How To Create A Launch Funnel From Top To Bottom With LeadPages

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Transcript: Typically when conducting a product launch, we’ve seen a pattern emerge. There is a number of different ways to do a launch but we’re going to talk about one way that we suggest.The structure will look something like this. You’d have prelaunch content like videos that would be released periodically to amp up excitement and anticipation for the launch date. So prelaunch content goes out on a Thursday, prelaunch content video 2 goes out the following Tuesday, prelaunch content video 3 goes out the following Thursday then video 4 goes out along with the card opening where there’s finally something for sale on the next Tuesday and finally, the car closes the following Tuesday.

This structure is one way that we’ve seen to create a launch funnel and there’s a lot of different opinions on how to do this and people have done this very successful using other methods. We really like Jeff Walker’s training on this but by all means consult your favorite source for launch information. Now a note on these videos, these videos aren’t just random videos saying buy my stuff, there’s actually a method to the madness. There are many, many different formulas people have crafted for their videos, this is just what has worked in our business. It’s not the end all, be all by any means. With that said, the first video in a launch is to build interest and the opportunity you’re selling. The second video is to bond with your audience. The third video is to provide proof that what you’re offering actually works and in the fourth video, you sell them on the opportunity.

Okay now that we have the typical structure and format, we like to follow for the videos and the product launch, let’s look at what pages we’ll actually create to put this launch into action. We start with an opt-in page for each of the first three prelaunch content videos that will be released. Each of these pages will have specific copy related to each of the videos in the funnel. So the headline for opt-in page 1 will relate to launch funnel page #1. The headline for opt-in page #2 will relate to launch funnel page #2 and so on.

After the opt-in, people will move to the page with the actual video on it and next when the cart opens, all traffic will go the sales page, which will contain the fourth video or the open cart video. Then when the cart closes all pages will be redirected to the sold out page.

Now that we know what pages we need, that brings us to step 1, creating the pages with LeadPages. So we’re actually going to start from the video pages here first and then we’ll create the opt-in pages last so we’ll be sort of working backwards. The reason we do this is because we’ll need to add the URLs of the video pages to the opt-in pages. You don’t have to do it this way but this way does save the most time.

In the launch pages section, I’m going to be using the launch funnel page. Now we just need to customize this page for a product. You will need to create four separate pages for each of the videos in the product launch and then link them together for this to work correctly. You can easily do this with a duplicate option, which I’ll show you shortly. Now with every page inside of LeadPages, you just click on an element to edit it. So we’ll add a logo, next we’ll add information for each of the videos up here at the top and this is to help build curiosity for your upcoming video so people will tune in to check them out.

From there, we’ll add a headline for the page, next add video 1 and you can use a YouTube video, a Vimeo video or any video that you can get an embed for; you can put it in here. Then click on the style settings next. You’ll want to change the colors of any of the elements on the page to reflect your branding. Next, if you have something to give away you can add that here or if you don’t you can simply hide this section. You’ll also want to hide the add to cart section as well because there won’t be anything for sale on this page. You can have people like your Facebook fan page directly from this page and you can also have Facebook comments here.

We recommend using the comments so your audience can engage with each other and also with you, which helps to build up engagement and excitement even more. You can edit these in the dynamic control section. From there we’ll add the intriguing thumb nails of the upcoming videos for each of these right there. What this does is this helps to create curiosity for the next video so people will clamor to watch it. Once we get all of the thumbnails uploaded, we’re done with the page.

So what we need to do is name the page then save the page. Then we need to click publish. Here you have a few options. With a few clicks, you can publish this page through our servers, publish it to WordPress, publish it Facebook as a Facebook tab, although for these launch pages, we’re creating right now, we don’t recommend this.

Finally, you can download the file and put it on your own servers. So I’m going to choose the first option to have LeadPages host it. This page is already live on the internet and all we need to do is visit the URL that LeadPages generates and you can see exactly how the page looks. So we’ll take the URL and then we’re going to add it to text document for use in our later pages.

Now let’s go into the LeadPages section here at the top and find the page that we just created. We’re going to need to add a label to this page. Whatever color you have open here is fine and you just click on edit and you can name it whatever is good for you to remember and then use this label for all the pages you create for this launch. It’s a really easy way to keep track of all the pages that go with this launch.

