Announcement: Leadpages Has Acquired Drip (Our Favorite Marketing Automation Tool)

Today we’re announcing that we’ve acquired Drip. Drip is a world-class marketing automation and email platform.

If you want the details (well, at least some of them), here’s the full press release. (I was going to assert that we “aqui-partnered with” Drip, but the last thing we all need is another made-up word from the startup world.)

Here’s a peek at Drip’s workflow builder:


And here are …

9 Things You Need to Know About the Drip Acquisition

1. Drip has a great 21-day free trial. 🙂

OK, so I’m admittedly marketing here, but if you’re interested in taking your marketing automation and funnels to the next level, I’d encourage you to try Drip free for 21 days. Here’s Drip’s feature list, and here’s where you can sign up for a 21-day trial.

Click Here to Try Drip Absolutely Free for the Next 21 Days

If you have LeadPages™, you don’t need to download this template – it’s already available to you inside your LeadPages account. Just log in and you’ll see how super easy it is to customize this page in seconds with no technical knowledge or skills, make it mobile responsive, integrate it with your email service provider or CRM, run A/B split tests, and publish it to Facebook, WordPress, or your own server.

2. Drip is a world-class, feature-rich marketing automation and email platform in the same vein as InfusionSoft and HubSpot. It’s our favorite email service provider with our favorite visual campaign builder.

In terms of feature set, integrations, lead scoring, etc., we think Drip can go head to head with anyone (including publicly traded companies in the marketing automation space). Especially when you consider its UI and simplicity.

Right now our marketing team is moving from HubSpot to Drip to take advantage of its visual workflows and funnels.

Here are some of our favorite aspects of Drip:

  • Visual Workflows: Apply tags, send one-off emails or entire campaign sequences, wait for two days until the following Tuesday at 11am, branch with if/then logic, and do about 30 other things … all defined visually and powered by Drip’s automation engine.
  • A Comprehensive Customer Timeline: Drip makes it really, really easy to see everything your contacts have done from the moment they’re tagged by the system. Here’s an example:

2-Customer Timeline

  • Lead Scoring (to Identify Your Best Leads): Drip’s lead scoring algorithm tracks a number of events to determine which subscribers are most engaged with your content and likely to become customers. You can easily sort and filter contacts by lead score to focus your efforts on your most engaged subscribers.
  • Rule-Based Tagging and Segments: You can use Drip’s automation engine to apply tags to your subscribers when they perform particular actions, such as visiting a page on your website, clicking a link in an email, making a purchase, or any other custom event you define. Drip also supports unlimited custom fields, so you can collect and act on any kind of information you need to know.


  • Lots of Triggers and Actions: Drip’s rule builder includes 11 kinds of triggers and 14 potential actions. Automations can be used to move subscribers in and out of campaigns, apply tags, record conversions, send them to another application (such as your CRM), and more.
  • Triggers Events Based on Pageviews: Drip can track which pages of your site contacts have visited. Want to send an email to everyone who visits your pricing page? With a simple rule in Drip, you can do this automatically.
  • Deep Analytics: Drip automatically tracks subscriber activity on your site (and in your app, if you have one), along with key performance metrics for opt-in forms and campaigns.
  • Lots of Integrations: Drip natively integrates with dozens of applications and platforms: landing page providers (including Leadpages, of course), payment gateways, shopping carts, CRM platforms, and more.


  • Subscriber Pruning: You can easily tell Drip to regularly remove subscribers who are no longer engaging with your emails, which keeps your costs down and your list quality high.
  • A Strong API: Drip’s technical underpinnings are impressive. They have full-featured JavaScript and server-side (RESTful) APIs, outbound webhooks, and an integration with

Here’s an example of how an advanced user might use the product:

3. Drip has some really cool customers and fans (and that’s a huge part of what made them attractive to us).

Drip has a really cool list of customers and fans, including:

Seeing things like this made us really want to do this deal:


Note: This is from the CEO of Ambassador (which is part of our Arthur Ventures family) to the CEO of Help Scout (which is part of the Foundry Group family).

And articles like this from Dan Norris showed us the real value of this platform.

