[Feature Update] Create Timed Popups and Exit Popups with LeadBoxes

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One of the most popular features inside of LeadPages is LeadBoxes. LeadBoxes are boxes like this that can be configured to appear when you click on text, an image or a button. For example on this page on BeverageJobs.com when I click on this button on the sidebar, a leadbox appears. On MacRumors.com when I click on newsletters sign up, a leabox appears and on BloggingWizard.com when I click on this button, a LeadBox appears. We recently added a major update to LeadBoxes to make it more feature rich. A note about this update, if you are an existing LeadPages customer, none of your existing LeadBoxes have changed. This update is all about added features. Not only do you have the functionality we showed you earlier where you click on an element and a LeadBox pops up. You now have the ability to enable timed LeadBoxes so if we were on a page that we’ve set a LeadBox to appear on after five seconds, you’ll see the LeadBox pop up on the page after five seconds.

Finally, you have the ability to also enable and exit LeadBox. So if I was going to be closing out of the page when I go to exit, a LeadBox would come up urging me to get something of value before I go. Now let’s go inside our LeadPages account to see how this works. Once inside, I’ll click on LeadBoxes and then select create a new LeadBoxes. Now once I’m done configuring this LeadBox for how we wanted to look and integrating it with my email service provider, I’ll save it. When we go to publish this LeadBox, you’ll see the new publishing window where you have the option to publish this as a standard LeadBox where you click on a text link button or image to trigger it. You can publish it as a pop-up LeadBox where the pop-up appears after a specific amount of time or finally you can publish this LeadBox as an exit pop-up. As an exit pop-up this LeadBox is triggered when someone goes to exit a page. Now these new publishing options really enhance the usability and the results you’ll get from using LeadPages.

As you can see this new publishing window has a very user friendly feel. You can swap between the different publishing options right here at the top and your publishing code is always generated right at the bottom. Let’s look more in depth at each of these publishing options. First let’s look at the standard LeadBox option. You can trigger your LeadBoxes when your visitors click on a text link, image or a button. Whatever you choose, you’ll see the preview over here to the right. If you’d like a text link to trigger a LeadBox just type in what text you’d like to use to trigger your LeadBoxes and then save changes. Then you paste this code where you’d like your text link that triggers your LeadBox to appear. If you’d like to have an image trigger a LeadBox, for example in a side bar like this, you can easily do that. You just click on image then select image. From your image bank, select he image that you’d like to trigger this LeadBox then select down then from there save the changes and then paste this code where you’d like the image that triggers your LeadBox to appear.

Now let’s look at one of the new features that’s going to save you tons of time. You can create a new custom button to trigger your LeadBox right here in LeadPages. No more creating a button from scratch and photoshop whenever you need a new one. This is a really easy option to use if you don’t have specific images you want to use to trigger a LeadBox but you want a high converting call to action button instead of a simple text link. You can see that you have complete control over what your button will look like. You can change the text, background color, text color, the shape of the button and whether it has a shadow behind it.

So let’s say that this is my website. I need to make a button that will go in line with the color scheme that I have going on here. I head into the LeadBoxes’ publishing window, enter in my text, update the background color to match the color closer to my website and I think I’d like my button to be square with no shadow. Then I can see the preview over here at the right and it looks good but I think actually I’m around the corners just a little bit. Okay. That looks perfect. Now I’m going to save the changes then copy this code and paste it into my new post. When the post is published you can see my button and LeadBox that triggers.

Now remember you can add a button LeadBox, image LeadBox or text link LeadBox anywhere you can paste HTML. Now let’s move to the pop-up LeadBox tab. This tab adds some amazing functionality to LeadBoxes that allows you to customize the user experience and really engage with them in just a few clicks. This tab allows you to add a timed LeadBox to your website. So what does that mean? It means that you can now have a LeadBox if you’re automatically on your site after a specified amount of time without your visitors having to click on a thing. It works just like a timed pop-up. There are three settings that you can control here. The first is the amount of time before the LeadBox appears. Let’s say it’s five seconds. Now you can specify the number of page views someone needs to do before this appears. So let’s say you have this LeadBox on a blog, someone will need to read for example three articles before it appears. When they load their third article the LeadBox would appear after five seconds. Now you can also specify the time interval between displays of the LeadBox.

