Visual Website Optimizer: This Call To Action Got 7x More Clickthroughs Than Our Primary CTA

Our Guest:

Visual Website Optimizer is one of the most well-respected A/B testing tools online. Along with A/B testing, they have features including heat maps and click maps, as well as behavior targeting. Siddharth leads the marketing team at Visual Website Optimizer.

A Quick Preview of the Podcast:

  • One quick and dirty way to discover what gets your website visitors to click on a CTA.
  • How to utilize industry standards to get an instant boost in clickthroughs.
  • The number one insight you can take from the actions your visitors are already taking.

Listen To Get A Counter-Intuitive Look At Your Visitors’ Actions: 

  • Chris Von Wilpert

    1 quick question – When your writing that 1 main headline for your home page should it be benefit driven and explain exactly what you do simply like in the case of Visual Website Optimizer, or can it be more of a headline like the LeadPages free video tools report to promote getting that opt-in for people interested in your product/service with a button right underneath? Or can you mix it up by having a headline that instantly explains what you do and then just underneath put a button to a free opt-in (however most likely get less opt-ins as the headline will not directly relate to the opt-in)?