It’s also been great seeing Drip listed as the preferred automation provider of respected sites like

4. This deal has been in the making for over a year now (and meanwhile, Drip more than doubled in size as a business).

Here’s my first email to Rob over a year ago.


Since sending that email, I’ve discovered that Rob and Derrick are not only great product people and visionaries, but they’re also really kind, generous, and thoughtful people. The kind of people I would work for.

5. Leadpages will continue to enthusiastically add integrations with Drip competitors.

We believe that the days of “one marketing suite to rule them all” are over.

We believe that a customer’s decision to buy one of our products shouldn’t lock them into all of our products.

We believe that our customers should be able to use Leadpages with whatever email service provider, marketing automation platform, or CRM they choose.

We believe in aggressively adding and supporting new integrations with Leadpages, especially integrations that compete directly with Drip. (Again, we truly believe in the open marketing stack and want our customers to have choices.)

6. Drip will continue to enthusiastically integrate with Leadpages competitors.

Please see above. If you have a landing page or forms solution and want Drip to integrate with you, please let me know on Twitter (@claycollins) and we’ll do our best to make it happen.

7. This Is Good for Drip Customers and Leadpages Customers

The entire Drip team has joined Leadpages while maintaining its current reporting structure. And I’m excited to announce that the cofounders will be moving to Minneapolis, along with several other members of the Drip team. We’re in this for the long haul, and this won’t be a win unless both Drip and Leadpages customers consider it one.

Rob, Drip’s CEO, had this to say: “My vision is to continue pushing forward on the path we’ve traveled for 3 years, but use the extensive resources of Leadpages to launch features faster, and make Drip a better product in a way we couldn’t accomplish on our own.”

Drip’s About page says: “Drip may just be the first email marketing tool to make marketing automation accessible to the masses. It’s grass-fed, organic software lovingly handcrafted in California.”

That’s why we love them. Drip has magic. And if we killed any of that magic, this acquisition would be a failure.

If you’re a Drip customer, I believe you’ll see just one main difference post-acquisition: Rob and Derrick will have more resources to scale their vision.

If you’re a Leadpages customer, please know that we remain as committed and focused as ever on providing you with value and that this acquisition will benefit you in ways that I can’t disclose just yet. 🙂

8. I’m going to try and convince Rob to speak at Converted this year.

Rob, if you’re reading this, any chance you can speak on October 18–19 here in Minneapolis?

P.S. You (the reader) should totally come this year. It’s going to be awesome.

9. We’ve got lots planned for Drip’s future roadmap.

Lots. I cannot believe what they’ve built with 7 employees. We’re just getting started.

To stay in the loop, be sure to go here and get on Drip’s newsletter.

In Conclusion …

I could say we’re making a huge bet on Drip. It is huge.

But it doesn’t feel like a bet at all.

We’re incredibly confident in their future—and we’re excited to start using Drip in our day-to-day work. We hope you will be, too.

Click Here to Try Drip Absolutely Free for the Next 21 Days

If you have LeadPages™, you don’t need to download this template – it’s already available to you inside your LeadPages account. Just log in and you’ll see how super easy it is to customize this page in seconds with no technical knowledge or skills, make it mobile responsive, integrate it with your email service provider or CRM, run A/B split tests, and publish it to Facebook, WordPress, or your own server.

As always, our team and I will be in the comments section if you have any questions.

To the future!

– Clay

Drip Welcome_V3

  • Ahhh this must have been the big news on the coaching call! Congrats!! I really appreciate your approach to future integrations and open platforms as well! Keep it up!

    • Thanks, @Josh Haroldson:disqus … we think “open > closed” and are committed to that.

    • Hi Josh, the coaching call announcement I was hoping to make was actually about the new layout controls inside the drag & drop builder (have you checked them out yet?). Those enhancements went live on Wednesday morning, not before our Tuesday call. At the time of the call, this news hadn’t been revealed to our team yet. Needless today, it’s been an exciting week 🙂

  • Adrian B. Dean

    Would it be possible for you all to push to have Drip work with the Rainmaker Platform? Working with Teachable would be great too. If both of these happened, I would gladly sign up for Drip.

  • Quite the match made in heaven.
    Stoked to see what comes of this for both of you guys!

