[Free Download] 5 Animated Images for Increasing Conversions on Your Opt-In Forms

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Video Transcript:

Jeff: We’ve been the first to uncover a lot of conversation rate optimization tactics that have become industry wide best practices. For example a couple of years ago, we were able to achieve an average 30% increase in conversions by going from a one-step opt-in where the opt-in box is right on the page to a two-step opt-in using a LeadBox. Then of course we publish these findings on our blogs where our audience can benefit. Since then, we’ve seen this become standard practice across the industry.

So I’m excited to tell you that recently, we found a way to improve the conversion rate on our LeadBoxes by an additional 13% by making one small change. I’m going to let Chris Davies our head of marketing automation tell you exactly what we did and how it impacted our conversion rate so you can get the same results in your business. Now by the magic of video, here’s Chris Davies.

Chris: Hey I’m Chris! As Jeff said, we recently ran a split test and got some amazing results that we want to share. A few months ago, our team came up with this simple idea to take the progress bar that’s displayed by default in LeadBoxes and animated. The default progress bar has already proven to help with conversation rates. We think this may be due to people’s inherent desire to want to complete things. Our hypothesis was that we may be able to affect the conversion rate even more by drawing attention to it with animation.

So we decided to split test our default progress bar against this animated progress bar using LeadPages built in split testing tools. The results are in and the animated progress drove a 13% increase in conversions with a 99.97% chance of outperforming the static version of the progress bar. This brought the overall conversion rate of this LeadBoxes up to 72%. That’s a big improvement. Imagine how that could impact the sales and lead generation for your business.

Jeff: Because this animated progress bar just crushed this test, we want to share it with you. So below this video you can download five different animated progress bars we created for you to use in your LeadBoxes. We highly recommend you split test one of these animated progress bars against whatever you’re using now to see if you get the same improvements we did.

To use these animated progress bars, click on the button below this video to download the files then log into my.LeadPages.net to find your current LeadBox and select edit. Then click AB test, add new variation and then click original. From there click on the current progress bar image and select upload new image. Then navigate your downloads folder and select an animated progress bar to test out. Finally just save the page. Now your split test is set up and running. It’s that easy.

At LeadPages, we’re constantly exploring, developing, tweaking and testing ways to drive more sales and capture more leads. We think these animated progress bars are going to increase your conversion rates like it did for us. To download them for yourself, just click on the button below the video. If you’re not a LeadPages customer and want to start using LeadBoxes in your business, then head to www.LeadPages.net  and click on the button below the video to get LeadPages. If you’re unsure , which plan to go with, we recommend the pro annual plan as it comes with the majority of the features we have, allows for split testing your LeadPages  LeadBoxes and you’ll save 40% over the monthly subscription. All of our plans also come with a 30-day guarantee. If you already have standard LeadPages subscription and you would like to be able to run split tests including the split test outline in this video, go upgrade your account right now. Just to go to my account inside of LeadPages and select upgrade my account. Then pick the plan that’s best for you, confirm you want to upgrade and that’s it. You’ll be ready to drive even move sales and leads.

So to recap, download the animated progress bars below, run a split test and enjoy the increase in conversion rate. I’m Jeff Wenberg, take care.

  • Josy

    Love it! Thanks guys!

    • Sure thing, Josy! Let us know if you end up testing out any of these progress bars. It would great to hear about the results you get.

      • Josy

        I received the “how to bribe” tutorial instead of the gif images 🙁

        • Hey Josy, sorry about that. Did you opt-in where it says “Click Here to Download These Animated Progress Bars”? I tested it earlier and again just now and I received the progress bars download both times within a few seconds.

          • Josy

            Now I have it! Thanks 🙂

  • Arslan Akhmedov

    Hey, guys, one idea for you — you can increase conversion even MORE, if you will set this progress bar not only 50% but 90%. There is only ONE step to complete in both cases, so why not to use 90%? Just test it! I use this technique in my project and it works great.

    • I’d say 50% is right when you are doing a 2-step process. If you did 9 things, and only need to do one more thing, then 90% would work. But if I, as a consumer, saw 90%, and knew I hadn’t done 90% of anything, I’d think it was a trick.

      Just my thoughts.

      • Thanks for sharing, Amy. This is similar to the thought process we had when creating the 50% bar.

      • Arslan Akhmedov

        Yes, but the first step is not equivalent to second step. In other words, making decision to subscribe is 90% of process. Anyway, it’s just good idea that worked for me, and there is no “trick” – just other way to show same things.

        • I’d love to see some A/B testing on this.

