[Feature Update] Get New Leads Delivered Right to Your Inbox with “Lead Notifications”

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In today’s video, I want to quickly show you a much requested feature we just released inside of LeadPages and that is the lead notification option and integration settings. This new feature gives you an entirely new way to collect leads using LeadPages plus makes it easier than ever to get up and running with LeadPages in minutes whether you have an email service provider or not. So what does this feature do? Well this feature allows you to have your new subscribers information sent directly to your email inbox instead of adding them to a list in your email service provider. This is great if you haven’t integrated your new LeadPages account with your email service provider yet or you simply want that information sent directly to you.

This feature is available in both LeadPages and LeadBoxes. So when would you want to use this feature? There are several situations where it’s extremely useful. Number one, this new feature allows you to collect leads without having to integrate your LeadPages account with an email service provider. So if you don’t have an account with a service like MailChimp, AWeber or any other of the many services LeadPages integrates with you can still start collecting leads right away by having them sent directly to your email inbox.

Number 2, let’s say your primary objective with a form isn’t to build an email list but just to collect information about prospects you can then follow up with right away. The lead notifications option allows you to cut out the middleman and have all of the information collected from your opt-in form sent directly to your inbox. So let’s say that you’re a lawn service provider and you’re using a LeadBox so people can request a free quote. As soon as they fill out the form you can have their submitted info go directly to your inbox so you can call them right away. Like with all LeadPages or LeadBoxes you’re able to collect multiple form fields like name, address, phone as well as comments from people who opt-in. So if you were asking a question when someone opts in, you could collect that data here and then your new contact information is sent directly to your inbox.

Finally #3, this is a great feature to use when you’re creating a draft of your LeadPage or LeadBox that you want to save but you’re not ready to connect it to your email list just yet. Let’s look at how to set this up on a LeadPage. Click an opt-in page you’d like to enable this option on, select your market from the dropdown. Now let’s say I’m a real estate agent and I’m marketing a property. I’ll just change the image on the page to one of my properties, I’ll update the text then I’ll click on the opt-in button. In my integration settings I’ll select lead notifications from the drop down. By default the information is then sent to your email account that was used to sign up for your LeadPages account. To add a different email to send your lead data to, under my account, select integrations then select lead notifications.

Now enter the email you’d like your data sent to and you can add several different email addresses here. For example if you have one email that was used to collect leads for a real estate agent, you can add that and if you have one email you use to collect lead for a chiropractor, you could add that as well. Just type the email address in the box and click add email. The confirmation email will then be sent to that account. Just go to that inbox and click on the link in the email to confirm it. Now this email address is confirmed. So let’s head back to the page we were just customizing and finish getting it set up.

Okay now that we’re back in the page we were customizing, you’ll click the button then select the lead notifications and then select , which email address you’d like the data sent to. Next, select , which fields you’d like to collect. If you’d like to rearrange the fields just click and drag them where you want them to be. If you’d like to ask a question in your comment field, type that in. I’m also going to replace this progress bar with my company logo and then I’m going to change this image to a picture of my listing.

Finally, we need to enter in a thank you page URL. Now I’m done so I’ll name the page and then save the page. Now when we go to the publishing window and go to the LeadPages generated URL, we’ll click the opt-in button opt-in. I’ll fill out the information and then I’ll click the button. The data will then be collected and emailed to me. Here’s the email in my email inbox with het information I just submitted. Lead notifications are a great way to get your new LeadPages account up and running super-fast. But for best marketing results to grow your business, we do recommend that you connect your email service provider to your LeadPages account as soon as possible.

I’m Jeff Wenberg and I’m opting in for awesome sauce.

  • You guys are killing it (in a good way). This is a game changer for me. Thank you for continuing to update Leadpages for those of us who were early adopters.

    • That’s awesome to hear, Adam. Glad to hear you find this useful! Just curious, what’s the main reason why it’s a game changer for you? And stay tuned…plenty more updates to come. 🙂

      • I work on a lot of different projects. Both for myself personally and for clients alike. The ability to easily create a landing page, regardless of whether or not there is an email provider, breaks down a barrier to entry that previously existed. I have a feeling that this is going to be another differentiator that continues to catapult LeadPages as the premier lead gen system.

        • Jeff Wenberg

          That’s great to hear Adam. Can definitely see how this would break down a lot of barriers for you!

        • That’s awesome, Adam! Glad to hear that 🙂

  • Obi

    Great feature. When is leadplayer due to be released again?

    • Jeff Wenberg

      Thanks Obi. There are no plans for re-releasing LeadPlayer at this point.