So again let’s say that someone is on their third article and they see our pop-up LeadBox, after they’ve seen the LeadBox let’s say they close it, they won’t see that pop up again for another 45 days. We find that people can get really annoyed if a form like this pops up every single time they visit a page. So this is a really great way to keep your pop-up LeadBox useful to your audience without annoying them.

Once you get your timing set up copy this code for your timed LeadBox and then I’m going to post this on my blog so I just paste this code in here and then I’ll publish this page. And then when I visit the page, there’s the LeadBox. Now I want to show you a way to quickly use this feature that most people never even think about. Let’s say you wanted to have a LeadBox be triggered after someone came to the same blogpost a couple of times. On a visitor’s second visit to the same post you can have a LeadBox welcoming them back and offering your content upgrade or bonus gift as a thank you for coming back to your site. You can set this up by putting the number of page views you want the LeadBox to wait before it comes up as well as how long after they visit the page it should come up. Then I’ll just save the changes, copy this code and then paste it into my blogpost.

Now when I go to this page the set amount of times, you’ll see that the LeadBox is offering me my content upgrade is coming up. This is a fantastic method for really boosting your list building efforts while personalizing your audience’s experience on your website.

Our third type of LeadBox is an exit LeadBox. Now the truth is some people are going to leave your site. It’s just a fact. But we can make that a win-win situation for both our visitors and our business by having an exit LeadBox come up if the visitor moves to close the window. This is a fantastic technique for reengaging people that you would normally lose when there’s no proverbial net to catch them. Some copy we recommend for this style of exit LeadBox would be wait don’t leave empty-handed. Before you go, download our copy writing checklist to write higher converting headlines in 30 days. Of course you’d swap out copywriting checklist or whatever you’re giving away. By offering something of massive value before they leave your page, you’ll increase the chances of making them happy they got something valuable and making you happy that you’ve added another lead to your email list.

Again if I set this for three days, it means that once this exit LeadBox has appeared on a page, it won’t show again for another three days. You can have this LeadBox show every time someone exits or you can have it show less frequently. Again experiment to see what works best for your audience. Once you choose how often to show this exit popup, save your changes and then copy this code for your exit LeadBox.

Now let’s say I’ve got this sales page that I created in LeadPages and I’d like to capture people that are leaving this page, I can offer them something of value to get them back into my follow-up sequence instead of just losing them altogether. So I can go into my LeadPages account and select edit for the sales page that I want to add this to. Under the LeadPages options, I’ll select tracking code, paste this into the header tracking code section and then I’ll save the page.

Now when I view the page, and then I go to exit I now see my pop up. You want to publish an exit pop-up on one of your own webpages not built in LeadPages simply take the same code and paste it in the HMTL of your page. These new LeadBoxes publishing options add a host of functionality and really open up the possibilities for capturing traffic that would otherwise be lost.

Take a look at one customer’s conversion rates using LeadBox and look at how high these numbers are. To start using LeadBoxes in your business log into your LeadPages account and click LeadBoxes. If you’re not a LeadPages customer, go to www.LeadPages.net and click the button below the video. LeadBoxes are included in all level of our LeadPages accounts but we do recommend you start at the proannual level as it allows you to split test your LeadBoxes and LeadPages includes, live chat support, comes with one free sub account and is 40% cheaper than paying monthly. So join us at the pro level.

I’m Jeff Wenberg and have a great day.

  • Rémy RC

    Hello, thanks for the pop up! it’s a great brandnew function.
    I have a question : For the exit pop up appear on the website and all the pages, where to put the html code in the wordpress editor? functions.php or home.php?