Now let’s create the page for prelaunch content video number 2. We’ll be using the same page but instead of having to start from scratch, we can duplicate the page we just created. So we’ll find the page that we just created, click the arrow and then duplicate. This way we can duplicate this page, swap out the elements we want to change and we don’t have to do it all from scratch. What we need to do here is now add our headline for this video then we’ll add the video itself and then we need to take the URL from page 1 that we just created and enter it into the video #1 link section. If you don’t insert a link linking the pages together, this step will be grayed out like this showing that it’s not available.

Now a quick note before moving on, please make sure to include a little blurb at the beginning of the second and third video suggesting if they haven’t yet watched the previous videos in the series that they go back and watch those first. This just helps to maximize the effectiveness of your launch and they can also easily click back to these videos by using these links here at the top. Save the page and now you’ll see when we go to page 2, video 1 and video 2 are available because we just linked the video 1 and video and 2 together on the second page. Make sure to grab the URL for page 2 and add it to our text doc because when video 2 goes live you need to add the URL for video 2 to the first launch page so people can navigate through your funnel. So only do this once video is live. Go back in and edit page 1, click on video 2 link and add the URL of the page we just created for video 2. Now when video 2 is live if someone goes to video 1 first they can make their way back to video 2.

Now we need to create the page for a prelaunch content video #3 by doing the same exact thing. We duplicate the page, add the headline, then the video and now on this page we need to add the link to page 1 then add the link to page 2 and now save the page. Now when we look at this page, videos 1 through 3 are available to click on since we just link to them. Again get the URL for page 3 and add it to our text doc.

Now only after video 3 is live do we go back to page 1 and page 2 and add the URL to page 3 in the video 3 link section. So that way if someone hasn’t launched video 1 or video and they go back to watch those they can finally make their way back to video 3 and that way they can navigate your whole funnel. Finally, we need to create our video sales page, which will be used as the cart open page. In the sales page section, there are several different sales pages that we can use. I’m going to use video sales page #3. Again we’re going to add a logo, add a headline, add a subheadline. Here we’re going to insert the video embed code.

Now the most important aspect of this page we need to set up is the magic buy button. This is what Digital Marketer Lab says about what the magic buy button is and how well it works. When it comes to variables that whisper rarely do you find one that doubles conversions but the magic buy button does. When the order button isn’t visible when the prospect first arrives, your video sales page looks like regular content not a sales page. When your video sales letter reaches its call to action, shazam your buy button magically appears but prospects have kept an open mind throughout your video. So it’s a super powerful option and you should absolutely be using this on your sales page that contains video 4.

So the first thing you need to do is figure out exactly what time the call to action happens in your video, get the minutes and the seconds. In my video it’s at 5 minutes and 18 seconds and this will vary depending on your copy. So do this according to your video and then we’re going to click on fade inbox right here and this is where you’d enter the time for the box to fade in. Then what happens is the buy button will magically appear at that exact time that you enter right here. For example say I’ve set the buy button to fade in at 5 seconds on this example page just to show you what it looks like. So we click play and then when the video plays for five seconds the magic buy button appears. Of course this is as I said an example so there’s no call to action when it actually pops up but you would want to coordinate this with the call to action in your video.

So just to recap up to this point, we’ve created the prelaunch pages and link them altogether. Then we created the video sales page. Okay. Now the launch pages are set up so step 2 is to create opt-in pages for each of the three pages that we just created. Remember, we’re working backwards here.

In LeadPages there’s a lot of different opt-in pages that you can use. Now I’m going to just the video background page because it’s a fantastic page that’s showing great conversion rates. The first thing that we need to do is add our opt-in form integration so we’ll select the integration and then the list that we want to add people to. Now here’s why we created the video pages first because we need to enter in video page #1’s URL in the thank you page section right here. So this means that once they opt-in they’re redirected to the first video. So just grab the URL from the text doc and paste it in and then change the colors to match your branding if you need to.

To edit the video background, click here on dynamic controls and this is where you’ll enter in the URL of your video to play on the background of your page. Now if you leave all these areas blank you can use the default video on images of the city scene that you can see playing on the video background right now but we recommend that you make each page different so you have a different video on each of the video opt-in pages that we create.

Here’s what you’ll have to do if you’d like to use your own video here. Step 1, you need to get a video file and upload it to your own hosting. Step #2, get the static background image for browsers that don’t support video backgrounds and you could do this by taking a screenshot of the video and then step 3 you need to reduce the files size for a mobile version. Now once you get your video file, it will need to be hosted on your own server for it to play on the background. You must include a link to an mp4 file. Links to videos from YouTube, Vimeo and so on will not work for the background. You need to link to the actual mp4 file here. So host your video file on your own servers, your Amazon S3 servers or someplace similar for your video background to work properly.

