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If you have LeadPages™, you don’t need to download this template – it’s already available to you inside your LeadPages account. Just log in and you’ll see how super easy it is to customize this page in seconds with no technical knowledge or skills, make it mobile responsive, integrate it with your email service provider or CRM, run A/B split tests, and publish it to Facebook, WordPress, or your own server.

Word of mouth can be some of the most powerful advertising for your business. In fact, some people’s businesses are completely based on word of mouth. We definitely experienced word of mouth exposure here at LeadPages so we can attest to the power of it. An old school way of creating word of mouth was by using an Invite a Friend script to try and get everyone to email in and invite their friends to your business. The problem with this was that you came off like a spammer. People don’t typically like being emailed from an Invite a Friend script and it’s pretty intrusive to the people being emailed. It can also get your domain or email address marked as spam. People are much more likely to share things on social media. Just go through your Facebook or Twitter feed and see how any people are talking about a business recommending a product they use or commenting on a service they had a good experience with. Recommendations from friends are so powerful. That said, getting those word of mouth recommendations can sometimes be difficult because largely it’s out of your control. You can’t make someone recommend you or talk about you to others. 

However with the new invite a friend thank you page, we just released at LeadPages, you can help bolster that conversation about your business when people opt in to your list, sign up for your webinar or purchase your product or service. The path someone takes to find your business is really incredible if you think about it. Each person number 1 found you out of the billions of websites on the internet. Number two, they stuck around long enough to engage with you. Number 3, they actually read an article or watched a video and number 4 they opted into to your list. Through all of these steps, they entered a state of hyper compliance and they want to engage with you so why do what most people do and just start at the conversation at this point when you can invite them to do something further while they’re still in a state where they’re enthused about your business? This page capitalizes on that stage they’re in by having these social share buttons prominently placed on the page so it makes it easy for people to spread the word about your business. There’s not much else on the page other than a space to put your image so it’s very clear what the person should do. 

We’ve seen the easier you make something for your audience, the more action they’ll take. It can’t get any easier to share than this. When someone clicks these buttons it literally does all the hard work for them. all they have to do is click the share button and they’ve done their part to spread the word. This can oftentimes lead to social media discussions about your business which have a massive impact on brand recognition, opt-ins and sales. The best part about this is other people are starting the conversation so it doesn’t come off like you were trained to talk about yourself or your business. Other people do it for you so you just sit back and look awesome. This page is very versatile and could be used to share a link to an eBook the person has just opted in to get. This page can be used to share a link to your blog after someone subscribe to it. This page can be used to invite a friend to a webinar or a Google Hangout after the person’s registered or this page can be used to invite someone to a special promotion for some coaching you’re offering. Someone can purchase then invite their friends to take advantage of the promotion as well. These are just a few examples.  his page can be used to spread the word on many more things so you just have to get creative with the page. 

Let’s look at how to set this page up inside of LeadPages so your audience can start spreading the word about your business. We’ll just go to My.LeadPages.net, enter the username and password and once we’re in the member’s area, we’ll find the invite friend thank you page. We’ll select to use this template, select the market you’re in from the drop down. Now like with all pages inside of LeadPages, you simply click on something to edit it. So I’ll add my logo. I’m going to use this thank you page after people opt-in to get my free video guitar lessons so I’ll update this text. 

Now I’m going to hide the host 2 image then I’ll click on Clay’s image and replace it with mine. Now if I only wanted to have shares go to Facebook, I could hide the Twitter button or if I only wanted to have shares go to Twitter, I can hide the Facebook button. But for my page, I’d like both. To set these buttons up, we’ll have to go to the dynamic control section and here we enter a Twitter message. This is what the default tweet text will be. In the URL for Facebook we enter in the URL for whatever page you want to people to recommend. For my example, I want to put in the URL to this page. My guitar finger’s video lesson opt-in page. So I’ll put that URL here and now I’ll name the page and then I’ll save the page. Once I hit publish, the page is now live on the internet and LeadPages gives me a URL that I can use to immediately view the page. So let’s go there and check out the page. 

Here’s the page that we just created looking great. It’s mobile responsive so it will display correctly on any size screen and the tweet button works, the Facebook button works as well. Back in the publishing window we have a few more options. You can publish the page to WordPress, publish the page to Facebook as a Facebook tab or finally you can download the file and put it on your own server. If you’re not a LeadPages customer you will need to be a coder or hire a coder to make the downloadable template below work.

 For nonLeadPages customers, it’s a bit more difficult to set up. Here’s what you’ll need to do if you’re not a LeadPages customer. if you’re a developer, click on the link below and opt in to get the invite a friend thank you page and our LeadMagnet delivery system will deliver it to you. Modify the HTML and CSS using your coding skills or the coder you’ve hired, integrate the page with your autoresponder, WordPress etc., get your landing page code that you’ve generated and finally publish the page. So these are all the steps that you’ll need to take if you’re not a LeadPages customer. We found that if you’re not a LeadPages customer, typically it will cost around $300 for a coder to customize and publish the page for you. If you are a LeadPages customer, you can customize the page and have it live online within five minutes. In fact, you don’t need to download the template, it’s already in the member’s area where LeadPages handles everything for you including making the page mobile responsive as well as integrating the page with Facebook, Twitter, WordPress and so on. Plus if you use a page with LeadPages, you’ll get amazing analytics and if you’re a pro or enterprise member, you’ll get the ability to run split tests on different variations of the page. 

