[Download] This New Minimalist Design Increases Opt-Ins By 58% (April Fools!)

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Video Transcript:

Jeff: Here at Leadpages, we develop high-quality landing pages and conversion tools for businesses of any size. When we find a breakthrough that boosts conversion rates, we love sharing them with our customers so all can benefit from the findings.

We recently created a page that converts, on average, at 58.7% higher than any other landing page we’ve tested. I’d like to introduce you to the barren landing page template that’s available inside of Leadpages or to download right below this video. The creation and discovery of this page was really a team effort and it started with the design team.

Kayla: We put a lot of effort into designing professional landing pages that convert well right out of the box. The baron landing page was no exception. The concept was simple. What if by removing all of the feature from the page, we could drastically increase opt-in rates? So we started with a few simple color options: almond, fuchsia and jungle green. But users seemed to struggle with all of the different color inputs.

Andrew: When I got to the green page, I was pretty confused. It was just green. I didn’t know what I was supposed to do.

Kayla: And that’s when it hit us. What if the page was completely blank? Literally, a blank page. So we started testing the page and the results were shocking.

Andrew: One thing I really love about this landing page is that there’s no opt-in button. Most of the time, I think having an obvious way for people to sign up is pretty ineffective. I tried to exit the page and there was nowhere to click. I really didn’t have a choice. I’ve been a Lead Pages customer ever since.

Matt: When the designers came to us with a minimalist idea, we knew we had our work cut out for us. Surprisingly, there’s a lot of technical challenges that come with coding nothing. We had a lot of questions like, how will this integrate with our development center? Can this be integrated into a PHP block quote within Bootstrap? In the end, we noticed the delete button and we were able to code the page in seconds.

Jeff: Not only were our designers able to code the page in seconds, you can customize the page in seconds. Let me show you.

To change something on the page, just go to the page and don’t do anything. Name the page and then save the page. You can publish the page anywhere. Or you can download the files and put them on your own server. If you’re already a Lead Pages customer, this template is ready for you to use at my.leadpages.net. If you’re not a Lead Pages customer and you’d like to use this template on your website, we’re offering it for free. Just click below to download the files.

If you’re ready to save even more time, head to www.leadpages.net and click on the button below the video to get Leadpages. We recommend the Pro Annual Plan because it comes with the majority of the features our users need, allows for split testing your Leadpages and Leadboxes. And it’s 39% less than paying monthly. Join us at the Pro level today.

  • Jack Anderson

    This is incredible! Can’t wait to try this out on my site.

    • Jeff Wenberg

      It will really sell Wire Cutters @disqus_ZU66f7whjM:disqus

  • absolutely brilliant

    • Jeff Wenberg

      Dimitrije, thanks for the kind words. Let us know how this works on your site! 😉

      • the page is so great that it will work on every site 😉

        • Jeff Wenberg

          That was the aim Dimitrije!

      • just one question. Where did you find such good designers

  • Sean Bestor

    I really like the overall movement on the page. It’s got a good balance of white space and more white space, which makes it feel minimalist while still being effective at converting leads. Well done!

    • I’m really digging the hyperminimalist movement going on in the design world. It’s alludes to the serenity of John Cage’s 4’33, albeit maintaining a more authentic brand of elegance. Does LeadPages have plans to implement any gluten-free templates?

      • Jeff Wenberg

        @jaykariesch:disqus a gluten-free template?! That sounds delicious.

    • Jeff Wenberg

      Thanks @seanbestor:disqus we aim to please!

  • How do I add Facebook comments?

    • Jeff Wenberg

      Easy @jaykariesch:disqus don’t do anything! 🙂

  • I don’t know what we’d do in the modern world without the delete key. Thanks for making it so easy to increase conversions!

    • Jeff Wenberg

      You got it Bob!

  • Jeff, I think it’s a solid idea but is it mobile responsive?

    • Jeff Wenberg

      100% @natenation:disqus!

  • bob b

    The Colors of Almond, Fuchsia and Jungle Green are perfect!

    • Jeff Wenberg

      Bob, we found those colors confused visitors. We settled on white because it out converted everything else! However we encourage you to test this on your own site! 🙂

      • bob b

        The first letters of them especially. Great page thanks so much. I hope this help everybody convert better!

  • Mark Stamas

    I’m thinking that we could take this to the next level. What if we removed the landing page altogether and simply read minds? Food for thought.

    • Jeff Wenberg

      Talk about a development nightmare…but we have the time that could handle this!

  • I can’t wait to implement this at ConversionCast. I really think people will be able to make clear decisions on this page.

    • Jeff Wenberg

      I agree Tim! Can’t wait to hear the results!

  • Therese Sparby

    This landing page is the perfect option for my coaching programs! I hate writing sales copy… and this dramatically reduces the amount of time I need to spend trying to figure out how to communicate what I do for people… just easy conversions! I love it!

    • Jeff Wenberg

      Therese, you are totally right! You’re going to get so many new clients with this page!

  • Nick R. Babeesi

    Sigh… I almost forgot the date.

  • Amazing

    • Jeff Wenberg

      Thanks Bobby! 😉

  • Darren

    April fools!

    • Jeff Wenberg

      You got that right!

  • Kat Von Rohr

    Hahaha! Love this. Just proves once again that simplicity sells. 😀

  • Can you send me a link – it does not show on my templates page. Thanks.

    • Jeff Wenberg

      Vispi, this was an April Fools video. Unfortunately, The Barren Landing Page doesn’t actually exist.