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Hello everyone, my name is Clay Collins, and in this episode of The Marketing Show, I’m going to show you what I think is the most important squeeze page of 2013. This is certainly my favorite squeeze page of this year. I’m also going to give you this template for download and I’m going to give you another squeeze page template. That’s what you have to look forward to in this episode of The Marketing Show.

So then you’ve probably seen a lot of the highest-earning marketers doing recently is something called The Squeeze Then Sell Page. Squeeze then sell. Let me show you an example of this Squeeze Then Sell Page. So here’s an example, and the reason why it’s called A Squeeze Then Sell Page is precisely because it does just that. So this is a free plus shipping offer where we are giving away a free wristband for helping you grow your list. And when you get to this page – The wristband actually is free, but we’re charging for shipping. But when you click on ‘Get your free wrist band,’ a pop up appears where you enter your email address, and once you enter that, you are taken to an order form. And there’s a lot of things going on here behind the scenes. I’m going to walk you to them all, and I’m going to give you a template so that you can apply this in your business today.

So before I hand this over to you, I’m going to show you why this page is so significant and important for your business in 2013, and then I’m going to show you the nuts and bolts of how it works. So in short, here’s how users and people visiting your site experience this page. Step one, user arrives at this page. Maybe they’re arriving by SEO or social media or pay traffic or a link from a friend through an email. It doesn’t matter how they arrive at that page. The user arrives at that page. They then click on ‘Add to cart’ for a low cost or a free item that you’re charging shipping for, right? So they click on ‘Add to cart,’ and in order to get to the cart page, they need to opt-in. That’s the first step. So it’s an ‘Add to cart’ to opt-in thing that’s going on. What I mean is that when someone clicks on, for example, on this page ‘Get your free wristband,’ they need to opt-in in order to get to the cart page.

In step three, they purchase the almost free offer or they might not purchase it. If they don’t purchase it however you still have their email address. Why is this important for your business? Well the first reason is that this immediately separates buyers from non-buyers. It is important to know who the commercially responsive people are on your list. People who purchase even at a $3 to $5 level are worth ten to twenty times more to your business. These are people who aren’t just looking to passively consume. These are people who are willing to pay for a result and even if that payment is just $1 or $2, the fact that they’re willing to pull out their credit card and invest separates them from the vast majority of people. So it’s important to know who they are so you can start serving them immediately and so that you can start giving them things and connecting with them at a deeper level from day one.

Second this gets folks in the early habit of pulling out their credit card on your site. Purchasing from you or purchasing on any website is a habit, and part of the reason why sites like Amazon are willing to sell things for such low margins is because they know that if they can get you in the habit of going to their site and spending money, then you are much more likely to do that in the future. Next, this gives you an immediate opportunity to demonstrate good customer service and value. I recommend that you sell low price point items that have a high value associated with them. Sell an eBook that’s worth $47 or $97, sell it for $5 to build that trust from day one.

So now that I’ve shown you the page that we’re using in our business and explained the principles behind the Squeeze then Sell page, let me show you the template that we’re giving to you today. And there’s a link below where you can download this, put it on your hard drive, copy, modify, and paste this into your business to use immediately. Anyway, here’s the template. You can replace this logo with your logo. You can replace the headline with your headline. Replace this book with a picture of an audio download, a picture of a video or a picture of whatever you’re giving away, and it also has this two-step opt-in process built in where you can ask for the email address and then send people to

the order form for a low-priced item that you’re giving away.

Here’s the nitty-gritty behind why this page works. The first reason is that it leverages price curiosity. People, in many cases, are much more likely to opt in simply to know how much something cost. In fact, in a lot of cases, price curiosity will drive a higher opt-in rate than for a report that you’re giving away. People’s curiosity and need to collect offers and just know how much it cost, people’s need to know how much it cost will be much more likely to getting an email address in many cases than giving away something for free. The second reason why this is so powerful is that it is both a squeeze page and a sales page built into one page. Usually, if you’re capturing an email address or a name, then you lose the ability to sell, or if you’re selling, you lose the ability to ask for an email address. This allows you to both collect an email address and get the sale.

Next, it has a two-step opt-in process. Most of the time, people just show an email box up front, and that is arming rather than disarming. When someone goes to a page and they don’t see an opt-in box, and then when they click on something and that opt-in box appears, they’re much more likely to opt-in. This is known as The-Foot-in-the-Door technique. If you can take someone to take a small action like clicking a button then when the screen turns black, except for this light box, their focus is fully entirely there and they are much more likely to opt in. I’ve talked quite a bit about two-step opt-in processes. If you’re interested in that you can Google Marketing Show Two-Step Opt-In. This is something I’ve talked about quite a bit so I’m not going to fully explain it here. Fourth, this gives folks the ability to purchase at a low barrier entry and for you to separate the buyers from the non-buyers early on in your relationship.

Anyway, this template is available for download for free below, and we’re also giving away this squeeze page template for folks who don’t have something that they can sell right now at a low price point. You can use this squeeze page instead. So this page and this page are available for download below. These pages are also available in LeadPages today. We’ve made a number of new squeeze pages available inside of our product LeadPages today. If you want to see how to customize this in LeadPages, let me quickly demonstrate that for you.

So I’m at my.leadpages.net and I’m going to log in here. I’m going to select this ‘Give away two step squeeze page.’ I’m going to click on this book and replace it with my wristband. I’m going to click on your logo and I’m going to replace it, oh, let’s say with the LeadPlayer logo. I’m going to change this title to help you build an audience of at least 10,000, and people were giving away this goal setting, write wristband for free, and actually, I want to make free standout. I’m going to make it bold. Okay, step one is watch this video. Step two, get your free, and actually, I’m going to put wristband, your free wristband now. I’m also going to connect this to my AWeber or MailChimp or Infusionsoft to kind of hook it up to one of those accounts, so I’m going to go to pop up opt-in form. It’s loading my AWeber form from my account. Alright, all my AWeber forms are loaded so I’m going to click here, and I’m going to use this test form as my form. Finally, I’m going to add a video and click ‘Save,’ and now I can download this page and put it on my server or I can use this URL that I’ve immediately been given or I can use the LeadPages WordPress plug in to immediately publish this page on my WordPress installation. Finally, if I want to use the other template that I gave you today, I just click on ‘Use this template.’ I can change free report reveals to free video reveals. I can click on opt-in form to hook it up with my AWeber list, then I’ll just click ‘Save to my pages,’ and again, this page is now live and ready to be used.

Anyway, my name is Clay Collins. Thank you so much for watching. Please download your free templates below, and if you’re interested in picking up LeadPages, that is available to you with all the templates that I’ve included. Metal allow you to publish this stuff on WordPress or your own website, and it handles the integration with your email service provider and your email marketing platform. I’ll talk to you later. Take care.

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