New LeadPages™ Feature: Landing Page Redirects And Mobile Facebook Redirects



Hey, this is Jeff Wenberg from LeadPages. We’ve recently added a redirect feature inside LeadPages. To access this feature and turn it on from any publishing page, click the dropdown and select ‘Activate LeadPage Redirect.’ Enable it by clicking ‘Yes.’ Enter the URL you’d like to send traffic to and then click ‘Save.’ Now why would someone want to use redirect? Well, if you have a webinar registration page, for example, that has already expired, but there’s still traffic coming to it, what would you do? Well, you could redirect that traffic to a webinar notification page so people can be notified about the next webinar or you could even redirect them to another webinar registration page. If you have a launch funnel where the shopping cart has already closed, but there’s still traffic coming here, you could still capitalize on that by redirecting the traffic to a sold-out page that would notify them when the product is available again or you could even redirect them to a relevant product.

You can also use this feature on Facebook. If you have a Facebook user clicking your link from a desktop, they’ll be redirected to your Facebook page. When a mobile Facebook user clicks on your link, they’ll be sent to a standard LeadPage. The reason you want to do this is because when a mobile Facebook user clicks on a Facebook link, the page will not display properly as there’s a problem with Facebook in mobile. To use this with Facebook, again, make sure it’s enabled, paste your Facebook URL here, then turn off mobile redirect and click ‘Save.’ With this enabled, traffic from desktops will go to Facebook and traffic from mobile devices will go to a standard LeadPage. We’d like to say a big thank you to Amy Porterfield and Laura Betterly, our informal Facebook advisory board for suggesting we route traffic this way. A lot of Facebook users have been asking for this feature, and we know the word great for you.

This is Jeff Wenberg. Thanks for watching.

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  • Gentlemen – I love how you continue to evolve and deliver based on obstacles and customer needs. Thank you!

    • Thanks so much, Steve! I really appreciate it.

  • Joshua Loke

    But… why will you want desktop users to redirect to a facebook custom app when you can redirect both mobile and desktop users to a leadpages squeeze page..?

    • Justin Livingston

      they mean if you’re publishing the link in Facebook… so either way, people are clicking on a link with Facebook, its just a matter of which device they’re using.

      Many tests have shown that keeping someone on the Facebook domain increases conversions… I hope that helps!


      • Thanks a ton for answering this question, Justin! Great explanation.

    • immykal

      People do not like leaving the facebook environment to go to an external link, by publishing on Facebook, you will increase conversions and have an internal source to drive traffic to with Facebook ads..or whatever…

  • Adam Collins

    LeadPages™ continues to “Lead the pack!” Awesome!

    • Thanks, Adam! We’re trying really really hard 🙂

  • Mark

    Nice feature, awesomely splendid.

    What I’m waiting for (long overdue) is extra editable form fields.

    Yes, we all know less form fields mean higher conversions, opt-ins…
    … however, I’m willing (crazy guy) to sacrifice higher opt-ins for extra form fields – GoToWebinar especially.


  • Maggie Percy

    So cool!

  • This is cool, but just wondering if this is also relevant for traffic to a Facebook landing page coming directly from Facebook ads?

    Currently I have a Facebook advertising campaign running that sends traffic to a Facebook squeeze page created in Leadpages. Knowing that mobile devices cannot view a Facebook tab, will Facebook display my ads on these mobile devices? If so, I’m assuming it that it then redirects users to my main Facebook page timeline? Could you clarify this for me please.

    In this case, should I still be redirecting mobile traffic from my LeadPages Facebook landing page to a LeadPages landing page outside of Facebook? Also, just to ensure I’m understanding this correctly, can I redirect to the exact same squeeze page, but I would just use the URL provided by Leadpages e.g.

    And finally, in your video I see you’re using the landing page with the image of the girl and guy sitting on the beach. Did you resize this background image to display better within a Facebook tab?

    When I used this landing page on Facebook I noticed that the image slides under the opt-in box so a portion of the girl’s face is no longer visible. I went ahead and cropped and edited the image size to avoid this. I assume that I could still redirect mobile devices to the same squeeze page outside of Lead Pages, since although the image is smaller (height of 800px) it would not be too small for mobile devices and tablets?

    Thanks for clarifying these points for me and for a the great user experience of Lead Pages,

  • builders2001

    What a great feature. I can’t wait to use this. 2 things that I didn’t think about. More ways to use leadpages to generate leads and redirect traffic. Thanks!