’s pretty easy to add static HTML pages to wordpress themes. But addressing how to do that is beyond the scope of this post. There are tutorials on how to do this one the interwebz. But we just took the HTML template, modified it, and added it to our theme. It’s pretty easy to do.

      I hope that help! And you’re absolutely welcome.


      • Lauchlan

        Thanks Clay.

        Re #1, my question isn’t so much about choosing what the picture looks like, my question is does it have to be some minimum size, e.g. 1800 x 1200 pixels or whatever?

        And if it has large dimensions, then it becomes a large file (e.g. 4MB) … do we have to process it in some particular way or get it down to some specific file size e.g. under 250KB for it to load properly?

        • Hi Launchlan . . . the smaller you can make a picture look (without loosing too much quality to compress) the better.

          In terms of dimensions, try and match the dimensions of the image that’s pre-loaded in the background.

          I hope that helps.


    • Lauchlan

      Can we position where the opt-in form goes on the screen? 🙂

  • Josie

    Hey Clay, how do I put in the code to enable my autoresponder service to kick in when someone opts into this? Also you said that you are not able to provide us with the image of the female, but it was included in the zip file, are we allowed to use it? Also, are we allowed to use your free report as the opt-in freebie, or do we have to create our own?

    • Hi Josie!

      First thing: implementation of this differs from one autoresponder service to another. I’d suggest that you talk to technical support for your autoresponder. (Note: with services like LeadPlayer, we handle the integration for you, and fully support the integration . . . but with this you need to do the autoresponder integration yourself).

      Regarding your second question: I didn’t include the file in your download: I just linked to the file on our server. But the file itself isn’t contained within the zipped folder.

      Third and finally, you are not allowed to use our free report, unfortunately, that is copyrighted material that we developed in-house and we have sole rights to distribute it.

      I hope that answers your questions. Thanks for stopping by.


  • Phil Ammendolia

    Hi Clay,

    As always, you ROCK! I love point 3. Reminds me of J. Douglas Edwards, “Whenever you ask the closing question… SHUT UP!!!”

    Good stuff. I shared it among several Facebook groups. Best of luck with this.
    Phil Ammendolia

    • Phil, I can’t tell you how grateful I am to you for sharing this. Thank you so much. Great point about J. Douglas Edwards: I like that quote.

      Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate you.


  • ralphcarlson

    Clay, I really appreciate the information you provide but you do make me chuckle when you talk about ‘the best thing you have seen in a long, long, long time’. For such a young pup that makes an old guy like me laugh.

    • Thanks Ralph 🙂 . . . one thing is that when I refer to “long time” I’m talking in “internet years” (ratio of 20:1) which is an even more aggressive ratio than dog years (7:1). So it’s all in perspective I guess.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  • Rev. Stephen B. Henry PhD.

    Besides being an awesome template, this is awesome generosity. Thank you Clay!

    • Absolutely, Stephen. I really appreciate you saying that.

      Very warm regards,

  • Steve

    Thanks Clay! What are your thoughts on this for a background image:
    too staged, not natural enough?

    • I might try going with something more natural looking.

  • This is awesome stuff, Clay! I’m totally implementing this after my bikini photo shoot.

  • Marcy

    Thanks for your generosity, Clay. It will probably take me a little time to figure out how I can use this but I know eventually I will. Do you know if such a template be used on a Facebook Fan page?

  • Michael

    Hi Clay! It’s been so great watching the progression of your show the last few months I’ve been paying attention. It seems you’ve been quickly adding and testing different technologies and quickly advancing the quality of your videos. One quick suggestion since you’re dabbling in production lighting, you might also want to start tinkering with a few light dabs of foundation. I know it sounds funny, but pride and masculinity aside, I’m sure you know all the pro’s do it and it’s because it works wonders to do away with that distracting shine that glares the video because of the powerful lighting. Just my two cents buddy. I really think you are on the verge of being able to release some very impressive, commercial quality productions and I want to congratulate you on the progress.

    • Thanks for the tips. RIght now, producing slick video isn’t the highest priority. My objective is to deliver good content. I make all my videos on a $80 webcam, and don’t plan on upgrading anytime soon. And I do all post-production editing with the same app that I do my screen captures. We will get better over time, but right now my main objective is to quickly develop videos that help people. Someday we’ll get all fancy, but I’ve got some milstones to hit first. That said, please keep the suggestions coming. I appreciate them.


  • Hi Clay. Thanks again for giving away an awesome template we can put to use right away. One question, You have a great popup (shadow box) on the next page after signing up. It mentions how while they wait for the email to come through they should check out the video “underneath” the popup. Then they just press the ok button and the sales page is there. Can you tell us how you did that or maybe have another blog post about this? I’ve never seen anyone do this and it’s a great message.

    • Sure, I’m happy to do that. It’s all custom JavaScript, but I can speak to the logic and theory behind it.

      • That would be great. Thanks Clay

      • Austin

        I’d love to learn more about this pop-up box too.

        Can it work when someone who opts-in and are then redirected to a WordPress site?

        Also, is there a way to do an exit-pop with this squeeze page?


  • Nice Squeeze page I like these ones. We are just in the process of getting 10 of these created.

  • jane

    thanks Clay, nice looking, good timing will be creating some reports to giveaway, so very useful

    • Thanks, Jane. Shoot me over a link of what you’ve done (if you want). Will check it out.

  • that heat study is cool! very informative of how much that makes a difference! thank you so much for the free template. Everyone i know is telling you ‘you really should do video landing page’. I have never felt it necessary. thank you for verifying that an optinp age that offers something for free, is just as great.

    • Jaxi . . . video landing pages can be awesome for some things. We just posted one yesterday for a webinar that we’re doing: see here: ; so it’s really about what’s best for the job. For giving away a resource list, this is a great fit.

  • Joshua

    Hi Clay, awesome stuff as always! I was wondering, how does a squeeze page like this compare with a pop up in terms of conversion? What would be the recommended way of using a squeeze page like this?

    • The recommended use of a squeeze page like this is to use it to give away a free report. This page will fasting out-convert a popup. I’m not a big fan of popups anyway:


    Hey Clay – great tool. How do Landing pages affect SEO though? Do you know much about it?!

    • A page like this (the one we’re giving away) won’t bring down the rankings of other pages on your site.

      The template we’re giving away is a good place to direct traffic that you’re already getting.

  • Wayne

    Well, as usual, I can’t watch the video.
    Your Leadplayer videos NEVER play in my browser of choice (Firefox).
    The icon turns to show it is loading, and turns, and turns, and turns…
    I don’t have this problem with any other videos, just your Leadplayer ones.

  • Dax Aurand

    Clay these pages are awesome for converting but I would love to challenge this page against what “I” believe is the best converting page ever… up for the challenge? Skype me: draurand and I will give you my software to test out. Look forward to hearing from you soon.

    • Hi Dax . . . you’re welcome to snag this landing page and run any test you’d like against your software. I make no claims about which will win. But, of course, feel free to report the results here in the comments.

      Warm regards,

  • Ima make some mon$$ey with this up in here.

    • I’m glad. That’s what we’re here for 🙂

  • Insiya Hussain

    Fabulous resource, Clay — thanks! Have been watching for a while now and is great to witness the organic growth of the Marketing Show and related products. Kudos to you guys, and best of luck. Will keep tuning in…

    • Thanks, Insiya. I’m glad that you’ve stuck around.

  • Finess

    Nice LP, but lame marketing tips. More copy > less copy unless it’s full of BS like the convo you’ve got with the girl…

    • Actually, higher % > lower conversion rate %. Regardless of whatever arbitrary rules you blindly adhere to.