How To Host And Run Webinars For Free (Without Paying GoToWebinar Fees, Etc.)

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If you have LeadPages™, you don’t need to download this template – it’s already available to you inside your LeadPages account. Just log in and you’ll see how super easy it is to customize this page in seconds with no technical knowledge or skills, make it mobile responsive, integrate it with your email service provider or CRM, run A/B split tests, and publish it to Facebook, WordPress, or your own server.

So recently, this person Laura Betterly from – She runs a great blog by the way. I suggest you check it out – but recently, Laura was telling me about how she is instead of doing GoToWebinar Webinars, she’s doing Google Plus Hangouts, and she’s using LeadPages to do it. Let me show you how you do this with LeadPages.

You just go to the live page. Click on use this template. Now, with this page, you can have a bonus that you give away during the live Webinar, or you can just say today’s offer and it doesn’t have to be a special bonus. The ‘Add to Cart’ button obviously leads to your sales page. To use your logo, just click on your logo, and to insert your Google Plus Hangout code, just click here, and you can paste your Google Plus Hangout code right here, and to swap out this with three chat tango comments, you can just put the chat tango embed code right here. Once the Webinar is over with, again, the Google Plus embed code turns into a YouTube video and you would just swap out your chat tango comments with Facebook comments. And when you go to ‘View This Page,’ you’ll see that the comments fill in here. Again, to put your Google Hangouts video, all you have to do is grab your Google Plus Hangouts code. So let’s just grab that code. Just click on embed. You’ll see the video area is 640×360. Grab this code and just paste it here. Click and save that page and we have reproduced what Laura did. So thank you so much to Laura Betterly for this very generous tip on how to use LeadPages to do Webinars for free without paying outrageous GoToWebinar fees, and by the way, you can use Google Plus Hangouts to only broadcast what’s going on on your screen. You don’t have to have live video of yourself in order to do a Google Plus Hangout. You can conduct them in the same manner that you would conduct a Webinar.

Anyway, this is Clay Collins. I hope you’ve enjoyed this LeadPages tip, and I’ll talk to you next time. Goodbye.

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  • Glenn ost

    Very cool clay.,,, I found that gotowebinars where quit an investment…..

    This applications Rocks harder dan AC DC

    You make it almost impossible Not to buy your product 🙂

    Best shizzle on the market

    Keep doing the great work.

    Ps clay can you respond to the mail you wanted me to send you

    • Thanks, Glen. BTW, I’m not sure which email you’re talking about. I don’t see one in my inbox from you.

      Warm regards,

  • Love this… great alternative. Thanks for sharing Clay!

  • Clay you are unstoppable!! Thanks so much for this really awesome idea.

  • Jeremy

    so I am confused, it is a neat idea, but not you have to buy lead pages correct? Looks like about $40/month

    • JuiCy

      u mad tho?

      • Who me? Not at all. I love the audience.

        • JuiCy

          No, I was axing if jeremy was mad cuz $40/month

    • Nope. You don’t need to get LeadPages. I offer the raw HTML file for download for free below the video.

  • Oh, this one is a potential life-changer for me…thanks Clay! Been using Instant Teleseminar but it can’t screenshare live, only do slides…or AnyMeeting, which has some limitations as well…going to check this out.

    • Awesome. Can’t wait to see what you come up with.

  • IT Guy

    I’d also point out that Linux users (growing rapidly) can attend Hangouts, but not GoToWebinar events.

  • Peter

    Thanks Clay – but can you clarify? So you can send user to this page to attend your Google hangout rather than sending them to Google.

    Is that the purpose of this page, or I missed something?

    • The purpose of this page is to allow you host the webinar on your domain, create an offer with a countdown timer and urgency, moderate the comments, and have control over the entire process, and increase conversions.

    • Sure Peter–you can then get people to opt in to see the livestream–use your own auto-responder and then send them to this page.

  • Eve

    Does Google Hangouts have the ability to record the webinar?

    • Yes it does. In fact the second the webinar is over it gets posted as a YouTube video of the recording.

      • Eve

        Wow! Great feature. I hope we can make that video link private, especially for when we are on the webinar with a client. Any idea if we can download that video for hosting elsewhere?

        • Sure. There are a number of services that allow you to download YouTube video. A quick google search will provide you with many options.

  • africaphd

    This is just incredible! Wonderful way to drive people to your site and keep them there

  • Awesome Clay! I was using your software and my own for the same thing! 🙂

    • Nice. Did you embed your video player in this template?

  • J

    Thanks for great tip. I don’t see free raw html for Lead Pages though. Just a link to try out Lead Pages for free for 30 days.

    • There’s a link above that says “Click here to get the best-performing landing page template for doing a Q & A session via a LiveStream (or UStream) event ” … that is the download link

  • The only problem with hangouts is the quality isn’t very good sometimes.

    • Hi Anna, I find the quality is OK–but the time saving of not having to reencode the video for playback plus the consistant problems I’ve had with GoToWebinar, this is still a great option in my opinion.

      • I love that part too, Laura. But how do you make sure your guest connections are good. I find this is really the problem. Do you have guidelines for how fast their internet connections should be. I tell them to CLOSE everything on their computer. How do you collect emails before the seminars if it is on hangout. Do you put it behind a wall on your website? I so appreciate your previous response.

        • I have a chat on the page so they can say what’s going on same as GoToWebinar— I get the opt-in — I don’t say it’s a hangout. On the autoresponder, I give them the page address to watch—since it’s a new page and going live at a particular time, people don’t search and find, they either show up or not, just like any webcast.

          • Okay so you are using a page rather than a post. I wanted to use a post so I was wondering if I can make it private and only let those watch then make it live. Do you keep that page behind a wall so not everyone can see it after the webcast?

      • Thanks for stopping by, Laura! And thanks for the tip.

  • good stuff clay. I was thinking of doing this the other day with this same exact template!

  • Candice Esposito

    Awesome, Clay. I actually just held an on air hangout last night using this same option ( ). Like Laura, I used the webinar sign up template in LeadPages to capture attendees’ emails and send them to the page where the hangout would be streaming. Seemed to work well. I did run into a couple technical difficulties (nothing to do with LeadPages though), being my first hangout, but I think I can sort those out before the next one.

  • Hey Clay – quick question. If you do live chat with chatango, presumably you lose that when you then switch to a recording of the video and facebook comments. Can’t you use facebook comments live?

  • Craig

    Terrific Video…I have been paying my monthly fees with GoTowebinar for too many years…I definitely want to test this out. Hey quick question about the “Offer Feature” in this Event Lead Pages you shared. You had an “Add to Cart” button, but can you easily swap that out to promote a freebie offer or giveaway. Just on the verge of buying your product, but was curious…Tx!

  • Jennifer Lyle

    Intriguing. Not quite clear on how it works but it’s worth looking into. My questions: (1) Isn’t there a ceiling to the number of people who can participate in a Google hangout? (2) Is there a way to capture the emails of attendees of these hangouts so that I know who is there? (3) Another comment here seems to state that Google Hangouts automatically records. Is that correct? (4) Is there a way for one person to present & another person to moderate chats & questions during the presentation? (5) Everything has strengths and weaknesses, right? What are the weaknesses of this approach? Many thanks for sharing this new idea.

  • Quick question do you have to be live on Google Hangout and recording before you can grab your Google embed code? And can you do a video Google hangout and switch between just showing your screen and then back to video?

    • Don’t worry answered my own question and just put together the live template in like 7 minutes and we are going to use it for our live coaching call and webinar in less than an hour here