    • Thanks @Joshua Long:disqus ! Everyone here is really excited about this.

  • Awesome post, thanks for the transparency and I hope that it helps both products (as a customer of both) – We’ve got a lot invested in Drip especially and investing more, so it’s good to hear that Rob will continue to be involved and things won’t be changing a ton regarding the way the product works, etc…

    • Thanks @davenevogt:disqus … we truly have a lot to learn from Rob and Derrick about product. We’ll be the students here. Glad to hear that you like Drip! We think they’re pretty great too 🙂

  • Congratulations Clay and co. Quick question:

    What does this mean for Center? Sounds like you bought a shortcut to Center or will it be merged/discontinued?

    • Center lives on. Hopefully stuff coming out from us in the next 2-3 weeks will explain. They are separate products and we are as committed as ever to Center.

  • This is incredible!

  • Nicely done

    • Thanks! Our Corp Dev Lead (James) and our CFO Jason crushed this.

  • Congrats Clay! Sounds like a super deal. Looking forward to test Drip, and the future of your Center software project.

    • Thanks @robertmares:disqus … we’re really excited about what the future holds and what we’ll be able to show you.

  • WOW! I’ve been a Drip & Leadpages customer for a while, in fact I guess you may recall my request for an integration with Drip within the Leadpages community a few months ago @claycollins:disqus (and your very prompt and kind answer + all the subsequent updates).
    Now, I wasn’t expecting ‘that’ kind of integration 🙂 Cool!

    • We’re not screwing around when it comes to integrations.

  • Very interesting! I have been using Drip for nearly a year now and love the features although admittedly I’m not using them to their full advantage. Congratulations, it sounds like a great pairing!

    • Really great to hear from all the Drip customers here. Didn’t know there was such an overlap. I’m excited about tighter integrations.

  • IMMFinancial

    Sorry for the “novice” comment but, this is a replacement for Aweber from the looks of it. Is there any way to export the many campaigns/messages/forms that are built into Aweber or would one need to re-do all forms that are in that system to move the business to Drip?

    • Daphne Sidor

      Hey there! You’d be able to import your subscriber data from AWeber into Drip as a csv file. If you wanted to recreate your email sequences and forms themselves in Drip, there would be some copying and pasting to do, as with most transitions between platforms.

  • So very cool. Congratulations to both teams.

  • John_Vianny

    Would it be a package with LeadPages and Drip? I mean one price for leadpages and drip discounted from buying them separately?

    • Daphne Sidor

      Hey, John—the future could hold a lot of things, but this isn’t something we’re doing at the moment.

  • Jeremy Luebke

    I guess I’m confused about your vision for LPs. With the launch of Center you made a passionate case for being the Platform or integrator and not trying to do it all. This acquisition seems to be going the other direction.

    • Daphne Sidor

      Hey, Jeremy! Nothing’s changed in that regard—as Clay notes above, we’re still very, very committed to the vision of an open marketing stack (which you can, of course, choose to integrate and manage with Center). Right now, we see Leadpages and Drip as fitting into that picture as top-notch point solutions you can use alone, together, or with any other marketing tools you find valuable.

  • How does this compare to InfusionSoft and MailChimp. The reason I ask is that I’m still using MailChimp despite its limitations and have been seriously considering a move to InfusionSoft. I love LeadPages and absolutely value your opinion Clay.

    • Thanks, @coachchristieeattrainwin:disqus … InfusionSoft requires a $2K signup and onboarding fee and certainly doesn’t have a free trial. You can’t even signup via their website. Drip offers sophisticated marketing automation and workflow features with a simple UX, ease of use, and fantastic support.

  • Monique Parker

    Congrats, that’s awesome news – checking out Drip now!

  • This is going to be interesting. I just did a trial with Hubspot and now will give drip a shot to see how we can get this integrated into our automation channels.

    • Fantastic, Loncoln. I hope you like what you see.

  • Paying customer on both platforms. Congrats.

    Edit: I take it we’ll see an API Drip integration now and I can stop copy / pasting in HTML form codes? 😀

    • Haha… yeah, that exists now for the Drag and Drop builder.

  • Wellington Spargus

    >12,500 subscribers is considered High Volume? Almost scared to see the cost for 125k subscriber list.