So I’m going to just upload my video to my Amazon S3 account and then once a video is hosted, get the URL and paste it in this box. Next, add a logo then add the compelling headline that’s specific to video 1. Change all the copy here to correspond to the video. Now name the page, and then save the page. Like before you have several publishing options and you can publish this page through our servers, publish it to WordPress, publish it to Facebook as a Facebook tab or you can download the file and put it in your own server.

Now let’s create opt-in page #2. In the LeadPages section, we’ll just duplicate the page and then swap out the video background for a new video as well as the image URLs right here and then under the opt-in form integration, we need to add the URL to video page #2 to the thank you page section right here. Finally, we’ll swap out the headline for something corresponding to video 2. Again name the page and save the page.

Finally we’ll do this again and we’ll create opt-in page #3. We’ll duplicate the page, swap out the video and image URLs. We’ll make sure to change the thank you page URL to video page #3’s URL and final swap out the headline to correspond to video #3 and then name the page and save the page and add the label to the page. Now the product launch funnel is all set up with all the pages that we need to get going.

So just to recap up to this point, we’ve created the prelaunch pages and linked them altogether. We created the video sales page. We created the opt-in pages for the prelaunch pages and we link the opt-in pages to the prelaunch pages. Then step 3, is to redirect traffic to the sales page. When the cart opens and you mail your list about the video sales page that we created earlier being live all traffic from the launch funnel is then redirected to the video sales page. So only when your cart opens should you do this next step. You’d go to the LeadPages section, find the funnel pages that we just created by filtering them by the labels we added earlier and then we want all traffic going to the videos to be redirected to the sales page.

So we find each of those pages, click the arrow, select LeadPages redirect, turn on the redirect and then enter the URL of the video sales page we created earlier by finding it on the text document and then copying and pasting the URL in here and then we’ll redirect mobile traffic as well and finally click save. Now you’ll do this for page 1, page 2, and page 3 and that way when anyone goes to any of these three pages, it will redirect them right to the sales page so they can purchase what you’re selling.

Step 4 is redirect traffic to the sold out page. Now fast forward a week to when the shopping cart closes. We need to create a cart closed or sold out page to let people know that the launch is over. So we’ll use this sold-out page right here. This page will not only let people know that the cart is closed but it allows you to build a list of people that want to know when your offer will be open again. So you’re basically building a list of people who are ready to buy from you whenever you’re ready to sell to them. This is super valuable.

So add a logo here at the top then change any colors to match your branding. If you know when you’ll be opening your cart again, the countdown timer here is an amazing feature that will help boost the anticipation. So the people on your buy list can literally count down the minutes until they can get your product. It’s a really great feature. However if you don’t know when you’ll be opening your cart, you can simply turn off the timer.

In the opt-in form integration setting, select the integration and the list that you want to add these people to and finally name this page and save this page. We have the same publishing options as before. So I’m going to get the LeadPages URL and paste it on my text doc. Now since the cart is closed, we need to redirect all traffic to our sold-out page. So again we’ll go into the LeadPages section, sort the pages by their label to easily find the pages we need then select LeadPages redirect. Since it’s already redirecting traffic to the sales page we just need to change the URL. So we’ll enter the URL of the sold-out page that we just created and click save. So we’ll enter the URL of the sold-out page that we just created and click save. So we’ll do this process for page 1, page 2, page 3, as well as for the sales page. That way now when anyone goes to these pages it will redirect them right to your sold-out page.

So just to recap up to this point, we created the prelaunch pages and linked them altogether. We created the video sales page, we created the opt-in pages for the prelaunch pages and linked them opt-in pages to the prelaunch pages. When the cart opened we redirected all traffic going to the prelaunch pages to the sales page. When the cart closed, we redirected all traffic going to the prelaunch pages and the sales page to the sold out page.

LeadPages makes this process superfast and easy to do. There’s no need for any sort of coding skills or programming knowledge as you just saw. LeadPages was designed from the ground up to make processes like this easy for you. If you have any questions rewatch the parts of the video that are unclear and if you still have questions ask them in the comments below this video.

If you’re a LeadPages customer, reach out to our support team and they’d be happy to help. My name is Jeff Wenberg and here’s to the success of your next product launch.

