Winner Announced: Your Favorite Landing Page Of The Past Week

Each Saturday I list my top 10 favorite landing pages of the previous 7 days.  Last week all the pages were created with LeadPages because I was knee deep in the product (i.e. working with customers on their landing pages). In future weeks the landing pages will be pulled from a variety of sources.

We polled everyone in the comments, and there was a clear winner:


LeadPages™ Customer Luke Anderson (From Is The Winner Of This Week’s Contest (And The iPad Mini)



Unlimited You Welcome Gate LeadPages
Unlimited You Welcome Gate Created With LeadPages

Congrats to all amazing entrepreneurs who took solid steps to improve their business in the last 7 days.


Here are the original entries:

1 – James Schramko – Video Welcome Gate

LeadPages Template Name: “Video Squeeze Page”

2 – Mari Smith, Live Q & A Webinar – Two Step Video Webinar Registration Page

LeadPages Template Name: “Webinar Registration Page With Video”

3 – Ryan Deiss Webinar – Two Step Webinar Registration Page

LeadPages Template Name: “Web 2.0 Webinar Registration Page”

4 – Manlify “Ask A Question” Page – Two-Step Video Squeeze Page

LeadPages Template Name: “Basic Squeeze Page (Aligned To The Right)”

5 – FitnessDIY Version 2.0 – Welcome Gate 2.0

LeadPages Template Name: “Giveaway (2-Step) Squeeze Page”

6 – Multimedia Marketing Show – Post Newsletter Opt-In Thank You Page

LeadPages Template Name: “Thank You Page”

7 – Career Enlightenment – Welcome Gate 2.0

LeadPages Template Name: “Giveaway (2-Step) Squeeze Page, #2”

8 – EFT Tips – Affiliate Presell Page

LeadPages Template Name: Note: “Special Offer With Countdown (Bonus Sandwich)”

9 – Unlimited You – Two-Step Video Squeeze Page

LeadPages Template Name: “Giveaway (2-Step) Squeeze Page”

10 – Multimedia Marketing Show Webinar – Webinar Registration Page

LeadPages Template Name: “Webinar Registration Page With Video”

Diess Webinar Landing Page

Please let me know in the comments which is your favorite. The owner of the landing page with the most votes will get a free iPad Mini.

P.S. Finally, all of these pages were created using the LeadPages landing page software.

  • Houd

    Mari Smith, Live Q & A Webinar – Two Step Video Webinar Registration Page

  • i liked James Schramko – Video Welcome Gate. very clean, straight to the point, not a lot of copy to distract and no scrolling. heck i even signed up for the videos 😉

  • Schramko. Something about the way he says “business.”

    • Piers

      Upvote if you’re from the DC 😉

      • Piers

        Anyway, I’m going to double vote, too. One vote for the Multimedia Show (#10) because it’s great, and 1 for Schramko (#1) because… well… the way he says “business” *is* awesome.

  • No 3 – Ryan Deiss Webinar. Professional, clean, good design and good use of image with name underneath, fonts, round bullet numbers.

  • Carol Solomon

    Clay, thanks for including my page. I never thought I’d be in competition with those first 3, who CLEARLY do not need another ipad mini 🙂 Love lead pages and lead player. You are the best. Carol Solomon, (#8-Vote!)

  • Vik

    One vote for each – lander 2, 3 and 7.

  • 6, Multimedia Marketing Show. Jake’s not a superstar yet but his page is clean and professional.

    • Thanks! I love your inclusion of the word “yet”.

  • filipe

    10 e 2

  • Simon

    What softwae are they using to generate these page is it leadpages as mutimedia marketing show and mary smith looks awesome

    • Yes! All the pages here were created with LeadPages. Thanks for asking.


  • Dauphine

    Most definitely number 3.

  • It’s wrong to be voting for myself so I choose Schramko’s at 1. He’s taught me a lot of what I know about the online space anyway 🙂

  • #10 Jake Hower … it is super clean and the Headline was more appealing than Mari’s I felt .. better use of the editor.. and a better thumbnail..also the white sub box below the video was well used with bold font for KW’s ..