    • Comparable to the market, if not less expensive. You can enter your list size on this page and see pricing:

      • Yes I plugged in higher numbers and it is cheaper than Active Campaign. Now if you could just write a script to copy over all our automations, triggers etc from AC!
        Just wrote to Drip about our new disability social enterprise – and they look very impressive.

      • Jerry

        From Drip’s home page: “a lightweight alternative that gives you the bulk of
        the value at 10% of the sticker price.” That price starts at $49 for 2,500 subscribers. Who is charging $490/month for 2,500 subs? Or $1,490/month for 12,500? What am I missing here?

        • Hi Jerry – Hubspot (which is also a great platform) charges $2430/month + $5000 onboarding for 12,500.

          • Jerry

            That makes me nervous, Bob. That means Leadpages has a lot of room to jack up prices. Are the fees going to move from a “drip” to a tsunami?

          • While I can’t comment on future pricing (mainly because I have no info), the point is just to show you the math behind the claim.

    • Also, remember this is number of real people (unique emails), so 1 person on 10 lists does not count as 10 people.

  • Ray Freeman

    Can Drip integrate with my Facebook campaign? FB leads straight into the email data base as my marketing team is telling me most wont?

    • Daphne Sidor

      Hey, Ray—it looks like you could do this through Drip’s Zapier integration (that is, have Facebook send contacts from your lead ads campaigns directly to Zapier, which would then pass those to your Drip account).

    • Michele

      Hi Ray, you can definitely do it via LeadsBridge. Drip is already in our integration list so the process is really simple and fast. We synch in real time Facebook data (leads and custom audiences) with over 40 CRM/email marketing software. We have a 7 day free trial, so just check it out 😉 Here’s how our lead ads synch works:
      For any question you can contact us on our website, the support team will get back to you asap 😉

  • I see Leadpages moving to the next level of being a landing page company. Waiting to hear about the deep integration b/w Leadpages & Drip.

  • Congratulations Clay I thought it seemed like you had way too much free time on your hands. 🙂 I’m sure you guys will do awesome and I look forward to where you take all this.

  • Congrats on the acquisition! That’s a great one! 🙂

  • fedup928

    Moving from California to Minneapolis?? I can’t imagine! (Shudders)

    • I moved from 15 minutes from the beach in North Carolina to Minneapolis – it was an awesome decision. We do have airports to enjoy other places when we need to 🙂

  • aSmilingWorld

    I’ve been looking at marketing automation options and Drip was a contender. This may seal the deal.

  • drjeffcvh

    Fantastic! Great timing! I am a new LP user and was trying to choose between Drip and other email automation solutions. Now Drip has a huge lead. Thanks Clay,

  • How does this impact Center? I am in the beta program. How can we benefit?

    • Daphne Sidor

      Hey, Peter—as of right now, you can have Center manage actions in your Drip account if you’ve got one. In the near future you’ll see a deeper integration with Drip. Beyond that, it’s too soon to say. Glad to have you on board as an early adopter!

  • I’ve been using Drip for 3 months and LeadPages since last year. Two superb offerings – both accompanied by first-class customer support. A perfect match. Congratulations on the marriage guys!

  • Mark Neild

    Sounds like a good match. As a Center early adopter, I wonder how this will play out. Are you likely to introduce Drip capability into Center for the marketing automation. Center is not nearly as capable as Drip sounds so I have not really used it as yet. Maybe Drip should replace Center, but I do not regret my subscription as the “free” conversion course that came with it was worth every penny

    • Daphne Sidor

      Hey, Mark! There are a lot of possibilities for the future, but in the short term you’ll see both Center and Drip continue to add features (rapidly, we hope!). Glad to hear you enjoyed the certification course, and I hope you get a chance to explore the newest additions to Center soon as well.

    • I sure hope Center will be the unspoken benefactor of this merger! I agree with Mark, that the perks of the early adopter program were great and a good reason not to regret the choice to be an early adopter should there be a need to “pivot” here. I also, though, haven’t found much use for Center yet, as it’s still growing, so anything that helps better accomplish the vision behind Center is very welcome in my book!