  • NathanTucci

    Are people cookied with this set up so that they don’t need to optin again for video 2/3/4 IF they opted into video 1’s squeeze?

    • That would be too easy, and making things easy just doesnt make sense.

    • They are not cookied but one thing to remember is that you’ll be able to send people directly to the other videos in your email follow up. So if you are emailing them the next videos, you would just send them directly to the actual video vs. the second/third/fourth optin page.

      It’s not as elegant as being able to cookie them but it does reduce the number of people opting in a second and third time.

      • NathanTucci

        Hi Stu, that would be fine for an internal launch, but for an affiliate launch where they are not differentiating who has opted in and who has not, not having a cookied system really messes it up.

        We’ll be having a big launch with lots of affiliates sending thousands of optins, we can’t afford to use leadpages because of the cookie issue.

        • Marco

          Yeah, I agree. I was about to post the same.
          Cookie is critical in a JV launch.

          • We’ve actually tested and found that when people opt-in multiple times it increases their value to a list. And we’ve tested affiliate launches with and without cookies with no noticeable difference. In this day and age people are using multiple browsers from multiple computers… they’re also clearing cookies frequently, and using mobile devices, so the likelyhood that cookies will actually save them from opting in again is actually very very low. They’ll most likely need to opt-in again regardless.

        • I challenge you to test this. We’ve actually tested and found that when people opt-in multiple times it increases their value to a list. And we’ve tested affiliate launches with and without cookies with no noticeable difference. In this day and age people are using multiple browsers from multiple computers… they’re also clearing cookies frequently, and using mobile devices, so the likelyhood that cookies will actually save them from opting in again is actually very very low. They’ll most likely need to opt-in again regardless.

          • NathanTucci

            Hi Clay, thanks for the response. I will look into testing it. We have launch kicking off in a few weeks where we expect 20-30 thousand leads–it makes me nervous to try it on that big of a scale.

            Here is my thing:

            The most important thing about a launch is that people go through every sequence. People who watch all 3 videos (or view all 3 pre-launch content pieces) are your super prospects… I’d hate to lose ANY of those on the chance that my second or third squeeze is not as appealing to them and they hit the dreaded ‘x’

            That said, all I really have is a speculation because we’ve always done launches that way, whereas you have tested it. Thanks again for the reply, I will look into it.

          • Thanks for the response, Nathan. One thing to note is that once someone opts-in for one video, you can mail them direct links to the second, third, and fourth videos. So your affiliates will always mail to opt-in pages. But after someone’s on your launch list you’ll be sending them directly to videos (i.e. so they don’t need to opt-in).

          • NathanTucci

            Hi Clay, thanks for your continued response. Shows you care about your readers and customers… Yes, of course, we will send the direct links with our launch list, but my concern is that the partners involved still have the best relationship with their subscribers and are ‘Tom’ who just opted in to our launch list is still more likely to open his “Go-to Expert’s” email than mine… in which case he will see another optin page.

            That’s all my concern is. But I will test it; I won’t settle for my own un-proven opinion on it, I promise 🙂

  • Not clear on why you needed to create 3 different opt-in pages?

    • martinmessier

      So that the copy on each is specific to the particular launch video it redirects to. That way, you can continue to leverage all the links created for each video long after the launch is done.

    • Great question… Martin does a great job of answering it below.

  • Graeme

    Awesome guys! One question: how would I incorporate my affiliates into the launch?

    • You would give them affiliate links to the opt-in pages and then ask them to mail. You can use almost any affiliate system to make this happen.

  • How about creating a timer page that automatically opens a launch sequence?

    • Hi Cory… I’m not sure how a timer page would “open” a launch sequence. What are you referring to?

      • In one of my niches we would drive people to a landing page that was “waiting to launch”. It had a timer and when it was launch time, the page auto refreshed and then you could see the first video. So the LeadPage would be a Timer Redirect page that automatically sent people an email that said something like “WE ARE LIVE “click here to watch first video”. Something like that.. it would be a “Waiting to Launch” page. I hope that makes sense now.

        Remember… be a servant,

        Cory Boatright

        • Hum… I’m so sorry, but I’m still having trouble understanding. You wrote: “So the LeadPage would be a Timer Redirect page that automatically sent people an email”

          I’m not sure how a page with a timer would direct people to a specific email. (I get how if someone opted into a page your autoresponder could send an email… but I’m not sure how a page would send someone to an email).