    • Hey Rémy! Great question – to ensure you get the best possible answer, give our awesome customer support team a shout at support.leadpages.net. They’ll be able to walk you through exactly what to do.

  • Jeff, this looks awesome!

    • Jeff Wenberg

      Thanks Adam, I think this is a pretty kick butt new feature! Planning on using it on bloggingwizard.com?

      • I agree! I was considering winding down on popovers, I’ve been using a slide-in opt-in form that has been delivering roughly the same amount of subscribers as my popover.

        After watching this video I’m planning to use the Exit Leadbox for some post specific bonuses.

        I’m also considering moving to category focused opt-ins using dynamic widgets, would the Exit Leadbox work in the same way if I just added it into a html widget?

        • Jeff Wenberg

          Awesome, well keep us posted how it goes. For the dynamic widgets, it should work since you can use these LeadBoxes® anywhere you can paste HTML code. Would love to see how you utilize this once it’s up and running.

          • Sounds good. It’s on my to-do list to take care of after I get another project out of the door. I’ll let you know once I’ve got a good example in place 🙂

          • Jeff Wenberg

            Hell yeah! If comments are closed here, email me at jeff@ave81.com! Would love to take a look.

          • Sure thing, will do. Cheers!

  • Hjalte Ravn Sofienfryd

    Finally 😀
    This is sooo cool. Only thing missing is the ability to use a 2-step optin form in the leadboxes as well…

  • Hjalte Ravn

    Finally 🙂
    This is sooo cool. Only thing missing is the ability to use a 2-step optin form in the leadboxes as well…

    • Jeff Wenberg

      haha, it’s about time right? Thanks for the comment Hjalte, glad you’re digging this new feature!

  • Yuri Yeleyko

    I am pretty sure with this new solution you left ALL competitors way behind.
    One thing though nobody offers: popup on exit can’t work on mobile devices as there…is no exit screen.

    Is it possible to create kind of solution when exit-popup will be shown on desktop, but for mobile devices a delayed popup would be catered. As an example our traffic at RealMenRealStyle.com is more than 50% from mobile devices.

    We want to test popup on exit (desktop only), but don’t want to loose mobile users offering them a delayed popup at the same time:)

  • Hayley

    Excited when I saw this today. EXIT popups!! Yeah. 🙂

    But unless I missed something, do I understand correctly in that code must be put on EVERY page/post you want it on?

    I like my Exit popups to popup whenever anyone leaves…like a regular popup but one that doesn’t appear until their mouse is leaving.

    Please clarify.

    • Hi Hayley, glad you’re excited! Currently, I believe you are correct, but I’d encourage you to double check with our awesome support team at support.leadpages.net to make sure.

    • Hey Hayley, You COULD put this code in your website’s header or footer area if you’re using WordPress. Then it would show up on all the pages. However, I would recommend that you experiment with custom LeadBoxes for individual posts and pages so your resulting opt-in can be more in alignment with the page they’re on. But the big point here is, since you can put this code anywhere on your site you can paste HTML, the header or footer .php files in your WordPress theme (or any plugin that you may use for this sort of thing) would be ideal places to put the code for a universal/site-wide timed or exit pop LeadBox.

    • Jeff Wenberg

      Hayley, great question. Currently if you put an exit pop up in your Header or Footer php that will show site wide. However, if you decide to go that route keep in mind that site wide exit pop up will override any page/post specific exit popups you’d like to utilize. We will be adding functionality to these popups in the future, but for the time being that is how they would function.

      As Bob mentioned, I would also encourage you to experiment with custom LeadBoxes® on individual posts and pages over a sitewide general exit popup as we’ve seen higher opt-in rates when we provided content specific lead magnets/opt-in boxes geared to whatever content they’d be looking at when they see it. Hope that helps.

  • Jeff, love all of the features you all are adding! Looking forward to trying this. This will be very useful.

    • Christian, let us know when you start using any of these new options. Would love to see some examples!

    • Jeff Wenberg

      Christian, it’s cool right?! I second Will’s statement…I’d love to see how you’re implementing this new feature! Thanks for the comment dude!