  • Ivo Ivanov

    Great news Clay! Congrats! Keep rocking 😉

  • YES!!! Now if you can get Drip’s integrations growing it’ll be the easiest no-brainer EVER. I love Drip, but it’s honestly been painful to use with LeadPages and similar software b/c it’s never a first-class citizen.

    LeadPages does things right though, so I’m expecting big things :).

  • Ricky

    Discount for lead pages customers?

    • Daphne Sidor

      Hi, Ricky—not at the moment, though I can’t yet speak to what might happen down the road.

  • Awesome move. Kudos to you.

    • Daphne Sidor

      Thanks, Elizabeth! 😀

  • This is all super reasonable. If you login to the Drag and Drip builder you’ll see some huge updates right now. Really exciting stuff. We haven’t slowed down on it one bit.

  • Ruthanne Koyama

    I asked before but have not seen a response. Does the merger with Drip now mean you are not going integrate with ConvertKit or is that different? I joined ConvertKit on your recommendation and am now concerned that money has been wasted. Can you please let me know.

    • Hi Ruthanne – Leadpages currently integrates with ConvertKit in the Drag & Drop builder, and that will continue. We have a lot of Leadpages users who are excited about using ConvertKit. We will continue to support integrations with email service providers competitive to Drip. And, in Drip, we’ll continue to support integrations with other services, even those that are competitive to Leadpages. We believe wholeheartedly in an “open and integrated” marketing stack so you can use your favorite tools together.

  • Jennifer

    Hello just wondering any special offer for fans of Leadpages? I have Leadpages Advanced plan + joined Center early adopters, would be interested to switch to Drip if there are some special deal? 😀

    • Daphne Sidor

      Hi, Jennifer—not at the moment, though I can’t speak to what might happen further down the line. (That said, you could certainly take advantage of Drip’s free trial if you’re considering trying a new platform and want to check it out.)

  • Hey Lou – the great thing about having a larger company with small, specialized teams is all the cool stuff able to built out simultaneously. I attend our product team’s showcase every Friday, and between what was released last Wednesday (the new layout editing tools in the Drag & Drop builder), and what I saw Friday alone, you’re going to be impressed. Since I know you well, I don’t make that statement lightly 🙂

  • Ron Wilder

    It will be interesting to see how LeadPages ties Drip into Center…

  • Awesome have followed Rob and Drip progress for some time but never made the jump. Definitely may be making the full switch now to Drip from ActiveCampaign. Congrats on the merger I’m sure it will lead to great things.

  • justjimi

    Two amazing products come together. Looking forward to seeing how this evolves.

  • Hi Clay and Drip Team,

    Congratulations! I’m excited on this. I do hope that this would provide more integration to Leadpages center. Hopefully, you’ll have something that will work with Google Analytics + Google Tag Manager as there’s tons of possibilities with Adwords Remarketing if there’s a way to integrate it easily with Marketing Automation. Currently, the solution out there is to use Google Tag Manager Scripts to *trigger different events based on Visitor behavior and engagement on content. So excited to hear more about Drip + Leadpages in the next few weeks!


  • This is awesome! Glad to be part of Leadpages family and will be moving to drip as soon as we can! Congratulations to all! Yes Rob, it would be great to meet you at Converted 16!

  • Clay-

    Followed you for some time. This was probably the most thoughtful and well done email I’ve seen from you, and I’ve got a lot of confidence in you.


  • well done Clay! I would love to podcast with you about the aqui-partnership process!

  • This is awesome for both companies and for me (as a customer of both!).

  • Has launched? We paid back in December for early access expecting a Feb 2016 launch. I haven’t heard yet on a launch date.

    • Daphne Sidor

      Hey, Adam—if you joined as an early adopter, you can already do a lot in Center. (You’re able to log into the app and access the user group, right? Let me know if not and we’ll figure out what’s going on.) As for the public launch, we’re in “any day now” territory—I’d expect to see this go live within the next few weeks, to give a conservative estimate.

      • That would be great. Could you send me signup/login info?

        • Daphne Sidor

          Hm, it doesn’t look like the email address you’ve registered with Disqus is in our system. Would you submit a quick support ticket here when you get a chance?: They should be able to get things sorted out for you in short order. Sorry for the trouble!