      • Hans Holter Solhjell

        Are there any of the lead pages that replicates the functions of the lead player?

        • Jeff Wenberg

          Hans, LeadPlayer™ was a video player, and LeadPages™ is a landing page builder, so they’re really two different things that don’t share the same functionality. Wistia has a pretty neat lead capture feature and you can easily embed those videos in your LeadPages™. Thanks!

  • Jon

    Can I use lead notification and and autoresponder at once?

    • alexandre

      Agree, why limit the power? Let’s us build the list, educate the client the monetize the list, too!

      • jdoorny

        I would love to use lead notification and integrate with my list at the same time. I have 2 types of forms on my website.

        1. Opt into mailing list
        2. Opt into mailing list and request a free consultation

        Mailchimp will either notify me for all opt ins, or none. I was hopeful that lead notifications would solve this.

        • Janna Melissa

          I would love it if every single time someone opted in on any of my leadpages I also got an email confirmation. 1) as a “receipt” so I can verify that the information is showing up right in Mailchimp, and 2) so I don’t have to log in to Mailchimp multiple times a day to see if there are any new “leads.” Since leadpages bypasses the mailchimp subscription process mailchimp does not send me a new subscriber email when I get a new lead thru leadpages.

    • Jeff Wenberg

      In your LeadPages account you can have lead notifications set up as well as any autoresponders we integrate with. You can use different integrations on different pages. However, at this time you’re unable to use 2 integrations on the same page.

  • Now, this is incredible. If someone works with offline clients getting leads and that client has no idea what an auto-responder service provider is, or is just not interested for some reason, then this will allow YOU to collect that information in a more traditional fashion on the back end (like a receipt) that doesn’t alienate the client with the technical autoresponder jargon; while having the actual data sent directly to the client, much like a regular email.

    This way you both have proof and business is a seamless process.

    • Jeff Wenberg

      Exactly Daniel, it’s pretty slick for someone who doesn’t want to use an autoresponder. Thanks for the great comment!

  • Franco

    also pretty useful if once email provider is not on the list …..like GetVero.com

    • Jeff Wenberg

      Franco, it’s pretty useful in a lot of instances. Thanks for the comment!

  • Murray.

    This is an aweosme feature. A further update that I would really appreciate would be the ability to notify two or more email addresses. Thanks Murray.

    • Jeff Wenberg

      Thanks Murray! We’ll keep it in mind for the future!

  • Hans Holter Solhjell

    Great function. I can use it for people signing up to workshops as well. Can you create a function for the lead boxes where there can be a confirmation pop up that their information have been sent, or a information pop up for instance to tell them to check their email? I am then thinking of a pop up, instead of a thank you page or such.

    • Jeff Wenberg

      Hans, that’s great to hear. This is a great idea! I’d love for you to submit it as a feature request, which is the best way to get your feature ideas heard. You can do so here: https://docs.google.com/a/ave8… Thanks!

      • Hans Holter Solhjell

        Hi. I can’t get that link to work. I only end up in my google drive, without your document. Can you help?

  • Uri Lederman

    Is there a way to do dropdown fields with leadpages??

    • Hi Uri! When you go into your email marketing service (like MailChimp, AWeber, etc.) to create an email form, any type of field you add to that form can also appear on your LeadBox that you integrate with that form.

      So all you would need to do is create a form field in your email marketing service that features a dropdown menu.

      If you need any assistance our fine folks at support.leadpages.net will be more than happy to help.


      • Uri Lederman

        Yes, that is awesome @will, but I was referring to the new feature.. since this feature does not rely on an email marketing platform.

        • Hey Uri, I would give our support team at support.leadpages.net a shout about this. They’ll be able to find the best solution for you.

  • Linda

    Great new addition but can I use it alongside my A weber account so that I am still building a list at the same time?

    • Jeff Wenberg

      Linda, most autoresponders these days will allow you to enable an email to be sent to your inbox with the lead data once it’s collected. So that would in effect do that.

      • John Bradshaw

        For MailChimp if you disable the double opt-in through LeadPages, MailChimp will no longer send email notifications to you. Is there away to receive the email notification from LeadPages and still use my MailChimp Integration?

        • Jeff Wenberg

          Hey John, that’s a great question. For the best possible answer, I’d encourage you to contact our support team at support.leadpages.net. They’re extremely knowledgable in how LeadPages interacts with services we integrate with like MailChimp.

        • Hi John, I have a same problem with mailchimp integration. If you fond a way how to get email notification for new subscriber without double opt-in pleas share the knowledge.
          Thanks in advance.