  • ms

    Perhaps somewhat biased, but # 8 nonetheless. It is simple and specific and doesn’t take up my time with a presentation.

  • For me, Ryan’s was definitely the most compelling. The sequence after the original opt-in was great. I’m modeling it for a webinar I’m doing for a client.

    A lot of these other ones are great as well. And others really need some copy and video help. They can’t just rely on how great the Leadpages templates look and how well they function.

  • #10 for me, Jakes killing it.

  • Number 9 like the message and the way how it has been designed.

  • Barbara

    #2 and #10 webinar registration pages with video are my faves! Mari’s video was extremely entertaining but there was a little too much copy on the page. So on the basis of the page alone, #10 is my pick for clean, direct design.

  • Meri

    Most defiantly Number 9 for me!!!! Clean and beautiful!!!

  • I’m going to double vote:
    #1 and #10 Both awesome LP’s

  • Liked Mari’s the best. Clean, bright and catches your attention.

  • Eyal

    # 9 for me!!!!

  • Kim

    9 – Unlimited You – Two-Step Video

  • 9 unlimited you!

  • We like Luke’s #9 very clean and to the point. A new and upcoming COOL superstar.

  • Paco Mejia

    And my vote is for James Schramko

  • David Pederson

    My vote is for #2. It has a nice authority push to it.

  • Marie

    #3….very clean and has information but not enough to give it away

  • #9 Unlimeted You

  • #8 – love it! It’s simple, to the point & I don’t have to scroll below the fold!

  • jlandells

    I love the layout of #10 – very clear and to the point

  • Elena Kors

    #1 & #9 are both great pages!

  • 4, 7, and 10
    #4 because it’s different. refreshing to see colors that aren’t typical blue and yellow. And it’s simple. Like the wording in the click bar (yes I have a question) Only thing is, the video crops the top of his head off. Also the centering of the wording in the headline is off. there is only a few words on the last line, where the other 2 lines are long, looks off. So if he could fix these, be more apt to give a full vote to this.

    #7 just great design, clean look, easy to read, know what to do

    #10 because this one is better than his optin in thank you. A strong amount of info, but it doesn’t look like too much or too cluttered. Really great layout. he is missing the word ‘so’ in his wording underneath the video.

    Final choice:
    #10 gets my official vote

    • Thanks for the vote and the heads up re: the missing ‘so’. I’ve added it in now 🙂

    • Thanks for the vote!!!

  • James, I will tell you why I didn’t vote for yours. One simple reason. 2x you point with both your fingers telling us where to enter our email. In my opinion, it’s an instant insult to the consumer. You are targeting a somewhat intelligent person I presume. There isn’t hardly anything on your page. It’s not hard to see where the email address goes. So I found it insulting to the prospect/consumer. If you did it once, I would have let it slide, but you did it twice.

    So i am just requesting you consider treating us with a tad more respect and just say something like ‘enter your email below in the bar’ or something to that effect. Anyone who has been on the internet for more than 5 minutes pretty much knows about landing pages, about boxes being there for them to enter an email, etc. It’s not a brand new platform they are unfamiliar with. Just feedback. Otherwise, yours was super – loved the larger video – really stood out vs all the smaller ones we usually see – and the ones we compared it to here. Love that your colors are not typical web colors (blue, white)

  • SuellenHughes

    #10 high quality, professional and authentic. Really nice use of the thanks you page #6 too. I signed up!

  • #6 and #10, especially #6. It’s one of the better Thank-You-after-optin pages I’ve ever seen. Jake’s kicking ass!

  • Melinda

    #10. It was personal, was effective, although I liked his in number #6, Was able to get more of his background, taking me into his personal life for a second. heck, I even signed up for his webinar it was that good. #2 Mari was defiantly creative and inventive, i didn’t get as mich personalization And I didn’t act upon it. I acted upon #10 – and that was effective enough for me to sign up. 🙂

  • Number 9! I agree with his message. We all need to get back to our goals and dreams and make them a reality.

  • Sylvia

    #9 – Unlimited You is my favorite. Connected with the message.

  • #9 Nice clean page with great colors.