  • Dustin Riechmann

    This is a fantastic addition! Like several comments you’ve already seen, I’d suggest getting someone on your team to do quick tutorial about how to deploy this site wide, only on posts, only on mobile, etc.

    I’m sure most of us would love that guidance – thanks!


    • Thanks, Dustin! I will definitely pass that idea along to our team. By the way, if there are any other tutorial-type videos you’d like to see, please let us know. We’re always looking deliver content that’s as helpful and relevant as possible.

  • Yes! About to watch the video now!

    Now, I can completely use LeadPages/Boxes for all my optins! I’ve been toying with a bunch of different popups on my site, but am not 100% sold on any one yet. But I love LeadBoxes. If I can use LeadBoxes for a timed and exit popup! I’m in!! Thanks!

    Keep making LeadPages better and better…it’s awesome!

    • Jeff Wenberg

      Jackie, that’s awesome to hear! Would love to see what you’re doing with LeadBoxes if you’d wanna share some URLS.

      • Here’s one:


        You’ll find a LeadBox in my Hello Bar at the top, a LB in one of my side bar banners (The 7 Rings of Marriage), a LB in a “slide in” box at the bottom right of the page, and in a button and banner at the end of my post.

        I’m pretty much using LeadBoxes all over. 🙂

        • Jeff Wenberg

          Oh man! Awesome. LeadBoxes everywhere! 🙂 How are they converting for you?

  • You just under-promised and over-delivered LeadPages!! After watching the video this feature is even better than I thought. Thank you.

    • Awesome, Jackie! That’s what we like to hear. 🙂

    • Jeff Wenberg

      Hahaha! That’s an amazing statement Jackie! Thanks a ton for that.

    • Andrea Hale

      Jackie, I agree! They never disappoint.

      Jeff, you guys rock. I’ve been with LeadPages since conception and seen many amazing changes – love them all!

      • Jeff Wenberg

        Thanks Andrea! Good to hear from you again! You’re usually a quick implementer of new features, do you have any LeadBox® popups implemented on your sites?

  • Sam

    Looks good! 🙂 1. Can we choose our own button – the one provided is too small for my needs. Thanks.

    • Hey Sam, yes you can 100% use your own button. You can use any custom image to trigger a LeadBox, so you can upload any button you’ve designed to your image bank and then use it when you publish the LeadBox.

      • Sam

        Fan-tastic!! 😀

  • Dimitrije Ostojic

    great job

    • Jeff Wenberg

      Thanks Dimitrije!

  • Jennifer Sage

    I have a membership site. Is there a way to tell it NOT to put up the pop up if it recognizes the visitor as being on our membership list, so they aren’t barraged with reasons to join? Since we also have free content for non-members, I would really like to capture more of those non-member visitor emails!

    • Jeff Wenberg

      Hi Jennifer, that’s a great question. Please contact our amazing support staff at support.leadpages.net and they can help you figure out the best way to utilize these new features on your membership site.

    • Hey Jennifer – Definitely contact support – and if you are able to set up an area on a page that is protected content for members through your membership software, then you should be able to paste your code in that area.

    • Also, if you are using WordPress you can use the conditional logic plugin and enter the code in a widget area specifying “!is_user_logged_in() ” in the conditional logic area.

  • Russell Lundstrom

    That is the coolest update yet!
    popdom, optinmonster, etc. you have just been served!

    Thank you!

    • Jeff Wenberg

      Russell! Thanks for the kind words, glad you’re digging this new update. Are you using LeadBoxes® on your site already?

      • Russell Lundstrom

        We are using it at our main site and expanding to other sites we manage. I love it.

        • Jeff Wenberg

          Awesome! That’s great. Would love to take a look if you wouldn’t mind sharing a URL!


