Email Marketing: All That Sizzles Is Not Spam

Unfortunately, legitimate email marketing (from well-meaning businesses) is all too often indistinguishable from spam . . . when best practices aren’t adhered to. Getting a voluntary opt-in is a bare minimum requirement.

So what differentiates the assorted Rolex and male enhancement spam from your best-intentioned (and permission-based) email marketing campaigns?

Besides a basic understanding of the English language and spell-check, it’s actually a pretty fine line—but a very discernible one if you pay attention to one simple thing: the customer’s preference.

In this infographic, we’ll compare the attributes of spam and legitimate email marketing. We’ll illustrate how spam is an offensive intrusion, while the other is a welcome interaction (with high business ROI). And we’ll show you how to know which category your campaigns fall into.

Email marketing best practices

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  • Kudos on your first infographic, great job! It’s very clean and user-friendly. I was in the market for a few email marketing stats, so this came right on time.

    PS – I’m proof that email marketing is alive and well, I received this via email subscription and immediately opened it!

  • I’m curious to where the data on “highest email and open rates” come from. Your own in house tests? The DMA? Thanks.

    • Great questions, Shola. Links with our sources are below.

  • Zed Shah

    Excellent Infographic although surprised you haven’t got an option to share this on Pinterest

    • Thanks Zed. Re: pinterest . . . yeah, we should probably get on that.

  • Hi Clay,

    As stated by others, I too like the infographic and I did pin it along with following you.

    It is interesting to note that Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are the best “open rate” days. However, that might depend on what your niche market is.

    • Good. Point. Everything in marketing “depends,” of course. What’s pretty universal is Monday being a bad day.

  • Chris L Davis

    Great infographic! I must agree with Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday being great for open rates and clicks. I’ve been doing some intensive testing myself and find that for my market I always see spikes on Wednesday.

    Shared this on my site as well…thanks Clay!