  • Ginger

    #9 – Clean, simple. Didn’t scream as “markety” like so many landing pages often do. Enjoyed the message

  • Jim

    #9 great page!

  • #9 is my favorite

  • Nell

    #9 Professional and inspiring! My favorite.

  • # 9, Unlimmited You! nice look. clean, fesh, different from the rest..

  • Evan

    #9. Love the look of the page. Great messaging. And great blue shirt!

  • #9 – Unlimited You – Luke Anderson nails it on all fronts: Branding/color scheme (perfect use of color across his logo, background and clothing), Simplicity/effectiveness of the page (all necessary components are there, and not too much going on to distract from most wanted response – opt-in) and Message (I resonated with his authenticity and mission the most). Give the man his iPad already! 🙂

  • Mary

    #9 for sure!!!!!

  • Eden

    #9 for mee:-)

  • Gaby


  • Kelly Weishaupt

    Gotta go with #9! Great page, to the point & lots of character 🙂

  • Benj

    #10 – Hands Down…direct, professional and very effective!

  • #10 & #1 Jake and Schramko are killing it. Jake gets the nod cause the page looked awesome on my stupid android phone & you could pause the video

  • #9 Striving and Thriving, I like Step 3 for a hobby and passion, I’m not so active in my hobby which is fixing/repairing Computers but I do see myself doing it for a living I just haven’t gotten around keeping my mind refreshed, but to the point, Step 3 of the video gave me an idea of what I need to do, and I found it really helpful 🙂

  • Andrea

    #9 is my pick. Luke has a way of going straight to the point, and that is reflected on his page.

  • Ed

    Jake Hower is killing it!

  • Miri

    #9 for sure!!!!

  • Georgia

    #9 is the unlimited page!

  • I like #9. clean, concise! GO GO GO!

  • Dot

    #9 is the best! A great motivator by a great guy!!

  • Robin

    Unlimited You #9 Luke has an edge

  • #9 Clean, to the point, great message and questions. Flow!

  • Dinnae

    #9 for me! 🙂

  • Rachel

    #9 is the one I liked the best – love the colour scheme and message.

  • #9 ~ Unlimited You is my favorite!

  • Kathy

    Personally, I prefer #8 because it’s the only one with a “count down” built in. Urgency is a key element when building an effective landing page and so far – #8 is the only one that has that element built in.

  • Jack

    One vote for #10! Great looking page.

  • #9 – Quick and easy 🙂

  • vik

    I have already voted way below, this message goes to Clay to consider requesting feedback (or a poll) for a specific feature that people find most appealing. From a personal point of view I would be most interested in what people would consider the most “trustworthy” page and what page makes people actually go forth and submit their email eg; the most compelling call to action. I see a lot of comments below focusing on the color scheme/like-ability of the page etc, but putting myself in the prospects shoes, that ain’t going to make me necessarily optin/trust the guy/girl and product. It’s all about trust, credibility and offer in the end.

  • #9. Great message, great presentation, and powerful, simple design.

  • #9 Unlimited You – landing page is my favourite one. Luke Anderson got a proper blend of Branding, simplicity, effectiveness & authenticity. No distraction on the page & a clear direction of what to do next given. I connected with him as he was directly talking to my needs. Great job Luke!

  • What’s your top 5 based on? Personal preference or conversion rate?

  • christine

    #9 – Great relateable example.. simple and authentic

  • Tonny

    James Schramko’s is my favourite.

  • Hey – I just wanted to spy on some great marketing, not actually find it so compelling that I signed up for a bunch of stuff ;-).

  • Mark Davenport

    Looking at the amount of traffic most of these pages are getting it’s proof for one thing. Design is nice but all of it doesn’t help when you don’t get a ton of traffic that will convert into a funnel that needs to be optimized. On top of it I would not pay monthly for landing pages that you can get with WP themes just as good.

  • Wow thank you all for your support! I love LeadPages and how easy the make it to create AWESOME landing pages. Thank you Clay and the whole team for using my page for a submission in this contest. I look forward to sharing this message even more in the future! My best to all of you who entered I think you have amazing value to share with the world – Keep it up!