Reverse Psychology: How to Turn a One-Time Offer into Monthly Recurring Revenue (Without Scaring Customers Away)


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Todd Brown is a well known authority on online marketing funnels. His site,, helps marketers with their own marketing funnels, provides industry insight, and offers information based on his expertise. Todd has generated millions in sales for his clients through his innovative techniques.

A Quick Preview of the Podcast:

  • How to use reverse psychology to make your offer irresistible and increase conversion rates
  • The #1 reason for shopping cart abandonment (and how to avoid it).
  • How to properly use a bump offer while fighting off the mistakes that most marketers are making with theirs.

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  • so I listened to this good stuff, to an extent but this strategy does not work on high volume niches with high volume orders. the pre check is considered force continuity. you are automatically adding them to a continuity after a 2 week trial. just because it is free at first does not mean they are going to remember it later on. the fact that someone will remember after 2 weeks, “Oh you know what, I got that extra 2 week trial, let me cancel” – high volume turns to high chargebacks. on lower volume sure this works. free trials are also very touchy part in the industry especially within the affiliate industry. even with our lawyers, they suggest this strategy is dangerous on high volume niches.

    • Ian, this is a great point. I imagine that there would be quite a few cancellations/chargebacks, but I wonder if the pros of getting so many new recurring subscription customers would outweigh the cons of more chargebacks. Thanks for commenting!

    • Hey Ian – some great points. Keep in mind, it’s not considered “forced continuity” by merchants because it’s an “optional add-on” that can be removed. To cut down on chargebacks from folks who don’t recognize the default option is checked, you can use a pop notification when the order form is submitted, similar to the way we do 1-click upsells in high volume markets.

      • KevinK3

        Hey Todd, do you do these pop notifications upon submissions on both order form and upsells?

        I do high volume and am not currently utilizing either

        Are there any examples of it and is it really necessary?