Feature Update: Build Two Different Email Lists on the Same Landing Page with Multiple LeadBoxes


Transcript: You asked for this. Now it’s here. We’re thrilled to announce the latest update of one of our most popular LeadPages® features of all time: LeadBoxes®.

I’ll show you exactly what this much-requested LeadBoxes® update is in just a second. First, let me show you what LeadBoxes can do for you and your business.

Not many people realize this, but every one of our 40,000 LeadPages members—no matter what level membership they have—gets UNLIMITED LeadBoxes® that they can post on an unlimited number of domains.

As a LeadPages® member, you can use these unlimited LeadBoxes® to grow your email list from any button, image, or link on your website. That means you can generate leads from practically anywhere, including your blog, podcast download, homepage, sidebar banners and everywhere else you can post a link.

So why do LeadBoxes like the ones we just looked at work so well? There are a few reasons.

First, by having the opt-in form right on the page when a visitor arrives, you immediately put visitors on the defensive, like they have to protect their email address from being taken. When they don’t immediately see the form, they are more open to looking at the content on the page, seeing its value, then choosing to opt in for more.

Next, by making visitors take several actions to opt in, you’re creating behavioral inertia.

Salespeople have been using this technique for years. They get their prospects to agree to several little things throughout their sales pitch, so when they ask them to buy it’s not a stretch to go just a little further and say yes.

So for this LeadBox®, you’ve read the content and liked it. You’ve clicked on the button, and now it’s only a little bit further to complete the process. Every step moves the person forward.

Finally, a LeadBox® can force visitors to make a decision about whether or not they want to opt in. When the form is right on the page, no decision has to be made. The visitor can just scroll right by.

But when it pops up here, it forces the question: do you want to opt in or not? When you can get people to make a decision, even if it’s not to opt in, your results will always be better than when no decision has to be made.

Now that you know why LeadBoxes® work so well, we want to up the ante even more. We are super excited to announce the launch of multiple LeadBoxes®.

This brand new feature allows you to put several LeadBoxes® on a single landing page. That means you can let visitors register for different events, join different email lists, or opt in for different lead magnets, all on the same page.

For example, at the top of your page you could have a LeadBox® that integrates with a MailChimp list, and gives away a PDF as the lead magnet. AND further down the page, you could have a LeadBox® that integrates with an AWeber list, and gives away an MP3 as the lead magnet.

On one page here you could have visitors register for two different webinars, or on another page, each opt-in form could add visitors to a different email list based on their specific interests.

Setting up multiple LeadBoxes® on a page is incredibly simple. For your first LeadBox™, just click on the opt-in button to choose which email service provider to integrate the LeadBox™ with and which list to add people to.

Then, to set up another LeadBox™ on this same page, just click the gear icon, select “link options,” and click “advanced settings.” Here you can create another opt-in form and edit it however you like.

Once customized, the form is available to use anywhere on the page. You can name all your different forms to stay organized and use them elsewhere on the page as well.

Again, unlimited LeadBoxes® come with every LeadPages® plan. You can click below to get started with LeadPages. If you’re unsure of what plan to go with, we recommend the Pro Annual membership as it comes with the majority of features inside LeadPages®, including unlimited LeadBoxes®, unlimited landing pages, unlimited split testing, and even split testing of LeadBoxes®. Click below to get started now:


Where will you use multiple LeadBoxes®? Tell us in the comments!

  • Darn. I was hoping this would have introduced a way to allow a single leadbox to route people into a list based on a choice in a dropdown or something. That’s what we really need.

    • Chris L. Davis

      Hey Kevin! You could tag them based on the dropdown which is essentially accomplishes the same thing. Is that what you’re referring to?

      I say that because we use drop downs and radio buttons on LeadBoxes to segment our list.

  • Delane

    Chris…what’s different about this? Just the execution? I already use multiple LeadBoxes on a single page….


    • Jeff Wenberg

      What’s up Delane, so you can use multiple LeadBoxes on pages however it was always the same LeadBox…just used in various places. This allows you to create different LeadBoxes on the same page. So for example you could have a LeadBox that goes to List A at the top of the page, and a LeadBox that goes to List B on the bottom of the page. Another example, you could have 2 different LeadBoxes that are the same integration, and add people to the same list, however they give away 2 different lead magnets. Make sense?

      • Delane

        On this page, http://dccorporateheadshots.com/ I already have (2) different LeadBoxes (totally swiped your graphics) that integrate with different list…

        • Jeff Wenberg

          Hey Delane, I see what you’re saying now. Sorry for my confusion. Since you have them set up on your own website you can absolutely do what you’re already doing. Where this comes in is if you’re using our landing pages. This option wasn’t available previously. This feature allows you to have different LeadBoxes on the same LeadPage, which you can set up right in the builder instead of having to custom code them into the pages.

          • Delane

            makes sense now.

        • Jeff Wenberg

          And btw, great looking LeadBoxes! How are they performing?