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If you have LeadPages™, you don’t need to download this template – it’s already available to you inside your LeadPages account. Just log in and you’ll see how super easy it is to customize this page in seconds with no technical knowledge or skills, make it mobile responsive, integrate it with your email service provider or CRM, run A/B split tests, and publish it to Facebook, WordPress, or your own server.

When building a profitable list, you have to know who your buyers are so you can focus on building a connection with them and one of the most effective techniques that we know of for immediately finding out who the buyers in your list are, is using the squeeze and sell technique. You can use the squeeze and sell technique with any opt-in page including all of the opt-in pages inside of LeadPages.

We used it with this page called the Giveaway Two Steps squeeze page. Now this page could realistically only be a squeeze page but we use this page with the squeeze and sell technique. To show you how we use this page in our business, we offered a free bracelet that the person wanting the bracelet had to pay the shipping for it. It was an almost free offer.

So step 1, they come to this page, decide they want to take us up on our offer. Step 2 is they click add to cart and decide to opt in. So in order to get to the cart page, they have to opt in. Once they opt in step 3 is they purchase the almost free offer. They’re taken to the cart page where they can finalize the details for the bracelet or maybe they decide they don’t want to purchase after all. If they don’t purchase, we still have their email addresses and either way this page is a success.

Normally a page is either an opt-in page or a sales page but not both. This technique allows you to do both at the same time. The squeeze and sell technique will work with any squeeze page including all of the squeeze pages that are available inside of LeadPages. So why is a page like this so important for your business? There are four main reasons. First, it immediately separates buyers from nonbuyers so you know which people on your list are the most commercially responsive. People who purchase even at the three to five dollar level are worth ten to twenty times more to your business than those that don’t because you now know that these people are willing to pay for a result even if in this case it’s only a couple of bucks. Knowing who those people are is so important because you can immediately start connecting with them and servicing them on a deeper level without having to spend a lot of time or money figuring out who those people are.

Second, this gets people in the habit of taking out their credit cards on your site. This is exactly why Amazon sells things for super low margins. They know that if you get in the habit of going to their site and spending money, then you’re likely to do that again in the future. So we recommend you sell low price point items with high-perceived value just like Amazon. Then deliver massive value with each of your items so you can start building trust right away. When you sell low priced items and start building the trust with your audience, you can then sell much higher priced items to them way easier.

Third, this page leverages price curiosity. When you click on the button and you can immediately see the price, it triggers people to opt-in just to simply know how much the thing costs. This can oftentimes create higher conversation rates than just giving something away on a regular opt-in page. Fourth, this page features, a two-step opt-in. We’ve talked a lot about why two-step opt-ins are so effective in the past so I won’t go into that fully here. Now let’s take a look at how to customize this page inside of LeadPages so you can start building a commercially responsive list. Find the Giveaway two-step squeeze page and click use this template. Select what market you’re in. Like with all pages inside of LeadPages you simply have to click on something to edit it. So I’m going to add my headline then I’ll click the video section to embed a video code and you can use an embed code from any video service like YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, etc. Then from there I’m going to add text to step 2.

I’m using a video guitar lesson for my almost free offer so I’ll add an image for that. Now you can add an image of a report, an mp3 download, a PDF, a book, a video or whatever it is that you’re giving away. Then I’ll just change the button text. Now I need to select opt-in form integration. From there, I’ll select which email service provider I’d like to use and what list I’d like to add people to.

Then I’ll name the page and save the page. Now once I save the page, it’s now live on the Internet and as soon as I hit publish, LeadPages gives me a URL that I can immediately view. So we’ll go to the page that we just created. This is the page that we just created live on the Internet. It’s mobile responsive so it will look great no matter what screen size the page is viewed on.

Now back in the publishing window, you can also publish this page to WordPress, publish the page to Facebook as a Facebook tab or you can download the file and put it on your own server. If you’re not a LeadPages customer, you will need to be a coder or hire a coder to make the downloadable template below work. For nonLeadPages customers, it’s a bit more difficult to set up. Here’s what you’ll need to do if you’re not a LeadPages customer.