Head to www.LeadPages.net right now. Click on the button below the video to get LeadPages. If you’re unsure which plan to go with, we recommend the pro annual plan as it comes with the majority of the features we have and it’s 40% cheaper than paying monthly. So join us at the pro level. 

I’m Jeff Wenberg and the words in my mouth are have a great day. 

  • This is cool but I have one issue. If you want to use this and set the Facebook share URL to say another LeadPage like a free eBook opt-in page, you have no way to control what the image is that is shared on Facebook since it doesn’t appear (at least for the templates I have used) that you guys specify Open Graph meta tags like the all important OG:Image tag. Since Twitter and Facebook are all using these tags, if we’re going to get serious about social sharing then I would love to either see options to manually specify at least the OG:image tag, or have it pulled from the obvious image on the page, like an eBook cover for example. I ran into this same problem already this week trying to promote one of my landing pages where the promotion system could only pull an image from the OG meta. Since you guys don’t use that I had to abandon that promotional method all together as I wasn’t able to get the system to display any image.

    • Hi Dan, thank you so much for the suggestion. I’ll pass that on to our developers.

      • Thank you Will. I’d love to see this resolved. Open Graph meta is becoming more and more important and it’s so simple and powerful!

    • I’ve had the same problem. The links that show up in FB from the facebook sharing buttons on my Leadpage look really crappy and would be a disincentive for someone to click through. Even sharing if I’m sharing a Leadpages page, it looks awful. I would love to see this issue resolved too in the templates that use social sharing.

  • Now that I’ve set this up I’m also wondering what you are supposed to do with conversion tracking? It’s asking for conversion goal pages, but there doesn’t appear to be a way to redirect people after they have clicked either the FB or Twitter button so how are people going to end up on a different page? If we can’t reliably track conversions then maybe a form of click tracking would have been useful so at very least we know how many people clicked either of the sharing buttons.

    • Hi Dan . . . great question, and thank you so much for asking.

      You’re not “supposed” to do anything, per se, with conversion tracking. If you find a use for it, that’s great. If not then no worries. But it’s available for all of our pages.

      Traditionally, people use conversion tracking to track purchases from a sales page, or opt-ins from an opt-in page. That said, we also allow thank you pages to have conversion tracking because …. why limit the ability to do conversion tracking? So if you find a use for it then awesome. If you don’t that’s fine also.

      LeadPages conversion tracking on non opt-in pages works by registering a conversion for someone visiting “Sales Page A” when that same person visit “Thank You Page B.” Since neither FB nor Twitter allow you to send someone to a thank you page after sharing, we can’t track conversions on shares, unfortunately.

      Warm regards,

      • Hey Clay, thanks for the response. Yes I know how the conversion tracking works, and the normal purpose of it. What I was getting at was that it would be great if for non sales pages like this, there was some way to just track clicks on share buttons, in the same way that services like AddThis do it. Otherwise we can’t really make use of the great A/B testing tool if there’s nothing to measure. If you could track a click on the buttons you could at least then test copy and color to figure out how best to drive the most shares. As you open up the Marketplace I’d imagine there will be even more non-sales pages available to people and this kind of thing could become very useful.

  • Kat Von Rohr

    Awesome video Jeff! Love this new template. 🙂

    • Jeff Wenberg

      Thanks Kat, I agree I also love this template!

  • Jeff Wenberg

    Thanks wkhojoseph, can’t wait to hear your results!

  • This would be “over-the-top-fantastic” if it had a “share on LinkedIn” and even “share on Google+” option. 🙂

    • Jeff Wenberg

      Thanks Kathleen, that’s a great idea. We’ll keep it in mind for future releases!

      • Superfastrecruitment

        Hi Jeff I agree especially for us guys whose business model is offering local business services

  • VeloNomad

    Please can we get some screenshots of the demo. I am on a 3G internet connection (we are in a regional area in Oz and cannot get ADSL or large 3G data caps) and video chews through quotas very quickly.


    PS I am a paying LP customer.

    • Hi VeloNomad, here’s a screenshot of the template itself. As you can see, it allows your new subscribers to easily share a link/message of your choice on Facebook and/or Twitter.

  • Hi Guys, I love this thankyou page and am implementing it right now on my site but have discovered a big problem. The share on FB button generates a great link for FB, but the options for the Twitter button have a flaw. When populating the tweet under Dynamic Controls, I can put in whatever I want, but when I test the pre-populated tweet it cuts off what I have written and adds the URL of the Thankyou page itself to share instead of the sign up page – which is not very useful. Could we have this fixed asap? I would be happy if I could just put in whatever I wanted to tweet rather than it auto putting in the URL of the thankyou page for me.

    • I’m having this same problem, and it’s a pretty big one. I don’t want people sharing the Thank You page as if it is an opt-in page!

    • Jeff Wenberg

      Susan, please contact our support staff at support.leadpages.net so we can get a ticket filed on this asap. Thanks!

      • Thanks Jeff. I have done this but no promises on when it will be fixed.

  • Man, the guy next to “We’ll see you live soon” has a great beard.

    • Agreed, Tim. That beard really ties the template together. 😉

  • Robert

    This social thank-you page is a great idea, but i can’t use it. My landing page was created in LeadPages and there’s no way for me to set the OpenGraph tags to make the link readable on Facebook. It shows up with the URL only, instead of a title and description that would entice people to click the link. Add OpenGraph support to the LeadPages landing page templates, and this will become extremely useful!

    • Hi Robert, thanks for this suggestion! I’ll pass it on to our developers.