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Hi, this is Jeff Wenberg from LeadPages, and today, I wanted to talk to you about launch funnel pages, and these types of pages are used by all the top digital marketers, and that’s for one specific reason…

Because they convert. Here’s one that Eben Pagan is using, here’s one Dan Kennedy is using, and here’s an example from Kajabi. And this is helpful if you already have a launch list of product as geared towards or if you’re building a launch list with this funnel. Now if you’re building a list, you would want to set up a typical opt-in page for them to become part of the process. The typical three video launch cycle for this type of funnel goes something like this. Video one goes out to your list on a Thursday, video two goes out the following Tuesday, and video three goes out the following Thursday, and then video four goes out along with the card opening where there’s finally something for sale on the next Tuesday. Then every time a new video is released, you’ll mail links to the page to people that are on your list helping you to nurture those contacts and create that buzzing excitement that’s needed for a really successful launch.

Why did these funnels work so well? There are several reasons. These pages create massive momentum for your audience so there’s a series of videos at the top, possibly a free report and so on, and that momentum leads to point number two. They create excitement. There’s a sense that an event is happening and who doesn’t want to be part of that? The further they get through your funnel, the more excited they start to get, and that ties into my last point. The content on the page is super valuable and engaging to the audience. According to Harvard Business Review, one of the top reasons product launches fail is because of lack of consumer education about the product, and this funnel is a perfect way to not only educate your prospects about how your new product or service will greatly benefit them, create a sense of urgency for your launch, and qualify those most likely to buy, but also through your videos, you can align yourself with your prospect’s voice.

So with that in mind, we took the standard launch funnel page and combined all of our conversion knowledge and best practices into our new launch funnel page template. We’re really excited about this template because it works so well. This template looks great and is mobile responsive. In fact, it’s the only mobile responsive page like this that I’ve ever seen. If you’re a coder, this template’s available for you to download below. Here’s how you use this page. It does require a little bit of coding, but if you’re an advance user, you just download the HTML and CSS below and then modify them using your coding skills. You will need to create three other funnel pages and link them all together. You’ll get your landing page code that you’d generated and integrate it with WordPress, and Facebook, etcetera, and then you just publish the page.

Now if you’re a LeadPages user, simply go to the launch funnel page template, then click on use this template. Now a quick note about this specific template is you will need to create four separate pages for each of the videos in the funnel and then link them together for this to work correctly, and you can easily do this with the duplicate option that’s available on the publishing page. Also, if you don’t insert a link in any of the steps, the step will be disabled, or if you like, you could just click on the hidden button and it will be hidden. The rest you can customize by clicking on an element or by clicking on the main menu on the left. You can insert your logo, insert links to the other funnel pages, get your video embed code. If you wanted to change out the product picture, you can do that. If you wanted to change out the like button text or arrow image, you can do that to reflect your product. Insert thumbnails for the other videos on the other pages, and if you’d like to have them just be thumbnails without the play button, you can disable the play button icon as well, and when you’re done customizing, all you do is click on Save to My Pages. You’ll name the page, then with a few clicks, you can publish this page through our servers, publish it to WordPress, publish it to Facebook as a Facebook tab, or finally, you can download the file and put it on your own server. This template is immediately available for LeadPages customers.

I’m Jeff Wenberg. Enjoy this template. Take care.

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  • Joe

    This video is a repeat of a previous video. I believe you accidently uploaded the wrong video to this page. 🙂

    • So sorry about this. We fixed it earlier today.

  • ryan

    And? If you’re computer isn’t super fast you get a lot of pausing on all your video’s. Change the setting so the video downloads before it plays or it’s just not worth watching.

  • indeed it’s not a new one, and not about what the title says…

  • bojangles

    wrong video from link. Vid should be mobile funnel

  • Jeff Wenberg

    Hey everyone, sorry for the technical glitch. The correct video is now showing!

  • Reggie

    Maybe it’s me, but clicking the “download” link just got me a photoshop file. Is that all there is?

  • Randall

    Jeff, Video is correct, but download link is for a photoshop file. No HTML or CSS files.

  • Viditrainer

    LeadPages: Making non-techies (like me) look super-slick since 2013.

  • Yvon Beaubrun

    Clay, I love the look and feel of LeadPages. How about creating some templates for that have a redirect link to a form. ie: So…You are on LeadPage “Landing Page” and then hit the button and get redirected to a contact-us form. This is for lead gen for a financial form instead of autoresponders. Thanks in advance.

  • Chris Aitken

    Thanks for all these templates — looks like this download link is still only providing a Photoshop file?

  • I want to apologize to everyone. I posted this while in flight to Australia and I messed a few things up. VERY sorry.

  • Hi Clay,

    Does Lead Pages have the feature where you can schedule the links for the videos 2, 3, & 4 in the series to appear? because that’s pretty cool!

  • Rich

    Thank you for fixing the link!

  • Carlos Morales

    Is it me or is not working?

    • LeadPages was down for a *small* percentage of our customers from around 11:30PM Eastern to 1:00AM Eastern (about 1.5 hours total). WE ARE BACK UP. Our domain name is through and their DNS servers went down. We were affected along with thousands of *Network Solutions’ customers*. We have since implemented backup, and secondary DNS servers, and this should never happen again. This was not a problem with the LeadPages platform, but with NetworkSolutions DNS servers doing down. We are very sorry and sincerely apologize.

      Warm regards,
      Clay Collins

  • Carlos Morales

    Is it me or is not working?

    • DarrellMiles

      Unable to enter as well…I read this from another vendor “It’s kind of a comedy of errors. Lead Pages (which is hosted on Google and is super fast, had an issue with going down yesterday. That means many of you who clicked on the link were taken to a page that didn’t work.

      I love lead pages and we’ve all had issues with hosting so I can’t blame them. In the six months I have worked with them, this is the first time I’ve ever seen this issue…That was all sorted out as of this morning and I was about to mail you again and my video stopped working. The service I use to serve up the video is hosted by another company called Rackspace–again a very reliable provider and our videos (along with about three million sites have gone down as a result. “

      • Carlos Morales

        Thanks Darrell. I’ve submitted a support ticket. I’ll wait to see what happens.

        • DarrellMiles

          Surprised no other mention…seems management would have posted something…maybe it’s just you & me that can’t get in…lol

  • Wes Ward

    This is beyond awesome, thank you Clay and the team! Just rolling out a Seed Launch now so timing is perfect.

  • Wes Ward

    Two Questions:

    1. Is the content and comments ‘gated’ to new visitors if they have not already signed in to the opt-in squeeze? EG: person comments on FB below training video, then shares the page link with a friend, will the friend be taken to the training/funnel page or the opt-in squeeze page?

    2. Further to Lisa League’s question below, can the funnel pages appear in an evergreen sequence fashion?

    Thanks Wes