If you’re a developer, click on the link below and opt in to get this Giveaway Two-Step squeeze page and our LeadMagnet delivery system will deliver it to you. Modify the HTML and CSS using your coding skills or the coder you’ve hired, integrate it with your autoresponder, WordPress etc., get your landing page code that you’ve generated and finally publish the page. So these are all the steps that you’ll need to take if you’re not a LeadPages customer. If you are a LeadPages customer, you don’t need to download this template. It’s already in the member’s area where LeadPages handles everything for you including making it mobile responsive, integrating the page with Facebook, WordPress and so on as well as integrating the page with your autoresponder like AWeber, MailChimp, InfusionSoft, Office AutoPilot, etc.

If you’d like to start using LeadPages in your business, go to www.LeadPages.net to get LeadPages.

I’m Jeff Wenberg, go squeeze then sell.

  • Hey guys, I love this page that you are using in this example, but I really don’t like the fact that the “white space” around the bracelet is always there. Meaning, I really wanted to use this template for a new project, but once I put my specific image in that area, that white space was still behind my logo (and the image I was using needs to be transparent so it looked all kinds of funky).

    Is there anyway that you can have an option on this page to keep the background all one color instead of always having that “white space” behind the image area?

    You guys rock!

    • Jeff Wenberg

      Joe, glad you’re enjoying the template. The white space you’re referring to is part of the template design. It’s purpose is to draw attention to the lead magnet image. If you’d like to customize the template in the way you described you can download the html and change it to however you’d like it to look. Thanks!

  • David Braun

    Awesome video and idea. One thing to remember is that just because somebody fills in their name/email in the popup, doesn’t mean they are on your list. They’ll still normally have to confirm their email. So if someone is just curious as to what the price is, they may not do that. But still, you do get more qualified leads from people that DO confirm.

    Also, Jeff, what tool do you use to edit your videos to speed up the video?

    • Jeff Wenberg

      David, thanks for checking it out. Great point. The people that DO confirm are the key with ANY opt-in page, they’re worth more than the people that don’t confirm. You’ll always have people that don’t, but generally those aren’t the people you want to focus on anyway. I use Screenflow to edit my videos.

  • Hi Guys

    A quick legal question : regarding the users that clicked on “get free wristband”, but stopped after at the sales pages, do we have the legal right to send them emails ?


    • Jeff Wenberg

      Bruno, a key thing to keep in mind is the person opts-in BEFORE they ever get to the sales page. So it is 100% legal and nothing shady is going on there. If you took the sales page completely away from this process it’d exactly the same as any opt-in page you’d find on the internet. Going to the sales page is just the next step in the process after you opt-in.

      • I’m asking this because in some countries, using this technique only gives you the right to send them what your offer them (as ebook, videos, product, etc).

        If you wanted to send them advertising emails, you would need to add another checkbox stating “I agree to be contacted for commercial purposes”, and off course non-checked by default.

        • Hi Bruno, unfortunately we can’t provide legal advice, that said, we’ve found that in most countries, it’s fine as long as you tell folks what will happen after opting in. So, for example, you might want to write something like “opt-in to get our free _____ as well as our weekly newsletter.”

          • Yeah I know, you guys are already doing an awesome job. Your solution seems very good to me, thanks Clay

  • Another strategy is to offer a free gift in exchange for the email address, then tell them on the “sales page” that they will get their free gift in a couple weeks but they can get expedited shipping for a small fee. That way they receive the gift either way. But especially if your opt-in bribe is closely related to what you sell, you know that those who pay for expedited shipping are hot to buy. You also don’t run into the problem Bruno mentions below.

    • Jeff Wenberg

      Jeffrey great idea. You can definitely do it this way too. Thanks a ton for sharing!

  • Thomas

    really cool idea :]

    • Jeff Wenberg

      Thanks Thomas! Let us know if you employ this strategy in your business!

  • This sounds great, and I think I can give away some postcards of my art print and just ask them to pay for the postage. A question please, if I may – is the payment page part of LeadPages, or how do we set that up (say if we accept Paypal)? Thanks.

    • Hi Lucy… LeadPages easily works with all shopping cart providers. It’s super easy to setup with PayPal as well. If you’re a LeadPages customer just contact support at http://support.LeadPages.net and they’ll help you get this setup with PayPal.

  • Zlatko

    Hi Jeff, really great and useful template! But the free version for download is not mobile responsive (body is fixed at min-width: 960px).
    Can you please share live example of responsive one so I can fix this free one I have? 🙂

    • Hi Zlatko, in some cases our free version is limited (it is, after all free). The full functionality, however, is available to LeadPages customers.

      • Zlatko

        Hi Clay, yep, I understand that… thanks for sharing these free templates anyway.