          Can you clarify a bit?

          • Sure thing bro.

            1. you get an email about launch happening tomorrow in your niche and you go live at 12 noon.

            2. You click on the link in the email and it shows a countdown timer on it that says “we go live at 12 noon tomorrow (x date).

            3. You see optin box that says “remind me x minutes before you go live” and you opt-in.

            4. Then you get a notification email the next day at the time you requested to remind you “don’t forget we are live at 12 noon today!”. “Save and Click this link at 12 noon.”

            5. You click that link at 12 noon and it’s a Leadpage countdown timer that automatically refreshed and redirected at the time you specified.

            6. The “thank you page” is the first video to the launch funnel sequence.

            7. You watch that video

            Make more sense now?

            Remember… be a servant,

            Cory Boatright

  • Love this! Coupled with Infusionsoft and an online membership site and high quality products/programs, you can make lots of passive income as an Internet entrepreneur . Setting this up for 3 clients right now. Thank you Clay and Jeff and app/dev team!! So easy and quick to configure and deploy.

    • Thanks, Christina! I’m so glad that you enjoyed this. Jeff did a killer job with the tutorial.

      • He did!! You guys have exceptional video tutorials for LeadPages. Nice visuals.. Concise. Clarity. Easy to follow.

    • Jeff Wenberg

      Hey Christina, thanks for the kind words! Glad to see you putting this into action. Will you let us know how your launches perform?

  • Mike

    Would love to see all this for an evergreen launch!

    • All of this works for an evergreen launch! Absolutely.

  • Tim

    Be good to see a transcript/guide. Not enough bandwidth for video.

    • Sure thing. We eventually get around to posting the transcript for each video.

      • I just took a lot of notes on this video!

    • Tim download enounce “MySpeed” to speed up the videos. It’s a lifesaver.

      • I LOVE MySpeed. In this case it might not help because MySpeed actually increases your bandwidth needs… instead of decreasing them.

        Thanks for stopping by, Chris!

  • Nick Ruddle

    These look amazing but i’m just a bit unclear how to make it work for an evergreen launch and i don’t understand how or why there are 3 opt in pages? surely only need one opt in and then the 3 videos? sorry or am i being thick? 🙂

    • srberry1

      If you only have one opt-in page, which video will you send them to when they opt-in?
      In the email you send out, you’ll probably give a teaser about the video, so they will want to click through and see it. When they fill out the opt-in page, you want them to go to the video that you just mentioned in the email, so you need one for each video, except for the sales video.

      • Kat Von Rohr

        Good question Nick! (And good answer from SrBerry above.) Also, martinmessier gave a good response on this question below that you may want to check out…

        Basically you want to create three separate opt-in pages with your three videos: “So that the copy on each is specific to the particular launch video it redirects to. That way, you can continue to leverage all the links created for each video long after the launch is done.”

        Also, to turn this into an evergreen launch: You can set up a follow-up email sequence, so your prospects get mailed video 1, video 2, video 3, and your sales video on certain days after opting in for your list. For example, you might send them video 1 immediately, video 2 three days later, video 3 three days after that, and the sales video in another couple days. (You would set this up in your email service provider.) That way, your newest leads are continuously seeing your best launch content.

  • That is a totally amazing tutorial. If I had to figure it out myself, it would have taken me quite a bit of time. I plan on using this in the near future. Thank you so much for continuing to “up the value” of having Lead Pages.

  • Emile Jarreau

    Nice job fellas.

  • Mike Cowles

    Absolutely great video Clay. Really impressed!

  • Greg

    Hope his doesn’t sound like a stupid question but why if you already have a list have them optin again!

    • Kat Von Rohr

      Good question Greg. Just because someone is on your list doesn’t mean that they will be interested in seeing your 4-part launch series. So by asking your prospects to opt-in again, you are asking them to say “yes” to your launch content. This pre-sells your prospects on the ideas that you will present in your launch videos, and possibly on buying your product.

      Also, if you are asking someone to view a 4-part launch series, it’s always a good idea to segregate those prospects who opt-in from the rest of your list. That way, your launch prospects won’t get distracted with other emails that you may send them while they are reviewing your best launch content. Hope that helps. 🙂

  • Thanks so much for this video. I do have a few questions, and I hope you guys can answer my question. I am also fairly new to Leadpages. I would like to know how one why would use this video funnel? What is the need for 3 Opt- In pages instead of 1, and why open and close the cart? Can some one explain the marketing idea behind this. Thanks in advance for your feedback.

