[Feature Update] The All-New LeadPages™ WordPress Plugin

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One of the most popular features inside of LeadPages is LeadBoxes. LeadBoxes are boxes like this that can be configured to appear when you click on text, an image or a button. For example on this page when I click this button in the side bar, a LeadBox appears. We recently added the ability to enable timed LeadBoxes so if we’re on a page that we’ve set a LeadBox to appear on after five seconds you’ll see the LeadBox pop up on the page after five seconds. We also added the ability to enable and exit LeadBox. So if the visitor moves to close the window, a LeadBox will come up urging them to get something of value before they go. Now I want to tell you about an update to our LeadPages connector plug in that not only increases the functionality of these pop up LeadBoxes but makes deploying them on your website easier than ever.

Our customers love being able to add these types of LeadBoxes on individual posts and pages but what if you want to add a LeadBoxes to show up on all your posts or site wide? Before now you’d have to dig under the hood of your theme and for a lot of people that’s kind of a scary place. So we’ve added a new functionality to our WordPress plug-in to make it super simple for you. It’s a huge time saver so speaking of saving time, first let’s look at how to add timed LeadBoxes to our WordPress site with the updated plug-in. Let’s go to our LeadPages account and find the LeadBox we’d like to use on our WordPress site.

Once I customize a new LeadBox or find one I’d like to use I’ll click on it. Now if you’re publishing a normal LeadBox that’s not a pop-up, I want to quickly point out that you’ll do that exactly the same way you always have. You don’t need to install the plug-in at all. just decide if you want a text, a button or an image to trigger your LeadBox, copy the code at the bottom and paste it into your website.

Now when you view the page, you can see the images there and when I click on it the LeadBox opens. However, when you’re using timed and exit LeadBoxes that’s where the WordPress plug-in comes in. Under the pop-up LeadBox section, we’ll specify the amount of time before the LeadBox appears. Let’s say it’s five seconds. You can also specify the number of pages someone needs to view before this appears. So let’s say you had this LeadBox in a blog, someone would need to read for example three articles before it appears.

When they load their third article on the page, they then see the LeadBox appear after five seconds. You can also specify the time interval between displays of the LeadBox. If you want the LeadBox to appear on the first visit, this number should be set to zero or again let’s say someone is on the third article and they see our timed LeadBox, after they’ve seen the LeadBox let’s say they close it. They won’t see the timed LeadBox again for another 45 days.

Before this update to our plug-in came along, once the timing are set, you need to copy this code for your timed lead box and go into your WordPress site and paste the code in everywhere you’d like the LeadBox to pop up. However, with this update we can now do this without copying any code at all. Let me show you exactly how it works.

There are two ways to add this functionality to your WordPress blog or site. Number one if you already have the LeadPages connector plug-in installed just go to that plug-in and then click update now and the plug in will be updated on your WordPress installation. None of your existing LeadPages that you’ve published with the plug-in will be affected. We’re only adding the LeadBoxes functionality to the plug-in. The second way to add this functionality is to install the LeadPages connector plug-in , which you can download right in this window.

Note here, to publish LeadPages, timed and exit LeadBoxes to our blog, we only need to download this plug in once and install it on our WordPress site once. Once it’s installed you can publish LeadPages to your blog like you’ve always been able to but now you can also publish timed and exit LeadBoxes to your blog as well.

Once the plug in is downloaded, log into your WordPress site and select plug-ins add new. Then select upload. Then select the zip file we just downloaded from our LeadPages account then we’ll let that install. Finally let’s activate the plug-in. Once it’s activated, we don’t need to install anything else on this installation of WordPress in order to publish LeadPages and LeadBoxes to our WordPress site.

Now all we need to do to enable a timed LeadBox is go to the LeadBoxes’ tab and select the LeadBox we’ve already set up in our LeadPages account from this drop down. This list displays all the LeadBoxes with timed configurations. When you do this, you’ll be able to see the timed configurations you set for this LeadBox back in your LeadPages account. If you need to change these settings you can click here to be routed to your LeadPages account where you can adjust the settings further. Select if you’d like this timed LeadBox to appear on every page of your site or only on posts. Then click save. And that’s it.

Now when I go to my blog and wait the specified amount of time, we’ll see my LeadBox pop up. Setting up a pop-up LeadBox is as easy as creating a LeadBox and LeadPages and clicking a couple of buttons in your WordPress account. Creating an exit LeadBox is just as easy. Once I customize a new LeadBox or find one I’d like to use, I’ll click on it and go to the exit LeadBox settings. We’ll dial in the settings we’d like this exit LeadBox to have and then we’ll save it. Then we’ll go to our WordPress installation and select the LeadBox we just customized from the drop down. We’ll select if we want the exit pop up to be site wide or only for posts. Let’s say for this example we’ll make it only for posts. Any LeadBoxes without exit configurations will default to showing every time someone visits your page and goes to leave.

If you need to change these settings you can click here to be routed to your LeadPages account where you can adjust these settings further. Once everything is to your liking click save. Now when we go into a post and try to leave we’ll see the exit LeadBox we just created offering I massive value before I completely leave. This is a great way to reengage traffic you might otherwise lose out on completely.

To start publishing LeadBoxes on your blog, log into your LeadPages account and click LeadBoxes. If you’re not a LeadPages customer, go to www.LeadPages.net and click the button below the video. LeadBoxes are included in all levels of our LeadPages accounts but we do recommend you start with a pro annual plan as it allows you to split test your LeadBoxes and LeadPages, includes live chat support and is 40% cheaper than paying monthly. So join as at the pro annual level.

I’m Jeff Wenberg and have a fantastic day.