          I didn’t mean for it to come out like you were tricking people – just that my personal thought process would be “I didn’t do 90% of anything. Why complete this?”

          50% of a two step process makes sense to me. But I tend to over think things 😉 It’s the scientist in me. Cheers!

          • I suspect more logical, rational types of people might notice the “90%” and find it troublesome or possibly manipulative whereas people who aren’t as precise would get the gist of the 90% and be OK with it. Personally I could go either way.

            Psychologically I think Arslan is correct that people are motivated to finish something by seeing that it is almost done, so 90% generally I would suspect would be more motivating than 50%. For instance this principle holds for fundraising – it is best to say that you are almost done with fundraising for non-profits and just need that final push rather than you are 5% done and need a lot more money still.

            It’s worth testing, but if you only test for conversions you won’t get that user feedback, so it might be worth user-testing as well by watching people interact with the form and asking them for feedback, not just A/B split testing.

          • Great thoughts here, Duff.

            We’ve done lots of testing on both the static 50% progress bar and the animated 50% progress bar. Every time, the 50% progress bars have increased our conversion rates. So at the very least, we definitely know 50% doesn’t scare people away. It only motivates them to complete the form even more.

            Other percentage tests would be interesting though for sure, and may be something we test in the future. If so, we’ll be sure to let you know. 🙂

        • I agree with you Arslan

    • Interesting idea, Arslan, and one I think would certainly be worth testing. Our logic for using 50% was very similar to what Amy wrote below. But I’d love to see the results of a 50% vs 90% test!

      • as a user I never liked seeing the 50%. I want to know I am close to finishing. I vote 90%

      • Matthew Newton

        Think about the emotion, not the logic.

        Let’s flip the numbers.

        Say you put 10% instead of 50%, what do you think will happen? Less people convert because they feel discouraged.

        Give people 90% and you hit two emotions. It’s always about the emotions:

        -> You remove the feeling of ‘this feels like work’ because they’ve gotten so close to the end – with just a few tiny actions!

        -> You tap into the sunk cost fallacy. Who wants to throw away something where they’ve already gotten to 90%? Not me! Sign me up, sir!

        Anyway, the above is my hypothesis. Would be interesting to see results.

        PS. A great way to think about conversions, many times, is ‘how would I make this so it converts less?’ and then do the opposite. The path makes itself so much clearer with this mental model.

  • Awesome, thank you!

    • Absolutely, Shelley! Drop a link here if you use any of these progress bars. Would love to see them in action.

  • FINALLY Clay some cool black guys on here! Not cute and cuddly like me but hey no one is perfect! LOL

  • Lori Fenn

    Thanks! Can’t wait to see the results!

    • Lori, be sure to let us know what kind of results you get. We’d love to see them!

  • ChrisHayes1

    Nice. Thanks for sharing 😀

  • Michael Krisa

    Arslan that would make for a great test. 50% makes it sound like there is still so much more work involved. Whereas 90% – heck I’m almost done – easy!

  • Just a suggstion–why don’t you just put these into the options for the lead boxes, so we do not have to download anything– just make it part of the set up ( or updating of our lead boxes) You already have them made, why make us go through extra steps when is should be in the building of the lead box–Thanks for always updating and sharing your results

    • Thanks for the suggestion, Scott!

    • @disqus_7v3EFfqHW3:disqus, I was thinking the same thing when I was uploading them back to LeadPages. It was nice to get some practice in though with changing them out.

    • Alexis

      Yepp, exactly my thoughts!

      For those who are not paying customers, sure… give them the ability to download here. But for us paying customers? Why have us go through that extra step? I’m honestly surprised to see a company like Leadpages not thinking about this…

  • Stephan Heinrich

    Hey. Could you share the PSD files also? Need them to translate in my Language 🙂

    • Thomas Stahl

      Hi Stephan, great idea. PSD files or a German Translation. 😉 Wir sehen uns ja bald wieder auf der SMM in München.

    • Hi Stephan, I’ll talk to our designers about this and get back to you. Thanks!

      • Alexis

        Any updates on this? I could also need them translated.

  • Thanks guys… but… not love for Spanish speakers like me? 😉

    Oh, don’t worry, that’s ok, I did that for you 🙂

    You can download from here: http://ninjaseo.es/recursos-para-leadpages/

    I hope you like it!

  • I was waiting for these to be added. A no-brainer! Great addition @WillHoekenga:disqus.

    • Agreed, Christian! I’m enjoying testing these out myself.

  • John

    I think a happy medium would be to use 75%. It is more than 50% but does not seem as extreme as 90%.