  • Brian Couture

    Exciting news, but you still need to have a thank you page, huh? Bummer. I thought this was a very quick way for me to set up a lead capture, but I still takes some additional work. It would be perfect if a Thank You page wasn’t needed: if there was an option to have a pop up confirming form submission, or a forward to a generic thank you page provided by LeadPages confirming the form submission. That way, a complete basic capture funnel could be build in LeadPages in minutes. It’s almost just as quick to whip up an email list in an autoresponder as it is to make a thank you page. Great idea. It’s almost there 😉

  • great stuff but is there possible to have drop down menus on email form or to have both subscription to email list and sending to external email

    • Jeff Wenberg

      Dimitrije, I’m sorry but I don’t understand what you’re asking. Can you restate that?

      • for example. in my mailchimp account I have a list which has one field to be one of the choices from drop down list (I need to pick category for driving licence). the problem with mailchimp is that I cannot link with my email notification when someone subscribe (it can be only mailed when client confirm subscription). this problem can be solved if I had possibility to get subscriber on my mailchmp list and to have all the information that I gather from my LeadPage or LeadBox on my email (in addition).
        In this case, like you present with this great addition to LeadPages, I almost have situation that can work for me. only I need addition field (beside email, first name, last name, telephone, city,…) with possibility to add some kind of drop list or radio buttons or some kind of choices between different already defined options. It will work for me this situation too. i will just have addition job to enter this subscriber manually to my list. To get all this info to my email is priority for this website.

        • Jeff Wenberg

          Dimitrije, I’d encourage you to contact our support team at support.leadpages.net. They’re extremely knowledgable in how LeadPages interacts with services we integrate with like MailChimp.

          • I already check all the solution. Is there possibility to have this option like custom made list box or radio buttons like addition fields

          • Jeff Wenberg

            Dimitrije, please contact our support staff at support.leadpages.net so they can help you with any customizations you’d like to make. Thanks!

  • Eivind Arntsen

    Thank you so much! I have been waiting for this!!! One last tweak now: Please add the option for a longer comments form as well! And to really make it perfect, add the option for a list integration at the same time. (Get the information right away, but keep the “middleman” as a list-keeper…)

    • Janna Melissa

      I agree with this!!!

    • Jeff Wenberg

      Eivind, I’m not sure what you mean by a longer comments form. If you mean the comment field that was on the LeadBox™ in the video, that field will accomodate as much text as the person types. For adding the integration at the same time, most email service providers these days will allow you to enable an email to be sent to your inbox with the lead data once it’s collected. Which would help you do what you want to do. Hope that helps.

  • Janna Melissa

    I LOVE THIS!!! Thank you so much for this feature…will save me a ton of headaches that I have been dealing with trying to configure my Mailchimp. Will still use Mailchimp for the general list/initial lead magnet opt-in (email only) but will use this feature for more time-sensitive information like those that Submit a Consultation Request Form. 🙂

    • Jeff Wenberg

      Exactly Janna! Great to hear this will help you out!

  • this is so good feature… I wait too much time that))
    Now i still waiting new feature – opportunity change the blocks easy, in some places. Or chance add more blocks.

    • Jeff Wenberg

      Sorry I’m not sure what you’re asking. Can you restate that?

  • Finally! this is long overdue! Thanks guys.

    • Jeff Wenberg

      No problem Arijit! I take it you’re going to be using this new feature?

      • Yup. The earlier paradigm behind leadpages was about building an email list or having a sales page. There was nothing about generating leads through a form. I had put together a messy integration with getresponse through which I was collecting leads. This is a simple feature addition which is a game changer for a lot of people.

        • Jeff Wenberg

          That’s so awesome to hear that this will be a game changer for you. If you’re willing to share, I’d love to check out where you’re using it. You can just put the url in a comment here. Thanks dude!

  • JOD

    Can you at a later date move these collected details into a email provider list or would this need to be done manually? So when you have a decent list of say 50 emails upload to eg. aWeber pre-verified and start marketing?

    • Jeff Wenberg

      JOD, great question. You would need to do this manually. The exact process would vary depending on your ESP. Hope that helps.

  • Cloris Kylie

    Congratulations on another great feature! So happy to be a LeadPages customer!

    • Jeff Wenberg

      Hey Cloris, thanks for the congrats. So happy to hear you’re loving LeadPages™!

      • Cloris Kylie

        I tell everyone about you guys, Jeff!

        • Jeff Wenberg

          That’s awesome and by far the best compliment we can get! Thanks a ton Cloris.