    Not sure why everyone is so excited about this when there are so many Free options out there already. What would make me happy is as follows:
    a) Comparison Sheet with Other Industry Leaders such as SumoMe (http://sumome.com/), etc
    b) What other Customizable Features/Options do we have? LP is Looking way too Predictable to me when I visit Other Sites and I want to be able to make is Unique. Show me some Options for the Exit Pop Boxes!

    c) Does it have to be the Name/Email fields ALL the Time? Can we have a Buttons that Redirect to Another Page? Show me!
    Looking forward to your feedback, thanx!

    • Jeff Wenberg

      Hey Jonny, thanks for the comment. If you watch the video there are a lot of options shown right in the video for how to customize your LeadBoxes®. This is a brand new feature, so more videos and features will be coming out in the future. For the fields that you can collect, you can collect form fields you’ve got set up in your email service provider. For example: radio buttons, drop downs, etc. In fact, in our video there is a LeadBox® with a drop down in it. Hope that helps.

  • This is such a wonderful new feature guys! Thank you!

    • Jeff Wenberg

      Thanks Adam! Are you using this on your site? Happy Friday dude!

      • Yes! Sorry for the delay Jeff… I missed your comment. Yes, I’m using the older version of leadboxes… and in process of re-designing my site… and will be implementing the new features after that! Have an amazing week bro!

        • Jeff Wenberg

          Post a url when you’re done implementing! Can’t wait to check out how you’re using LeadBoxes®!

  • Love it! already put the popup on two sites. One question thought…

    I would like to use the exit popup on my sales page. However it’s a long sales page and when my visitors go to scroll down the popup appears. If they fill out the leadbox, that will stop the sale from happening, .

    Is there a way I can only have the exit appear on when they leave the page entirely and not on scroll down?

    • Jeff Wenberg

      Hi Alan, I love that you already are implementing these! Would love to take a look.

      For all support questions please submit a ticket at support.leadpages.net and they’ll be able to help you with getting this all set up.

  • v for vendetta

    Does this work on mobile?

    • Jeff Wenberg

      Hey there, great question. At this time exit popups will not work on mobile because they’re depending on the cursor action to let us know when the user is about to leave the page. On mobile there is obviously no cursor.

  • Maggie Percy

    Thanks for the new features. I just used the button feature. Saved me a ton of time. Very nice!

    • Jeff Wenberg

      Hey Maggie! Glad you’re loving this feature. I think it’s a huge time saver! Glad you’re putting it to use.

  • Han Zuyderwijk

    Too bad Leadpages still does not support all Google Fonts. The #1 reason I am not using LeadPages anymore. I cannot make Leadpages look like the sites I am running.

  • Jedha

    Absolutely AMAZING! I am so excited about all these new features and can’t wait to put them into practice. I can see they are going to make a BIG difference. Thank you 🙂

    • Jeff Wenberg

      Thanks Jedha! Glad you’re enjoying these. Keep us posted when you get them put into play!

  • Carole@RusticArtistry.com

    Jeff, Clay and the rest of the LeadPages team — you ROCK!! Can’t wait to implement these lead boxes on my sites.

    • Jeff Wenberg

      Thanks Carole! Please post some urls once you’re up and running!

  • Man, I wished stuff were that EASY when I started on Internet Marketing in 2008 … !!!

    Great job A G A I N !!!

    • Jeff Wenberg

      Thanks Herbert, that’s a big compliment!

  • When you are using exit popups is it only apply to page exit or to tab exit too?

    • Jeff Wenberg

      Dimitrije, great question. You can use it in both cases.

  • Hmmm.. more new features without fixing basic issues in existing ones and still no template store which is the whole reason you guys fished me into signing up for the service in the first place. Damn.

    • Jeff Wenberg

      Hey Dan, sorry to hear you’re having issues. Keep your eyes peeled this week for the marketplace. Coming soon…really soon.

  • Sorry if you have answered this already.

    How do you implement a leadbox pop-up site wide, except one page i.e. sales page?

    • Jeff Wenberg

      Alan for all support questions like this please contact support.leadpages.net. They’ll be able to walk you through doing this. Thanks!