Why You Should CRUSH Their Fantasies

Holy crap! It’s another episode of The Marketing Show. My name is Clay Collins and I am so glad that you’re here because today I have some super counter-intuitive advice that you probably won’t fully understand until you implement and see how powerful it is or until you fully grasp what’s going on here at a pretty deep psychological level.

So I want to talk today about how to get your customers to believe you. A lot of us are in the business of creating quantum shifts in people’s lives and in creating miraculous transformations. But a lot of times, our customers, when they encounter our marketing, do not believe that we can actually create those results in their lives because personally they don’t believe they can experience anything better than what they’re currently experiencing. They don’t believe that it can truly happen to them.

And so, any marketing we put up comes against the challenge of them not believing inherently, like at a deep personal level, that they can experience the outcomes that we are selling. So how do you get around this? How do you get your customers to believe you?

Well, here is one way. There’s a lot of different ways to poke holes at this, right? There’s a lot of different ways to make progress. But one way is to poke holes in their ideal outcome, right? Every single person who comes to us for help, even if they don’t know it, has an ideal outcome in mind. There is a fantasy situation that they want to achieve in their life. And a lot of us are in the business of helping people reach their fantasies, truly. So, how do we convince them that they can actually do it and that we can provide the transformation that we say we can provide and that we do actually provide, in our course materials or through our coaching or consulting, or through selling our information products or membership websites, or even our physical products, you know, whatever. How do we show them that we can provide this, or rather how do we get them to believe that it’s possible? Well, you do it by again poking holes in their ideal situation.

So let’s say we’re in the business of helping people overcome their back pain. Okay, let’s just use that example. Well, if you poke holes in that reality and say to someone who is looking to get rid of their back pain, something to the effect of, “Look, I know you want to get over your back pain, but I’ve helped people overcome and get rid of their back pain so many times that I can tell you that it’s not all fuzzy bunnies and green pastures. That most people, when they’ve experienced a lot of back pain for a long time have used their back pain as a crutch. They’ve used it as an excuse for not exercising. And they’ve used it as an excuse for the waking that they’ve experienced. They’ve used it as an excuse for not going on dates or not being a social as they can be. They’ve used it as an excuse for not going out and getting a job or not doing everything that they possibly can, including taking care of their kids. They’ve used it to justify endless hours in front of the television. And I’m here to tell you that after you work with me and this back pain goes, that everything’s not over with. There’s still a lot to work through.” Okay?

Do you see what just happened inside yourself when you hear that shift, when I work from trying to convince you that this was possible to explaining all the negative effects that happen after you experience this? All of a sudden, it becomes more visible. And this has been shown a lot, to me and to fellow marketers who are operating at this deep level.

Alright, let’s talk about something else. Fully funded retirement. Let’s say you help people prepare for retirement. You help people save for retirement. Here’s how you poke holes in that situation. I mean, I’m just throwing out an example. You’re the one who knows your market best. And literally, I just wrote this randomly, seconds before I started filming this. So, let’s say you help people get ready or prepare for retirement. You can say things like, “You know what, you’ve been chained to your job for so long or you’ve worked for so long that to truly have all the money you need for retirement and not have to work…

… a day in your life to make it through retirement is challenging for a lot of people. Having all that money makes a lot of people absolutely stir crazy. They don’t know what to do. They don’t have to go work anymore. They have this huge vacuum of time and that time used to be filled up with work. But now that work is gone, they literally don’t know what to do with themselves and they start going a little crazy and a lot of bad habits start developing. People start drinking more. People start eating more or eating less healthy. You know, this isn’t everything it’s cracked up to be. That’s the line. This isn’t everything it’s cracked up to be.”

Let’s say, you know, just for kicks, that you teach people how to be good amateur boxes. People who don’t box, you know, usually but, you know, are kind of interested in it as a hobby. You could say, “You know what, being an amazing boxer and your friends knowing that you’re an amazing boxer is kind of fun. But it also sucks because every time you go to a party, there’s some huge seven foot dude, and some girl tells him that you’re a boxer and, you know, tells you have to like fight against each other. And it ends up being a pain in the ass, right? It kind of sucks. So even though you’re going to be amazing at boxing after this, just know that I’ve helped a lot of people become amazing boxers and it doesn’t mean you should always tell everyone especially at a party that you’re a great boxer because it could get you into some trouble including at bars as well.”

Let’s say you help people with social media. You could say something to the effect of, “You know it’s really cool to have all this Facebook friends and Facebook fans, but that means they’re asking questions on your Wall, they’re hitting you with messages. You know, it takes a whole lot of time to maintain and you look like an absolute idiot if someone’s a fan of you on Facebook or you have a billion Facebook friends and you’re not responding to all the messages that they’re sending you. Now they think you’re their real friend and, you know, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be, right? You know, I had an experience like this too when my very first launch online. See, I’m just going to like switch this up a little bit. My very first launch online, I had a 25% conversion rate from my list and I had to, in my marketing, you know, show people.

So, that’s how you go about doing it. I hope these examples have been helpful. Please, only use this tactic if you can deliver the results that you say you can deliver. But that’s it in a nutshell. So in the comments, I want you to tell me how you can show prospects the downside, the legitimate downside, of the ideal outcome that you provide. Because there is truly a downside so to speak to every ideal situation. So go ahead and let me know what that is in the comments. My name is Clay Collins. Thank you for watching The Marketing Show and I’ll talk to you later.