    • Kat Von Rohr

      Good questions Audria!

      1) Over the last decade, entrepreneurs have engineered 4-part video launches to pre-sell prospects on buying products. I say “pre-sell” because launches get your prospects excited about your product long before they are asked to buy anything.

      Overall, these 4-part video launches have been largely successful. I’ve heard estimates that online launches can have a 10% response rate. From a copywriting perspective, a sales promotion is considered successful if it tops a 1% success rate — so 10% is absolutely fantastic by comparison.

      2) Actually, another poster: “martinmessier” had the best response to this question yesterday. He replied: You would want three separate opt-in pages instead of one: “So that the copy on each is specific to the particular launch video it redirects to. That way, you can continue to leverage all the links created for each video long after the launch is done.”

      3) You “open” and “close the cart” to cause urgency, so your prospects must buy your product during a specific time period, or they will miss out on your offer. Customers tend to make impulse buys when they have to make instant decisions. So this urgency tends to boost sales. Hope that helps. 🙂

      • Ok. So correct me if I am wrong. You create 3 landing pages that will lead to the same video series or do each landing page leads to different videos?

        • Kat Von Rohr

          No problem. Each of your landing pages leads to a different video in your same 4-part video series. So landing page 1 leads to video 1 in your 4-part series, landing page 2 leads to video 2 in that same 4-part series and so on.

          For more information on what this landing page looks like, you may want to check out our video:

          • Audria Richmond

            Ok. If this is a 4 Video Part Series, and lets just say I would like to sign up. Depending on the landing page I get on, I will be directed to a particular video that’s in the video series. Why wouldn’t I just start from start to finish ex. Video1, Video 2, Video 3, Video 4, and then the sales page? All the videos are not the same correct? I am so sorry for my confusion, I am just trying to understand.

          • How you discover the launch and which opt in page you enter through doesn’t really matter because you will immediately be taken to its respective pre launch video…and because we have used LeadPages to link all the pages, you will be able to navigate to previous pre launch videos, if you are not on pre launch video #1. All future pre launch videos are visible teasing content, but it clickable or viewable yet. The pre launch videos are not all the same, they are progressive towards an offer. Serving to build rapport and trust and illuminate and aggravate the problem.

          • Kat Von Rohr

            Great answer Christina! Let me know if that answers your question Audria.

    • Jo Ann Miabella Galvan

      Audria, I’m putting a fun twist in mine using this model. When I get to the 4-6 weeks prior to launch timeframe, I’m using this format to bond with the audience. Video 1 will be an introduction. Video 2 (1 week later), I ask them to participate in a jingle contest for our new online company and show first jingle. Video 3, (another week later) I will show them 2nd jingle and have voting tool. Video 4 (and week later) (my video sales page) will be for free early account registration. Early account registration could span a week or three. I won’t have a “sold out” page, It will simply go to live website. (Unless someone can sell me on why promoting “Early Registration Closed” would help.

  • Maggie Percy

    We have Product Launch Formula, and this is such an awesome training on how to use LeadPages with a launch. It saved me having to figure it out by guesswork. I am so grateful. Thank you very much; we’ll be using it for sure.

    • Kat Von Rohr

      That’s fantastic to hear! Thank you! I’ll be sure to pass your compliments onto Jeff. He did a killer job with this video. 🙂

  • Daniel


    I’m wondering why you are not using your LeadPlayer video player anymore to embed your videos in the blog. Any answer?


    • Kat Von Rohr

      Sure. 🙂 Right now, we’re in the process of making several changes on our blog — and one of them is to differentiate LeadPlayer from LeadPages. That’s why we started posting YouTube videos. We want to focus the LeadPages blog on LeadPages solutions as opposed to LeadPlayer.

      • Daniel

        Hi Kat,

        Umm, not very convincing. LeadPlayer has little to do with LeadPages, in terms of kind of products. Both them are LeadBrite products. Cannot really understand why a company doesn’t want to use their own products…

  • Alan B

    What is the best way to make sure people don’t have to opt in twice during the launch?

  • Alex

    How can we redirect the pages if we’ve added our leadpages from within wordpress? (I assume that redirecting all the pages to the sales pages as shown in the video requires you to actually have used the leadpages links, right?) I’m referring to if you have yoursite. com /optin1 etc.