How to Create Your Own 100% Customized LeadPages Template

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Since LeadPages was created our customers have wondered where they can get additional help with LeadPages. We have a great support team and a ton of blogposts with tutorials and training plus for enterprise customers we have live phone support and weekly consulting calls where our CEO Clay and other experts from the marketing team like Tim Page, our conversion educator and myself our product educator answer questions and provide advice. By the way if you’re interested in taking advantage of these consultant calls or the phone support that comes with an enterprise membership, you can easily upgrade your account by logging into clicking on my account and then selecting billing. From here, you can browse the various upgrade options.

While these support functions are out there, customers still have custom requests and needs. That’s why pro and enterprise members have the ability to upload their own custom templates. This allows you to upload templates you design according to the specifications at Uploading custom template is about to become even more popular when we fully launch our LeadPages market places, an ecosystem where people can buy and sell the custom landing page templates they and other template authors have created. Since the full marketplace will be launching soon, we wanted to answer a question many customers have been asking. Is there somewhere I can go to to turn my landing page design ideas into functional LeadPages templates I can sell in the marketplace? The answer is yes. Recently, two businesses have sprung up that specialize in LeadPages consulting and in turning their designs or ideas into custom landing page templates that you can deploy internally throughout your business or sell through the LeadPages marketplace.

The first of these businesses we’ll look at is This business was started by a friend Antonio Rillera who’s actually a former LeadPages employee who’s built and designed a number of the templates for us that are inside of LeadPages. He knows our template system inside and out because he’s seen tons of templates created throughout the years. Not only can Antonio help with taking your design and turning it into a functional page but he also provided the actual design work. So if you just have a concept for a template you can work with LeadPageNinjas to both design and code the page.

The next business we’ll look at is This was created by Jared Atkinson. Jared is one of the best WordPress developers we’ve ever worked with and he fully understands the process. Jared is also created some of the templates inside of LeadPages like our brand-new enterprise lead gen page. Now Jared’s focus is 100% on taking your existing designs and turning them into custom LeadPages landing page templates or templates that can be sold in our marketplace. Now we highly recommend both of these companies. If you already have a good sense of the design you want and simply want your design coded and turned into HTM, then start by checking If you’re looking for a bit more coaching and consulting as well as design work, then check out All in all both of these companies are great solutions. We actively work with both currently and we recommend you visit both sites and figure out for yourself whom you’d like to work with. We look forward to seeing what custom templates you add your account or add to the LeadPages marketplace. To follow up, we’ll link to both and below. Again both of these companies can help you get custom templates added to your account or help you add custom LeadPages templates to the marketplace.

I’m Jeff Wenberg, have a great day.